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Zox'Oculox is a cephalopodic alien within a bipedal mechanoid vehicular exo-comfort-suit and he is a "Master Commander" of the Zogg Galactic Empire.

Master Commander Zox'Oculox of the Zogg Galactic Empire
Player: User:Nomad
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Master Mind
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: Confidential
Species: Zogg
Age: Confidential
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Confidential
Hair Color: Confidential
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Confidential
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Known Abilities



The Zogg are a technologically advanced war-loving race of cephalopodic aliens from the Zegnur Sector of the Xzamja Galaxy.

Taking great pride in their bipedal mechanoid vehicular exo-comfort-suits, the richest and most successful war commanders frame their globular bodies in the largest of humanoid husks and decorate themselves ostentatiously.

Their hundreds of long, thin tentacles operate the equipment with the fine control of dexterous fingers.

Their oft-gaping mouths regularly spill foul ooze and their language includes many gargling sounds only achievable through such fluids being present. It is impossible for a human to speak their language. While the anatomy of the Zogg should allow them to speak human languages, perhaps it is their arrogance that prevents them from doing so.

Zox'Oculox is another young War Commander of the Zogg Galactic Empire that has gone off on his rite of passage. This is when the warmongering Zogg attempt solo campaigns of planetary conquest. When they return to the Empire, the exploits are tallied and analyzed. How many planets have been conquered/destroyed and how many races have been brought into slavery or made extinct are counted for prestige points. After a long gargling ceremony, the war commander is either given a grand new title and position within the Empire... or stripped of all possessions and sent to the bog planet of Zuxxizs. Many young commanders opt to never return, in fear of failure.

More To Come...

OOC Information/Trivia

This character was created by User:Nomad

Marooned Coward

Zox'Oculox is currently stranded in this solar system.

Most of his ship's systems are in utter disrepair.

He has lost all of his crew and soldiers and is now only left with these robots to command.

Even if he could go home... He is too afraid of what the Zogg Galactic Empire would do to him, due to his terrible failures in advancing the Zogg's conquest of the entire universe (Besides system 888/Ooflmar IV... The sweet aroma seemingly cannot be countered, not even with their greatest weapons... So, just forget... and never mention it to a Zogg of any standing).


The Zogg gargle, gurgle, belch and slosh slime around in many different and distinctive ways (distinctive to another Zogg, that is) in order to communicate.

Zox does not speak any human languages. His robots, however, serve him as interpreters.

I have actually started to accumulate some specific aspects of the written language. However, I am finding it more appropriate to type emotes for his gargling and other such disgusting sounds, as opposed to always writing out the sounds phonetically. (Anyone capable of understanding his language due to their powers should just send me a tell and let me know. He is always translated by his robot interpreter afterward [Unless commanded not to... or if the robot is not present... A regrettable aspect of his robots all being defeated... heehee!]).

Language Sample

A few initial samples of his language (When I was formulating names for the robots):

Yes - oogla

No - Zolg (Zollgghhh for emphasis); uk'bahggh (rude negative response: loosley translated as "no F-ing way, you idiot")

Interpreter - Gloggo-Oggolg

Robot - Blrinkozrm


1. zaa

2. goo

3. ree

4. roggh

5. zglai

6. zess

7. nvezz

8. rrlgg

9. rrlgzaa

10. rrlggoo

11. rrlgree

12. rrlgroggh

13. rrlgzglai

14. rrlgzess

15. rrlgnvezz

16. rrrrllgggh

"What do you mean, 'we are lost'??"


These robots are actually from Earth. They have been reprogrammed and retro-fitted with Zogg technology. Their reconfigured linguistic programs have somewhat successfully uploaded the Human languages, however, due to the Zogg programming, many discrepancies still remain. There are many words, phrases and (mostly) aspects of culture that just do not translate well at all.

Zox knows the first rule to war is having soldiers (When you don't plan to sit from space and annihilate everyone from the comforts of your spaceship. Which, in Zogg philosophy... is only when you cannot annihilate everyone from the comforts of your spaceship... And, currently, Zox cannot do that). Seeing the strength of will of the beings on Earth and, mostly, the lowly station of the robots, Zox knew immediately who to use as his soldiers. Taking the schematics from an Earth manufacturer, Zox's ship's automated factory remains functional enough to redesign, alter, reprogram and mass produce his mechanoid army.


After one spends some time around Zox'Oculox, they may notice a vaporous cloud that occasionally emits from his mechanical exo-suit. The vapor drastically lessens the Zogg's odor (Although, most Earthlings could not define the changed aroma as pleasant).

One might actually think this is a courteous gesture by the Zogg. As though this displays an understanding that the smell of his foul oozes and belches may not be appreciated by those in his presence.

This assumption would be most incorrect.

The purplish-pink vaporous cloud is a bio-chemical gaseous excretion from the Zogg, mildly mixed by the suit with a few other chemicals that alter its composition enough to mask the Zogg's true odor. And this is done, not out of courtesy, but rather in order to prevent the "undeserved honor" of unworthy associates actually taking in (And, thus, sensing/smelling) the microscopic particles of the Zogg's waste.

Zox Bots sewer01B.jpg

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