Acoustic Bullet

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In mid-action.
Acoustic Bullet
Player: @Red Ice
Basic Data
Origin: Originicon mutation.png
Archetype: H archetypeicon defender.png
Ability Level: 24
Occupation: record producer, musician, hero
Personal Data
Real Name: Matthew Jones
Known Aliases: Matt
Identity: questionable
Species: Mutant
Age: 35
Height: 6'2
Weight: 185 lbs
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: brown
Blood Type: unknown
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Birthdate: March 15, 1987
Citizenship: Canada
Current Residence: Talos Island
Religion/Faith: aetheist
Sexual Orientation: ambiguous
Marital Status: Single
Known Languages
Known Relatives
Captain Oliver Jones, PPD Sergeant (father), Priscilla Jones (mother)
Known Powers
sound resonance, teleportation
Training / Abilities
customized semi-automatic pistols
This article features references to real people. Please take note that the events described in this article did not actually happen to these real people.

Acoustic Bullet is a Canadian immigrant who moved to Paragon City on March 30, 2010. Unfortunately, his mutation was the cause for ruining his career. Having very supportive parents, they declared that a particular place in the U.S. could help him control these powers so they immigrated from Canada to a place that is known as the City of Heroes.


Don't Stop The Music

This man can be described as driven. When he is motivated to do something, he always gives it his all. He will do all he can to overcome obstacles and accomplish his goals. He is also softhearted and empathetic. Taking note of that, he was raised to treat people how he wants to be treated and it should work the other way. If you treat him badly initially, he will treat you the same way. Most likely not as severe given his gentle personality.

All My Life

A rundown of the new hero's life is as follows.

Bring Me To Life

Matthew Jones was born on March 15, 1987 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Ever since he was a kid, he had always been interested in music. When he was six, his mother started him on piano lessons. By seven, he was able to play Chopin's √Čtude Op. 10 No. 12 (also known as The Revolutionary √Čtude) flawlessly without the use of notesheets.

As he grew older, however, he became more interested in other instruments and more modern music. He learned to play the guitar and got interested in acoustics and rock music. Then he got into jazz and learned how to play the saxophone and the flute. By the time he was 16, he began writing his own songs and composing them with what he knew. There was only one problem. He had no vocal talent.

By the age of 19 and by the time he was in college, he began taking music production classes and finally found his calling. If he couldn't sing for himself and make music for himself, he'd do it for other people and lend him his talents. After he felt being adequate enough, he spent hard-earned money on booking studios to create demo tapes of his production talents. He would eventually be discovered by Warner Music Canada president Steve Kane. He would then be offered to produce one or two songs for Daniel Powter's next album.

Unfortunately, the artist and the prospective producer came to many creative disagreements. Steve Kane would then drop Matthew from the production deal and he was then back again to square one. Not one for giving up, he then figured he would drop his demos to the US to see if his creative work could be marketed there instead.

You Found Me

Soon, however, Matthew would find the break he was looking for.

In 2008, his work would reach a who is now a well-known producer named RedOne (the color and the number, not redone). He was very intrigued by his sounds and his compositions that he actually wanted to meet Matthew and see if they could work on a track together. At the time, RedOne was based in New York City so after he saved up enough money, he would fly to NYC to meet this RedOne.

Soon enough, introductions were given and hands were shaken. They had a pretty long discussion about their creativity with music and it was something that they both thought could mesh well together. After Matthew created a 1:30 sample of an instrumental R&B/dance track that RedOne asked him to compose, Matthew was then asked to come back the next day and collaborate on a few tracks that he was to work on with some lesser known artists like Tiffany Evans. RedOne also told Matthew that he had some production work scheduled with well-known artists such as Brandy, Akon, Lady Gaga, Alexandra Burke, and Enrique Iglesias and asked for some collaborative work with them. But first, Matthew needed some pointers to sharpen up his R&B sounds.

Matthew returned the next day and he was introduced to a collective team of songwriters known as The Clutch. They wrote two tracks for Tiffany Evans and had asked RedOne to do the production work. Hearing the demo that The Clutch created with RedOne, Matthew not only provided insight but said that he would also provide instrumental work if needed. After a long discussion with six others, they all reached an agreement and would start recording the next day.


The next day, Matthew would finally meet artist Tiffany Evans. When recording sessions began, Matthew would provide soft acoustic guitar sounds (in addition to some production work) to a ballad that she is to put on her next album with RedOne being the main producer. In all honesty, Matthew was not too entirely thrilled by Tiffany's voice. While she was singing in the sound booth along with the track, Matthew asked RedOne if they would be using AutoTune and promptly said yes.

Unfortunately, after listening to Tiffany's voice recording enough, Matthew would start to get headaches. It was unusual because Matthew has heard enough people who couldn't sing who were much worse than she was. He asked to step outside for a bit to get some fresh air and did so. He returned to the studio five minutes later to continue processing vocal arragements alongside RedOne and Tiffany. His headache would then return at hearing Tiffany's vocals, only this time the pain would be a hundred times worse. On top of that, his hearing would be overtaken by unbearable tinnitus. Being unable to bear the pain, Matthew let out a loud cry of agony.

Destruction would then take place. While the studio itself would stay in tact, the soundproof glass would then shatter. Equipment would then be destroyed and unusable. The recording they had already created would be lost in the destruction. Luckily, no one person was hurt or injured. After this, Matthew would find himself waking up in Metropolitan Hospital in Manhattan, his parents by his side. He would also find that he had been in a coma for a week.

After learning what had happened in the studio, he knew that he couldn't go back there. He knew that he did all of that and felt absolutely horrible for it. Not even RedOne himself could comment on what happened but he wasn't going to press charges. His parents also informed him that a geneticist examined him and he was found to be a mutant. Being very supportive of what he is, they declared that they are going to stay in this country and move to a place where Matthew could find help with his mutation and control it while his parents looked for careers elsewhere.

Better In Time

After Matthew was released from the hospital, he and his parents returned to Toronto. They would almost immediately pack up and leave for the U.S. His father Oliver and mother Priscilla were already willing to move already. Matthew, however, wasn't really ready and wasn't sure how to feel about moving to the U.S. He still felt very horrified and depressed for what happened and what he did. They remained in Toronto for two years while they battled with Matthew's changed and depressive behavior.

In time, though, Matthew would slowly accept and come to terms with what happened and moved to Paragon City, Rhode Island on March 30, 2010 with his parents. His father used to be a police officer for Toronto's police so he immediately got into Paragon PD and be stationed in Independence Port. His mother found work at Hotel Geneva as a shift manager in Atlas Park. They would find residence in Talos Island.

Matthew, however, would continue to get into phases of depression. Just as he finally got the break he was looking for, his mutation ruined his career. He was, in a way, traumatized with what he had done. This was when his father suggested that he become a hero. There may be some use for his newfound ability and it would get his mind off of his depression. He then began training Matthew with pistols, and it seemed to have come naturally to him. He was also put in contact with Antonio Nash and referred him to several places that could get his abilities on check. This was when he discovered what his abilities were, which were amplified sonic resonances. Sound that break barriers while being inaudible to others.

During this time, he would enroll in the Paragon Police Academy to become a police officer just like his father. Here he would meet and befriend many people who have the same goals as he does.

Rolling In The Deep

By chance, Matthew would meet up with Metal Smith and would get him to join his organization called Evolution-X and become one of their starting agents. He would promptly get some assignments with others and carry them out to the best of his ability. However, his powers would once again interrupt with this prospect of his life and had been ordered by doctors to stay in his soundproofed home. While Matthew would return to his phases of depression during this time, he would also use his emotions to compose music to keep his spirits lifted.

Unfortunately, this would spell the end of his time with both Evolution-X and the academy. He decided that until he could completely control his powers, he could not pursue being a cop since he felt like a huge liability to them. He did not return to Evolution-X simply because, while there were many mutants there, he didn't feel like he could relate to any of them.

Right Here, Right Now

Matthew recently took up a hero mantle and had himself a costume made. He gave himself the name Acoustic Bullet and decided that, for the thrill of it, to keep this identity separate. He met another established hero named The Atomic Paragon (who he hasn't heard of, sadly) and joined his cause to form a small heroic organization.

Use Somebody

The following is an explanation of Matthew's powers and abilities.

Me Against The Music

Matthew's mutation came to fruition in mid-2008. He would unfortuantely destroy the immediate area he was in. After analysis from geneticists, they discovered that Matthew's mutation allowed him to release amplified sonic resonance vibrations. Inaudible to the ear, it would cause most glass objects to crack, break, or shatter. When used properly, however, he could protect himself and others from harm. After this mutation came about, he would find that he now had a certain vocal talent.

21 Guns

At the suggestion of being a hero, Matthew's father (being a Captain-type rank in the PPD) trained him in marksmanship. There was natural talent there, and he would learn to use two pistols at once.


Matthew also found himself being able to teleport short distances. He isn't sure how this power came about but he somehow just wished himself to be away from a certain crowd and he ended up 10 feet away from them.


Here are the following people that Matthew has met during his time in Paragon City.


Power Grid
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  Energy Projection
  Fighting Skill

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