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Speak softly and carry a large gavel.
The Activist Judge
Player: @MetalSlime
Origin: Science
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 29
Personal Data
Real Name: Alexander D. Garner
Known Aliases: Activist, Judge
Species: Human
Age: 55
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 157
Eye Color: Grey-blue
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Judge
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Several, but none of them are interested in dating you if that's what you're getting at
Known Powers
no-selling bullets, hitting people with large pieces of stone
Known Abilities
judicial activism
fuck-off huge solid stone gavel
Served in the Paragon City court system since 1984



Born and raised in Paragon City, Rhode Island, Alexander D. Garner had a childhood that was so remarkably normal that it doesn't even bear mentioning, save to let people know that his current acts of heroism are not due to his family being murdered at the hands of some villainous organization or another. His teen years were equally uneventful, as were his college years, where he studied law before obtaining his Juris Doctor degree, becoming an attorney and finally, being nominated to the position of city judge in Paragon City.

Despite his initial optimism, during his twenty-one years at the bench Alexander grew increasingly frustrated at the sorry state of affairs that the Paragon City judicial system had become. Trials were haphazard affairs, juries often turned out to be composed entirely of Nemesis automatons and criminals were being set free on a daily basis due to overcrowding in local jails, forcing him to make more and more subversions of legal precedence and the law in order to ensure that the people he knew were criminals. I mean seriously, you think he's going to let someone who comes into the courtroom dressed in their Vortex Cor Leonis uniform go free because of a technicality?

One day, as Alexander was leaving the court house, fate decided to intervene. Or rather, Fate and Morgan Transports, moving its daily shipment of radioactive materials stored in half-open containers through Galaxy City. After hitting a pothole (or possibly an unconscious Hellion; reports are spotty), one of the containers fell off the back of the truck and upended upon him. As this is a comic book-based world, it bestowed upon him powers far beyond those of mortal man but still on par with most people in Paragon City.

Amazing powers thus gained, Alexander (now the Activist Judge) began his career as a vigilante, reinterpreting and rewriting the law on the spot to ensure that the criminals of Paragon City went to jail and stayed there, if at least for a little more time than they used to.

Shortly after the beginning of his new job he was scouted out by The Circle of Jerks and brought on board, because when you're a massively disruptive group of ne'er-do-wells you need all the legal protection you can get. Several other members of the judiciary complained, accusing him of being a "pocket judge" for the group, but due to a unanimous ruling (consisting solely of Activist Judge) it was declared that anyone who complained about it must be pantsed by the nearest person. Following this ruling criticism sharply declined, and Activist remained with the Jerks, continuing to fight alongside them to this day.



As part of the package deal of getting radioactive goop dumped on you and turning to beating up people on the street, Activist Judge exhibits an incredible ability to get shot at and not die.

Fuck-Off Huge Solid Stone Gavels

When fighting crime (in the present time), Activist Judge wields what can only be described as a fuck-off huge gavel composed of solid sandstone, which is about as effective as it sounds, if not more so. The city officially classifies this as "Stone Melee" due to some hang-up they have about use of the word "fuck" in official documents, however. Seriously, what a bunch of prudes.

Judicial Activism

True to his namesake, the Activist Judge can reinterpret, subvert or just plain rewrite the law as he sees fit. This may be part of the reason why many of the Jerks have yet to be arrested for indecent exposure. Especially after that one time. Man, who would've thought that a busful of nuns and orphans would break down right next to them?


His powers of judicial activism are such that he can reinterpret the law of gravity such that it affects him less, enabling him to leap incredible heights and stupendous distances (or stupendous heights and incredible distances, whichever you prefer).

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