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"It puts the lotion on its skin!"
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Mastermind
Security Level: 40
Personal Data
Real Name: Addramalech
Known Aliases: Sunshine, Fluffy
Species: Human
Age: Three
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Eye Color: Varies
Hair Color: Varies
Biographical Data
Citizenship: Confidential
Occupation: Confidential
Place of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Confidential
Marital Status: Forever Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Manipulation of Poisons
No additional information available.

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Physical Composition

Addramalech's body is a very complex creation. It was made by him, for him, out of others. Addra's physical composition is most similar to the Vahzilok abominations and eidolons, but comprised of a much more intricate pattern. From head to toe, not a single part of Addramalech is actually his, every body part was gathered from highly-unwilling donors, some live, most do not.


Addramalech's head is simply-enough constructed. His hair follicles have been altered so as to change colors at his whim, it is not real but is self-made and its source of color alteration is a self-injected toxin.


Within his chest cavity rests a pair of self-manufactured lungs. Within each of these fleshy pockets there is a fine layer of toxic powder as well as a series of capsules that, when activated, release a wide variety of different poisonous gases which he can use to defend himself even when in the closest and most personal of spaces.

Circulatory Sytem

Addramalech's circulatory system has also been completely contrived by him and his accomplices. Veins run throughout his body much akin to a typical human's though with a few exceptions; his veins are very large, thick, and made of a rubber material designed to take far more punishment than a normal person. His veins are the highways which carry a variety of poisons throughout his body. Different regions of his body carry many more different kinds of toxins though each could be accessed by anywhere so long as the complex system of switches in his heart which act much like the circular platform of a train station stay in-tact.

Skeletal Structure

His skeletal structure is nearly the same as it would be in any human though each of his limbs, pelvis, extremeties, chest and back bones have been reinforced with various tidbits of metal to keep from fracturing under stress and trauma. The exception to this typical reinforcement is his right arm and hand.

Right Arm

The right arm of Addramalech is of a particularly nefarious design. Unlike much of the rest of his body wherein he uses normal human body parts his right arm's skeletal structure has been completely replaced. There are no real bones in this limb, rather there are a large series of bone-shaped metallic plates that keep his skeleton going here. His right hand has also been replaced with a metal substitute and each of his fingerbones have been completely removed in favor of jointed syringes that hide their needletips beneath his flesh, he is capable of jutting these edges out of his flesh at will.

Energy Composition

For those more magically inclined the way in which his aura moves might be described as odd. Rather than flow fluidly as in most humans his essence would constantly radiate out from his center, moving his body parts, internal organs and other areas almost as winds of air would. With each pulse from his center comes a movement as it brushes past a part of his body and as it retreats it falls back to where it was unless it is picked up by another wave. This leaves his essence consistently moving and giving--to those who can sense it--his movements something more alike to animation and puppetry than life.


"No two ever meet the same Addramalech." This sentence was once uttered by another, and stolen to heart by Addramalech. Is it possible to describe the changing of color, the morphing of shapes and the process of evolution as it occurs? How can you describe the descriptionless? This creature's personality would be difficult to discern. At times he plays the most upstanding of gentlemen, at others the most cruel of overseers. An actor, a playwright, and an artist, Addramalech's personality changes to whatever fits the scene, his inner-most personality utterly nonexistant.

Indeed there is, in actuality, very little personality within this creature past an undying thirst for knowledge. It may put up a good affront in public, but deep down inside all that happens in Addramalech's 'heart' is respond logicly to situational stimuli.


Addramalech is not imbued with the plethora of superpowers that others have, in actuality he has one single ability. Despite being an undead monstrosity, this creature's power is life--or at the very least--sentience. He has the ability and power to imbue within any inanimate object that is otherwise not self-aware a self-biased sentience. Whatever item he may imbue gains powers that transcend reality and physical possibility, computers could sprout legs from excess plastic, windows could form faces and talk, paintings could animate themselves and simple clothes could kill their wearers via constricting to the point of asphyxiation.

The undead minions Addramalech is often seen in the company of are his preferred objects to practice this perverted arcane talent on. He has the ability to pass sentience onto more than one object at a time, but each 'possession' takes a part of the same essence that animates his own body with it. Until that energy is recalled back, Addramalech as a whole is weakened. If an object Addramalech gives sentience strays too far from him, if it is not called back the energy will vanish back into its creator.

Addramalech, in an odd twist, conjoins his own sentience with the sentiences of those other creatures he creates. They always set about on the same goals, rather that be the eradication of another or the amusement of the same. In a rather creepy fashion, Addramalech becomes his own, self-sustained hive mind.

Citizens of the Isles and Paragon


Addramalech does not primarily make or have friends but rather he relies on being acquaintences first and accomplices second. Few genuinely feel a mutual sense of amicability with Addramalech and most of his relationships he forces on others by not leaving them alone.

Unchained Melodie: Melodie has always been a source of fascination for Addramalech. He has known her for two years and she seems to be one of the few people he genuinely cares for.

Strawberry Poundcake: Berry and Addramalech have had a very mysterious and questionable history. They have known each other for many months now though it is unclear how he feels about her current state of marriage.

Nebel Sirene: Another awkwardly-formed relationship Addramalech considers Nebel a companion and interesting company.


Trevor Pillman: Trevor and Addramalech have always been at patience's end with one another since he was with Melodie, though despite this general sense of unease he still tolerates his presence.


By forcing his company on others one would think that Addramalech would have earned a list of enemies, but by utilizing diplomacy and preaching pacifism few truly have a desire to end him.

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