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The Unmovable
Ade Telualla
The Gods are bastards
Member of
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OOC Information
Magic Tank
Willpower/Dual Blades
Player: The Lecherous Bard
Activity Level: Primary Character
Basic Intel
Real Name: Ade Telualla
a.k.a: None
Biographical Data
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Tau-Sigma 13-8
Nationality: 'MuGan' African
Residence: Safe havens, Hollows and Salamanca
Occupation: Bodyguard
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: Registered Hero
Relatives & Associates
Non known
Known Powers
Unconquerable willpower manifested physically
Skills & Abilities
Talented warrior and tactician
Clothing and a pair of Rularuu blades
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"Virtute et Armis"

Ade is the first hero I have written an entry for in the VV so I'll just have to say a few things first.

1). This page has been marked for mature content due to the nature of the society explained in further detail below. This includes gender roles, power plays, health issues, child abandonment among others. Naturally this is not intended to be an ideal world, and as such none of what is written is endorsed by the writer. Furthermore, while there are historic precedences for many of the elements described, none of what is written is intended to reflect any real world culture. MuGan Earth is stuffed up. It's not our Earth. Simple as that really.

2). This has been written in a straightforward factual way. This is largely due to Ade's very open nature and lack of secrets. My next character entry won't be so boringly written I assure you.

Anyway, on with the important stuff.



Ade is a large African male with abnormal height and muscle development, both of which are due more to his willpower shaping his growth rather than adequate nutrition. The most obvious indicators of his unnatural state however are his straight hair and pale markings scrawled along his chest and arms brought about from the etheric corruption afflicting his body.

He is commonly seen in what he calls his 'work gear' which consists of a cross belt, a tattered kilt and some protective bindings on his feet and forearms. For the sake of business more than anything else he also has a 'civilian attire' involving a black jacket with white trimming (No shirt though, see 'Trivia'), black trousers with white markings outside each inner leg and a pair of heavy boots. For his wealthier clients he keeps the self-titled 'Royal Guard' look, which has him wrapped head to foot with white and crimson cloth combined with an ornamental breastplate and chains around his limbs as pseudo armour. The only possessions that he has been able to keep from his home world were a pair of falcatas, which he has since replaced with Rularuu weaponry.

Lately he has earned the right to wear the armour of the Cimeroran legions, which he has taken to with great pride, so he can commonly be seen in his white and gold Centurion plate. He wears this armour not for any protective value but for what it represents; that he has been accepted as a warrior, a worthy element to a society even if it is not his own.

His voice has been commented on multiple times. Deep and booming, he sounds like James Earl Jones would if he was hosting a cocktail party. The polite mannerisms are due more to his adopting as neutral a stance as possible in an alien culture than any sense of etiquette.


Ade is the sort of man who is impossible to sum up quickly with any degree of accuracy. On one hand he is a gentle, protective sort who actively nurtures those in need. Famine is a particular soft-spot for him, having spent much of his life starving for mere morsels and having to feed off of the twisted monstrosities in the wild lands of his Earth. To that end he commonly donates what little funds he has to orphanages and soup kitchens across Paragon City.

On the other hand however his indomitable will has given him a direct, demanding, virtually arrogant attitude. Combined with his lack of knowledge on local etiquette this has lead to many arguments. On that fact it must be noted that Ade has never raised his voice, lost his temper or resorted to name-calling. He just calmly points out why he is right.

Possibly the best example of these traits are his views on health and beauty. Ade's Earth (known as 'MuGan' Earth, explained later) is rife with disease, famine and war, much like the Africa on this Earth,. People with muscle mass or body fat became sought after for mates as they were undeniably disease-free, a mentality that has since become the ideology of beauty in local cultures (which will be further discussed in 'trivia' so we do not derail the point of this bio further).

Ade is well-aware that Paragon City, while still a war zone, does not suffer from the same horrible conditions. Which is why he is appalled not only at how most of the heroine population are waif-like, but how this is an actively sought after ideal. To him, this is akin to mental illness, a view that triggers his protective nature. Many times he has told thinner heroines to get a decent meal, even going so far as to give them the money to pay for such. On the flip side he makes a point to praise those with more on their frame, especially since he views them as being strong enough to resist the 'cultural sickness' in favour of being 'healthy and happy.' Maslow's Heirachy of Needs has been brought up in his arguments in the past.

Though as stated this is an ideal of beauty he shares, his words and deeds do not carry a sexual undertone. Indeed, to date it has been shown that one needs to be far from subtle when showing interest in him, otherwise his innocent and socially inept mind will not fathom any advances. What will occur when that happens? Only time will tell. Whenever he is accused of acting on sexual preferences he calmly and matter-of-factly points out that he is an untouchable, and has no reason to 'plumpen' anyone up for his pleasure. As matters lie his protective nature of womenfolk (see trivia) has lead to him offering to many his numerous specially set up safe houses for if they need a haven. Of course any who accept will have to contend with the double-edged sword that is Ade's excellent cooking skills. Diet products are not in his vocabulary.

Generally Ade is stoic while on the job, performing his tasks efficiently and swiftly. The same cannot be said for when it comes to the Circle of Thorns, Arachnos (in particular the Mu) and the Carnival of Shadows. As one may expect considering his past he has a deeply rooted hatred for these factions, the Circle and Mu in particular. That such monstrous forces which had decimated his home world have been actively renewed on this much more fortunate Earth sickens him beyond words. While he normally spares anyone who surrenders for arrest, there are no prisoners for his arch-nemeses.

Some have described Ade as an atheist, but that is simply not true. In his own words; "The God's exist, it's just a pity that they are all bastards." While the old gods of our Earth self-destructed only to face a re-emergence in recent times, MuGan Earth never had that lucky break and Ade has grown up hating the powers that be. Even the religions that did not exist on his world, like Christianity, Hinduism and Islam among many receive nothing but guarded suspicion and hatred from the displaced outcast.

Ade grew up separate from proper cultures but since his time in his world's Alexandria he has become enamoured by the concept. As much as he despises the mindlessness, the treachery and the needless pain inflicted on others that prevails in every society he's encountered to date, he nevertheless yearns to be accepted into one, to share the positive elements as well as the negative.


MuGan Earth

Ade Telualla/MuGan Earth History

Ade Pre-Paragon City

Ade was born in a small village located in the area known on our Earth today as Uganda. Despite the harsh conditions the young boy showed promise of growing in a man strong of mind and body. In his sixth year however his life took a drastic turn; his curly hair straightened out and pale arcane markings formed on his torso and arms. Fearing the worst, the village cast out the young Ade into the Wildlands to fend for himself rather than risking his de-evolution into a slavering beast while still inside the communities' protective walls.

He did not degenerate, however, and nor did he submit himself to a quick and savage death in the wilderness. Through trial and error he taught himself how to hunt and how to forage.

It was to be this determination and strength of will combined with his corruption that ultimately proved to be his salvation. His body acted as a battery of sorts, constantly gathering energy from the aether, which was shaped and honed by his steel mind. Despite an unbalanced diet and a hard life his body in turn was shaped by the power of his will as he grew into adulthood.

At first Ade, like all outcasts had a severe disliking for the civilized world. With that said he never ignored someone in trouble, no matter where they came from. This was due partly by his equal distaste for the marauders but mostly due to his innate protective nature. He refused to benefit at the loss of others, a trait still apparent even a world away in Paragon. Time and again he helped repel raids on villages or guide lost people to their homes. The best he could hope for when it came to gratitude was a 'request' to leave as soon as possible before he caused any infections with his ailment (An impossibility in reality, it must be pointed out), though more often than not his reception was far more hostile. One particular incident unfolded when he escorted an elderly woman back to her home after the others abandoned her in the crop fields during a marauder raid. Before he had even reached the gate one of the warriors threw a spear at Ade, driving it into his intestines. Ade simply pulled it back out and returned the favour before leaving without a word, his wound healing rapidly as he coolly left the other man to die.

Ade made precious few friends, between the xenophobic societies and the anarchistic marauders all he could turn to were other loners like himself and travelling caravans from the northern city states that made their way safe for trade (The only outsiders allowed to trespass in tribal lands). It was from one particular caravan master that he learned of a continent to the north. With nothing to strive for save the faint hope that he could find acceptance in this different land he set off, heading for the northern shoreline.

This journey stalled indefinitely when he reached the city-state of Alexandria, hoping for a ship. He was only permitted into the city (and by extension the docks area) if he agreed to repay this 'kindness' with acts of community service designated by one of Alexandria's more prominent organisations. Unfortunately for the wandering outcast it was to be the Alexandrian branch of the Carnival of Life who would accept him as their responsibility.

No matter how many tasks he was assigned and fulfilled, his 'debt' to the society of Alexandria remained and his freedom to leave denied but at this stage it hardly mattered. He no longer had to hunt for his sustenance as his duties also netted a small sum of currency, he was scorned in only a much more subdued manner than he was accustomed to, and most appreciated at all was open access to the Great Library of Alexandria where his stalwart perception (see 'Willpower' under 'Powers') allowed him to read all his knowledge-starved mind could manage in such a short time. His journey to the northern continent he now knew as Europe was but a memory.

What made his time in the city far from flawless, however, were the Carnival Mistresses he had to serve. Normally any male they desired had their willpower broken and, once the Mistresses had finished with them, pressed into the submissive position of a Strongman. Ade was something different. He sparked considerable desire from the Carnival Mistresses but not for his looks or intelligence, and certainly not a benign desire. Ade's near-unconquerable willpower made him an unattainable achievement to the Mistresses, a man they could not bend to their machinations except by the weak tether of the law. Any Mistress who could break him could use that victory to better her position in the Carnival. It goes without saying that Ade despised the competition being fought over him, especially since he was commonly directly involved. He obeyed only as far as he needed to by Alexandrian law, and no further. Technically speaking any Mistress could have legally demanded him to please her but that would have proven that the Mistress in question had no real power of her own and had to rely on Judicial systems. Of all the Mistresses, it was Mistress Rehema who was the most persistent in breaking him to further her own power-centric goals.

Ade and Paragon City

When Portal Corp discovered Tau Sigma 13-8 the exploration crew were horrified by the sheer devastation that marred the land. Adam Raul, a senior negotiator in Portal Corp's employ argued heatedly with the CEOs over what to do with the people of this torn Earth. Raul wanted an effort to relocate as many survivors as humanly possible to a far less monstrous land, which would not only be a breach of cross-dimensional quarantine and passive interaction protocols but more importantly the costs to Portal Corp would have been staggering. In time Raul finally got the go ahead, but it was on the proviso that he could ensure the cooperation of the local MuGan Earth factions. Naturally this was a condition set purposely due to the staggering improbability of success, a tactic that in time proved to be definitive). Raul set upon this challenge with vigour and began to arrange discreet meetings with the independent powers.

The Alexandrian Council of Elders elected their 'social elite' in the form of the Alexandrian Carnival of Life troupe. It was Mistress Rehema who lead the small delegation to Raul's meeting point with Ade in tow as part of her guard. The location Raul had chosen was well away from prying eyes, or so was the hope. It came to pass that the area was not reclusive enough as a Mu scouting party happened on the Portal Corp encampment. Through Ade's stubborn and selfless stand most of the delegation as well as the Portal Corp personnel were able to retreat through the portal, Ade barely made it through himself.

Portal Corp now had a serious issue; no authorisation had been given to allow any MuGan Earth natives to enter our Earth. At the same time it was not an option to send them back to that horrid world. Portal Corp's CEOs were stone-hearted, not heartless. Whilst the newcomers were in quarantine, being purged of any foreign bacteria and being immunized against local ones, a decision was made. The Mistresses could remain on as pseudo-diplomats to their dimension whilst the rest of the entourage would be integrated into society as best as could be managed. As a non-member of the Carnival of Life, only Ade accepted this option, the others never straying far from their Mistresses (For a longer, though dated, view on this, look at Ade/Into Another World).

Taking advantage of the displaced man's naivety, the Portal Corp board of directors manipulated him into registering for a heroes license after his studies had progressed enough for him to manage out in the wide world. What they stood to gain from this duplicity was rather simple; If Ade became a success then Portal Corp could claim responsibility for Ade's well-being in Paragon and benefit from the positive publicity they so sorely need, not to mention any book and movie rights. If the intrepid hero perished his story could be spun to the public as a man given a fresh chance cut down by the barbarianism of modern society, again benefiting from the book and movie rights. Finally, if he retired early the story could be told in a more heart warming way, and even daytime movies earn some money.

As events panned out, Ade has yet to fall by the wayside when it came to his duties as a hero of Paragon City though he has certainly faced stumbling blocks. Possibly the most infamous of these was when he turned in the severed head of renowned Freakshow tank 'T3H P0\|/3r54uC3' in a PPD evidence bag in order to collect the bounty. While nowadays he is more aware of Paragon's legal system he has a minimal living arrest record as he spares only those who surrender. Any criminal willing to use lethal force on another human is disposed of without regret or thought. Fortunately for the intrepid Ade he is counted among the numerous heroes who get the 'blind eye' treatment from the PPD. Between the mountainous paperwork and the ineffectual security of the Zig, the Paragon law enforcement agencies generally prefers the final solution anyway, though none will be caught dead stating as much.

Ade carries himself as a bodyguard with considerable success, his refusal to ask for payments for his services notwithstanding. This is true beyond working on the mean streets of Paragon and goes so far as offering shelter in one of his safe houses to those who most need it (At the time of writing this he has two such locations, one in the Hollows and the other in Salamanca). These sanctuaries have been modified by the man himself to ensure maximum security with minimal intrusion.

Much more recently Ade gained the attention of the Midnight Squad. Accepting membership into their ranks, he was one of the many to travel to Cimerora to assist in the civil war. It was not long before Imperious' legion commanders noticed the loyalty, courage and strength of the dark-skinned 'mercenary.' For his services to the war effort, Ade has been gifted with Cimeroran centurion armour, a simple gesture that has had an astounding effect on Ade. At long last he has attained the position and respect of a warrior. Not an outcast, plaything or arbiter in a 'twisted' society, but a man who's will to protect the civilians under his charge is respected and praised.

What the future holds in store for Ade none can really say. Between the shady individuals he's been spotted with recently, the rumours of a runaway under his care and the (thus far) unexploited fact that Portal Corp holds his civil rights in their hands, the only certainty is that life has not finished with him yet.



Ade's physical shell acts as a filter and battery for etheric energies drifting between this realm of reality and the nether. Normally this level of otherworldly corruption would have had disastrous results on Ade, especially considering the young age this oddity manifested itself. The most likely outcome that would have been expected was that he would degenerate into a slavering mutated beast. In a twist of fate it was his banishment from his home which triggered what was to be not only his saving grace but also his most potent strength. The pivotal moment he decided not to lay down and die marked the beginning of an iron will in the forging. In time, it was this which took a control of his warping aura, shaping this etheric element into an asset.

If he had the training as a young boy, Ade would have made a great combat mage. As things panned out though his abilities shaped in a response to survival, directed more to the self than to the world around him. Wounds were of little consequence; what does penetrate his skin is quickly forced back out as his flesh regenerated at an accelerated rate as he wills it to do so.

His mind however is far more formidable. A virtual fortress, his foes have learned the hard way that psychic intrusions and attacks have even less of an effect on him than swords and bullets.

As somewhat of a curious side-effect, Ade's willpower influences his perceptions and, to a more limited extent, the perceptions of those around him. His steadfast drive to learn as much as possible allows him to perceive just about any spoken or written word in a way he understands (to an extent, of course), which in effect allows him to break down language barriers. His own spoken words tend to be perceived by those who hear them in much the same way, though he has needed to learn to write legibly like everyone else.

Dual Blades

A self-taught swordsman and warrior, Ade understands the importance of an aggressive stance, utilizing a pair of blades he attacks with brutal cleaving strokes. While he is physically stronger than natural humans he still lacks the lamp-post bending might of other supers. He makes up for this with a relentless torrent of attacks, commonly against multiple opponents. His tactics involve crippling his opponents and setting them up for an easier take down.

Initially he used a pair of falcatas which were his only mementos of MuGan Earth. The short and heavy blades suited his methods personally. Since a trip to the Shadowshard however Ade has since retired these in favour of some newly required Rularuu short swords. While not truly sentient he finds their peering eyes to be useful in unnerving his adversaries.

Unlike many other Heroes he has no attachment to his weapons and could be quite happy wielding some sharpened World War One trench shovels.


Possibly the most complex accomplishment he has ever achieved, Ade chanced upon this invaluable use of his willpower when a team mate of his had gotten separated from the rest and was in considerable danger. Acting purely on instinct, Ade reached out and plucked the troubled ally through etheric space to his location. Naturally all present were bewildered by this, Ade in particular.

After this incident Ade practiced near-obsessively to be able to perform this act again on a whim rather than by instinct. As he mastered this he also managed to 'lock in' and 'call' in supplies from his safe houses. The real coup de grace came when he mastered the ability to pull himself short distances through etheric space.


Though a competent hunter, Ade suffered a poor diet during his childhood and adolescence what with numerous important nutrients absent in the creatures he caught and consumed. Nevertheless he grew into a supremely fit adult, sustained largely on his etheric connections. Thick skin, impressive muscle development and dauntingly high levels of endurance are all traits which Ade possesses and utilities to their utmost potential.


Despite his social awkwardness Ade has proven time and again to be a competent leader in the field. Able to monitor the conflict around him as he spearheads an attack, he has the natural ability to inspire all around him to double their efforts and overcome all obstacles in their way. His sharp eye allows him to keep his allies alerted of the presence of hidden dangers.

Pyre Mastery

By and large the direct influence Ade's willpower has on the world around him is limited at best. That is until he met Callista Roase. Seeing potential in the young warrior, Callista decided to teach him the basics on elemental control. Though he struggled at first, it wasn't long until he could manage minor feats, fire being the element most readily heeding his calls.

Over time he's been practicing this bare-bones training session, moving to bigger challenges once he has mastered previous trials. Of late he has managed to implement this in the field, from sudden heat around a target sucking all the immediate oxygen to fuel the attack, leaving his quarry gasping for breath to lobbing actual fireballs.

Once all's said and done he prefers his blades but then this is not a talent he regrets spending the time needed to master it.


Ade's unfaltering willpower makes him into the powerhouse he is today. At the front of every assault, he can ensure the utmost safety of his team mates as they lend their own strengths to the fight. If his companions fulfill a non-aggressive support role or he is operating solo he is far from under prepared with his martial skills. Added with his sharp mind, empowering presence and his manipulation of fire he remains a staunch juggernaut in the fight for Paragon's future.

His cooking and handyman talents are also commendable, allowing him to look after his charges off the field as well as on.


Ade can be described as dependable and strong-willed.

He can also be described as arrogant, pompous, close minded, inflexible, argumentative and over bearing.

His unique physiology has attracted the attention of the Cabal and other similar-minded arcane organisations; most wishing to use him as a human battery for etheric forces.

Contacts in Paragon City

Fluke: The troubled teen under Ade's unofficial guardianship. Their relationship is rocky, between her youthful anger and his lack of faith in himself as a capable role model. Still, both soldier on admirably despite the turbulence.

Phaize and Tipscout: The husband and wife duo were the ones instrumental in enlisting Ade into the Codex. Phaize, ever jubilant, commonly finds good humour to be had in Ade's mannerisms and statements. While Ade has not had such a smooth time with Tipscout, the faith and respect the couple hold for the displaced man remains high.

Callista Roase: One of the first people in Paragon City to show Ade true kindness,it was her who had taught him the basics of elementalism. While she asked for no repayments, Ade is determined to someday, somehow, honour her generosity in kind.

Amy Embers: Ade has worked with Amy on the field a number of times. It was his kind nature and honest words which has helped the young lady gain some confidence in herself.

Secret Identity: Despite their differences in outlook, Ade and the aptly named 'Secret Identity' cooperate quite comfortably, their warrior natures creating a kinship of sorts.


>> Yes, food and nutrition are major concerns for Ade. When one grows up starving it tends to hold that level of importance.

>> Generally, Ade hates wearing any more clothes than what's necessary, which means no shirts or underwear more often than not. The 'Royal Guard' attire is the most he'll ever wear and it's too much for his own personal comfort. He only wears it if he has a upper-class client who needs to maintain a classier image.

>> He is, by far, the alt of mine most complimented for his looks, IC and OOC. Even my French soldier and my suave ex-Stasi agent can't match him for '((Your toon is hot))' private tells. What makes this so ironic is how... innocent Ade is on the whole subject.

>> The theory over the nature of the aether is an element shared with 3 of my other alts, who will have their pages here in time.

>> To expand further on what was mentioned briefly in the Personality section, the cultures of MuGan Africa have been shaped largely by necessity. Men are expected to be labourers and hunters in times of peace and warriors when conflict arises. Typically a warrior is expected to run for numerous kilometres to the battlefield and be ready to fight without a break. As such, muscle mass is exceedingly important for MuGan African males, not just to allow them to fulfill their duties efficiently and swiftly but to increase the chances of being selected as a mate by a female.

Women for the most part do not occupy physically demanding and/or dangerous roles in MuGan African cultures. This is not due to any misconceptions of female capacity, but more of a consideration of the fact that in such a vicious, impoverished world a female life is worth much more than that of a male.

Between war, famine and pestilence there is a strong emphasis on children, a consideration made more prudent by the corrupting effects that the etheric fallout has on numerous youths.

In the tribes this generally means that the female populace live the lives of baby makers and in many cases, religious roles such as shamans. In the much wealthier city-states, however, the situation is rather different. While birth rates remain high, the majority of child-rearing duties are fulfilled by specially selected elders and childless families as well as volunteers (not too unlike our Earth's day-care and nanny services). This frees the most of the female populace to fulfill pivotal roles in the machinations of society. Politicians, bankers, merchants, artists and scholars among others are predominantly female oriented.

Note that no city-state or tribe has a law which dictates this gender-centric system, and there are some male scribes and female warriors. It is the situational conditions and cultural expectations which drives the status-quo.

In the tribes, where famine and disease are constant concerns, a woman with some condition on her frame would be very much sought after as this was a sign of good health (In much the same way, a male without muscle mass is most likely wasting due to disease or incompetent survival skills and is thus given a wide berth). A portly woman also reflected her chosen mates' ability to provide. This quickly became the basis of beauty. A full-shaped woman is a woman much desired.

In the city-states, where trade with Europe eliminates the issue of famine and disease is cautiously screened out, it it is curious that the same image of feminine beauty persists, even if for different reasons. In a continent suffering so much ill-health, visual signs of affluence became a social yardstick for a woman's status. The better clothed, the more adorned and the better fed a woman was the more successful she would appear to her peers. In contrast to the tribes, a woman's shape reflected nothing on her chosen mate, what with an economy in place to ensure even the non-active females can comfortably provide for themselves. A man would be lucky to be chosen by a wealthy woman and in some city states a woman of high status could take numerous mates. It was this hedonistic, matriarchal society model which attracted the Carnival of Life from Europe.

What does all this entail for Ade? He understands that US culture is different and for the most part he has no specific issues with that. As is human, he does hold onto some biases when looking at Paragon's society as an outsider. Any male lacking in muscle he regards as either sickly or weak while any overweight man is simply a disgrace. On the flip side he praises women who have muscle mass, body fat or both while showing concern for the health and happiness for those with neither.

Despite the vastly different sets of conditions he also holds onto the mindset that a female life is worth much more than any male and will take any and every step necessary to protect any under his charge. He is not stupid, however, and will respond to a real threat much the same, no matter who or what it was from.

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