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Codename: Agent 3-X

by bokuman

Chastity Blades
Player: @Phantom Narrator
Origin: Technology [1]
Archetype: Scrapper [2]
Security Level: 50(MA/SR) / 50(DB/SR) / 38(Kat/SR)
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Jonin Princess, Mistress Agartha, Charity Rose, Prudence Chase, etc.
Species: Human-Kheldian symbiosis
Age: Unknown, appears about 30
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 59 kg [3]
Eye Color: Azure Blue
Hair Color: Dark Chestnut Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: British (naturalised UK citizen)
Occupation: Consulting detective, agent-for-hire, supermodel, retired MI5 intelligence officer, former criminal mastermind
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Currently Paragon City, RI USA
Marital Status: Dr. Kashaye Joan Parker (wife) / Divorced (previous marriage)
Known Relatives: Dharma Parker-Blades (daughter)
Known Powers
Agent 3-X: Martial Arts/Weapon Mastery/Medicine, Chastity Blades: Dual Blades/Body Mastery/Super Speed/Leadership, Dame Chastity Blades: Katana
Known Abilities
Super Reflexes, Fitness, Fighting, Leaping (all)
Mk.IV tactical chastity belt
Male Role-player

Codename: Agent 3-X is Dame Chastity Blades, GCVO[4], CMG[5], a legendary investigator, counterspy, martial artist and sometime supermodel who once headed her own international criminal syndicate prior to her work with MI5 as a special intelligence officer. After an illustrious career with the Security Service, she retired and began a new life as a freelance security expert, trouble-shooter, and one of the world’s most sought-after covert operatives. Now a famous Heroine of Paragon City, she serves in the Second Rikti War as a double agent for Longbow and the Vanguard.



Chastity in her Vindicators kit



Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.
Spoilers end here.
Chastity and her wheels.


Resilient, fastidious, and occasionally ruthless, Chastity Blades is an unequivocally A-list celebrity in the pantheon of heroes. Always charming, assured, and unflappably poised, she speaks with the clipped, clear and confident tones of those in possession of a healthy sense of entitlement, interspersing her witty, sophisticated banter with double entendres, playful innuendos, liberal amounts of foreign loanwords and British slang. An infamous "fashionista", she assiduously maintains a grand and dazzling personal style that often recalls the classic Mod designs of the Swinging Sixties, and has honed a flamboyant and somewhat notorious public persona as a "glamazon" of the party circuit, frequently seen clubbing and hobnobbing with the rich and famous.

Sometimes uncharitably characterised as snobbish, elitist and vain, very few are aware of her enigmatic life as the Warshade mystic Mistress Agartha. While her penchant for posh boutiques, exotic vehicles, haute couture and five-star accommodations is genuine, she regularly abandons the high life to wander wild areas of the world on foot or to meditate at remote ashrams for extended periods before eventually returning to her customary role as the super-agent "bad girl" of the superhero set.

Adamhughes chastity blades.JPG


Chastity is a peak human. Most of her extraordinary abilities derive from her savant-like athletic talent and her bond to the reformed Nictus Brilliant Void, combined with secret martial arts techniques, esoteric spiritual practices, advanced espionage training, special nutrition regimens, and classified supertech.

Sets and Pools

Super Reflexes

Chastity is endowed with "photokinesic memory", which enables her to observe any physical movement, even highly complex ones, and duplicate them in double-time with minimal practice. This ability can only mimic actions any peak human could achieve with training and talent, not superhuman attributes or powers. Combined with her neurological enhancements, intense training and pranic clairvoyance, Chastity can anticipate the position and timing of attacks and react to them with uncanny alacrity. When aware of her enemies her reflexes are keen enough to dodge bullets, rays and even area effect weapons with ease.

Martial Arts & Fighting

A grandmaster of many martial arts, Chastity incorporates internal and external techniques from a variety of styles into an eclectic and devastating hybrid she has coined simply "She Do". Fast, spontaneous and technically innovative, she is exceedingly dangerous in unarmed combat, whether wrestling or striking, and can connect with enough force to crush body armour, break steel and shatter concrete walls or cause blindness, paralysis or crippling pain with the lightest touch to a vital point.

Weapon Mastery, Katana & Dual Blades

Chastity is also extremely proficient in numerous forms of armed combat, some quite rare and exotic. She can even turn innocuous, everyday items into lethal objects, although her preferred weapons are a pair of stiletto boots and a very sharp knife. Nevertheless, she is an accomplished sharpshooter, but favours throwing her custom-made grenade-knives when assaulting squads of enemies.

Body Mastery, Fitness & Medicine

A highly advanced practitioner of a number of esoteric disciplines, Chastity has studied Trul Khor Tantra, Kundalini and Kum Nye Yoga, Vajrayana and Nyingma Buddhism, Nèi jiā and Neidan Daoist internal alchemy, and Rinzai Zen. By these methods she has attained unnatural stamina and siddhis that impart flashes of "danger-sense" intuition, extra-sensory perception, and control over the autonomic functions of her body, among other mysterious abilities.

Codename: Agent 3-X by Ebony-Chan.

Durability: Chastity has spent her whole life intensively training her body to the peak of human development and is as physically tough as a person can potentially be without actually being classified as superhuman, although through manipulation of her chi, i.e. prana Chastity can far exceed these limits, such as enduring extreme temperatures, pain and prolonged periods without food, water or sleep, resisting infection, drugs and toxins, and even preventing shock and major blood loss from serious injuries, among other extraordinary feats[7].

Endurance & Longevity: Chastity is host to a colony of unique nanites that vitalize and enhance her subtle and physical bodies. Their effects are similar in all respects to the classic "super-soldier serum," slowing her aging while repairing and enhancing her cell integrity, greatly regenerating her tissue and speeding her recovery. Despite being over 70 years old, she retains the appearance and vitality of a woman in the physical prime of her life.

Strength: Her nano-enhanced muscle and bone structure has heightened her physical strength to a level beyond the natural for a woman of her height, weight and build. She can lift close to 350 lbs., although by channeling her chi she can potentially far exceed this.

Dexterity: Chastity is double jointed and has perfect balance, maintaining her flexibility and acrobatic skills with a demanding routine of yoga, escape artistry and gymnastics. She can catch weapons hurled at her and throw them back at her attackers with pin-point accuracy. A gifted dancer, she has enough balance to continue attacking her opponents even while running backwards at full speed in high heels.

Leaping & Speed

By means of pranic levitation amplified by her belt, Chastity can clear hundreds of meters in a single jump, and even change her inertia in mid-leap without being in contact with a solid surface. She is capable of sprinting as fast as a racehorse.

Agent3X big.JPG

Other Abilities

Perhaps as a result of her kinesic memory, Chastity is a natural polyglot, fluent in over a dozen languages, including Hindi, Cantonese and Japanese.

She has an impressive intellect and formidable talent as a criminologist, having a keen eye for observation and a gift for inductive reasoning. Chastity is also a highly trained expert in cryptography & ciphering, psychological operations, infiltration & disguise techniques, escape & evasion methods, counterintelligence & surveillance procedures, survival & commando tactics[8], and emergency medical treatments[9].

She has a commercial pilot's license and has logged thousands of flight hours in aircraft of all kinds. She is also an experienced sailor and accomplished navigator, well practised in rope use, swimming and scuba diving, with a knack for determining true north and the local time even when blindfolded.

Possibly her most undervalued asset is the "little black book" in her head; a worldwide network of contacts and cohorts in government, corporate, NGO, military, intelligence and underworld circles.

Weaknesses and Limitations

As a bonded warshade, Chastity is vulnerable to quantum weaponry. In spite of this fact and her other remarkable qualities, she remains a peak human in most respects; if unaware or unable to focus her chi against an incoming attack her flesh punctures and her bones will break normally, and a severe blow to the head, acute trauma to a vital organ, or the cutting off of her air supply could knock her out or potentially prove life-threatening, especially if she were separated from her chastity belt.

The Mk. IV chastity belt designed for her by Dr. OTech is a crucial piece of equipment. Without it the supernanites coursing through her bloodstream would quickly lose most of their power and her regeneration and slowed aging ratio of 10:1 years would rapidly deteriorate.

Gadgets and Gear

The Tactical Chastity Belt Mk.IV. is Chastity's signature piece of equipment. Powered by a miniaturized atomic-orgone hybrid engine and made mostly from impervium alloy, it greatly amplifies her chi and incorporates features like a full-spectrum hologram suite[10], a quantum stochastic modulator [11], and "flat-space" matter conversion storage[12], giving her access to an extensive inventory of gadgets, gizmos, small arms and martial arts weapons.

Chas with her first sidekick, Portia Posh.

Character History

Little is known of Chastity Blades prior to 1945. She remembers escaping from an internment camp in Hong Kong and hiding with a group of monks in rural China during the war, but has only fragmentary memories of life with her English family before that. Following the Japanese surrender, she walked alone through Malaysia to an allied D.P. camp in Singapore, where she met the elderly Dr. Sian Baba, a polymath and medical doctor turned tantrika with a rather mysterious past. She would spend the next seven years of her life with him, roaming the subcontinent and Far East, learning in the school of hard knocks how to survive in and out of half a dozen more refugee camps. She protected and fed Sian Baba, and in return spent eight hours per day under his tutelage, practising yoga and training in everything from acrobatics to zoology.

Around the age of 12 she was forced to kill an outcast in Djakarta who tried to rape her. The following year she was kidnapped in Bangkok and brutally violated by the slaver Manjal before she sent him to his reward with his own kris. Following these harrowing incidents, Sian Baba designed and constructed her first chastity belt, made of leather and stainless steel, to protect her against the constant threat from slavers and rape gangs. A few months later, her guru died, and she journeyed to Benares to spread his ashes in the Ganges. While passing through Calcutta, she was caught again by a flesh gang to be broken in for a brothel, but managed to escape after a few days with her honour intact thanks to Sian Baba's gift. During her subsequent wanderings she spent a year with a tribe of Tibetans, working as a yak-herd and mastering Kalachakra Tantra at the local lamasery before traveling through the rest of Asia and the Pacific.

The next turning point in her life came in Saigon around the age of 17. She took a job at a small casino and nightclub for Westerners controlled by the Lasalle gang, splitting her apprenticeship with the barbershop operating inside the gang's high-class brothel next door, picking up valuable gossip while working as an assistant and runner. When rivals killed the head of the gang, Chastity moved quickly to take control of his modest criminal network, with the help of Dawson Lane, who became her trusted friend and partner. Reformed under the ironic name "The Orphanage," within two years its operations had expanded on an international scale, profiting from both sides of the Cold War - except in matters of critical interest to Her Majesty's Government. The Orphanage specialized in art and jewel thefts, smuggling, financial manipulations, and commercial espionage, but on Chastity’s insistence abstained from involvement in hard drugs, vice, armaments and British government secrets - a fact not lost on Sir William Sinjin Sinclair, who recruited her to work for MI5 as a double agent.

From its inception, Chastity built up a special fund that paid pensions to several men disabled in the course of The Orphanage's operations, and always made it a point to reward loyalty. Nevertheless, efforts to restrict her underlings led to increasing friction, and she managed to maintain control only through a combination of cunning, charm, and ruthlessness. Eventually, the stress that came from running a global criminal empire grew to outweigh the fun. With growing pressure on her handlers from the Americans, and under threat from an Inland Revenue audit, Chastity decided to break up her network and work for the Security Service as an irregular intelligence field officer, as much from a delight in adventure and government immunity than any patriotic impulse. In 1963, Chastity married and subsequently divorced a derelict Englishman in Hong Kong to gain British nationality.

After controlling The Orphanage for almost a decade, and having amassed a personal fortune in excess of £5,000,000, Chastity broke up her network and "retired" to a penthouse with a grand view of Hyde Park under the cover identity "Prudence Chase", daughter of a reclusive Australian investment banker. Except for Dawson, her current and former associates had no idea she'd been double-dealing with Sinjin Sinclair of MI5 for years. Given the designation "3-X", she was assigned to Her Majesty's Government's covert counterpart to the Dawn Patrol, MI5's Section C. Nicknamed "The Cape Crew", she and Dawson spent much of the decade working for Section C, occasionally helping the Dawn Patrol spoil the plots of various enemies of the Crown. In 1965, she donned the Mk.I experimental chastity belt specially designed for her by the eccentric genius of Section C's Technical Section, Dr. OTech, and in 1971 the Mk.II added reverse engineered technology from a crashed alien vessel. The end of the 1960's and on through the 1980's brought many changes, including work for INTERPOL with her first sidekick, Portia Posh, and time at the Hong Kong chapter of the Dawn Patrol. In 1987, with the Cold War winding down, Chastity retired from active duty, sold everything she owned and gave the proceeds away anonymously, then dropped off the grid entirely and spent the rest of the decade wandering the world in search of enlightenment.

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.
Vanguard duty kit MkII.
Longbow duty kit MkII.

Her quest eventually set her in search of the "Well of the Nagas," whose waters are said to bestow perfect knowledge and immortality. Tibetan legends located this well in Olmolungring, more famously known in the West as the mythical land of Shambhala, where it was guarded by enlightened beings of many eras and races. Determined to gain audience with these secret chiefs, Chastity spent nine years meditating on a glacier in a remote valley of the Himalayas before the Hidden Incarnates of the East finally admitted her entrance to their reclusive domain. There she was offered a choice - drink from the well and join the ranks of the Ascended forever in the Utopian metropolis of Agartha, or return to the outside world to interfere in the coming war between the Incarnates of the West. Out of compassion for the masses of unenlightened, she opted to suffer the karma of intervention. This moved one of the ascended masters, a reformed Nictus named Brilliant Void, to bond with her and help her prepare for the time when she was to face the Incarnates of the West herself. In order to protect the details of this plan and the location of Agartha, she was made to forget her visit and her bonding, until the time was right.

Spoilers end here.

The end of the millennium saw Chastity reestablishing contacts in an effort to uncover the machinations of an old enemy, the Malta Group, a secret society penetrating nearly every intelligence agency in the world, including her erstwhile employers in the Security Service. Her investigations revealed the existence of a ruling council comprised of seventeen members known as “Echelon”, who coordinated Malta's vast labyrinth of fronts and cat’s paws. To infiltrate this global conspiracy, she recruited a rising star in the Echelon's preferred mercenary organisation, the Knives of Artemis, and assumed her identity after her defection. After three years with the Sisters, Chastity was promoted to the rank of Hand and made a personal bodyguard to one of Echelon's directors. This was how she learned about their plan to destabilise the nations of the world, codenamed "World Wide Red".

With Paragon City apparently at the hub of Malta's agenda, Chastity moved her base of operations there in 2002 and shortly thereafter joined Freedom Corps and the Vanguard, taking part in the First Rikti Invasion as one of the members of Alpha Team. In 2004 she joined the Stiletto-Heeled Enforcers, became its leader in 2005, and by 2006 had proven herself such an asset to Longbow that she was invited by Ms. Liberty herself to be a reserve member of the Vindicators. Just a few weeks later, following a successful and daring raid on the headquarters of Lord Recluse in which her leadership and investigative skills proved decisive, Statesman personally recruited her into the Freedom Phalanx as a reserve member as well. In 2007, after a stint serving under Lady Grey as her security chief and personal bodyguard, Chastity was promoted to colonel in the Vanguard and transferred to counterintelligence and special operations duty in the Sword division, where she reports directly to Gaussian to this day.

Personal Life

Chas & Shay share an intimate moment.
In the playhouse.

Chastity is public about her same-sex marriage but privately practises her own fusion of Eastern philosophy and personal kink. She avoided relationships for many years, as her responsibilities made sustaining one difficult. However, in 2007, her then sidekick, SoulTrain, was captured at the conclusion of a raid on the Rikti mother ship. The Rikti War Leader Hro'Dtohz planned on using her 'superior genetic stock' to breed a new generation of Guardians, offering SoulTrain herself as a war prize to the Honoree. Before she could be sent back to the Homeworld for conversion, however, Chastity led a team of hand picked members of the Vanguard on a bold rescue mission. After a perilous infiltration of the Rikti Mothership, the team was able to disable the Homeworld portal and rescue SoulTrain. With their safe return to base, Chastity declared her undying love for her alluring ebony sidekick, and they subsequently engaged and pursued their lives together as fully equal partners, marrying on the French Riviera the following year.

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Following the performance of certain rituals assisted by SoulTrain, memories of their past lives were recovered, and their Kheldian bonds revealed. Chastity has given Kashaye the key to her chastity belt, and bears a tattoo of two embracing Devis along her spine, signifying their enduring bond through the cycles of creation and destruction. She now pursues the mysterious agenda of her mind-mentor Brilliant Void as Mistress Agartha.

Spoilers end here.

In early 2008, Chastity was contacted by Mender Dharma of Ouroboros, who revealed herself to be SoulTrain 2020, the potential future of the child SoulTrain became pregnant with. Mender Dharma explained that the nanites adapted for Chastity's physiology by Dr. OTech from alien technology were actually sentient survivors of a near-vanished quanta-biotic race that bonded with the Kheldians. Their gift to Chastity, their 'world-Mother', was to build an rDNA chain from her own chromosomes and 'mate' it to one of Shay's eggs. Dharma was born on December 7th at a healthy 6lbs. 5 0z.

Continued Development

Chastity has become active with the Dawn Patrol again in response to Lady Grey's appeal to former members following the Lost's devastating attack on their Paragon chapter headquarters.

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

She is also continuing her high risk undercover assignment as a double-agent for Vanguard and Longbow in the Rogue Isles, where she is known to the underworld as Lady Chihomi, the Jonin Princess. Lady Grey has her investigating possible Arachnos infiltration of the Vanguard, while Ms. Liberty wishes her to develop a network of informants.

Spoilers end here.

A New Sidekick?

Dame Chastity Blades and her chauffeur on their way to an official function.

Tragically, Chastity's previous sidekick, Coin Operated Girl, who was helping with the ongoing investigation of Project: World Wide Red, became disabled after using her assimilation power on the Kronos Class Titan sent to assassinate her mentor. Unaware that Malta engineers coded a virus booby-trap in the titan's circuitry, Cog lost control of her own body and nearly destroyed S.H.E. headquarters. Fortunately, disaster was averted at the last possible moment, and Cog now remains in a coma under quarantine at a secure biohazard facility until a cure for her phage can be found.

In the interim, Chastity searched for a suitable new sidekick, but found few young heroines who displayed the combination of competence, dedication and grace demanded of the role. The position remained apparently unfilled until 2010, when a young heroine identified as Wildslice began regularly accompanying her on assignment.


Preflight checking her Longbow Chaser.

"The best is good enough for me, darling."

"Fashion is more about getting naked than dressing up."

"Some temptations require strength and courage to yield to."

"A woman can be happy with any man, as long as she does not love him."

"I know I must be English, I always laugh at anything to do with bottoms or the loo."

"It is absurd to divide people into heroes and villains. People are either charming or tedious."

"Women's fashion is a subtle form of bondage. The tight, high-heels, the undersized clothes - we wear these to look sexy, but actually we're tied up!"

Freedom Phalanx duty kit.


Musical References

Groovy, baby!
Dawn Patrol duty kit.

Artwork Credits

(c) 1997 New Line Cinema

Codename: Agent 3-X by bokuman

Image (C) 2007 by bokuman

Chastity Blades, Agent3X, & Lovers_Embace by Ebony-Chan

Images (C) 2007 by Ebony-Chan

Agent 3-X by Meshsmoother

Image (C) 2007 by Meshsmoother

Chastity Blades by rplatt

Image (C) 2007 by Russ Platt

OOC Trivia


  1. originally Natural
  2. originally Mastermind
  3. Measurements: 88-58-90 cm / Dress Size: 4 (US); 34 (EU) / Shoe Size: 9 (US); 41 (EU)
  4. Dame Grand Cross in the Royal Victorian Order
  5. Companion in the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George
  6. Covert Auxiliary Police Enforcement
  7. Damage resistance from Agile, Dodge & Lucky
  8. Leadership
  9. Medicine
  10. Hyper Stealth, Combat Invisibility, & Unbounded Leap +Stealth IO enhancement
  11. Ethereal Shift
  12. Invention Badges & Vanguard Storage Sack
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