Akuma Kamikaze

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Akuma Kamikaze
Player: @CreyAgent
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper (Katana/Regen)
Security Level: 50
PvP Rating: 400 (Disruptor)
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: AK, Akuma
Species: Human Male
Age: Classified
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 170
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: Unknown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Shinsengumi Kansatsu Gata (Intelligence) Juuyaku (Director)
Rank: Shosho (Major-General)
Place of Birth: Japan
Base of Operations: Shinsengumi 6th Squadron Headquaters, Steel Canyon, Paragon City, Rhodes Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Katsumi Kamikaze (Sister)
Known Powers
Rapid Regeneration, Fear
Known Abilities
Master Level Swordsmanship
Caltrops & Web Grenades



Akuma Kamikaze was created after a chance meeting with Shinsengumi founder, Kadekawa. Originally conceived as a PVE destroyer, Akuma made the switch to full time PVP combat once City of Villains was released. Initially designed as a sudo-stalker (using invisibility to surprise unwary foes), Akuma Kamikaze now relies on a variety of weapons, tactics and intimidation techniques to vanquish his enemies. Recently, Akuma Rising has been spotted on the Rogue Isles and represents a change of career for Akuma from scrapper to stalker.


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- Super Group History for Akuma Kamikaze:


Quiet and efficient, Akuma Kamikaze allows the sharp edge of his katana to speak for him. Merciless in his pursuit of evil, Akuma has grown increasingly concerned about the rising threat from the Rogue Isles, coming out of relative retirement on several occasions to deal with critical issues.


Akuma Kamikaze is a master of all forms of traditional martial arts weapons with a speciality in edged blades. Caltrops and web grenades augment an already deadly arsenal of attacks. Of important note is that Akuma is capable of projecting fear into the hearts of his adversaries, causing them to tremble in terror and granting him time to bring his weapons to bare.

Character Background

Akuma Kamikaze translates to: Devil of Divine Wind. The Rising Sun of Japan adorns the chest of this mysterious Ronin Samurai. Attached to the highly secretive Shinsengumi, Akuma brings rapid justice to Paragon City with the Swift Edge of his blade.

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