Ami Sumeragi

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Ami Sumeragi (Art by Jamus)
Ami Sumeragi
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Ami Sumeragi
Known Aliases: Sutahi Sohei (during onmyouji training)
Species: Human
Age: 16
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 110lbs
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Priestess
Place of Birth: Kyoto, Japan
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: James Talbott
(Father; Status unknown)
Haruko Sumeragi
(Mother; Deceased)
Subaru Sumeragi
(Cousin; Deceased)
Hokuto Sumeragi
(Cousin; Deceased)
Affiliation: The Reciprocators
Rank: Tertiary Tier
Known Powers
Magical healing.
Exorcism abilities.
Developing psychic/empathic powers.
Known Abilities
Skill with bow and arrow.
Additional information available at M.A.G.I.

Ami Sumeragi was @Sonnilon's first serious attempt at a hero after upgrading from a trial account. Since she played a White Mage first in Final Fantasy XI, she decided to roll an empath; @Kurushii suggested a miko theme influenced by Tokyo Babylon. Ami's playstyle is an homage to Gothic manga.



Ami is a cheerful and optimistic girl who generally tries to see the best in everyone. However, she is also highly anxious and hard on herself, possibly due to low self-esteem. Despite her outward friendliness, she can be quite reserved, and hides her true emotions frequently, especially if she feels they might hurt or upset someone else.


Onmyouji abilities (陰陽師 lit. Yin-Yang master, Japanese spiritual medium and exorcism magic) manifesting as intense empathic healing abilities w/basis in Shintoism, shamanistic magic, exorcism abilities, limited perception of supernatural powers/abilities/presences, perception/communication with spirits (medium abilities), ritualistic communication with Shinto deities/spirits, etc. Ami also fights using bow and arrow but dislikes combat and avoid it if possible. She has recently given up using the bow whenever she can to devote herself full-time to onmyouji training.


Ami's empathic healing abilities come from onmyouji spells and rituals. She communes with the spirits to ease pain and suffering and heal physical damage. She can even reverse damage to items, clothing, and armor.


Ami practices a form of kyudo (Japanese-style archery) and carries a familial yumi bow that her mother bore, made of bamboo, laminated wood, and leather. The bow seems overly large and awkward in her hands.

Barrier Creation

While her soul was merged with Subaru's, Ami was able to create magical barriers known as kekkai that sealed away an area within an alternate dimension. She lost this ability after Subaru's soul passed on.

Character History

Ami Sumeragi was born Februrary 26, 1991 in Kyoto, Japan to a family that belongs to a clan of esoteric sorcerers dating back to the Heian era. Her parents were married in an arranged marriage, and her mother, the former clan priestess, was Ami's primary caretaker as her father was absent and uncaring. Ami split most of her early childhood between the United States and Japan before moving to Japan permanently when she was eight. From earliest childhood, she was trained in the healing arts by her mother. Her destiny was altered forever when her cousin Hokuto and then her mother were murdered savagely by the Sakurazukamori, an assassin trained in the same onmyouji arts as the Sumeragi family. Ami went into intensive training to replace her mother as the clan priestess, which she did at the tender age of 13.

At fifteen, Ami embarked on a pilgrimage to sharpen her powers, and came to Paragon to register as a hero. She joined the Reciprocators and soon found that there was more to life than merely duty and obligation. The Sakurazukamori that haunted her family, however, made an appearance in Paragon City to mark her as his prey and send a warning to Subaru, her cousin and the 13th head of the family. When he was killed protecting Ami, she became the new head of the household and participated in a ritual at her family's urging to take on his destiny.

Shortly after returning from Japan, Ami began to lose sight in one of her eyes and display greater power than she ever had before. Ami's father abruptly reemerged into her life a few months later to demand that she return home with him--the Sakurazukamori was preying on the family, he said, and he had a plan to defeat him once and for all with Ami's help. Although Black Starbeam and Static Bolter were hesitant due to Talbott's brusque nature and threatening attitude, they eventually allowed Ami to return to Japan with him. Ami and Talbott lured the assassin out of hiding with the unexpected assistance of the Council, who seemed to have ties to Talbott, and then trapped the assassin in a force field. There, Ami was able to kill him once and for all, and end the threat to her family--only to be attacked herself by her own father with Nictus energy. Ami barely survived the attack, and it was revealed that Talbott had engineered the entire scheme because she had been housing Subaru's soul, and would never be free to follow her own path so long as he was joined with her.

Ami returned to Paragon City and shortly thereafter was awarded the Hero of the City medal. She decided to give up the bow and become a full-fledged onmyouji.

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