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The Daring
Static Bolter
Picture drawn by Jamys
50 Magic Blaster
Electric Blast / Energy Melee
Player: @Static One
Activity Level: Constant
Basic Information
Real Name: Elizabeth Gail Ann Wells
Aliases: None
Titles: None
Rank: Primary Tier
Physical Identifiers
Species: Human
Sub-Type: Caucasian
Gender: Female
Apparent Age: 23
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 132lbs
Build: Tall & Shapely
Complexion: Pale
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Distinguishing Features
Constantly appears to be twitching, or contracting muscles. Three scars running diagonally down the length of her back, seemingly claw marks. A jagged forth scar runs down her left side.
Biographical Data
Birthdate: 18th February, 1985
Birthplace: Harvey Medical Centre, Founders Falls, Paragon City
Nationality: American
Residence: Founders Falls, Paragon City
Occupation: Professional Hero
Marital Status: Attached
Legal Status: Registered Hero
Relatives & Associates
Johnathan Wells (Father, deceased)
Clarissa Wells (Mother)
Known Powers
Is able to manipulate electrical energy and release it offensively. Energy buildup also contributes to body speed, allowing super fast movement
Skills & Abilities
Has rudimentry skills at close hand fighting, assisted by electrical powers. Small proficiency in the use of magic. Is able to pick non complicated locks with improvised tools
Insulated PDA
Enchanted Necklace

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Static Bolter is an electrical based speedster who operates in Paragon City, having gained her powers by being the unfortunate victim of a powerful curse. She is the Co-founder and Co-leader of the Reciprocators, and when not in the field can usually be found mooching around their base of operations, the Citadel of Defiance, most likely buried under some paperwork in her office.



Normally a very shy and nervous person, Bolter is very awkward about being in a position of power. She has a playful and caring nature, and forms attachments to people readily and without reservation. Unfortunately, she is usually wandering around in a constant apologetic cloud, due to her tendency to shock people, and break electrical appliances accidentally. Not liking to be on her own very much, she does her best to engage in conversation with just about anyone who stops to say hello. Oddly enough though she seems to be almost terminally shy about her personal life, and so subconsciously turns all topics of conversation to the other person rather than herself. Direct questioning about her personal life tends to just make her extremely embarrassed, and in a few particular cases has led to her actually fleeing the scene.

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Bolter acquired her powers as the result of a powerful curse cast upon her by an unknown assailant. The curse has been determined by MAGI to be made up of a number of different spells, its purpose being to put the victim in a constant state of electric shock. The victim feels the pain of such an affliction without actually sustaining any damage from it. Other stages of the curse are indeterminate, having not manifested properly; except for a lack of control, resulting in electrical accidents, and previously, the tendancy to shock other people who came into contact with her. This side effect has since been dealt with to some degree.

Bolter's body practically hums with electrical charge. She manipulates the energy in a variety of ways; shooting it out through her fingertips, incapacitating her foes and holding them in place, or powering up her fists to put weight behind her otherwise puny punches. She is also currently studying magic, but hasn't really got past the "Spells for Dummies" stage yet, and so apart from a few particular incidents magic plays a minor role in her hero work.

Electrical Blast

Over time Bolter has learned to draw the electrical energy generated in her body out through her fingertips, hurling it with near deadly accuracy over distance to incapacitate her opponents. She takes very great care to do no more than incapacitate however. Despite its magical origins, the electrical energy appears to act in the same way excess electrical energy does in nature, sparking off Bolter's body and grounding itself in any nearby metals or machinery.

Energy Melee

The constant amounts of electricity drawn out through her fingertips lead to a buildup of unspent energy in her hands. This energy is released upon contact, and so Bolter has acquired rudimentary fighting skills in order to make use of this. Her punches cause far more damage than they should given her levels of strength due to the stunning energy used as she fights.

Super Speed

Bolter is somehow capable of traveling at superhuman speeds, a fact that is completely inexplicable, as no part of the curse placed upon her seems to relate to this, and before the curse's placement she appeared to be completely human. The true extent of her speed has never been tested, due to her being too nervous to race anyone, coupled with her terrible sense of direction; a problem which has caused numerous accidents involving cars, dumpsters, walls, windows, and unlucky citizens. At some point a rumour began circulating that she was one of the fastest women on the planet, but Bolter herself claims it to be embellishment on the part of her peers, and professes that her former colleague, Dr. Doubletime, is one of many who are capable of much faster levels of movement.

Burning off excess energy (Picture by Equuis)

Character History

Bolter began her heroing career a few short months after being cursed by a mysterious sorcerer when her family was holidaying in Aspen for the ski season. She had to carry out her hero work in secret, due to an irrational dislike for heroes held by her father, Johnathan Wells, owner of Wells Distributions (A competitive Import/Export firm based in Paragon City.). Being encouraged to register with the City by the Black Starbeam, the two worked together for a time before starting their own affiliated Super Group, the Reciprocators. Late in 2006, a plot against the Black Starbeam by his uncle, Albert Bannister, also uncovered the fact that Bolter's father had been involved in illegal activities, including the smuggling of arms and Rikti technology, illicit substances, and people. Upon his incarceration, Bolter took control of her family's assets, selling off the company and investing it back into the Reciprocators.

In April 2007, another member of the Reciprocators, Maggie Blossom, used her abilities with magic in order to discover the source of one of the spells that make up the curse and remove it, returning some measure of control to Bolter. She also enchanted a glass ball containing a piece of Praetorian Infernal's axe, to be worn as a necklace. When worn it draws a large percentage of the pain of the curse into the magical metal, giving Bolter some much needed relief. However, she is unable to use her powers offensively with it on, and so must remove the necklace when performing her duties as a hero.

With the second Rikti invasion hitting Paragon in late July, Bolter threw herself into the field with renewed enthusiasm, partly for the slightly guilty feeling of excitement and fun she got from the fights, and partly in order to hide from the responsibility of taking care of her father, who was diagnosed by prison doctors as having a sudden and rather mysterious onset of throat cancer, and the continuing degeneration of his health.

Bolter's powers took a strange turn in August 2007 with the beginning of a string of odd magical accidents, caused from some sort of power overload, manifesting in a variety of ways ranging from setting plants on fire to bringing a toaster to life. At the same time she began to have strange dreams, leaving her with the feeling that she was being followed. She took up the study of magic in an effort to find ways of lessening the energy overloads, and channeled that energy towards finding the mysterious stalker plaguing her dreams. Early on in the new year things finally came to a head in a confrontation between Bolter and the stalker, who it turned out was the magic user who originally cursed her. Through an odd twist, the Mu blood that they both possessed affected the curse in such a way that Bolter ended up draining her assailant's powers, and he was easily defeated. She now continues her study of magic in earnest.


The Secret Identity - Bolter's early heroing work, as she tried to keep her "hobby" from her parents.

Beginnings and Becomings - An unknown entity assails young redheads, and Bolter must prepare herself before it finds her.

Night Out - Response to Perspectives: Failure.

White Lies - Response to Perspectives: Lies.

The Investment - Bolter's mother has a new boyfriend, who is keen to have her invest in a business venture of his. The trip takes an unexpected turn.

(There's lots of others, and some fantastic entries from a variety of authors in the 'Perspectives' series, for any looking for extra reading material.)

Other Stuff

Theme song: Heart and Shoulder - Heather Nova (Selected by the lovely Lady Equilibria)

Bolter's humble beginnings were as a joke character who scuffed her feet along the floor at high speeds. She maintained a secret identity solely because she thought her name sounded stupid (Read as: cause her player couldn't be arsed coming up with one). Somehow out of this there came a serious main character.

Comic by Angerbunny, also known as Cyberette.

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