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The Wanton
Lady Equilibria
I'm not /that/ tall.
50 Technology Scrapper
22 Science Scrapper
Player: @Nimble Minx
Activity Level: Semi-Regular
Basic Information
Real Name: Unknown
Aliases: Lilith, Sylvia, Legs
Titles: Unknown
Rank: Defiant Fist
Physical Identifiers
Species: Human
Sub-Type: Caucasian
Gender: Female
Apparent Age: 26
Height: 7'0" (roughly)
Weight: Unknown
Build: lithely muscled
Complexion: pale/ivory
Eye Color: Varied (by mood/clothing)
Hair Color: Varied (by mood/clothing)
Distinguishing Features
Lady E, despite her regeneration has various scars that happened during times of the science of her regen failing her. They're spotted, and rarely seen, but she does have them. As mentioned above, her eyes and hair colour change depending on mood and clothing, as if she were a chameleon and it is a secreted part of the science that makes her what she is.
Biographical Data
Birthdate: April 4
Birthplace: Unknown
Nationality: American
Residence: Classified
Occupation: Retail--
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: Registered Hero
Relatives & Associates
Known Powers
Her regeneration and ability to use fire are as much a mystery to her as they are to others. She does, however, seem to be coming more into the power of fire, and her claws are still a highly usable part of her arsenal. The regeneration comes with a kicking amount of metabolism, which makes her appetite far more needy than most people, and though her height seems formidable, she's still more flexible than people half her size.
Skills & Abilities
Has a fair ability in martial arts, though it doesn't seem to follow any set style, more an amalgam of all styles formulated to fit her. She is, as well, far too lithe and spry for her own good-- possibly having been forced by relying on claws for so long, the Rularuu blades taking a bit more finesse and limberness. Also, as of late, she has been found to be extremely skilled in the use of fire. Her flight seems a mystery, though since her fire powers have manifested more it feels as if stems from that.
Not big on the baggage, E only ever really carries around her claws, which are not wholly integrated into her body, in their various forms (Rularuu blades, hand blades, etc), as well as... various energy bars to make sure she doesn't go into a sort of expediated emaciation from her over-active metabolism.

Lady Equilibria, a character of whom a lot of various plot decisions have come into play at the hand of a somewhat insane player, started off with no real story under her belt. She was one of the first I actually played, started in November of 2006, and was soon thereafter recruited into the The Reciprocators. From then on out I came up with things on the fly for her, and since then she's come well into her own as a decently defined character who has enough personality foibles to make her seem realistic. She's open to almost any RP, so if you have a plot you'd like to take her into, contact me on my global @Nimble Minx



Since her 'birth' into the world she had very little ties to anyone besides the The Reciprocators only finding herself making friends through the ties with them, as well as making vague affiliations with other groups. No one has ever been able to break her bond with them, and she is fiercely loyal to the The Reciprocators.

"What? Who's E?"

Lady E is nothing if not loyal to her friends. Above all else the bonds of friendship play a key role in her every day actions, as well as the decisions that seem to flow through her heroics and life.

Sometimes she can be a bit spastic, often causing people in the room to eye her with a form of trepidation, but once they've gotten to know her it becomes a part of what some would say are her 'charms' (and she would deny this adamantly).

She loves with all the fire inside of her, and takes it upon her to make her friends happy, even if it means she has to suffer in any amount.

"Right, so she like... has powers?"

Lady E has powers, but it's not as much like others do. Though she does call on fire quite frequently and has claws that she knows how to use far too well, it doesn't seem like anything out of the ordinary on her. Even though she's wholly human, those powers seem inherent to who she is, like they've become an extension of who she is. The regeneration just seems like a girl who is far too bouncy and who doesn't notice she gets hurt until it's healed-- even though it's far more than that.

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"Fire? Like... pyrotechnics?"

Her fire seems something that actually burns from inside her. Each motion that involves her flames seems to see them roiling up from inside like a conflagration looking for a place to let loose.

Each motion is precise, like a woman dancing, a lithe dance of fire that erupts from her hands, roils up her arms, and seeks to consume. ... And she's just now learning to fully control it. It'll be interesting when she finds her full control.

"... And the claws?"

Though the claws do come from inside a lot of the time, she's found that it's more an internal integration system-- she can have external ones just as well without the mind-numbing pain of the faulty design of her former ((dear god, die original bulky claws)) so she has since found them obsolete and begun to use hand blades and the Rularuu blades given to her by a friend.

Though her original form of melee offense, she's since taken to combining them and the fire in new and interesting ways.

"Pain? But she regenerates?"

Regeneration does not mean an utter absence of pain. Instead, E feels pain quite often, mind-numbing to the point of near blacking out, but it heals over before she notices the wound with her vision. It's a thing that haunts her many times, from her former days of randomly bursting into flames and colliding into the ground in a pile of ash-- she felt every second of it, even though her body would manifest from that a few days later in a better 'programming' (to be elaborated on in her history).

"So douse her in ice water and stab her a lot?"

Everyone has weaknesses, though E's seem a bit normal for her to be a woman considered a 'hero' in this day and age. She's not at all immune to being stabbed, burned, cut up, destroyed, or any of that. As her regeneration stems from a kind of internal programming inside of her, it is easy to find ways to actually cut that off and put an end to her.

Beyond the normal, every day stuff, those with powers-- if they got past those barriers-- would find that she is highly susceptible to mental and psionic assaults, if they were able to get past the road-blocks put up by her former fiance, Seer Arcana.

"... Huh. So she came from... a lab?"

When Lady E showed up in Paragon for the first time, not remembering anything but already being about 24 years old or so and ungodly aware of the fact that she was not a normal girl, she didn't even think about finding out where she came from or what she had been put there for. It didn't register to her at first, instead making her way through life with little to no personal contact.

That said, before she was introduced to the The Reciprocators and her new friends, she found herself with a distinct lack of personality. She lived only for the job she found she was meant to do; heroics. She made her way through life doing her job, and, at times when the heroics seemed unneeded, hovering at the Pocket D to wait.

It was only after she began to burst into flames and wake up covered in soot and ash with a faint pain still ringing in her, but no knowledge of the days that had passed that she started digging.

"So... a lab, or evil monkies, or a scientist?"

It kept happening, the conflagrations that left her a pile of ash? It kept happening and her body was somehow more pained, and she was more lost, but she was /better/. She found herself able to move more willingly, and everything seemed to be coming into place-- her power seemed to be coming into place. It's when the flames began to sing to her, and she'd play back, and they'd make /music/.


"... things aren't always what they seem?"

Phoenix form stalking the Warzone
Rarely, if ever, do things go the way you thought they would.

Once while on a normal patrol with Black Starbeam, the Rikti attacked and she collapsed. Not the usual flaming crash into the ground, screeching and bright, but just passing out into a coma for several days. It was different, something else had switched on, and the flame wasn't singing anymore-- it was screaming for blood.

When she woke, with a scream and not a sigh, she tore out of the base and into the fray with the Rikti. Only, it didn't at all seem like E, or at least the E that anyone knew. Clipped speech and formality, and the only person who had the key to that programming was Black Starbeam, the person with her when she first came on. I mean, c'mon, she was weird enough without the sudden influx of a split personality.

"Was it really her?"

Two halves, one whole.
That's the thing, there was access then, through the mind of /that/ personality into files about who she was. She had to go through hellfire and back just to find out who she was and where she came from. It was all her, every inch of that personality, every flick of that power and the near methodical way things were done.

She was a clone of a former hero, one of the ones no one ever hears about, but one that was easy enough to get the DNA of to have this program come into be; Project 1412: Phoenix. She was made, as it were, by some man, a scientist I guess, to combat the Rikti reinvasion. Someone who knew. Someone who was thoroughly aware that the Nemesis had plans to bring them back. It wasn't something she'd ever planned on, or anyone ever thought she'd been destined for...

"So if the Rikti are gone, does she...?"

Something that plagued her for the longest time was that, when her job was done, she would cease to be, and beyond that, she was only meant to be that weapon.

It's one of those all-consuming sinking feelings that swallow you up in an emotional pit of despair; the thought that your only purpose in this world is to exist, destroy, and cease.

A lot of soul searching, and one very odd instance of being ripped apart, took all she had in self doubt and set it ablaze with the one thought; the realisation that she was who she was and no one could take that away from her. She'd live her life, she'd do her job, and she'd get old and have a plethora of fat babies, or something to that degree. She found herself.

And in that, she found a momentary peace, and a way to get into, and control, her fire.

(( more to come on this front as it develops))

"Love comes in many forms."

Lilith has, over the years, made more than a few friends, and here is where I'll be listing them, as well as her IC view on them, as I feel that's a better way to go about it. If there are OOC notes it'll be obvious. Also, all of this is to be taken as OOC comments and not used IC, as information might be divulged here that is not common knowledge IC. Please respect that.

Static Bolter - "Possibly the only woman I'd ever really consider being a lesbian for, even though women and I usually butt heads. She and I have gotten along for as long as I can remember. It might have something to do with the fact that it's near impossible to /not/ get along with Beth. I like to think I've maybe helped her loosen up a bit and realise she's worth so much more than she used to think."

Black Starbeam - "There's a lot I could say about the Boss, but... I don't think he'd like much of it being said publically. Though he does kiss rather well. Also, I take near-full credit for him and Beth getting together. I better be like... majorly important at their wedding, or I'm going to be insanely jealous and stomp things."

Boulder Wolf - "I've known Ezrik nearly as long as I've been doing hero work. He actually kind of helped me realise what it is to be a hero, not the whole getting recognition thing, but fighting to make the world better for 'you and your pups'. I also kind of tried to seduce him once... it's kind of funny in retrospect... silly puppy. Also, his wife, Elisabeth Harding, is pretty awesome... it's fun watching her kick him through the room."

Officer Zap - "... this is one of those times where I should say no comment, but honestly, I have plenty of comments. He's letting me stay with him, for one thing, and his place is /crazy/ nice, like too nice for me, but he still lets me stay there. That and I've had a crush on him for, oh, I don't know, since I met him...? The worst part is I'm not sure crush even works in describing it anymore. I think once you've liked a guy for two years and are living with him it becomes more. But I'm not pushing... and he's... y'know... great." (( ... very flustered, E is. ))

Seer Arcana - "Probably my soul mate, regardless of never-ending love and lost fiances or whatever you wanna say. He's a part of me, and always will be, even after we broke up. I can't get him out of my head, but I think I can understand why we had to split a bit more now. ... also? If you hurt him? I'll beat you to death with a shovel. A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend."

Rose Paladin - "It's funny how you sometimes forget people are there, only for a second, but little actions, little things happening seem to draw you back into them. Every once in a while I'll be doing something completely randomly, like munching a french fry or some other little thing, think of Joss, and email him. ... we got off to a bad start, and talk of me being a whore aside, he really is a great guy... and oddly? Looks good topless..."

Huntsman Fury - "Okay, you know how sometimes you have dogs, and they're like vaguely violent, destroy your stuff, and try to blow up your city...? ... well, okay, maybe not that last one, but Jack's basically like someone I've known for so long I can't help but care for him even though he keeps trying to stomp a Godzilla sized mud hole in the center of my city. That's not to say I don't give him a fair amount of shit for what he does, or that I don't make fun of him, beat him up... generally rib him... but... yeah."

Charged Wolf - "... I hate you, stop stealing my IPod and go back to stealing your sister-in-law's ipod. GOD. ... love this stupid dog.. man... pig... bear... thing. Wait, just Warwolf, that's it... ..."

Pariah Flux - "Panty-snapping aside, and you know, included in the love I have for her. I've never met someone so damn violent and perky at the same time. The girl shifts moods faster than I do, and I love her for it."

Tzun Locke - "It occurs to me sometimes I have far too many friends that can randomly turn into furry beasts who would hump my leg, but Tzun's the sweetest one I know. Not that Ezrik and Lance aren't, just... Tzun kind of always tries to make sure I'm okay, and rarely makes fun of me, which is more than I can say for the Harding brothers, and above all that, he's never abandoned me. Ever, even though he lives on the other side of the line."

Shade Nefarious - "I also know a few too many demons, and even though I don't, for a second, think Shade wouldn't rip my guts out and feed on them if it'd help him in some way, there's still something very charming and... almost innocent about him. Innocent gut-eating... yeah."

Vermillion Star - "... if I had anyone who was more annoying and intriguing in my life I might shoot myself. Your mother's a whore, your face looks stupid, and I hate you! ... just in case he can hear me."

Alexander Darkwood - "Alex is... weird. I've never once had anyone ask to be my protege or 'sidekick' but he kind of came down to ask me both. He wants me to teach him things even I don't know how I do, but... he's all boyish and charming and tries to hit me with things... so I think I kind of adore him. ... hee, I have a sidekick."

Moone - "I can count on one hand how many times I've actually sat down and talked to Adam, but I can't exactly fathom the conversations. I realise them, I have them in my head, but somehow after they happen I'm so blown away and we're both so pensive that I just forget the importance."

(( If I missed anyone, and it's highly possible as I have ADD and brainfarts, feel free to add your name and I'll add you in, posthaste.))

"That Lilith sure is..."

A place for people's IC comments on E, leave one if you want, or if you don't want to, feel free to pass this by, it's sometimes nice to see how people feel about a character, lets you get a feel for them beyond their own little bio.

"...comfy. I dunno how she does it but somehow I don't feel uncomfortable when she says things that from other people would have me blushing to my roots. And wow is she ever a great baker. Lil is a baked goods ninja." - Bolty

"She hurls herself at life with all the grace and finesse one reserves for an eating competition and in doing so demonstrates that simple joy in one's actions is never to be forgotten. Sees more than she ever notices, though."

- Josiah Holland

"Music is my thing."

Anyone who knows me knows that music encompasses a very huge part of my life, and the amount of theme songs that will end up in Lady E's 'playlist' will be massive. But for now, I'll leave this meager tasting.

"Dancing with myself."

Plumb-Damaged - It epitomises E's thoughts on love, her life, and everything. She feels she's damaged.

FAKE?-DRIP - The entire song is lovely, and it usually ends up explaining most of my characters, but for E it's kind of funny with the line: "Now that she's whole, I'm gonna break her again."

Apocalyptica-Faraway Vol. 2 - This one was cited by the player of Static Bolter as very reminiscent of E, and I have to agree. This is why Static Bolter wins at life.

Queen-The Show Must Go On - If this song were anymore Lady E, I might cry. No matter how much she goes through, there she is, continuing on the same way she always has. And you cannot dislike Queen. I will not allow it.

Jalan Jalan-Lotus This song just reminds me of Lady E in that purely instrumental way. Also, one of the many reasons people should get off their ass and see Dragon Hunters.

Tentative playlist. No lengthy descriptions (except the songs mentioned above) but they're all pretty much E songs. Drip isn't on there... which is why that link will stay.

"We are..."

Billy Talent-Red Flag - This song, for some reason, not only reminds me of a good chunk of the The Reciprocators, but also E and her friends.

Art Pieces)

Art's a thing I love, and rarely have the chance to get done, but sometimes very talented artists offer to draw for me, and here I will showcase those pictures. If you would like to draw an image of her, feel free, you can add it in here if you want, or send me an in game tell about it, or whatever. :)

"She said what now?"

Every once in a while there are some hilarious situations that happen and Lady E can pop out some gems. It's rare I say anything I say is funny, but let's see:

"Logic has no place in this conversation." - Lady E

(a conversation between Rome and E.)

Rome: But then I'll get shot and you'll never see me again.

E: I'll see you when I go to identify the body.

Rome: ...

E: See? Morbid humour, not every girlfriend has that.
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