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The Eccentric
Officer Zap
Senior Officer Akechi Masatoshi
50 Magic Blaster
Electrical Blast / Electricity Manipulation
Player: @CaptainYaar
Activity Level: Constant
Basic Information
Real Name: Akechi Tosaburo Masatoshi
Aliases: none
Titles: Police Inspector
Reciprocator PPD Liason
Rank: Secondary Tier
Physical Identifiers
Species: Human
Sub-Type: Asian
Gender: Male
Apparent Age: Late 20s
Height: 5'11
Weight: 176lbs
Build: Moderate
Complexion: Light
Eye Color: Hazel
(May be Green, depending on mood)
Hair Color: Salt-and-Pepper, Mainly Grey
Distinguishing Features
Biographical Data
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan
Nationality: Japanese
Residence: Kings Row, Paragon City
Occupation: Police Officer
Marital Status: Single
Legal Status: Registered Hero
Police Officer
Relatives & Associates
None Disclosed
Known Powers
Control over lightning
Skills & Abilities
Not Disclosed
Unknown origin and abilities. Appears very high-tech.

((Officer Zap was Captain Yaar's first hero, after an extended stint redside. He quickly became a member of The Reciprocators))


Conflicting reports have been collected about Officer Zap's personality. Sources in the Paragon Police Department report Officer Zap as a strict, no-nonsense officer, committed to his duty. Citizens report a well mannered man, some detailing bad puns that are delivered hand in hand with highly physical arrest procedures and surgical precision. Contacts made in Japan have been met with a lack of comment.

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The only witnessed powers demonstrated by Officer Zap in a public place include lightning control and a few reports of flight. It is unclear if these are the result of his battle suit, or if they are a physical power. Akechi has politely refused to respond to requests for comment at various PPD press conferences.

Character History

Not much is reported openly of Akechi's history. It is known that he works for the police force in Japan, achieving an impressive arrest rate over an extended period of time. Official reports state that he has refused promotions to upper placements in the Police hierarchy numerous times for undisclosed reasons.

Akechi is a member of Clan Masatoshi, a small, highly respected and politically important clan with a long history. Notable members of the clan include scientists, mikos, and several small time "classical" entertainers. Some trace the roots of Masatoshi to before the late samurai period, but again this information has been politely but firmly denied when inquiries were made. It is publicly known that Akechi, as eldest son, holds the role of spokesperson for Clan Masatoshi following the death of his father (cause of death undisclosed). Immediate family members include his mother, sister, and younger brother, who has three children of his own.

Officer Zap in full armour
What is known of Akechi Masatoshi's early life is that he is reported to have been studious in school and achieved early entry to Tokyo University. He graduated with honours in a triple degree in the fields of Mechatronics, Electrical Engineering, and Culinary Arts. Immediately upon completion of this degree, Akechi enrolled at the Tokyo Police Department, and promptly disappeared from public records for a number of years. He returned recently to active roster duty with the, and after several years is now on an exchange trip to Paragon City.

Beyond this low level information, any requests for further details have been met with a wall of polite refusal by Masatoshi family members, the TPD, the Japanese Government, and Akechi himself.

In stark contrast to this lack of information, records and reports since Akechi came to Paragon City are more numerous and readily available.

He quickly become a member of a supergroup known as The Reciprocators, and has been regularly seen in the company of the heroes known as Black Starbeam and Static Bolter, the founders of the supergroup. Part of his role as an officer of the group is that of PPD Liaison, which helps ensure that the Reciprocators act within the law - and that members are subject to due processing when any overstep occurs.

Recent changes in the PPD chain of command have resulted in several complications regarding Akechi. The new administrator who oversees exchange programs has lodged a formal complaint about the level of Akechi's operation within Paragon City. Akechi's low rank of Senior Officer in Japan suggests, in the new perspective, that he should be limited to an observation role solely and is currently acting in an illegal manner. Discussions with Tokyo are apparently under way.

In recent news, there was a semi-coordinated attack on Paragon City by "Giant Monster" class threats on the 30th of March. Officer Zap responded immediately and lead a crack team of Reciprocators who tracked, monitored, and neutralised these threats in a methodical display of the power, teamwork, and ability the Reciprocators have at their disposal. Akechi received a personal commendation as a Hero of the City early the next morning in recognition of his efforts.

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