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((Retcon Warning! Due to the fact that I've been RPing Fury for almost two years now, his history has become full of now useless and contradicting facts. Therefore, I'm issuing a retcon of most of his past RPd history that no longer applies. If you know something about him, but don't see it here, it's most likely been removed from his history. Feel free to contact me in game with any questions.))

Wraith Spider Huntsman Fury
Huntsman Fury
Player: @KingOfTheKaiju
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Jack Zihla
Known Aliases: Jack, Fury
Species: Meta-human Mutation
Age: 20
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 210 Lbs.
Eye Color: Orange
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Arachnos Operative
Place of Birth: New York City
Base of Operations: Ghost Widow's Tower, Mercy Island
Marital Status: Engaged
Known Relatives: Goji Zihla aka "Goji Zilla" (Father), Lanni Zihla aka "Anniellante" (Mother), Charisma Zihla (Sister), Zilla Zihla (Adopted Brother), Xilla (Evil Clone of Zilla), Nefertari Zihla (Daughter), Aurelius Zihla(Son), Aleera Zihla, (Daughter).
Known Powers
Superhuman Strength and Regeneration. Physical manifestation of rage and fury.
Known Abilities
Able to hyper-evolve back and forth between a humanoid-saurian creature.
None required though he often carries a 9mm Berretta.
Current Commander of the Wraith Spiders.




Huntsman Fury is the current Commander of the Wraith Spiders. Though commonly confused as the founder, it is an easy mistake to make, as he has led the group far longer than any other. The unit was actually founded by Lady Ghost Widow herself, in an effort to create her own Special Operations force to keep track of the growing inner-Arachnos threats against her.



Huntsman Fury, though not possessing any sort of split personalities, does in fact act in two completely different ways, depending on whether he is simply wearing his armor of not. When in the armor, Jack is smooth, calculating, and tactical. He acts every bit the military leader, down the the verbal mannerisms. When out of his armor, Jack is far more laid back, acting less mature, his speech littered with slang.

No matter which persona he wears, he always has a short fuse, and is easy to aggravate, or even drive into rage.



Fury's "powers" derive from his parents, who are both human hybrids. One could say that he is in effect a 'hybrid' of them. Recently, he's become infected with the Necregenerative Hypermorphologic Plague, furthering his own mutagenic abilities and bestowing upon him a horrendous power.

Primary Set


Fury's Superhuman Strength comes from his father, though he lacks the pyrokinetic abilities his father possess. Able to lift a bus, slam said bus into a building, and topple said building onto his enemies, Fury is not to be trifled with in melee.

Secondary Set


Though he physically manifests his fury and rage to surround him in battle, it's only actual effect is to harm those around him and magnify his already potent strength. For his own defense, he has the regenerative factors of both his parents, who posses lizard and plant genes, thus making Fury extremely hard to damage physically.



Having a large percentage of your DnA come from a lizard is extremly beneficial when it comes to moving. Lightning quick, Fury can evade attacks as well as outrun any non-meta, and can leap incredible distances.

Hyper Evolution


"Hyper Evolution" is the only way to describe the amazing feat that both Huntsman Fury, and his father Goji Zilla share. They are able to mutate and transform their bodies into much larger, more powerful, almost dinosaur forms.

The trigger mechanisms for such a transformation vary between the two. Fury's transformation is triggered by extreme anger or rage, though he can sometimes change at will. Unlike his father, Fury is not completely in control of his mutation, thus, he is unable to talk or communicate verbally. When Fury transforms, his primal subconscious (dubbed "Pwnzilla" by his ex-fiancee, and later renamed "Stompzilla" by another ex-fiancee) takes control, manifesting a third "personality", which retains the memories of it's more advanced counterpart.

The mutation is far more powerful than Fury himself, though it cannot be manifested for long, especially when in combat. The reasons for this are still unknown.

Weaknesses and Limitations


The unfortunate thing of having the mixed genes of a plant and a lizard is a common weakness; the cold. Doubly effective, Fury is unable to even function correctly in winter or snowy conditions without proper (and usually ridiculous looking) attire.

Cryo-Rounds and Ice hurling foes tend to be the bane of his existance, and keeping his distance from them is hard-wired into his brain.



((Coming soon, with pictures!))

Character History

The Early Years


Jack Zihla was born to Lanni and Goji Zihla on July 28th, 1987, oddly enough, his father's birthday. It was said that Lanni and Goji would never produce children, being two end-results of an early super soldier test done by a private company, it was believed their bodies would not be able to complete the task.

Proved wrong in a million ways, Jack was born completely unique. Sharing the scales and reptilian appearance of his father, but having rose-red hair that could only come from his plant-like mother, Jack caused quite a stir at the hospital.

His early years were uneventful, while his family was anything but. Growing up in New York City, where his parents were two of it's first heroes (then of course called Vigilantes and considered criminals) Jack became accustomed to the city life. His powers, though present from birth, grew at an exponential rate, his regenerative abilities putting those of his parents to shame. Seeing no 'offensive' abilities in their child such as Goji's control of fire or Lanni's control of plants, the young parents were relieved that their son may lead a semi-normal life.

When Jack was four, his sister Charisma was born. Charisma too was a conglomeration of her mother and father's appearances, but she didn't take after particularly one like Jack, instead becoming her own magnificent gift of nature that one could never tell came from Goji or Lanni. Home schooled to keep the children from experiencing the same pain and hardships they had to face as children, Jack and Charisma grew close, the only friends each other had.

As Jack and Charisma grew older, and the Anti-Vigilante sentiments in New York grew worse, the family decided enough was enough. Hearing of a small city in Rhode Island that had been turned from one of the highest crime rates in history to a veritable 'city of tomorrow', the family moved there as quickly as possible, leaving almost everything behind.

Paragon City


Life in Paragon City was hard at first. Having very little money, with both parents struggling to find jobs, the family had no choice but to move into the slums of King's Row. Jack didn't mind this at all, and was soon making friends in the neighborhood, which was full of other metas and mutants like himself. Oddly enough, his best friend was a regular, human boy. He was blonde haired, about Jack's size and age, and his name was Sam. Sam and Jack became best friends, and soon were inseparable. The boys grew to teenagers in what was like the blink of an eye.

It was one day in High School that Jack and Sam ran across a group of boys their age surrounding Charisma, and both the boys knew something was wrong. As one of the boys in the gang wrapped his arms around Charisma from the back, she screamed. In the blink of an eye Jack was upon them, with Sam hot on his heels. The fight was quick, the results would change Jack's life forever. Jack knocked all those in his way to the ground, eyes burning as he set upon the one that held his sister. The boy tossed Charisma to the ground, but no sooner than he did, did Jack deliver a powerful, bone-shattering punch to the boys ribcage, throwing him into a door which promptly splintered to pieces.

This was not met without repercussions. The school board indefinitely voted to expel Jack from the school, citing multiple accounts where his anger issues posed a threat to students and faculty alike. Now that he had 'super strength', he was essentially a ticking time bomb. Goji and Lanni both agreed that the best option from this point would be to home school the children. Luckily, Goji soon got a job working as a professor at Paragon University, allowing Lanni to leave her job in order to teach the children. In retrospect, Goji looks back on his decision to remove Jack from a school-like environment, with shame, as being alone so much nurtured Jack's anti-social behavior to a dangerous level. Catching onto this during Jack's 'junior' year of schooling, Goji began to take the boy out with him on patrol, teaching him the ways of the hero, which Jack seemed to grudgingly accept.

It was during that this time that the family moved out of King's Row, and into Steel Canyon, where the money Goji had been saving got them a penthouse at the top of one of the many skyscrapers in the city. Jack began his own patrols without Goji's guidance, and his parents both swelled with pride as he followed in their footsteps. At first, Jack seemed to like it. He would smile often, and recount the stories in which he saved the innocent from harm. Slowly, though, the smile faded, and the stories turn from happy recountings to bitter memories. He began to go out on patrol with less enthusiasm, and began to exhibit a far more brutal behavior to his combat with criminals. He oftened complained to his father that his work earned him no reward, and hardly ever even a 'thank you'. Goji tried to correct the boy, stating that the virtue in what they did was reward enough, but Jack always waved him off and left the house again.

It was on one of Jack's patrols that he ran across a group of Skulls terrorizing a small shop owner while they stole from him. Jack entered the store and announced his presence, giving them the chance to just walk away before he intervened, as usual. And, as usual, they didn't listen, and circled around him. Jack took up a defensive stance, ready for an intense brawl. He hated his 'job'...but he loved to fight. It was the only reason he continued. The four nearest Skulls leapt upon him at once, forcing him to the ground. After a few short moments, all four of them were flung in four seperate directions across the store as Jack reared back up with a roar. The rest of the Skulls jumped back in surprise, but one, their leader, stood his ground. Dressed in the usual all-black, with the small skull mask on his face and shockingly bright blonde hair, he couldn't have been older than Jack. The Skull approached Jack who took up another stance, ready for another challenge. All the Skulls again converged on Jack, but the leader waved them back.

"Jack... Jack Zihla?" The Skull asked, a bemused tone about his voice. Jack cocked his head, and the Skull explained who he was. Jack's best from from before everything changed. Sam. The skulls left the store, and Jack warily came with them, talking to Sam, unsure about his choice in life to become a member of a gang. But as the group made their way back to their hideout, Jack began to wonder who had made the wrong choice. Sam, or him?




Aura Crush: To Jack, Aura Canterbury represents his 'other half'. She is so similar to him, and at the same time so alien, he can't help but be so interested and infatuated by her. Starting out as a sometimes-ally and distant aquaintance, Jack and Aura became friends after he saved her from an enormous Rikti ambush the day the second invasion started. Their relationship became even closer once she abandoned the Dread Aces and enlisted with the Wraith Spiders. After an akward start, they were soon enough romantically involved. Jack admires Aura's skill and intelligence, and trusts her advice over any other person, even that of Ghost Widow, though he won't admit it. In times of duress, she's proven to be the only one who could control him, and is most likely the only person in the Isles capable of defeating him if the occassion should ever arise.

Tessella: Tessella may be the only person Jack relies heavily on aside from Aura. After he personally rescued her from her fate in the Zigguraut, he became a mentor of sorts, shaping her from behind the scenes with a never-ending gauntlet of secretly organized operations and events. Once she bacame all he could shape, Jack made her a Commander within the Wraith Spiders. Her general humanity balances out NightWidow Lysarien's bloodlust and general disregard for human life of any sort. Jack confides many things in Tess, who he considers an unpickable safe.

Xilla: Xilla's history is complicated. He's been described as an evil clone of Jack's adopted brother, Zilla., but is in fact something far more sinister that's history is clouded even to Jack. Though they easily come to blows in arguements, Jack trusts Xilla to have his back in a fight, and to protect his children when he isn't able. Jack sees himself in Xilla's relentless rage and savageness, and often wonders just how powerful he could be if he released all his inhabitions to become like his 'sibling'.

NightWidow Lysarien: Originally recruited as Widow Syynge, Jack and Lysarien have one of the oddest relationships within the Spiders. Due to both of their ever changing attitudes, they may completely hate each other one day, and the next have a round of drinks in the D. Jack trusts in Lys to get the mission done more than he trusts in any of his soldiers, though her 'by-the-book' policies tend to leave her out of the loop when a personal matter arises.

Nefertari Zihla: Jack's daughter with Akasha Isis. The only living child of that relationship (in Jack's eyes.) Their relationship is odd at best, and it's amazing she looks up to him at all. Jack is responsible for the death of her brother, his own son, and partially responsible for the death of her mother. Perhaps it's the fact that she's alone in the world is the only reason she gravitates toward him. Everything aside, he loves her very much, and will defend her with his life if need be. They're often seen arguing and fighting, though it's rarely ever serious.

Pathogyn and Plague GraveWidow: Jack and Aura's children, come from a distant future in which Jack himself is dead, and Aura mentally incapacitated with insanity. Plague takes after her father to an astonishing degree, thus he favors her more over his other children. Pathogyn takes heavily after his mother, and this ironically seems so alien to his father that they can never seem to connect. The children we born with the 'Plague' that their parents are infected with, though are not nearly as powerful as Aura or Jack. Only time will tell if they themselves will surpass their parents abililities.



Eisen Sturm: Perhaps Jack's greatest enemy, he and Mat once considered themselves brothers. The relationship deteriorated to the point that it seems the only goal Mat has in life anymore is to see Jack and all those he cares about dead. The two are evenly matched, one rarely ever gaining the upper hand of the other, but Jack has an army at his back, usually ending any physical fights before they start. As of late, Jack has heard nothing from or about Eisen Sturm. Has the fued ended, or will things explode to violence when Jack least suspects it?

Genkai Fist: Best friend of Jack's father, Goji Zihla, Genkai Fist is Jack's most formidable heroic nemesis. Genkai feels that he should help Goji to stop Jack, because no one should have to fight their own son on such terms. The two have often met in battle, in which epic battles ensue, but perhaps none so much as the Second Rikti Invasion. The retalitory attack on the Mothership was led by many figurehead heroes and villains, and under this banner Jack and Genkai allied themselves for the first time since Jack was a child. In the end, Jack admires Genkai's formidable powers, but as all blocks in his road to victory, Genkai must be crushed.

Paracytica: A young girl who has become the physical embodiment of the same parasites that Jack plays host too, Para may be the singlemost powerful aspect of the PLague on the planet. Ironically, she fights for the side of good. Jack first met Para during an infiltration of Paragon City. Poised to strike Goji in his own home, he was stopped mere seconds before by Paracytica atop the Skyscraper that the Zihla's took residence in. An earth-shattering battle ensued, in which gravity took a powerful part in, as both tumbled down the building during the fight. The fight ended when Jack set an apartment in the building on fire, and using a highly flammable christmas tree as a weapon, staved off his opponent long enough to do something he'd never done before. He fled the fight. For this fact, Jack loathes Para, but can never seem to gain the upper hand in a fight, as she renders his parasitic powers null.



Akasha Isis: A Drake Fire Goddess, and Jack's one time lover. Things broke down between them when Jack wanted to have her killed and his Vegan enemies framed, in order to get the go ahead from Arachnos Command to launch a war against the aliens. WIth help from their son Jericho, Akasha escaped from the Isles to the safety of Paragon City, where she lived with the Zihla's. Jack and Akasha rarely had any actual contact through this time, news was passed between the two by their daughter-from=the-future Nefertari. In a surprise blow, during a small Rikti invasion of Steel Canyon, Akasha and this-time's Nefertari were killed. Jack surprisingly felt emotional pain at Akasha's death, and sought vengeance for her and their daughter, once again going on a relentless attack on the Rikti War Zone.


In Character


Jack/Huntsman Fury has died and come back twice, and with each resurrection he became more powerful than the last.

Out of Character


There have actually been 4 main incarnations of Jack/Huntsman Fury; A Dark/Dark Blaster (Jack Zihla), a Necromancy/Poison Mastermind (Spinal Ripper), a Super Strength/Energy Aura Brute (Jack.) and finally, a Super Strength/Electric Aura Brute (Huntsman Fury). There have been at least 10 other incarnations, but these haven't made it past level 15.

((More coming soon!))


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