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Ample Lass
Player: @AmpleLass
Basic Data
Origin: Originicon science.png Science
Archetype: Archetypeicon scrapper.png Scrapper
Ability Level: 50 (+3) *Incarnate*
Occupation: Former Professional Surfer; Now a Lingerie saleswoman for Icon in Independence Port
Personal Data
Real Name: Caroline Anne Stacey
Known Aliases: Carol, Caroline, Kay-Stay, Amp, Amps, and Legs
Identity: Not Really A Secret
Species: Human
Age: Appears to be 26 (real Age: 34)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 145 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Light Blonde
Blood Type: Unknown
Biographical Data
Birthplace: San Francisco, California
Birthdate: 29 November 1977
Citizenship: Californian (American) of English, Icelandic, Irish, and Prussian decent
Current Residence: Talos Island
Religion/Faith: Zen School of Mahayana Buddhism
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual ( 3 on the Kinsey Scale )
Marital Status: In a Committed Relationship, Engaged
Known Languages
Californian (American English) with a smattering of Spanish, French, German, and Icelandic
Known Relatives
Keith and Astrid Stacey (parents), Mike and Lance Stacey (brothers), Aileen (sister)
Known Powers
Training / Abilities
Master of the Tanaka Family Style of Martial Arts, Olympic Caliber Gymnast, Advid Surfer, Clubber, Motorcyclist, and Skateboarder

[ I PROMISE I'll get some piccies in here ]

I'm the finger down your spine when all the lights are out.

I'm the name on all the men's room walls.

When I pout, the whole world tries to make me smile.

And everyone always wants to know, WHO...IS....THAT.....GIRL!? ~Jeanette from Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

Ample Lass is the registered code name of a California born masked adventuress, martial artist, and former professional surfer, Caroline Stacey. Caroline is currently employed as a saleswoman for Icon's lingerie department in Independence Port, by Lauren. Caroline's place of residence used to be a small apartment in Talos Island overlooking the bay. She has since moved in with her two lovers.

Caroline's super human powers were the result of a combined effect of a motorcycle accident into an exotic chemical spill and the use of an experimental drug to offset Caroline's injuries from the accident. The result of these two effects has given Caroline a super human Healing Factor which is responsible for most of her powers which includes psuedo-immoratality. Other powers and abilities include the ability to perform super jumps, and heightened speed, agility, stamina and strength.

Caroline is also a master of the martial arts style practiced by the Tanaka Clan for generations. The style draws it's influence from Karate, Aikido, and Ninjutsu

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Early Life

Caroline Anne Stacey was the third child of four born to Keith Robert Stacey, a owner of an auto mechanic shop where we worked, and is noted for his natural mechanical aptitude for fixing almost any kind of engine. Her mother, Astrid Ingrid Stacey (nee' Skollsdottir), a beautician and homemaker, who had the most striking youthful appearance of a woman half her age. Caroline was born in San Francisco, California. She was born at UCSF (University of California, San Francisco) Medical Center on November 29th, 1977. Caroline has two older brothers, Michael "Mike" Keith Stacey, and Lance David Stacey. She also has a younger sister, Aileen Ingrid Stacey. The Stacey family lived in Palo Alto, California (and Caroline's parents still live), where young Caroline attended school at Lakeshore Elementary School and went on to attend Bay Side Middle School.

Caroline was 8 years old when the Tanaka Family moved in next door to the Staceys. Soon after, Caroline met and became fast friends with Kika Tanaka. Although Kika was four years older than Caroline, the two girls were inseperable and because of their friendship the families also grew close together, often inviting each other over for dinners, holiday parties, and the like. Caroline and her two brothers would spend many summers at the Tanaka family retreat in Carmel, California, where the familiy maintianed a dojo that Kika's Uncle Senzo taught the Tanaka Family's martial arts style. Not only did Caroline learn martial arts but she also learned how to surf their as well. She would spend the early morning catching waves with Uncle Senzo and Lance, then spend the rest of the day doing her martial arts excerises Sensei Senzo gave to her.

High School

She attended Palo Alto High School where Caroline excelled in sports. She received a letter in Volleyball, Swimming, and Tennis. Still, her greatest love was surfing.....and chasing boys.

Caroline's main form of transportation growing-up was her skateboard which she rode everywhere till she got her learner's permit when she was sixteen. Even today you can find her at some of the skateboard parks riding her board and doing some tricks.

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Surfing Career

Caroline started surfing in her pre-teens and entered her first amateur competition when she was fourteen. A few years later, at the age of seventeen, she went pro gaining a few sponsors.

Caroline Stacey

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The Accident

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Personal Life

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Super Groups

Hero Force

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The Cape

You are not SUPER till you put on THE CAPE!

While not a member of Virtue's FINEST Player-Run Radio Station, Ample Lass is an avid listener and can be found at many of of the Cape sponsored functions and events. Ample Lass has befriended many of the DJs on the Cape engaging them in friendly banter. She is, also, a proud member of the Cape's global channel network. Visit The Cape website for more information.

(The Cape Radio Station serves Paragon City and the Rogue Isles through regular live broadcasts and events. The Cape is Virtue-centric, although the station does have listeners from other servers and out of game.

To access the stream, open your media player and choose to play from a URL. Then, enter exactly as it appears here. The stream should connect automatically.)

The Dawn Patrol

Friends and Associates

Swan Vesta

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Jesse Wynters

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DJ Pheonyx

Alternative versions of Ample Lass

Alternate Dimmensional versions

Pain Lass

Ample Lass's Praetorian counterpart

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Reichs Lass

The 5th column version of Ample Lass

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Powers and Abilities





Martial Arts

Notes & Trivia

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