Apocalypse Drow

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Apocalypse Drow
Mutant Scrapper - 50
Claws / Dark Armor / Body Mastery
Player: AlwaysAPrice
Activity Level: Occasional
Real Name: Alan Dougall
a/k/a: None
Physical Identifiers
Species: Human (Mutant)
Sub-Type: Scottish-American
Gender: Male
Apparent Age: Late 20s
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 260 lbs.
Build: Fit/lean
Complexion: Varies, usually coal black
Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color: Silver
Distinguishing Features
Pointed ears

Cybernetic right eye, surrounded by steel plate

Cybernetic prosthetic replaces right arm

Left arm tattooed from shoulder to wrist

Last Updated: 10/13/2010



While his silver hair and eyes and pointed ears appear to be strictly cosmetic chance mutations, his coal black skin is anything but.

Alan's skin cells are highly saturated with what doctors believe to be an extremely mutated form of neuromelanin, a pigment which normally only occurs in the midbrain. This substance responds to his conscious will and behaves not unlike natural nanotechnology, and he has developed numerous applications for it. Alan can project the substance from any point on his epidermis and, more astonishly, retain control over every molecule even over great distances. Tests indicate (and his experience has proven) that the substance, perhaps because it is constantly receptive to his mental impulses, is even able to transmit those impulses to those it contacts. Alan's skin lightens and darkens as he employs his ability in varied patches which are in constant motion, as if the coloring of his skin were liquid. The most drastic uses of his power can even leave him temporarily chalk white of skin.

Offensive Applications

Alan can release clouds of pigment to blind and disorient his foes, hurl molecules into them and recall them to steal vital energies to knit his own wounds and those of his allies, coat the ground with a sheen of it to snare and weaken those who pass through it, and even strike paralyzing terror into those the pigment has latched onto by projecting his own fear through the mist. He can even form temporarily solid shapes of varying consistencies from the pigment, one favorite example being blades of shadow that emerge from the back of his hand to give him an edge (or two) in hand-to-hand combat.

Defensive Applications

As he can exert control over the clouds of pigment he emits in diffuse clouds, he can also concentrate and localize it, forming skintight barriers to absorb incoming blows or shrouding himself and/or his allies in black mist. Concentrating his pigment for personal, physical defense requires a great deal of concentration, and he can rarely use his power's broader, farther reaching applications when engaged in melee, usually confining such effects to his immediate vicinity.


A steel plate is grafted over the upper right portion of his face, and that eye has been replaced with a cybernetic one connected to an inobtrusively implanted tactical computer. His right arm is also a cybernetic prosthetic, the forearm of which houses a long impervium blade designed to be used in concert with the blades Alan can create with his mutant abilities.

MedCom Overload

Alan has always been a bit of the "oo, what's this button do?" type, and this sometimes reckless curiosity has extended to his own cybernetics. Tinkering, poking, and prodding around in all manner of warranty-voiding ways has left him with a much better understanding of what his hardware is capable of, an understanding that has come in handy in a rather unusual way. By interfacing his emergency medical teleport beacon with his arm's power and control systems in just the right way, he can trigger the reclamation at will -- however this jury-rigged escape method also results in literally explosive amounts of power feedback that devastates the immediate area as he evacuates.


League of Misfits

The Rogue Isles is a great place to find work, but Alan wouldn't want to live there. His official place of residence is at the Misfit Mansion in Salamanca, having applied for housing there since the affiliated organization, the League of Misfits, seemed like the sort of people who wouldn't ask too many questions about his profession, especially if he puts the time in now and then to help them fight crime on Paragon's streets. While on paper he is a completely legitimate independent contractor and thus had no troubles obtaining a crimefighting license, the several illegal modifications he's made to his gun lead to complications getting it into and out of the United States in a timely fashion. He leaves it in his St. Martial safehouse when staying with the Misfits, relying on his hand-to-hand skills and claws to get the job done in Paragon.

((Player Notes))

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