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Last Updated: 10/15/2011


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Mission Arcs




  • The Androgyne, 50 Dark/Rad/Dark Mutation Corruptor
    • Androgyny, 50 Rad/Fire/Flame Mutation Blaster[1]
  • Anthrak, 50 BS/Regen/Weapons Technology Scrapper
    • Xaia[2], 50 Kat/SR/Body Technology Scrapper
  • Awkward Paws, 50 DM/Regen/Soul Magic Scrapper
  • Candy Shells, 26 AR/Energy Mutation Blaster
    • Melt In Your Mouth, 22 SJ/Regen Mutation Brute
  • 'Drider, 32 Crab Spider
  • The Falcon Torch, 45 Inv/Fire Science Tanker
  • Gx the Space Gremlin, ?? Claws/SR/Weapons Technology Scrapper
  • Pearl Diver, 25 FF/Energy Magic Defender






  • The Czech, 32 DP/Devices Natural Blaster

Supporting Cast[3]

Gone But Not Forgotten[4]

UHVU Contributions

A pseudo-TinyURL just for VirtueVerse, to help users save space when linking their pages in in-game bios, forum sigs, tweets, and other character-limited things. Just append the article name like so: Works with all pages on VirtueVerse.


My latest project, a table-less infobox with extreme customizability. Examples and test uses up at /PBTests, may still be some kinks to iron out but it works. At first my aim was just to come up with a unique, recolorable and collapsible infobox look for my own pages, then I started to experiment with turning it into something of an "OmniBox", with several built-in style options the user can apply with a single word, based off the several excellent templates that are already floating around. And then I abandoned that to get the plain usable box finished and "published"; I plan to still do the alternate styles, but as separate sub-templates rather than trying to cram all kinds of options into one and really overcomplicating the thing.


Created based on Eisregen's HeroBox, this is an infobox for Mission Arc articles. It's using the tricks I dug up for the still in-progress now abandoned ModBox2 to include some optional fields that will collapse if left blank; while I'm still plugging away at it from time to time it's totally usable in its current state.

Other Tools

Last Updated

Simple: Displays the date of the page's last edit. Not necessary since the site upgrade, since it now displays the date and time of the last edit under the main content area, but it's there if you have use for it or want to display the information more prominently.

Game Colors

This was a little tool I threw together after reading up on the #SWITCH parser function. It has all the colors of the standard costume palette preset to help with styling pages to match costume or SG colors. Details of its usage can be found on the template page. See also: Template:GCW for use with widgets.

Level Tracker

Another #SWITCH doohickey, this is more for personal usage but the page includes instructions for creating your own level tracker template. This stores the current levels of all my characters so I only have to update them in the one spot. This page and my character articles use a call to this template wherever I want a given character's level to appear, so they're automatically updated.

Link Colors

This template lets you quickly make an in-wiki link that appears in a color other than the default blue or red that is the MediaWiki standard, in a short and intuitive fashion that's easy to remember and type in as you go without complex formatting or dealing with HTML.
As it turns out, User:DartZader made something near-identical to this already at Template:Link color. There's only a minor difference in the internal template structure, use either to achieve the same result.

Red Circle

A shortcut for adding the Red Circle "City of Heroes" font to your page, with an optional switch to display in small-caps since the font itself doesn't differentiate between its upper and lowercase letters.



Currently a work in progress, I'm updating the ModBox described below to be more flexible and customizable, as well as less clunky to employ by removing the need for color-specified sub-templates. The nature of the changes may actually allow the updates to be applied directly to the existing ModBox template without breaking the pages of people currently using it, but I'll wait until I get around to more testing to do that. I'm already using the ModBox2 on several pages if you'd like to see it in use, at Androgyne/ModBox2Test, All-Beef Pattie, and Greg Xenos.


I cobbled together and maintain[5] the ModBox, a modular character & user page infobox designed to let users decide how much or how little info is appropriate for each page. Full instructions on its use, including several different color schemes, can be found on the template page linked previously, and any questions can be left on either the template talk page or my user talk page.
For my own convenience (though anyone who wants to poke through their set-up is welcome to do so) so I can get to them quickly by clicking through my userpage when working on the ModBox. All directions for using the Mods are on the main ModBox page, so I never bothered to actually link to them there.

The Hall of Shame

These are the characters who for one reason or another just didn't make it.

My first character to make it into my Hall of Shame before he was even deleted. He is played exactly as would be expected, speaking always in alliteration. It is excruciatingly painful to play, and the only reason he wasn't deleted was extra slots; as more and more keeper gimmicks have come along, he has been booted from my roster.
A terrible concept that has been resurrected by the Subtractor's player. If you run into it, blame him.
I've had this concept bugging me for a while: basically a magical Superman type. Playing around with the costume generator got me the SHAZAM!/Cthulhu thing he's got going on, and after a few days I finally came up with a name I could tolerate. However, I just don't enjoy playing tankers enough to justify taking a second one through the Stamina-less levels. I had planned to tackle him again as a DA/EM with I12, as I do love Dark Armor from my experiences with Hamhock, but ended up making the Cloak of Night for my Dark Tank.
Weak gimmick inspired by the Bluetools at my workplace, I was going to play out various inane conversations he was carrying on while fighting in the hopes of getting kicked off of as many teams as possible. Buuut, I'm not wasn't a dick, so.
Y'see, y'see, he's a child ... Predator. Hall of Shame on creation.
A pretty self-explanatory stupid joke -- he was a pirate from the seas of Hell given a chance to seek redemption by giving criminals everywhere a taste of the Demon Seaman. This is my most frequently reused "emergency" gimmick for those times I want to make something new but really don't want to invest the time in coming up with a new look/name/character. So far he's been the Storm/Dark Def, a Fire/Kin Corr, a Fire/Ice Blaster, and a Fire/Regen Scrapper.
Goofy, simple concept -- someone with the mutant ability to disable the laws of physics in a small area for a short period of time, who used this ability to become, basically, a cartoon physicist holding hundreds of patents for absurd little devices that only work if his ability is applied to them in a specific way, now used in conjunction with his Acme Banan-O-Pult (a banana yellow longbow created from...well...a banana). Really I just wanted something with Propel since I long ago respecced Die out of it, as soon as I realized how pointless a power it was to a Dominator.
Also a Fire/Storm Corr on Test and a Fire/Storm Controller on live thus far. I created him for Falcon Torch's SG The Hard Pack, intending him to be kind of a morally warped Dr. Strange, but it took me forever to get the look down (gradually shifted from vaguely Fu Manchu/Mandarin-inspired to an Undertaker ripoff), and then I never really cared to play him.
The Eternal Boy had two incarnations -- first as a costumed young Egyptian boy who had been alive for over seventy years but never aged past 12. Then when I got it in my head to make a tribute character based on Rage, the hero made up by two characters on Queer as Folk, I realized that not only was mind/emp the most appropriate combination but "The Eternal Boy" was probably the perfect description of the character of Brian Kinney, on whom Rage was based in the show.
Also known as Gx the Time Gremlin for a while until Western Wildfire helpfully invented a really lame name for him, this was Gx the Time Gremlin from a grim future in which he'd been left for dead by the Vanguard and rescued by the Nemesis Army, nursed back to health and rebuilt with steam-powered cybernetics. Masking his identity by dressing as a very short hobo, he petered out for me at 26 when I just found I didn't enjoy the powerset combination. Which is strange, because I'm loving my Pistols/Devices now. Overall I decided it was a dumb gimmick because I didn't really have anywhere else to play him but with the Misfits, who all knew Gx, while grizzled Greg just wanted away from both his old lives.
Eight feet tall, mandibled, carries a big fuck sword and got here just in time for the Rikti invasion.
I thought the /SR might make the hard-hitting but sloggy feel of BS eventually tolerable, but didn't give it time to find out. It was the invasion that put the nail in the coffin for her, since it got me really focused on the Androgyne, and besides which I already had two scrappers in the 30s. Since discovering the awe-inspiring destructive joy that is Anthrak, I'm starting to contemplate revisiting BS/SR. I'll probably need a new character however, as the 'thrak already fills my noble alien warrior quota. Then again, I've got three space gremlin variants now, so maybe that logic doesn't so much apply.
Lady Scathe was inspired by a real person I saw pass through my workplace one day - a radiantly beautiful albino-or-very-nearly-so woman with long straight hair and a long black coat. For some reason it immediately occurred to me how badass she would look with a sword in hand. The end result didn't look all that much like the inspiration, and most of the core personality got folded over into The Offering; she only got the handful of levels of play she did because I really liked the name, since I found solo play of a Stalker required way more patience and caution than I can muster. This might change once the stalker fixes come down the pipe, in which case I'll either be remaking Lady Scathe or making a claws/nin undercover Gx.
And I ended up combining these two ideas, since I've got enough gremlins. I remade Lady Scathe as a claws/nin, and am really surprised by how enjoyable Stalkers are now. Eventually set her aside because I couldn't come up with an actual interesting character and decided to make h4x my Stalker of choice.
Aaaand then I decided h4x was way more fun and conceptually appropriate to a Brute, and decided to give Claws/Nin Lady Scathe another go because I really really really like Caltrops. A lot.
Hey guess what I still hate playing stalkers. Deleted.
The final construct of a dying criminal mastermind, an automated last will and testament dedicated first to eliminating the last of his rivals in the Rogue Isles, then meant to shift programs and begin to operate as a hero to make amends for his master's past evil, ending up a butler for the Misfits. I just found I'm not much into MMs, and Bots are my least favorite of the batch for the horrible racket they make. I can barely stand playing with Bots/, let alone playing it myself, though it was fun to watch the carnage ensue when I set them loose.
An alien prince from a world neighboring the one which originated Anthrak and Xaia. Whereas theirs is a race composed largely of living wargods, Orion's was a more diplomatic race (in true Star Trek-inspired single-culture-per-species tradition), whose passive telepathy constantly scanned the minds of the locals in a region they might be negotiating with to give them immediate understanding, or at least strong impressions, regarding the meanings of new words and concepts. As a result, his adaptation to human society being based on arrival in Paragon City, he believed the proper course of action for one of his origin and ability was to adopt both heroic and secret "human" identities and serve as a very stereotypical superhero as was the most widespread expectation to be found in the minds of Paragonians.
A comic-book interpretation of the concept of quantum immortality, inspired half by Ouroboros and half by the ST:TNG novel Q-Squared. He would have been a man unique in that he was the only existing version of himself in all the universes, and had developed a suit that would allow him to jaunt between timelines and realities. While I enjoyed the powers, I could never find a look I was really happy with. I believe the name has since been taken on Virtue, but I have him sitting on Pinnacle if I ever really get the urge to dick around with the sets again.
Though, as a side bonus, I did discover just about perfect face slider settings for creating John Travolta in the process of making this character.
Was to have been a magical "cosmic herald" sort of character in the Silver Surfer vein. Liked the costume and powers, but me and blasters just don't really mix.
Revisited this name for an entirely different concept: I got an itch to make a "hot blue chick" one night, and eventually settled on an ice/thermal corruptor that turned out to be a mutant stripper finally exploring her powers and what they could do for her instead of merely exploiting her unusual appearance. She was a fun, sweet-hearted character, sort of a more selfish and opportunistic counterpart to the saccharine All-Beef Pattie, and both this build and her blueside controller variant were surprisingly enjoyable for me as someone who usually loathes buff sets, but I wasn't playing her enough to justify keeping the slot tied up on my most recent roster cleaning.
A massive swarm of insects possessed of a collective consciousness, the Teem mimicked human form in their arrangement and speech through the buzzing of their wings. Loved the concept and came up with a look that was a fair enough approximation (probably would have kept it if I'd toughed it out to 30 for the Flies aura), but ultimately it was a little too alien, not worth the effort it would take to bring the concept to life in RP.
A Wild West Wizard from an alternate dimension where the Americas were a land rich in magic and populated by fantastic beings; fun concept, but could never quite get the feel for playing it and in its last incarnation, well, been there/done that with my corruptor.
Yet another short-lived joke, though the brief experience with Claws did lead to the later creation of Gx the Space Gremlin. Inspired by the Stephen Lynch song of the same name, he was a peg-legged unkempt mountain-man-looking dude who went around whittlin' on bad guys.

  1. To be rerolled Rad/Dark come I21
  2. Pending rename or deletion
  3. Characters made originally as name-grabs for characters mentioned in the backgrounds of my regulars, I use these to toy around with powersets and play styles that intrigue me, and eventually know enough about them to put together a page. Some may have been deleted if I find I don't play them enough to justify tying up the name to myself, but I'll keep their pages around as subpages of this one.
  4. Deleted characters who I'm keeping the pages around for in case I give them another go in the distant future.
  5. Yeah I haven't "maintained" this pretty much since I made it, but still happy to answer questions
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