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Red Rider
Crab Spider - 30

Mutation Blaster - 34

Assault Rifle / Mental Manipulation
Activity Level: Frequent
Real Name: Electra "Elly" Dougall
a/k/a: Drider, Red, D.K., Shut Up
Biographical Data
Birthdate: June 10th, 2012
Nationality: American
Residence: Misfit Mansion, Salamanca
Relatives & Associates
Alan Dougall (father)

Ellenor MacTagart (mother)

Elliot MacTagart (aunt)

Elasteen (cousin)

Physical Identifiers
Species: Human
Sub-Type: Irish/Scottish-American
Gender: Female
Apparent Age: 19
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 100 lbs.
Build: Trim
Complexion: Dark gray
Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color: Red
Distinguishing Features
Pointed ears

Tattooed forearms

Back when I first joined the League of Misfits, there was some play going around involving a few adult children of other 'Fits who had traveled back in time to the present. At the time, Gx was my only Misfit, and I had different ideas about his future, so I never really got involved. A couple weeks before this writing I was talking about the idea with another 'Fit leader, who still plays his Future 'Fit, and got to wondering which of my characters would produce the most entertaining progeny. The lecherous Apocalypse Drow sprang immediately to mind, and a moment later I realized the worst possible person to breed him with: Dervish, a blood-boilingly irritating, condescending, over-confident antagonist played by our friend CharcoaI. With his blessing, I ran with the idea and now Drider[1], a gleeful combination of the worst personality traits of both her parents, is rapidly becoming one of my favorite characters.

-- AlwaysAPrice

Born in June of 2012, Electra Dougall -- the Red Rider -- is a tinkerer and weapons specialist best known in her own time for her behemoth flying spidercycle and penchant for resolving engagements with the criminal element in the most pyrotechnically impressive ways possible. Since an accident hurled her and her cousin 20 years into the past, they have taken up residence with the present day's incarnation of the group she fights alongside in the future, the League of Misfits.

Known as 'Drider to most as a play on her parentage (the man who will be her father used the handle Apocalypse Drow), in the present she is better known for her foul mouth, aggressive and defensive attitude, and getting her ass kicked by half the Misfit roster within days of arriving. Despite her reputation, she is deeply committed to being a hero and doggedly refuses to admit defeat in even the grimmest circumstances.

Last Updated: 10/14/2010



The daughter of two metahumans, Drider inherited a share of both Apocalypse Drow's cosmetic and combat-applicable mutations and Dervish's chemically induced elasticity, though neither parent's power manifests in her with the range of application it does in her parents. Drider thinks of herself as a mutant and spends a lot of her time testing the limits of what the abilities she does have can accomplish, but more often relies on her skill, weaponry and wits to carry her through tough situations.

Psychoconductive Melanin


Other Abilities

Weapons & Munitions

Motorcycle Riding & Repair


Things That Go Boom

Fricking Robot Arms

     -- 'Drider


"I think your ego is bigger than mine. That is impressive."
     -- Rouge Typhoon


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  1. Though I checked later and found that Drider was in fact already taken, my first choice of name when creating her actually was "Driderr", as a nod to her mother's display name in the game being Derrvish. Since then I've gone to 'Drider as the preferred handle, after coming up with the Red Rider name and costume a week or so after getting her started.
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