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50 Tanker of SCIENCE!
Ice Armor / Fiery Melee
Arblis, wearing a simplified Halloween costume version of her own armor.
"I'm a Furry Tractor!"
Player: @MooCow
Activity Level: Main. Still.
Known Powers
Icy Armor Coating

Fiery Close-Range Doom

Laser Beam Eyes

Incredible Hyperactivity

Skills & Abilities
Blunt Truthiness

Climbing Skyscrapers

Ignoring Orders

Arblis' Advanced Roman Vanguard Hybrid Ninja Suit

Arblis' Reversed Color Same Ninja Suit (soon)

Artsy-fartsy "Angel Catgirl Arising From The Depths Of The Swamp" Outfit


It's Arblis!

She is totally amazing. Like, you can't get much more amazing than Arblis.


Because she just is, okay?

Fine then. What's her history?

Arblis was created sometime in late 2005 by Dr. Guy of the Let's See What Strange Things We Can Do With Science Institute, or LSWSTWCDWSI for short. She was Dr. Guy's most amazing creation, the one and only PyroCryoCatgirl. He was quite excited and made lots of pamphlets, although detectives say the pamphlets weren't made for any real reason, he was just excited.

However, Arblis got pretty bored with the lab setting she was designed in, and left, without any angst about being the creation of a mad scientist or being a weapon of war or any of that.[1] She left, qualm-free, into the harsh world of.. well, the world.

She failed to be all scarred and angsty from her abrupt entrance into reality, too.

The Anime Catastrophe

Arblis immediately gravitated towards the second-most prevalent career category for Catgirls: The Anime industry.

When interviewed concerning Arblis, Ouroboros' Warp Anomaly Division gave evidence that Arblis was instantly hired by Company Censored to star as a recurring villain in Program Censored. The program ran for less than a full season, and then inexplicably blew a hole in the space-time continuum, and was lost in the depths of Changed History. It is unknown why this happened, but all of the actors for the show reappeared unharmed, and the program's producers are missing, assumed transformed into chickens.

Ouroboros refused to release any more information regarding the catastrophe.

The Pizza Incident

The next reliable Arblis sighting was in Paragon City, where she was employed as a pizza delivery girl by Giorgio's Spectacular Pizza.

That didn't last long- numerous complaints came in about pizzas arriving frozen solid, charred, or with strangely shaped bite marks on them. Arblis was soon identified as the ruiner of the pizzas, and was fired.

Papa Giorgio was a kind soul, however, and pointed her to Hero Corps, pointing out that her superhuman powers would probably be better used in the heroing industry than in the pizza delivery one.

Longbow is Mean!

Arblis and Captain Wilhelmina Marlena Dietrich didn't quite hit it off. Dietrich was stuck at a generic desk job for Hero Corps after being wounded in a friendly fire incident, and had the bad luck to be chosen to interview Arblis. Their nearly-polar-opposite personalities clashed horribly, and Arblis only managed to get even a basic Hero License through the intervention of a visiting Equal Opportunity Employment officer, who declined to be named.

Shunned by Longbow, and barely allowed the right to set fire to gangsters for Loitering With Intent To Do Something Nasty, Arblis began her current career.

  1. This turned out to be a poor life choice, as it banned her from numerous prestigious heroing organizations later in life

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