Arc Terrane

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Practice makes perfect.
Arc Terrane
Player: @Darkshot Avenger
Basic Data
Origin: Originicon magic.png
Archetype: H archetypeicon tanker.png
Security Level: 23
Occupation: warehouse worker
Personal Data
Real Name: Jordan Germanotta
Known Aliases: Arc, "Jordy"
Identity: Secret
Species: Human
Age: 24
Height: 5'11
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eye Color: light brown
Hair Color: dusty brown
Blood Type: A-
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Buckeye, California
Birthdate: April 29, 1986
Citizenship: alien
Current Residence: Steel Canyon
Religion/Faith: Agnostic
Sexual Orientation: default
Marital Status: Single
Known Languages
Known Relatives
Marcus Germanotta (father, deceased); Cordelia Germanotta (mother, deceased); Dante Germanotta (younger brother, missing, presumed dead)
Known Powers
the earth
Training / Abilities

Arc Terrane is an accidental mage from the boonies of northeastern California. He currently lives in Steel Canyon as a warehouse worker.


In Buckeye

Arc Terrane was born as Jordan Germanotta on April 29, 1986 in the small town of Georgetown, California. He is the oldest of two sons of Marcus and Cordelia Germanotta. They actually lived in the Buckeye neighborhood right in the El Dorado National Forest. Why they lived in the middle of nowhere, no one could really say. It was not really something Jordan questioned, and happily lived there. When Jordan was two, his mother gave birth to another son, Dante. The family would lead fairly normal lives (for a family that lived outside most of society, anyway).

After high school, Jordan would stay at home while he went to college and he would have a part-time job at the Buckeye Restaurant. His brother Dante would follow suit, though he'd have a job by the college instead of being closer to home.

Circle of Thorns

The family's normal, daily lives would soon be ceased and thwarted.

In the cold, snowy evening of December 24, 2008, a knock came on their door and behind it were three oddly dressed individuals. The family would be having a nice dinner in front of the fire place during this cold, snowy evening and their father Marcus would get up to answer the door. He was immediately told that the family came from a line of wizards, sorcerers and witches. The entire family was, apparently, very much aligned with some sort of magics that they (the Circle of Thorns) had been searching for them for a long time and wants them on their side. They were promised power, glory, and anything they wanted. Unfortunately for them, the Germanotta family did not remotely understand it, did not want it, nor did they want a part of it.

Because the family did not want any part of that, Marcus immediately threw them out of the house. Attempting to go back to dinner, their door would pry open and fly out the nearest window to them. They were once again warned to come with them or suffer the consequences. And suffer the consequences, they would.

In an attempt to make the intruders flee, Marcus would run up to these strange individuals and attempt to fight them off. Sadly, he would be no match for them. The family would find that these strange individuals would have magical/supernatural powers. Marcus and Jordan were then trapped, silenced, and blinded in a stone prison by one mage, and Cordelia and Dante were put to sleep by another mage. The entire family would be taken away by these mages and would meet in the Sierra Nevadas with a monstrosity that would be known to heroes today as a Hellfrost.

These mages, along with more followers, would meet with this Hellfrost and were given orders to convert their powers and convert them to their side. They were taken to some abandoned cabin, Marcus and Cordelia would be tied up on one side, Jordan and Dante on another. These members of the occult would then cast spells on the family to see which powers they were more attuned to. While it would seem that this would not work, the Hellfrost gave the order to give them The Thorn. It was first done on Marcus and Cordelia. With Jordan and Dante watching, their parents would scream in excruciating and agonizing pain. They were both unable to contain the powers and they both, in a sense, exploded into what would be their demise. (Note: the ability Kamikaze should be familiar.)

The story was different with Jordan and Dante. All of a sudden, Jordan found himself being able to free himself easily by forcing the ropes to snap and freed himself and his brother Dante. One of the enemies dressed in a green cloak was holding a thorn when Jordan took it and smashed it with his fist, then promptly punched the man in the green cloak which sent him flying through the cabin and out into the cold distance. Jordan then went to his wounded brother who was glowing with some sort of violet aura. There was a broken thorn right by his side which Dante seemed to have absorbed. Dante was absolutely shocked, horrified, and frightened. There were more mages who went after the brothers. Jordan told Dante to stay back and he would take care of them.

Jordan would take care of them alright. Singlehandedly at that. Afterwards when all the mages have been defeated, Dante was gone. Jordan couldn't find him anywhere. Just as one of the mages were trying to stand up to flee, Jordan immediately ran over to him and demanded answers. While it was true that he had no idea where his brother was, he did gain other information. Jordan learned who they (the mages) are. They had all come from Paragon City and searched the country for people who had a strong affinity with the arcane. This man then explained again what he was told at their doorstep. After throwing yet another lethal punch to this man, Jordan only had one destination to find all his answers. Who these Circle of Thorns really are, and why he and his family had magical powers. And where his brother is.

In Heroism

Heroism in the making.

Having absolutely nothing, Jordan eventually made his way to Paragon City. To his utter disbelief, this city is full of super beings, so to speak. There were people flying, jumping long distances, people in suits who were able to harness power, and even magicians who could cast fire. The first order of business for him was to find out who the Circle of Thorns are. He was then lead to the Midnight Squad for advice. While he couldn't get into their archives or their club in the beginning, he did his own research in the library of PCU in Steel Canyon.

It would be here where Jordan would find residence and a job at a warehouse for items in Architect Entertainment. It would be here where he'd get his first taste of the hero business, though only in a virtual sense. He was asked to accompany a group of heroes who were testing a training session. When they had gone off to train at another area, Jordan was attacked by a virtual Death Gunner Skull. Brown crystals formed on his shoulders and he threw a punch at it. The Skull flew across this virtual world because of the punch and his back landed on the trunk of the nearest virtual tree. These heroes wondered where in the world it came from, but paid it no mind. Jordan came to a sudden realization that he was one of them. A super being. After this training session, Jordan would do some more research on what it was that he has. Borrowing many books from the library, he realized that he has powers pertaining to the earth itself. The term geomancer came to his mind. It would be here where he would continue his research of these Circle of Thorns and learn of his origins. It would also be here where he would create a hero persona for himself, going by the name Arc Terrane.

After acquiring his license, he would become accustomed to the life of a hero and would also work with alongside them. He would also meet several individuals who he would come across numerous times. A man who seems to have a darker past, Dark Condor. An innocent woman who is an acolyte of a deity, Vestal Maya. A mutant young man who is powered by the sun, Solarix. A man who is obsessed with women and machines, Steel Enforcer. While his acquaintance list remains this short, he will go through great lengths to protect them.


Earth crystal armor.

Jordan was doused with magical energies from a Ruin Mage in an attempt to convert him to their side. Because he had such a strong willpower, he was able to resist control from them and instead used these powers against them. Jordan found himself being able to form earth crystals on himself for protection as well as other energies which he can use to his advantage. Shattering a Thorn with his fist greatly intensified these powers. His strength had been greatly increased, his speed intensified, his perception increased, and his stamina much greater.


What he normally looks like.

Despite having such a tragic past, Jordan remains a well-mannered and well-spoken young man. Within his circle of friends, he is the voice of reason and he is usually the one who mediates if people have problems, and is normally the most level-headed of them all. While it is not easy to make him frazzled and upset, he becomes a little hard to calm down once he's upset. One of his better qualities is his loyalty. Once you befriend Jordan, you're pretty much his friend forever. Unless of course, you betray that loyalty first.

Notable Ones

Jordan has made several friends during his time in a city full of heroes.


Power Grid
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  Energy Projection
  Fighting Skill

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