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Player: @Ardua
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Peacebringer
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Ardua (Formed from Candidus and David Molloy)
Known Aliases: Ardy, Lemming
Species: Kheldian
Age: 2 (joined)
Height: 6'6''
Weight: 240lbs
Eye Color: Grey (Natural)
Hair Color: Autumn Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Human, American
Occupation: Hero, Peacebringer Corps
Place of Birth: (Human) : Paragon City, Rhode Island, USA
Base of Operations: Baumton
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Kheldian familial information classified. Human family
Known Powers
Luminous Blast, Luminous Aura
Known Abilities
Natural ability to fly, project energy, shapeshift, control over some energy forms
None. Often seen wearing "Warjamas"
This is Ardys godawful first attempt at a Virtue wiki

'OOC Perspective'

Ardy was the first character I ever really roleplayed with. Despite being around for some time, I never had the joy (or pain depending who you ask) of playing an I3 Peacebringer, instead dinging 50 and rolling up just shortly after i4. Considering there isnt a great deal of information out there about Kheldians, he has evolved slowly as a character. The two major aspects of course are 1) a tendancy to yell about Nictus on spotting them or Voids and going the special crazy and 2) a tendancy to face plant. They dont call me Lemming for nothing.

As for the nature of his meld, I decided to go for a full one as opposed to the seemingly more common One partner on top or Two minds in a head idea. The Kheldian Candidus and the Human David Molloy no longer exsist as independant entities but rather have fused to form an entirely new one in Ardua.



Ardua is a member of Legacy of Heroes with the rank of Master. He is often found working with members of The Shield of Paragon coalition, particularly those of The Dawn Patrol, The Silver Guard and The Reciprocators. He is also a member of the Peacebringer Corps.


Ardua is calm in all situations that do not include the Void Slayers or his foes the Nictus. He is loyal, fiercely protective and never afraid to take the head of the charge. Or the resultant damage. Having had a few problems with Warshades initially, he makes a special effort to get to know all who join the Path of the Warshade and treats them as valuable allies. For every other Nictus...he is coming.


Luminous Blast

Ardys Kheldian nature gives him the ability to influence energy in a great many ways. He can project bolts offensively, heal with a glowing touch and even form blinding blasts to disorient as well as charging his own punches. More often than not, in battle he is seen in his Bright Nova form.

Luminous Aura

The other part of Ardys abilities are the auras and shields. Through these he can protect himself better, heal damage and when asked to (or bored) create a field that enables others to fly.

Additional Powers


As with most Kheldians, Ardua has the ability to change form. He is commonly classified as a Tri-former, with the ability to change from Human to Mefnanim (Bright Nova), Kurukt (White Dwarf) and to a pure Kheldian energy form.


Ardua flies naturally as a result of his joining and prefers flight to walking.


Ardua has obtained most of the accolades that can be given by the City.


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