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Who Is This Little Boy?

Collin has always had quite a chaotic personality. Being six years old, he's obviously overly sensitive to many things that adults would be able to handle in an mature manner. Adding a wealth of radiation to that sensitivity makes things a bit more complicated. Though he is generally a happy kid, with little care in the world apart from having his Cheetos, people who spoil his mood have been known to meet especially painful deaths. For that reason, he's hard to control, especially for his mother. A difficult balance between spoiling him and showing that she's the authority figure has always been a task that Lia's faced when dealing with Collin. Not because she would have to put up with the temper of a normal six year old like any parent, but because even she risks getting in the way of his cancerous tantrums.

Collin is a happy child, though. He loves his mother more than anything, including Cheetos(though this isn't publicly known). He's usually running about the Pocket D, looking for people to call friends, or even more likely, 'Uncles'. He's very fond of hugs, and is quite affectionate to even some of the most unlikely beings. Yet due to his original 'purpose' of being used as a weapon, Collin has an undying need to kill with his radiation output. While he is frequently taught the difference between right and wrong by those who love him, the message never seems to sink in. Most attribute this to the lack of control his mother has over him, and simply assume he's a disobedient brat. In all reality, though, his memory capabilities have been greatly altered, so that simple concepts of 'right and wrong' are quickly lost. For this reason, he was given an alter ego, so that he could freely unleash his devastating powers on people in the Rogue Isles. Only his mother, Lia, and a mysterious 'father figure' are aware of the fact that Collin and his alter ego, "Haven", are in fact the same child.

Did You Know...

Bulletgreen.png Collin's love for Cheetos is actually much more than him just being a kid hooked on junk food! While many people believe he just refuses to eat anything else, the fact is that when he was being experimented on and altered by The Projects, a lost delivery truck full of Cheetos arrived in front of the government facility. The truck driver was killed, assumed to be a threat trying to penetrate the compound, but rather then dump away the wealth of junk food, they put found their lifetime supply of sustenance for Collin. It beats having to order pizza every ten minutes!
Bulletgreen.png Collin is literally incapable if ingesting anything other than his cheesy snacks.
Bulletgreen.png Collin has an obsession with homosexuals. Particularly males. The reason being that when he was first adopted by Lia, her current group of friends mostly consisted of gay men. Many people find Collin's surprisingly accurate 'gay-dar' to be a bit disturbing.
Bulletgreen.png Collin calls all of his favorite people 'Uncles'. This got started when his mother referred to his first male role model as 'Uncle Rentis'. From then on, it was generally Uncle or dead. He's even had a few Uncles who are only a few years older than him. As for Aunties? Well, that explains itself. But he does have quite a few more Uncles than Aunties.
Bulletgreen.png Collin refers to his ability to produce extremely deadly radiation as 'cancer'. While this is a blanket term for his overall abilities, his powers do in fact leave an infection which attacks the immune system at an accelerated rate, leaving the victim ill with a sort of 'super cancer'.
Bulletgreen.png Strangely, Collin generally gives the people he loves most cancer. While many think of this as disturbing, which it is, his motives for doing so are a bit more heart warming. While Collin believes he has no other option but punish those who've done him wrong, he punishes those he loves by letting them dye slowly, as opposed to flat out obliterating them with a more direct blast of radiation. In his opinion, he's doing them a favor by keeping them alive longer.
Bulletgreen.png Collin's favorite movie is 'Lady and the Tramp'. It was the first time he'd ever seen a movie, and did so at the big screen with his Uncle Jason, and a large bucket of popcorn. Collin, of course, had Cheetos, but it's a memory he cherishes.
Bulletgreen.png Collin is neither hero or villain, nor does he really walk that 'gray line in-between'. He's really just a kid who deals with life like any kid normal kid would...any normal kid who produces radiation.
Bulletgreen.png Collin has no records of being 'the Atomic-Splicer', because it's not an official hero/villain title. The only purpose of the name was to literally compliment the costume, so that Collin could run around and 'play' super hero(which in reality, meant killing random people on the streets after yelling "Stop, bad guys!").

Collin01Flexer Photo.jpg

How It Began

It was a beautiful day in the late spring when Donna and Stephen Danvers were having a picnic in the park. They were always perfect for each other, so it was no wonder they married young. Donna had a contagious smile that lit up the room no matter what. Anyone who saw it couldn't help but smile as well. Stephen was a great guy for her. A true gentleman, good looking, and a good head on his shoulders, he complimented her as much as she did him. All they needed to complete the family was their baby, and it was that day that Donna was taken to the hospital. Stephen smiled by her side as she gave birth to their son; a beautiful, healthy, baby boy. Stephen placed the baby in Donna's arms, and she smiled down to him, softly saying, "You're everything I'd hoped for, Collin." It was perfect. They were perfect. Life was perfect. Naturally, it was too good to be true...

In his smiling mother's arms, Collin began to glow. The bright green shine let off an uncomfortable heat, and the alarms in the hospital began to go off. Stephen's eyes widened in horror, as Donna suddenly took on a deathly ill appearance. The nurses rushed to take Collin, who's glow was already fading, into the next room. They managed to escape with small burns on their hands. Donna didn't. Stephen cried, as she rotted and burned in his arms. And even he wasn't lucky enough to escape. Donna's infection already caught onto him, and he died next to her, moments later.

The alarms were still sounding, and the branch of the hospital was sealed off. The nurses who tried to calm Collin's screams were already dying from the radiation burns on their arms. Just before falling to the ground, the nurse holding the baby gently set him down. It was then, that the government suits walked in. Already dressed and prepped for the quarantine, as though they'd expected the entire situation, they took the baby, and rode back to a government facility in a helicopter.

Project Radiant-Fallout

The Projects was a top secret government organization that had been enhancing people since the 1960's, originally dedicated to human psychic warfare and cloning technology. It had only been in the recent decade that they expanded their research to the greater meta-human population. It was here that the baby would sleep over the next five years. An experimental psychotropic drug, Dialyte Surgic TRIONE acid, was the first drug to be carefully injected into Collin's pituitary gland. Plenty more experiments would come. They justified what they were doing to the child. They claimed that his life would go to waste without his parents. They said they wanted to make use of the potential power to ensure the safety of the nation, and to fight the terrorist threat. The experiments were approved quickly. Of course, they weren't helping anyone. They were making a weapon...Project-Radiant Fallout.


When Collin was five years old, he finally awoke from his sleep. He'd been sleeping his entire life, and was dramatically underdeveloped. But after a quick few weeks, his motor skills were normal, and he was able to learn. At this time, he was given to Arachnos to be trained. While the government organization wasn't a direct enemy of Arachnos, they weren't allies either. They were limited to strictly business encounters. Arachnos quickly made use of Collin's abilities, however the Projects' benefit in the bargain is still unknown.

The New Arachnos Weapon

Collin spent the next year learning under the close watch of Arachnos. He was put in various dangerous situations to see how far his powers could take him. Being caged in with rabid animals. Being thrown in the middle of a gang war. He was even tied to a chair, and placed in the middle of a busy highway. The drivers were innocent enough, but whenever they couldn't brake in time to dodge Collin, they were incinerated in a blast of radiation. Though he hadn't known life could be better, Collin was completely miserable. And he wanted out. Lord Recluse himself attempted to bribe Collin with gifts. Even with a costume specifically designed for Collin, so he could play 'super hero' while running about and destroying countless people. It was that day, that Collin's life took a sharp turn.

He was out on the streets of Mercy Island, being cornered by several dozen Arachnos agents. A Night Widow stepped forward, kindly offering Collin his new costume. He wouldn't cooperate, though. It was at this point, Lord Recluse saw how dangerous he was, and recognized the fact that he couldn't be controlled.

With that, the order was given to execute the child. Collin backed away slowly, whimpering and trembling in fear. He'd faced plenty of dangerous situations, but he was never this outnumbered. And he'd never fought off Arachnos. Yet even still, he started to glow. The soldiers of Arachnos opened fire, hoping to kill him off before he could do anything, but the bullets didn't make it. They burned away in his radiant aura before they could even touch him. Things were already looking bad, and Collin hadn't shown half of what he could do yet. At that point, the Fortunatas tried to kill him off with psionic force, and though it was almost effective, Collin's mind reacted to the attacks. With an overly stimulated pituitary gland, he unleashed a miniature nuclear blast, melting away everyone within the immediate area, save for a few soldiers, who were already running away, as well as the Night Widow with the costume. Collin was exhausted from the outburst, but managing to form enough energy on his hands to thrust himself, he flew into the air for as long as he could. This only lasted a few neighborhoods, until he broke from exhaustion, and crashed down in a dumpster with a knock to his head.


It wasn't clear how long he'd been down there. At least not to him. But when he awoke hours later, nothing was clear. He couldn't remember a thing about himself, or what had happened. As he climbed out of the dumpster, the Night Widow with the special costume was just on the other side of the street. She noticed him immediately, and shouted out, "Collin! Get back here, NOW!" Collin's eyes widened in fear of the aggressive Arachnos agent, and naturally reacted by shielding himself with his hands, cowering back. At that, he unintentionally fired off a bolt of radiation at the Night Widow, melting her were she stood. Collin didn't really bother to question what he'd just done. Even though he'd lost his memory, it still felt natural to him. He wandered over to the costume that was to be his present, which lay next to the burning corpse. He put on the costume, just for fun, which had a tag attached to it that read, "The Atomic Splicer".

The Birth of The Atomic-Splicer

Having no ability to read, Collin eventually found someone to tell him what the tag said. He quickly grew attached to the 'pretend superhero' name, and the costume. He ran about for a month, blasting random people and objects with his radioactive powers, and scavenged for food, the only one he'd eat being Cheetos, for some odd reason. He was living the life! No shoes, no worries, plently of Cheetos, and living out of a cardboard box! But it was time to move on, and look for new things. The Atomic Splicer went walking, and eventually found his way to Port Oakes, in front of a building with a poster on it, reading "Journey to another Dimension with DJ ZERo!" The colors looked fun enough, so he stepped through the door, and explored!

A week went by, and Collin had fallen in love with the new place he'd found to hang out at, especially because the vending machine wasn't hard to steal from! It was at this time, that he encountered a group of people hanging out at one of the smaller bars in the Pocket D. Several men, half of whom were were lycanthropic in some way or another, and a young, red headed woman. Collin approached the drunk and swearing crowd, excited to meet some people who, for the first time, he didn't want to kill! He quickly bonded with them, but specifically with the red head who called herself Lia MacKay. She cared about him in a different way than the others, acting as the most responsible member of the party, and giving into many 'mommy-urges'. Collin, as usual, ran around carelessly in the crowd, quickly developing a potty mouth in his time with them. Lia always kept a close eye on him, though, and did her best to make sure he didn't get into too much trouble. The two grew close very quickly, and almost immediately upon hearing that he was living out of a cardboard box and living off of Cheetos, Lia dotted the i's and crossed the t's on the adoption papers. For the first time since he'd been born, Collin had a family.

A New Life for Collin MacKay

Collin and Lia grew closer over the next few months, and both went through a dramatic learning experience. Collin was experiencing things he'd never known, even before he lost his memory. Things like what it felt like to sleep in a bed, or to have someone look out for him, instead of the usual loneliness. He quickly grew comfortable with being loved by his new mother. Lia, on the other hand, was going through an entirely different situation. Learning to be a mother was something she never saw herself doing, but being the mother of a radioactive six year old? She was definitely facing a challenge.

While life was different for both of them, they were still happy. But life could have been better, still, and Lia didn't want to raise her son in the dump of the Rogue Isles. Luckily, she had been offered a job in Paragon City, and pretty soon, the two were with an organization of heroes-in-the-making, called 'the Abandoned Warehouse'. Things worked out for a while, but pretty soon, things started falling apart. Lia was busy dealing with members of the Warehouse, many whom didn't see eye-to-eye. Collin, on the other hand, was backing Lia up. However, his methods of doing so weren't exactly the best. Collin had naturally learned to kill people who were any sort of a threat to him, and as such, he would use his powers on people who were a threat to Mommy. This caused plenty of controversy, but that would soon come to an end when bigger problems presented themselves.

Collin was wondering around the Pocket D, exploring as usual, when he came across several Ash demons from the Abyss Empire, a most famously evil legion of demons lead by the Ashen King of Lies, Labal. Of course, none of this registered in Collin's mind. All he wanted to do was make a wish, and sell his soul for immortality and Cheetos! What harm could come? Obviously, a lot more than he was aware of. The deal was struck, and Collin's body was impaled with an Ashen General's sword, then tossed in the fires of the Abyss, so that he could be reconstructed and enjoy Cheetos for eternity!

Mommy certainly wasn't happy about this, but the soul binding contract didn't leave room for many options. But finally, Chris(Lia's half brother) offered another soul for in exchange for his nephew's. The Ashen accepted, and Collin was free to go! The only problem was, he had no body. So Lia went out to the city morgue and fetched him a new one. She was lucky enough to come across the body of a young boy, close to Collin's age, who'd just been killed in a car accident. As disturbing of a sight it was, Lia returned to the Warehouse with the body, and Collin's soul made it's way inside to take over. While living in this body for several weeks, Collin had lost his ability to produce radiation. But this was replaced by a strange celestial energy, which he'd obtained in the soul transfer. It was eventually decided, though, that the celestial abilities were probably more dangerous than the radiation, as the new powers were from a completely unknown source. Using the last of this celestial power, his soul left that body, and made it's way into a cloned body from his original self. He was back to normal, and back to producing radiation!


After things got seemingly back to normal, Lia packed she and Collin's bags again, so they could move into a new group. The Midnight Refuge was formed by her brother, Chris, Jordan and Lia, though Lia and Chris run it now. Housing many members from the old Abandoned Warehouse, and many new people, Collin is surrounded by loving people. Though it's a constant struggle to keep him from using his abilities to harm, as well as to keep him from running his potty mouth, Collin is happier than ever with his family. Sure, life has it's ups and downs, but things have worked out for the most part.

But what no one has realized is that a certain organization has been tracking Collin's movements for quite some time, and are eager to get their weapon back...Project-Radiant Fallout.

Good Guys

Lia MacKay - The first person Collin met who he didn't want to kill, and more importantly, the first person to ever love him. Lia is Collin's adoptive mother. He cares for her more than anyone or anything, including Cheetos, and would do anything for her. Generally speaking, that means killing someone who has hurt or disrespected her in any way, shape, or form.

Zack Lanning - 'Uncle Zack' quickly grew to become one of Collin's favorites. His childish ways always seem to give Collin something fun to do, and he absolutely loves Zack's accent(He even practices it in the mirror!). Collin believes that if Zack becomes his father, then he will complete the family that he and Lia already have.

Xeden - Christian is the only 'Uncle' of Collin's who literally IS his uncle! While Collin hasn't really grasped this concept yet, he loves his Uncle Chris to death!...literally. Chris is another one of Collin's favorites, mainly because Collin loves to annoy and pester him. While Collin usually isn't purposely obnoxious(just naturally), Chris seems to be the one exception, mainly because Collin finds him too be way too much of a 'hard ass', and wants to lighten him up a bit.

Dantian - 'Uncle Brad' had Collin's love from the first day they met. The remarkably excitable man always had time to play, talk about the wonderful world of Cheetos, and even form NINJA TEAM AWESOME STRONG!!! Though Collin rarely sees Brad anymore, he's always going to be a favorite Uncle!

Jordan Murphy - Collin's favorite blue-haired Crey clone auntie! Jordan has been a member of the family for a long time, and while she and Lia's friendship has taken it's tole throughout Jordan and Chris' on-and-off relationship, Collin loves her to bits. She too, is one of the fun aunties, but still has an almost equal role as an authority figure! Collin also admires her for how much she enjoys his huggles!

Spellborne - 'Uncle Sully' is one of the more unique uncles in Collin's life. The magician, and practicing super villain, is still close to both Lia and Collin. While usually not doing anything -too- outrageous, he does provoke a darker side of Collin, and is one of the few, if not the only person, to encourage Collin's use of radiation on helpless victims.

Rentis - Collin's first official 'Uncle', Rentis was one of the members of the crowd that Lia was in when they first met. While Rentis supposedly couldn't stand Collin, and 'wasn't good with kids', he was the one to pull Collin out of trouble if Lia wasn't around. Rentis is also the reason Collin is so fascinated with 'gays', being a homosexual himself. Though he disappeared nearly a year ago, Collin still has fond memories, and whenever Lia apologizes for Collin's inappropriate behavior, surely she says something along the lines of "I'm sorry, he was raised by a bunch of gay men!" Uncle Rentis was the gayest of them all!

Pity Fist - Another one of Collin's first uncles, and one of the original 'gays', Uncle Liam was Collin's personal jungle-gym. The were-bear always made Collin giggle, especially with his "Hrr hrr hr!" laugh.

Vocal Vagrant - 'Uncle Jimmy' is probably one the people Collin idolizes most, along with Zack and Chris. He's always found time to play with Collin, and talk about girls with him. Collin trusts him with all of his heart. He also worries about him constantly, whether it be work troubles for the cop, or his health issues. Collin even offered to replace Jimmy's already existing cancer with his own personal brand, just to show how much he loves him!

Clara Su'cour - 'Auntie Clara' has been with the gang for quite while, and while she and Collin haven't had a great deal of interaction, he surely loves her enough to not melt her face off!

Zadrian DuPoint - 'Uncle Zad', being one of the only 'gays' who Collin sees on a regular basis, had an advantage the first moment Collin met him. Though Collin doesn't see him as often as many of his other uncles, he loves Zad to death, and even more, he loves being Zad's personal cock-block!

Highly Envious - Or 'Kitty', as Collin has always called him, Envy is as much of a friend in Collin's eyes, as he is a pet. He absolutely loves scratching Envy behind the ears, and giving him huggles!

Barrie Shields - One of Collin's favorite aunties, she is definitely a unique one, in that she has maintained more control over Collin's radical behavior than anyone else, by using sheer power of authority! Most others are forced to bribe Collin to prevent him from melting someone's face off, but not this lady! He loves her greatly, and has a curious respect for her, probably due to her own self confidence when speaking to him.

Raykera - 'Auntie Ray' has been around for a while now, and for that reason alone, Collin has grown comfortable with her. Though they haven't had too much interaction, aside from small talk and huggles, Collin loves her very much, and would certainly 'kill some bitches' for this lady.

Jo M. Sterling - 'Auntie Joe' is a bit of a mystery to Collin. The two don't have a relationship like Collin has with all of his other Aunts and Uncles. Collin views Jo as more of an equal, in the sense that she is rebellious to his threats, and acts as childish as he does sometimes. He refers to her as a 'total bitch' most of the time, but he also admires her for her strength, and ability to bargain!

Bluejaye - 'Auntie Katie' is probably the sweetest Auntie off all, and holds a special place in Collin's heart. They most often spend time together when they run into each other at the Pocket D late at night. As she's one of the few people at the D during awkward hours, she's had her own fair share of pulling the kid out of trouble. Collin also loves Katie because she's one of his gay Aunties, which gives him an excuse to use the word 'lesbian'!

Shimmer-Strike - 'Auntie Syl' is quite an extraordinary woman in Collin's opinion. She doesn't take shit from people, and that's something Collin can identify with easily. Above all things, though, Collin loves her for the fact that she created his 'pillow-cannon', a gun that fits over his arm like a sleeve, and literally fires pillows!

Guard Archer - 'Uncle Tom' made a quick impression on Collin by successfully passing the usual 'Cheetos test' with flying colors. Though Collin hasn't known Tom for long, he already loves him, as Tom always seems to have another bag of Cheetos to give him, in plus sizes too!

Great Ravage Spider - 'Uncle Steve' has remained in Collin's good graces for the majority of their short relationship. The spider-troll often has to grab Collin by the back of the shirt, and drag him out of a sticky situation. He's also been one of the only uncle to literally kick Collin when he misbehaves! Surprisingly, Collin has not made an attempt on Steve's life, yet. Although, this is likely due to the 'awesome endless pocket of mysteries' in Steve's pants, which always produces abnormally large bags of Cheetos! For this reason alone, Collin loves the troll.

Squeaky Zeman - As one of the few other things running around the Pocket D that could be remotely considered a child, Collin finds Squeaky to be an absolute blast to cause mischief with! While the two aren't exactly what you'd call 'friends', they are often in the same sticky situation, with the same goal. He might even call the little Eshu his partner in crime, and she has already gained his respect by defending the name of Cheetos on several occasions.

Bad Guys

Justice Advocate - Kyle has been in the picture since day one of the Abandoned Warehouse, and he and Collin bumped heads from the beginning. Various small incidents such as teasing and pranks, as well as greater situations like the curse he placed on Collin's mind, slowly built a strong hatred towards Kyle. Whenever Collin sees him, he doesn't need to wait for Kyle to make a peace offering, or play a prank. Collin already wants to kill him. Of all the people in the world, if Collin were to have a nemesis, it would surely be Kyle.

Xa'Phan - While Collin hasn't had too much 'personal' time with the Ashen general, he still has a pretty good idea of what the fallen angel can do. Xa'Phan was the one who impaled Collin with a demon sword, and gave him Cheetos and immortality in exchange for his soul. While Collin -did- agree to all of this willingly, the fact that Xa'Phan and Lia had a 'thing' afterwords was simply unacceptable.

Aether Backblast - Despite the fact that the Aether is a friend of Lia's, Collin absolutely hates her for several reasons. His radiation, for one, has been proven useless against her natural resistance. Of course, that wouldn't have even been an issue if she hadn't angered him in the first place. Aether is one of the many opinionated people who generally considers Collin to be a spoiled brat, but what sets her apart from the others, is that she is a member of the Midnight Refuge herself. She refuses to give into his angry demands, and much to his demise, she gets away with it.

Puppy Love


Collin and Lia's puppy, Cooper!

What'd You Say..?

"Despite how much money I spend on Cheetos, how many outfits he's ruined with cheesy fingers, and how often he gets into all sorts of trouble.. He's still my favourite little man. He manages to keep me on my toes all the time. I couldn't imagine life without his shenanigans. So yeah. If you touch my little boy, I'll slit your throat in your sleep. Kay? Kay." - Mommy Lia

"There's only one boy around who I could love after deliberately giving me cancer. And it's this one. Best nephew ever." - Xeden

"Kitty loves Collin." - Envy

"He is the reason I hate kids. Without a doubt. I mean, sure maybe the little girl or two on the side to satisfy my inner taste for minor delicacy's aside, I despise kids because of this radioactive brat. Still, I love his mother to death, and thus I tolerate him." - Artificial Intel

"Collin's fucking awesome, there's not much more to it than that." - Clara

"Oh Collin.. *Snerk* Kid is a wonderful pain in the ass. I love it... He's a brat while being completely cute. Needs to brush up on his snuggle defense, though." - Jo

"Collin is my boyfriend." *wise nod* "He introduced me to cheetos! And he's kind of cute, and really fun. He's teaching me all these new words.. but Daddy says I shouldn't say most of them... And if you hurt him I will blast you to pieces!! ... just.. don't tell Dad." -Kindle

"I dunno... I like the kid on occasion, but he wears ya down. I mean, you can only take so much bullshit from the pint-sized terror, before you practically kick him in the face, right in front of his mom. I guess he's not all bad, though. I'll admit, he's definitely got that feisty spirit... And uh... Sorry about giving him a pillow cannon... Totally my bad, there..." Syl

Bulletgreen.png Killer Tunes Bulletgreen.png

Main theme: 'X-Files Remix' by Unkle[1]

Lia and Collin's theme: 'Illabye' by Tipper[2]

Bulletgreen.png OOC Notes Bulletgreen.png

When I created Atomic-Splicer, it was really just as an excuse to make a rad/rad corruptor. It wasn't till later when I was inspired by one of my all time favorite movies, 'Firestarter', that I thought about creating a similar situation. I wanted to play a unique character with a deadly ability, yet an exterior innocence, who wouldn't be classified as hero, or villain(Or even a 'rogue', with the expansion coming out). But he quickly gained a name for himself, and he's definitely on of my favorite characters.

+With all the tags out there like 'MRP' 'ERP' 'RP', and yadda yadda, I'd have to say he's an MRP character(So stand back pedophiles!). I say this not only because he has quite a mouth on him, but because I do consider myself a mature roleplayer...usually. Collin, being six years old, is obviously going to act like a child, and be obnoxious at times. But he has a much deeper, darker past, which just hasn't been revealed ICly yet. I plan to bring out a lot more serious roles of the character in the near future. But he'll still be his goofy self plenty of the time too!

+Collin's powers are DEFINITELY deadly. There have been plenty of incidents where he's given people cancer, and many of those characters come close to death. I do want to remind people though, that while his power is deadly, I never expect to kill another person's character off(unless by request!). Generally, when Collin successfully infects someone with his cancer, they die in a matter of weeks. However, before this happens, I always make sure Collin heals them. Alternately, his mother has developed a limited, but effective cure for this cancer. So don't worry, I have no intention of Godmoding your character's death!

+No one...NO ONE...knows that Collin has the alter ego, known as Haven, except for his mother, Lia MacKay, and Haven's father, Lord Bad Dream. He has an elaborate disguise, and mask which not only disguises his voice, but repels mental scans. So unless you've been informed of his alter ego ICly from Collin, Bad Dream, or Lia, you're Godmodding, and I'm ignoring you.

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