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Renegade Longbow Agent
Player: Player2
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 19, retired
Personal Data
Real Name: Diego Torres
Known Aliases: Longbow Rifleman
Species: Human
Age: 36
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 221 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Citizen of the United States of Americ
Occupation: Mercenary
Place of Birth: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Base of Operations: Cap au Diable, Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Separated
Known Relatives: Marisol Torres (mother), Elonzo (father), Sara Goldstein-Torres (ex-wife)
Known Powers
Energy Melee, Electric Armor
Known Abilities
Trained in use of firearms and Longbow crimefighting techniques
Communicator, jetpack
No additional information available.




Badbow is a rogue super-cop, formerly a Longbow agent stationed in Kings Row. Time and again, he asked for a transfer to any number of teams operating in the Rogue Isles but was denied by his superiors. He has aggression problems which lead to excessive force, and it was decided to keep him close to HQ where an eye could be kept on him at all times. He suspected all along that he was being held back and it infuriated him.

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Badbow's powers are mutant in nature. He has the ability to manifest and control a form of bio-electric energy which he can use to enhance his melee skills with remarkable concussive force and, more recently, to shield him from harm.

Energy Melee

By focusing his power in his hands, he is capable of increasing the damage he deals in hand-to-hand combat. The concussive force of his strikes can leave foes stunned and unable to fight back.

Electric Armor

Since his escape from prison, Badbow has learned to channel his mutant energy into a protective sheath the resembles an aura of red hued electricity. His aura has reportedly slowed automatic weapons fire and causes pain to anyone standing close enough to engage him in melee.


In addition to his mutant powers, Badbow has been collecting equipment from Longbow agents that have tried to apprehend him. He has acquired a rocket pack, smoke grenades, and web grenades. There is rumor that he has also acquired some sort of cloaking technology to hide his presence.

Character History

Diego Torres's mutant power manifested before the Rikti invasion, but he had no idea how to properly harness his power then. Initially, he could focus his bio-electric energy into his hand and shatter whatever he was holding, though doing so took some concentration. After the Rikti invaded, Diego joined Longbow in hopes of learning to be a great energy blaster. Instead of harnessing his power, Longbow gave him an assault rifle and trained him to work with others in the field. When not under direct supervision, Diego would practice with his energy powers on gang members he had already caught and arrested. His brutality was noticed by his superiors and he was kept on a short leash, but his results were no more or less effective than any number of local "super heroes." It wasn't until he was actually observed by a rookie PPD officer beating on an unconscious Skulls gang member that his life became complicated. The officer radioed for backup and ordered Diego to back off. As he watched the policeman tend to the unconscious thug and realized the backup called for was for him, Diego became disgusted with the soft and coddling manner which the authorities handled criminal scum. He blind-sided the cop with a bone-crushing blow to the head. The police had arrived to see one of their own fall lifeless to the ground at the renegade Longbow agent's hand.

Still unsure of the extent of his power, Diego surrendered his firearm to the police and was taken into custody without a fight. He was tried and convicted of murder in the first degree. He was sent to the Zig with a life sentence, and no one expected the possibility of parole. He was gone for good... or, due to the breakout that occurred, gone for bad. While imprisoned, Diego managed to find an inmate who had energy powers and could teach him how to harness his own. From him, Diego learned how to manifest his energy from his entire body rather than just his hands and eventually could do it with little concentration. When the breakout occurred, the guards had no reason to suspect that Diego was possessed of any superhuman powers. In the confusion of the breakout, he managed to fight his way out to the main yard and impressed the Archnos pilot who was there to free someone else. Diego finally got to go to the Rogue Isles after all.

On Mercy Island, he spoke to the woman Kalinda. She talked of destiny and knowing his reasons for coming to the Rogue Isles. Diego held back his contempt for the woman and pretended he was interested in working for Arachnos. Kalinda wasn't fooled, but she would have been a fool not to use this brute for her own ends. He had a grudge to bear against Longbow and she guided him to where his desire and Arachnos's goals were one in the same. She knew eventually he would have to be dealt with. It was quite obvious that, in spite of his violent nature and murderous past, Diego still had delusions of heroism. This was illustrated by the fact that he returned from a mission she sent him on wearing the uniform of one of the Longbow agents he'd defeated. It was dirtied in battle and he had ripped the gaudy stars from it, but it seemed to make him more confident and even defiant when she confronted him. Upon his return, she asked, "Are you Longbow again?" Diego stared her in the eye and declared, "No, I'm Badbow now. And you tell Lord Recluse that his days are numbered."

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