Black Crimson

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Black Crimson stalking the alleyways of Paragon City.
Black Crimson
Player: @Bitemark
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Chris Jameson
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: Early Thirties
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Confidential
Hair Color: Bald
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Ex Accountant
Place of Birth: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Widower
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Impervium Armor, Claws, Throwing Weapons
No additional information available.

Black Crimson is my scrapper and my main hero on Virtue. A dark armored killer suffering from HIV, my main inspiration comes from Shadowhawk By Jim Valentino under Image comics.



Chris Jameson was born on a cold day in November at Crowne memorial Hospital in Kings Row. Ask anyone that was forced to grow up on those deadly streets and they will tell you that most kids either end up in a grave, in a gang, or both. Lucky for Chris, he managed to avoid both those things. Slipping through school and managing to get a job in Atlas as an accountant...

"Mom was quiet, but she always took care of me, she worked three shifts to see me get that job..."

His life wasn't anything amazing but it was a life with nothing insane or out of place, and Chris was more than happy with that. With no desire to do anything else but have a normal, simple life as best he could...

"I worked, I worked dam hard, I crunched numbers every day, the company paid me more than what I was worth, and I was grateful.."

It would seem that his dreams would come true, he fell in love with a beautiful woman,Jasmine, who worked in the office building next to his. She loved him deeply. and they spent most of their waking hours ,not to mention sleeping ones, together. with her around, his life had meaning, not only was it happy, it was amazing. even living in the slums of Kings row all his life seemed like a fairy tale come true to him.

"My Jasmine...Jasmine, she was everything to whole world."

As Chris grew older, his relationship with Jasmine grew, and one day he finally got up the courage to ask her to marry him. she accepted and not a moment to soon, for jasmine had confirmed that day that she was carrying Chris's soon to be baby girl.

"I didn't think anyone could have a more amazing day,I proposed to the woman of my dreams, she accepts and I find out I'm going to blessed with my own child."

To celebrate their soon to be family. The happy couple decided to go on one last 'date', dinner at a small run down restaurant and a movie at the Kings Row Theater..

"That was my last day of happiness.."

Quietly, the couple walked home, overwhelmed with joy. Neither one of them heard the Sewer grate creak open, or the sick laughs and gurgles that followed it. Turning a corner, Chris & Jasmine were Face to face with three members of the Vahzilok. One of the goons grabbed Chris while the other two turned to Jasmine and began to beat her until she was unconscious .

"I was never angry before that day..."

Chris fought with all his might, but he was no match for the strength of the hardened thugs, they tossed Jasmine aside and began to work on Chris, sending blow after blow into him. The alley was covered in blood. Finally the goons granted "mercy"

"It was all his fault..that's why I'm here this.."

The leader pulled a needle from his pocket, deep red liquid filled inside it. Chris felt the pain of the syringe jabbing into his body, his last vision before passing out was the goons turning to his wife with their already bloody hacksaws....

"I have nothing left now, nothing but pain and rage...."

Chris awoke the next morning to Police sirens, they had removed Jasmine's body and caught two of the thugs later that night, but not their leader.As a precaution, Chris was sent to Crowne memorial and checked out.

"I was angry that I had lost my whole family in a few short minutes..but..I had no idea.."

The tests came in, as it turned out, Chris had been injected with a rare strain of HIV. It was designed by the Vahzilok to weaken 'invulnerable' super heroes so their extremely resistant body parts could be harvested. Of all virus's on the planet, this strain of HIV has some of the most potent defenses , immune to advanced forms of Healing magic, Medicine, even demonic pacts seem powerless to completely stop the Virus. Although 'treatments' are available, there is no cure.

"I keep thinking, what if I just killed myself right there..I wouldn't have to deal with any of this shit.."

The doctors treating Chris told him the odds of him living even through the end of the year was slim, unless he completely changed his life. One, he would have to become physically fit, or his weak body would risk simply deteriorating at a moments notice. Two he would have to be on medication for the rest of his life, having to have injections every 6 hours to clean his veins, lest they clog with contaminated blood.

"At that point, I didn't care, it wasn't like the doctors asked me if I wanted to do these things, they told me I would do them, if they would have asked I would have told them no, and just sat their waiting to die.."

But regardless of what Chris felt, he did as he was told, he trained, and trained. becoming fitter and fitter with each coming day. The injections, became less and less painful, soon he didn't even feel them.

"As I watched myself become stronger and stronger, I made a decision. I would have revenge on the man that did this too me, and I would kill anyone that got in my way. Whatever it took."

Fueled by rage and his thirst for vengeance, Chris trained even harder, taking up martial arts and self defense courses as well as acrobatics classes. Half way through his second year of training, his mother passed away....

"Mom was the only one that knew what I wanted to do now, If I told anyone else what I wanted to do to the man that killed my wife, they would have locked me up. but she supported me. After she died, I knew I had nothing left except this."

Even after the lose of his mother, Chris continued to train, finally he felt ready.

"I remember one day I was jogging around Atlas, and a man asked me if I was training for the Olympics. that's when I knew I was ready to do what I had to do."

Using the money he had saved for a new house for his now gone family, Chris ordered a custom suit of armor and prepared to become a hero of Paragon City

"The first time I saw that armor, I smiled, for the first time in two years I smiled, I knew with this, I could kill him. Thick armor and sharp claws, it cost more than what I had, a small grant from my medical insurance helped out, but I didn't care, I had what I needed"

His armor ready and waiting to be used, Chris walked into city hall and finally registered as BLACK CRIMSON!

Early Hero Career

After years of hard work and pain, Chris was overjoyed to finally be on the streets able to take out his anger on the scum and punks of Paragon. Starting in his home neighborhood of Kings Row, Black Crimson cut a bloody swathe through the criminal population. His attacks where silent and gory, leaving corpses dismembered and mutilated.

"I would hunt them, watching them carefully from the rooftops, waiting for them.. then just as they were about to commit their horrible crimes I would strike, I'd make them hurt, scream, bleed. I always made sure that at least one of them died slow..."

Of course these truly unheroic tactics caught the attention of the police and small time hero organizations. It wasn't long until Blue Steel and the PDD Commissar made a statement:

"These viscous attacks on the criminal populace of Kings Row are not going to be ignored. Sure, for now this rogue vigilante may only be targeting gang members, but there is no saying if he may begin attacking regular everyday people! For this reason, I hereby certify the formation of "The Kings Row Teen Squad!" these young heroic teens are a model for all young people, and their first mission is to track down this Kings Row Bloodletter and teach him a lesson! for the good of all Paragon city!"

With both the police and the heroes of paragon city out hunting him, it became very challenging for Chris to combat the dark criminals of Kings Row. Attacking ganger's one moment and dodging police officers the next.

"I didn't want to fight the police, and I sure as hell didn't want to fight those kids they sent after me, but sometimes they cornered me or got too close to me. I couldn't risk them knowing about me, if they knew, then my enemy would know, then I would be useless again. Just a dying man in armor. I fought back a few times. But I never once killed of of em, just enough to knock them down and get away."

Eventually the heat in Kings Row became too great, Black had to find new stomping grounds... luckily for him something was just around the corner...

Vanguard Career

"July 24th, 2007, 11:35Pm. Chris Jameson better known as the King's Row Bloodletter leaned over a high building top, looking down on the now quiet and bloodstained back alley. More Hellions, he had caught them attacking a girl and it was obvious from the looks in their eyes that the scum weren't interested in her purse. He came at them like a shadow, without remorse or mercy, cutting into them like a hot knife through butter. As always he made sure that each one lost something,and as he ripped the hand from the gang leader with a sickening slice the young blue eyed woman fainted. Against his better judgment he dropped her off at a nearby convenience store where she would be found and taken care of, then he returned to ensure the punks were still dead. Gazing out into the night's sky, Black Crimson noticed a shooting star streaking across the star lit sky, what seemed like bright blue flames trickling off of it. Only a few seconds later another star fell across the nightscape, and another, and another. Suddenly a massive boom shook the whole block. The powerful rumble made his armor jingle and vibrate and as he stood, claws extended he knew. Something bad was here."

When the Rikti invaded for the second time, Chris couldn't help but volunteer to assist the Vanguard and his fellow heroes, and even villains fight off the evil aliens. He remembered hiding in a shelter the first time they had attacked and now, thanks to his training and gear he didn't have to hide. There was also the infamy of his actions in King's Row, although no one knew that Black Crimson and the Bloodletter were the same person, Chris knew it was only a matter of time before the blurry images of red eyed armored fighters matched up with him. Black Crimson moved up the Vanguard ladder quickly thanks to the endless hordes of alien invaders to fight off. Often taking missions reserved for true super powered beings, Chris proved that with the right skills and weaponry, humans could win this war.As such he became very popular with Vanguard infantry and was considered an unofficial poster child for the Vanguard and The Gauntlet. Finally, for the first time since he put on the armor, Chris was considered a actual Hero. With the help of Vanguard engineers and designers, Black Crimson rebuilt his armor, installing advanced electronics, an Impervium weave into his armor which later became a full Impervium suit. Having gained a taste for destroying the alien menace, Chris also requisitioned a special Vanguard Suit built especially for hunting the Rikti complete with a set of Talsorian claws.

Roleplaying Notes

A few things to note when Roleplaying with Black Crimson:

-Black suffers from a rare third Strain of HIV, for roleplaying purposes it is UNCUREABLE

-Vampires or those with a blood sense of some sort will likely want to stand down wind from Chris, his contaminated blood wreaks, almost to the point of making you vomit.

-Telepath's should have no problem getting into Chris's human mind. A word of warning to untrained mind readers or telepathic children. Black Crimson has seen a lot of blood and death in his life since becoming a hero. and the lose of his family as well as his need for swift and gory vengeance is constantly on his mind, it might be a little scary.

-Black Crimson's Hero Corp File is empty, there is no record of any of his heroics if any, his hero card is on file to be canceled, an investigation is pending.

-Young heroes, or members (or former members) of the PPD may realize the similarities between Black Crimson and The Bloodletter of Kings Row. although its sketchy at best..

-Those who teach Martial Art and/or acrobactic classes may recognize the style and stance of Black Crimson, but its impossible to tell exactly who it is. Martial Arts masters will clearly see a mixed style, simple and brutal, however more complex moves are incorperated as need be.

Notes about HIV-3

-Can only be passed to others by blood.

-Renders both men and women infertile.

-Extremely rare, about fourteen or fifteen cases worldwide

-Of those cases, seven of them are here in Paragon City, making it the HIV 3 capital of the world.

((OOC: Work in progress. more info, stats and pictures coming soonTM.))

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