Bloody Carrie

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Mature themes: Gore, sexual and physical abuse, torture, vigilantism

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The Cursed
Bloody Carrie
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· Blood Controller ·
Player: @Des tructive
Real Name
Carrie McGuire
Bloody Carrie, Blondie, Carrie Gerisdottir
Paragon City, RI, USA
Etoile Islands
Haven, Cap Au Diable, Etoile Islands
Hunter, student
Legal Status
Wanted for superpowered robbery and the taking of hostages in the US
Marital Status
In a relationship with Belabor
· Known Relatives ·
Geri (Aesir wolf of Odin, adopted father)
Physical Traits
Human-Aesir hybrid
Apparent Age
Late teen
Body Type
Crystal blue / black (when using powers)
· Distinguishing Features ·
Arms and legs covered with an arcane pattern of fresh cuts that spurt blood when she uses her powers.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Hemokinetics, Aesir blessings
· Equipment ·
Aesir battle armour
· Other Abilities ·
Highly intelligent, excellent hunter and tracker
Villain Group
The Eon Initiative
· Other Affiliations ·

"I'm sure you have many questions. Why am I here? Why have I slain all your cabal mates, and slowly tortured your leaders to death? Why are you still alive?
It's very simple. You've been opening windows to other realms in your attempts to summon entities. Not all of them are pleased by your practices and techniques.
Hear me now, and hear me well. What I've done will happen again. Each time you, and your friends attempt to open a portal, I'll be there to kill you in the most horrifying ways you can imagine. Do you understand?
Fine. I'll send you to tell the tale to your friends, but first, you'll have to be punished..."


Des bc icon.png History


Born to a Crey PR specialist from Scotland and a norwegian model, Carrie lived a privileged life from the day she was born. She was used to being the center of attention, and being praised for whatever she did. In her case, though, what she did was actually worth praising. Her IQ of 130, while not genius level, let her excel in whatever area she was interested in. Thanks to her parents, this meant dance, theater, sports and everything else a "cultivated young lady" should know.
At the age of seventeen, she had skipped one class, was the president of the debate club, in the cheerleading team, dating the school quarterback, and an outspoken supporter of the Silver Ring Thing. She was pretty much the most popular girl in school, mostly because she was able to show kindness and empathy to anyone. Carrie dreamt of studying theatre and literature after school, and modeling to earn some extra money.
She thought Prom night was going to be the happiest night in her life...


Carries popularity was her downfall. She was young, beautiful, and a virgin. The perfect host for a succubus. Plans were set into motion, and they culminated at the Talos High Prom Night. Shortly after she was voted prom queen, Carrie felt sick. Although she wanted to stay longer, her boyfriend Ian decided to drive her home. Their limousine seemed to take an unusally long time for the fifteen minute trip from Talos Island to Founders Falls. When Ian tapped against the chauffeurs window and found himself staring into a demon mask, she knew they were in trouble. Ian dragged Carrie out of the car, and they ran into a park, fleeing from the howling driver and other Hellions nearby. Carrie was tired and severely disoriented, something must have been in her drink. Ian led her further into the forest, and it seemed as if they had escaped their hunters. They took refuge in a cave and Carrie quickly fell asleep. When she woke up, Ian was gone, and she was surrounded by a group of thirteen hellions.

Carrie has only told one person what happened during the summoning ritual. The Hellions intended to summon a succubus into her body, turning her into a so-called Girlfriend from Hell. In their excitement, they made a mistake: the window to Hell instead opened to a different realm: Asgard. Saying Odin wasn't amused with the intrusion to his domain is like saying it's slightly warm on the sun. He dispatched his wolves to investigate and end the Hellion ritual. Even Carrie, dying at that moment, does not know what exactly happened. She willingly embraced the darkness, hoping for her torment to finally end.

Her memories of what happened next are but snapshots, as she drifted in and out of conscience. The bleeding wolf placing its paw on her brow... Robed men carrying her through an underground city... A cave under a large tree... blood... blood everywhere... and then she's drowning, fighting to keep herself aloft in oily, salty water. She sees lights far away, and her only thought is to swim towards them. Where there's light, there's hope. After what felt like hours of struggling, she felt land beneath her feet. She pulled herself out of the water, smiling at the familiar red and white of Longbow troops heading her way. She thought she was safe now.


When the Longbow agents in Agincourt noticed Carries appearance, they did what they were trained to do. They lowered their weapons at her, ignoring her pleas for help, and tried to take her in. To her, and their surprise, the blood in her body formed whips and attacked them. Of course, the agents reacted as they were trained to do, and gave off warning shots. Carrie fled deeper into the Isles, her hopes of being able to head home crushed.

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After being driven from one place to the next, eating whatever she could steal or extort from others, she finally made her way to Port Oakes, where the local authorities were mostly weaker than she was. Still, she was forced to live on the dregs of society for weeks. Whenever someone approached her, her fear caused her blood to attack them. With time it even turned their blood against them. Sleeping in the streets, barefoot, dirty, with her designer dress in tatters, she learned what true poverty meant for the first time.

It was sheer coincidence that led her to Pocket D. In her desperation, she spent her nights in the toilets, cleaning herself up and locking herself in to sleep. She often came early, waiting in a corner for the place to cool down enough for her to slip to the toilets unseen.


A young girl covered in blood, crying in the corner, was bound to draw unwanted attention. Obviously, vampires were the first to be drawn close. On her third stay at Pocket D, a young vampire couldn't control itself and began harassing her. Carrie shied away from the creature, her blood taking the form of barbed whips that threatened the creature. As usual in such a place, the commotion drew attention from many denizens of the nightclub. Some flocked to gawk at the situation and ridicule the girl, while others rose to her protection.

For Carrie, it was a nightmare. Over a dozen people standing around her, blocking any chance for her to escape, four or more people talking to her at the same time. She stammered pleas for them to just leave her alone, but her helpers were far too zealous to understand her plight. As she tried to push herself even further into the corner, she begged for them to just let her go, but to no avail. After what seemed to be an eternity of people screaming at each other and her, an emotionless voice cut through the din.

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The being known as "Bloodied Moon", a construct with great hemomantic powers, had become aware of something out of the ordinary, and decided to enter the fray. It ignored the others and went straight towards Carrie, asserting its authority over the ones shouting at Carrie, until it was the only one speaking to her. It quickly understood that Carrie wanted a route by which she could flee, and provided it by scattering the mob. After that, it spoke to her some more, teaching her the first steps towards understanding and controlling her hemokinetic powers. While it couldn't teach the girl to stop her bleeding, Carrie did learn that she could control what her blood was doing, provided she remained calm.

In that night, Carrie had taken the first step towards taking control of her fate, and returning to a normal life. The next, and just as important step, happened the following night. And again, it was a vampire who started it. Her name was Kilayox, and she came from a vampiric race from a parallel dimension. She was aware of the scent of blood as soon as she came into the club, and was quick to follow it to it's source. What happened next was rather unexpected, at least to Carrie: Key offered medical assistance, and after Carrie told her that her bleeding wouldn't stop, she introduced herself and began talking to her, like she would to any regular person. She didn't comment on the bleeding any more, instead telling her about some of the Pocket D regulars, and introducing the girl to them, as well.

By treating her normally, instead of like a creepy monster, and protecting her from harassment by other patrons, she was able to get the shy girl to open up. Meeting her, and her friends, in the club and being treated as an equal by other metahuman beings, helped Carrie greatly in accepting what she had become. She went from seeing herself as a monster to understanding that she was merely uniquely cursed, or blessed, depending on her mood. While she was still prone to harassment, she began reacting more agressively, instead of crying.

Her daytime forays in the Isles were rewarded, too. In the part of Cap Au Diable known as Haven, she encountered Donna Stella Graziano. The young woman had recently taken control of the local branch of the family, wresting it from her father with the help of a small entourage she had formed. Carries abilities impressed her, and she offered the girl a job as the bodyguard of her second in command, Capo Marcello Graziano. In return, she would recieve a decent payment and, more important, a place to stay. She quickly agreed, and found herself drawn into the work and politics of the Graziano Family and their allies.

Aside from that, Carrie found herself drawn into the madness that is First Ward, helping the people caught there deal with their trials and tribulations. She garnered a great amout of respect in their community, actually being called a hero by some of them. With more control over her grisly powers, her self-esteem gradually grew, her stuttering only surfacing in moments when her troubled past was brought up. Her friends and allies quickly noticed that without her shyness, she was an intelligent and competent young girl, with a quick wit and, if she wanted, a nasty way with words.


Carries understanding of her condition didn't gradually gradually grow. It came in step by step illuminations, often provided by others. One, grand, step along the course of things was, again, a meeting at Pocket D. She sensed herself tensing and becoming agressive at the scent of a patron she hadn't yet spoken to, as if her blood was intent on harming him. Curious, she approached him and struck up a conversation. It turned out that the man had a direct lineage to the Norse beast known as Fenris, calling him his grandfather. The stranger identified her scent as that of Geri, one of Odin's wolves.

The Fenreir agreed to accompany Carrie to a backroom, where he placed himself into a trance, attempting to contact Geri. Although the connection to the wolf god was dangerous and exhausting, Carries promise of using her ties to the family to do him a favour or two made it worth his while. When he came out of his trance, bearing a few new scars, he was able to explain her connection to the norse god:
Odins wolves had frowned upon the events surrounding Carries death. After their initial report to their master, he had decreed that one of them send an avatar to Midgard, to prevent humans from attempting further contact to other realms. Geri, taking sympathy for the young girl's plight, decided to return her soul to her body, and make her the gateway and partner for his avatar. The powers she controlled were his gift to her, and her permanent bleeding was caused by his avatar gaining mass in her body. When the time was right, the avatar would form himself by converting the excess blood to a body he would use. They mystical scars on her body would never heal, but with the avatars arrival, they would at least stop seeping blood unless she needed them to.

Carrie stayed in contact with Bloodied Moon, and the sorceress proved to be a valuable mentor to Carrie. The girl was overjoyed when she learned that she could repay the constructs kindness. She learned that Bloodied Moon was working for the FBSA against her will, and provided her with the connections to escape from them. While Carrie was saddened to hear of Bloodied Moons destruction, she also made a new friend, the Magitech construct Cassandra May, also known as "Unfettered Maiden". What a coincidence.


After two months of incessant bleeding, Carrie woke up one morning without being in a bloody mess. While she was examining her wounds in surprise, a growl rumbled through her bedroom. Her eyes slowly went towards the source, a huge white wolf, seeping blood like she did. The Avatar of Geri had arrived, and nothing would be the same for her. Understanding washed into her mind. Geri did not communicate with her, their connection was on a more basic, primal level. Geri had given her his blood and a fraction of his essence so she would survive, and their connection was one of the soul. Even though they live in two bodies, their minds and souls are connected so deeply that it's hard to tell where Carrie ends, and where Geri begins.

Carrie finally understood their task, as well. Odin had selected them as warriors to drive fear into the hearts of those who attempted to open gates to other realms. All demons on Midgard were to be slain, their essence devoured by Geri, except for a rare few that were to be sent back to warn the others. Summoners attempting to open portals from this side were to be brutally tortured and killed, with one mutilated victim left alive to tell the tale. It was Odins explicit goal that potential offenders were too terrified to even attempt rituals, or share the knowledge of how it is possible.

Even though she harbored a desire for revenge, and had acted upon it before, Carrie wasn't sure if she would be able to act as Odin demanded. Her innate connection to Geri proved more useful than she'd imagined. In situations that caused her stress, more of Geris cold, warrior demeanor surfaced, making the deeds easy for her. While Carrie rationally knows that she commits the atrocities, she seems emotionally detached, as if she is only a witness to them.

With her bleeding only occuring when she needed it during combat, Carrie decided to resolve another issue she was carrying around with her. She used her contacts with the Family to arrange a transport to Talos, to meet her parents and schoolmates. As long as she wasn't able to appear fully human, she had left them in the belief that she was still dead. The time seemed right to set things straight, and perhaps even stay in Paragon. Surely a demon hunter would find support from the authorities.

After a tearful reunion with her parents, Carrie invited them for a walk. Her parents wanted to know what had happened to her, and it was hard for her to explain what changes she went through. She never had the opportunity, though. Shock Treatment appeared in the park, fleeing from the police who were chasing her through the streets. The rogue shouted "Wheee! Hostages!" right before she was tackled by Geri, who had been stealthily following his partner. Only moments later blood spattered the ground as Carrie attacked, shouting at her horrified parents to run away. The fight between the two all but destroyed the park, with the media catching it all on film.

Carrie defeated Shock Treatment and was about to hand her over to Longbow, when the troopers, once again, trained their weapons on her. During her travels through the Isles, Carrie had discovered a mind control method the group applied on their Wardens, and freed a few of them from Longbows control. It seemed Longbow was not willing to risk a Carrie-turned-hero spilling the dirty secrets she had uncovered, and instead attacked her. The girl fought off the assault, destroying even more of the area, and fled back to the Isles. When she came home, the media was full of the news about a bank robbery commited by Bloody Carrie and Shock Treatment. According to TV, they had taken the McGuires hostage. It was only due to the valiant efforts of Longbow that one of the villains was captured while the other was driven away without the spoils. Carrie had often imagined how her family reunion would occur. She never thought it would end with her parents testifying against her on national television. Disappointed with the lies and deceit of her old home, she turned her back on Paragon, embracing the Isles.


While Carrie claimed her place in the world, events unfolded that forced her to grow and learn even more. During the course of a single week, she, and her friends, were forced to go through massive amounts of torment.

It began when Kilayox, her best friend, called, reporting an assault by an unknown person, armed with holy weapons. He had severely injured her and hospitalized a friend. Carrie was able to talk Key into speaking with their mutual allies from the Minotaur Independent Research Facility. The weapons developers had ties with Arachnos, and, after estimating the depth of the threat to the vampire, used their contacts to provide her with more time to locate and take down the so-called bounty hunter. Carrie couldn't stay to assist her friend, though. Geri had located a nest of Banished Pantheon, and instructed Carrie to join him in the hunt. By not utilizing her considerable tracking abilities, she allowed the hunter to escape. He later attacked Kilayox' lover, a Necromancer, with holy water that burned his face to bone. Carries dedication to the hunt had caused considerable pain to people she cared for, a fact that dwells on her to this day.

Only one night later, Carries fearlessness of death caused even more pain. An ally of her friend Belabor, a creature going by the name of Kazimer, appeared in Pocket D in a volatile mood. When he threatened Carrie, she began mocking him, like many other denizens. He snapped, and assaulted her physically. While she might have been able to match him in a normal situation, her powers were all but negated in the nightclub, making his battle armour was much more dangerous. It took multiple super-powered individuals to pry him off her, one of them Belabor. Kazimer was escorted out of the club, with Carrie and her friends somewhat shocked by the incident.

Some minutes later, Belabor followed a summons by Kazimer, assuming he wanted to discuss what had happened. Carrie was very worried about what would occur. When Key appeared, she was quick to voice her concern. Kilayox made a call that cemented the girls fears, since it was cut off by a snarl and a crunching noise. The friends hurried to the signals last location, Sharkhead Isle, to find Belabor severely injured. Carries her potent blood brought the vampire back from the brink of final death. The three shared a heartfelt talk afterward, all bringing up that they would rather face death than have their friends bear grievious wounds. Carrie had also made another discovery about herself, that she shared with Key after Bela had left. They women decided to keep it secret, for now.

The problems with Kazimer were not over, yet. The hatred the stranger harboured worked on his twisted mind, until he challenged Belabor again. Carrie and Key were forced to watch Kazimer brutally beat Belabor, using powers far beyond what Carrie ever thought possible. Kazimer was intent on breaking Belabor, but failed, making him the loser, in Carries opinion. Nonetheless, the remarks he spat at Carrie during the fight made it clear that it was her behaviour that had, for some odd reason, enraged the creature so much. She learned a lesson, that evening. Even though she wasn't afraid of pain, or death, she was afraid of her friends suffering.

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The third, and most painful lesson, was dealt to her by Captain Mako. Carrie had gained the reputation of being a ruthless, and vastly dangerous hunter, some even claiming she was more competent than the pirate. He challenged her to a hunting contest, and Carrie, in her pride, accepted. The rules were simple: they would take turns selecting targets for the other to take out, until one of them failed the attack, forfeiting his life. Mako outsmarted her when he immediately tasked her with killing the Leviathan. Carrie took the challenge, and entered the caves beneath Sharkhead, donning the mystical valkyrie armour for the first time. Carrie didn't know that one of the armours powers was absorbing any pain she felt, without healing the wounds. This, combined with the fact that she disregarded any bleeding on her part, almost killed her. She barely defeated Calystix, the Coralax master, and his minions, taking grave injuries in the process. Because she didn't notice her wounds, she pressed onward, attempting to destroy the creatures inner organs and suffering more damage in the process. Noticing herself growing weak, she activated her emergency beacon, staying conscious just long enough for her friends to reach her and protect her from the attack of Mako, who intended to claim her head as a prize.

They quickly rushed her off to the M.I.R.F. emergency lab, the procedures performed on her there saving her life. The catalogue of her injuries was much longer than she admitted to her friends: Multiple broken and fractured ribs, a collapsed lung, a shattered shoulder, a broken arm and ankle, minor skull trauma, and massive contusions. Even with the almost miraculous medical techniques performed on her by controversial Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Thomas, she wound up with major cybernetic endo- and exoskeletal upgrades to protect her body while it was being rebuilt by nanosurgeons and the innate magic of her blood. She was forced off duty and had to rely on a constant supply of powerful painkillers to remain semi-coherent.

The fighting under Sharkhead had caused an earthquake, and when her friends delivered Mako to the Arachnos officials, they were quick to punish Mako for threatening the stability to the Isles. They decreed that he send one of his trusted Coralax lieutenants to serve under Carrie. While it wasn't more than a slap on the wrist for him, the painful events of the week had taught Carrie humility, a trait that was unknown to her before.


Des cuddles3.jpg

When rushing to Belabors rescue after his brutal beating at the hands of Kazimer, Carrie found herself deathly scared at the thought of living her life without the gentle vampire. Confused by her feelings, she spoke to Kilayox about the "crush" she had developed, stating that it was impractical, and she hoped it would end quickly. Key regarded her friend with green eyes, and tried not to laugh as the girl counted all the reasons a relationship with the gentle vampire was doomed from the start. Although she softly tried to influence Carrie towards acting on her crush, Carrie was sure Bela would never be romantically interested in her. She intended to restrain herself, until the feelings would reside.

On her first night out after the injuries she recieved at the hands of the Leviathan, Carrie made the silly mistake of mixing alcohol with painkillers, making her very drunk indeed. She gladly took up Belabors offer to brace her, leaning against him while her held her gently. Her defenses down, she found herself constantly seeking physical contact with the vampire, the exact opposite of her usual behaviour. Things got even more intense when she found herself being carried around by him. Even though it caused her a great amount of pain, she didn't ask him to let her down until it was unbearable. She spent a large portion of the evening cuddled up to him, heart beating hard, in a state of bliss.

To her surprise, Bela seemed to welcome her approaches, often seeking her closeness as well. After having to sober herself out with her powers, she stayed close to him, while still trying to tell herself that he was just trying to help a wounded friend. During a game of truth or dare that someone struck up, Carrie was able to get her "Bela-bear" to answer the question on her mind for the last few days. To her joy, she learned her feelings for him were, in fact, mutual. They shared their first, careful kiss in Pocket D, under the gaze of Kilayox, whos expression seemed to say "It's about time!"

Carrie was brimming with joy, but she was also worried. She knew of her mental issues, and that being in a relationship with her would prove trying for even a person with Belabors gentle and patient being. While she had voiced these problems with Key before, they dwelled on her, shadowing the blossoming love. After another talk with her best friend, she decided to confront Bela with the insanity slumbering within her, and give him a chance to back out. It took her great amounts of self-control and willpower, but she was able, for the first in her life, to tell him what had happened to her. She told him the story of her death, in gruesome detail. Then she explained to him that she would behave erratically when dealing with physical and emotional closeness, and that she was unsure if she would ever be able to consummate the physical aspects of a romantic relationship.

Belabor made it clear to her that if that meant he would spend the rest of their life holding hands with her, he'd be happy with it. Her passionate kiss seemed almost like a declaration of war. The couple didn't have much time to revel in their young love, though.


While Carrie had a good working relationship with the Family, some of the aspects of their business, like prostitution, were things she tried to ignore. Instead, she focused on the positive benefits the Graziano clan had on the community it worked with. Nonetheless, she found herself at odds with them regularly, turning down all jobs that weren't what she signed up for, being their Capos bodyguard.

When Belabor and Carrie appeared in public as a couple the first time, one of her co-workers, Family enforcer Jeff Phoenix, didn't take it well. He had been almost obsessively interested in her from their first meeting. The former Hellion was, unknown to anyone, suffering from a form of demonic disease that opened him up to posession when not in control of his emotional state. The plague manifested the first time when he returned to the Grazianos office bulding, after learning of Carries new relationship. The burst of jealousy and grief took the form of a gigantic fireball that demolished the building utterly.

Carrie and Geri were tasked with tracking him down and capturing him. A job she gladly took. Her apartment had been a loft built in the top floor of the office building, and burned down with the rest. After a few days, she finally tracked him down to an old office building. There, Kilayox, Belabor and Carrie were confronted with unusually strong Hellions, all posessed by the virus, and the demon who had created the plague. They quickly dispatched all of them, and returned Jeff to a mystical holding cell, to decide what would happen next.

Des bc family.jpg

During the ensuing discussion with the Donna of the Grazianos, Carrie made her point clear. She could not, in any way, work together with a demon. It would have been treason to everything she believed in, to Geri, Odin and Asgard, as well. Carrie offered to walk away from the Family, and leave Jeff alive, a concession to the honour debt she owed them for taking her in. While the Donna argued that she would rather sacrifice Jeff, Carrie defended the logic behind her decision: If Jeff were to die, and another Family member were to be posessed, the topic would be brought up again.

With their base being in Cap Au Diable, where mystical energies ran strong, it wasn't an unlikely scenario. Even if the Family chose to let Carrie kill the offenders a dozen times, sooner or later, it would be someone the Family couldn't sacrifice, forcing Carrie to either fight them, or walk out. Carrie concluded that such a result would make every sacrifice before the breakup occured meaningless. The Donna nodded, and they peacefully parted ways. Carries unwavering dedication to her cause commanded even more respect from Geri. Shortly afterward, she was taken to Asgard.

Carrie was finally able to meet the wolf god in person, and even though she wasn't connected to him the way she was to his avatar, they felt a kinship towards each other. While the exact events during her weeks with the Aesir have faded from her memory like a dream, the last night stuck in her mind: It was the night Geri adopted her as his daughter, and the Aesir welcomed her as one of their own, blessing her with gifts.

Des bc icon.png Powers & Abilites

Aesir Blood

Geris blood has many mystical properties, the most prominent is the rapid healing it provides to Carrie. It has also proven a powerful healing agent when introduced into other beings.


Hemokinesis is the ability to control the flow, shape, and density of blood.
While the ability is of mystical origin, Carrie uses it on an instinctive level. To her, it's as easy as moving her body. While she prefers using the blood of others, she can also use her own blood. Due to blood being nearly incompressible, it can be formed into blades and whips that can even cut through metal with ease.
Carrie uses her hemokinetics for a wide range of offensive and defensive effects.

Aesir Companion

Due to her connection with the Avatar of Geri, Carrie can utilize many of his senses, mostly notably his supernatural sense for blood, which lets her determine blood related mystical and mundane effects. The sense for blood also lets her feel the blood around her, making her able to sense events occuring outside the range of her regular senses. Combined with the fact that she shares information with Geri on an instinctive level, she can almost always keep track of what is going around her, and rarely surprised.
Her supernatural senses also help her detect demons, and detect and identify norse magic.

Aesir Blessings

She has received multiple blessing from the Aesir upon being adopted by Geri.

Aesir physiology: Carrie is a human/aesir hybrid, slightly increasing many of her physical attributes. She also has an increased lifespan, the extent currently undetermined.
Thors Thunder: Carrie can invoke the power to slam her opponents with a wall of force, shattering their armour.
Vörs Wisdom: Carrie can call out to Vör to guide both her, and her allies. This makes her a natural leader. In times of duress, she excels, providing great tactical advantage in large scale combat.
Lokis Trickery: Loki taught Carrie a trick or two. Now she attempts to blind and poison her opponents with every attack.
Battle Cry: Summoned by her shout, Einjerhar rise from the dead and join the fray.
Blessing of Eir: Carrie can channel the power of the life goddess, healing those around her and improving their recovery for a short time.


Des bc armour.jpg
As a gift from the Aesir, Carrie recieved a magical set of aesir armour, usually worn by the Valkyries. The armour is completely indestructible, while the wings can be used as protective shields. They also provide flight capabilities, saving her the need to fly by levitating her blood. While wearing the armour, Carrie feels no pain. Ever since this circumstance almost got her killed, she shies away from summoning the armour to her unless in dire peril.


Carrie is highly intelligent, a grade A student who skipped a year of school. She was a cheerleader, and practiced various other sports. Due to her interest in theatre and literature, she has gathered experience in singing, dance, acting and modeling. Her preppy upbringing also endowed her with a plethora of knowledge and skills that are mostly useless. She is also fluent in english, german, norwegian and aesir, and has picked up a smattering of italian during her work for the Family.
Thanks to her work with Geri, she has become an excellent tracker and hunter, even when not relying on her supernatural abilites.

Des bc icon.png Appearance

Des carrie irl.jpg

Carrie is rather petite, her 5'7" (1,69m) weighed down by a mere 110 pounds (55kg). Like many people with her build, she appears underweight at first glance, but sports and her lifestyle have provided her with a pleasant muscle tone. She moves with the grace of ease of someone in tune with her body, having learned to use her posture and movements to convey moods and thought processes. She doesn't have the catlike grace of a martial artist or fighter, it's more akin to the posture of actors and models.

Her light complexion, blonde hair and bright blue eyes reveal her scandinavian ancestry. Just like many other people with low pigmentation, she blushes easily, and her eyes have the tendency to turn a very bright blue when she is agitated, excited, or happy. Carrie has a melodic voice, and she has had an amount of training with it. While she rarely does it in public, she often can be caught singing random lines of songtext, or even complete songs. She also enjoys mimicking accepts and other peoples voices.

Carrie takes care to keep her arms, hands and legs covered at most times. The reason being that her thighs and upper arms are covered with wounds, cut in an arcane pattern. They appear freshl, glistening with blood that seems to be on the verge of seeping out. Her wrists and feet bear multiple holes, six to ten on each appendage, that look like the results of driving nails through them. These wounds also glisten with fresh blood.

Her willpower is the only thing keeping the blood inside her body. If her concentration falters, the wounds begin to bleed, but she usually pulls it back into her body as soon as she notices. When she uses her powers in combat, her clothes quickly quickly take a red hue, as the blood runs freely. Most times, while in combat, her wounds spurt blood, which she gathers in clouds around her hands, keeping it ready to use as a weapon. Some of the blood will condense, dripping to the ground. Another side-effect of her powers is that when using them, the capillaries in her eyes burst, making her schlera turn red. If she uses her powers even longer, the schlera darken to almost black, while excess blood will run from here eyes like tears.

When in combat situations, she often uses her acting skills to underline her already unsettling appearance. She speaks either in soft whispers or in a thin, child-like voice, quoting nursery rhymes and laughing hysterically. Depending on the role she takes, her whole posture and movement structure changes.

Des bc icon.png Personality

Carrie was raised as socialite, and her demeanor shows this. At first glance, she comes across as a cheerful, caring, young woman. Conversing with her will show that she is unusually intelligent and well versed in many topics, she can discuss politics and social issues as easily as talking about reruns of her favorite TV shows. Most people who meet her in the clubs she frequents get a general "fun person" vibe from her. People who annoy or cross her can learn the other side of her socializing, she reacts very cool, often snubbing people or turning her back on them. If they don't get the hint, she lashes out with a razor-sharp wit. Her one-liners and remarks tend to make outstanders laugh, but can sting deeply. Really enraging her can lead to her unleashing a vicious verbal beatdown that only the most stoic or stupid people can withstand without freaking out in one way or the other. The friedliest retort to such a beatdown was "bitch", but more often than not, it led to people threatening her with violence. Her immensely dangerous powers, combined with her utter disregard for personal safety, make such threats rather hollow.

Carries callousness is partially due to the knowledge that her soul will be taken to Valhalla after her death, but also due to the traumatic circumstances of her first death. She correctly assumes that whatever may happen to her, it can't be as bad as what already has happened to her. Unfortunately, that's pretty much the only psychological benefit she gained from what happened to her. Behind all her posturing as a party girl or bitch, she is a highly disturbed individual. She has great issues with emotional and physical closeness. She physically lashes out at strangers touching her, and even her closest friends have learned to respect her boundaries in that regard, announcing hugs and physical contact through words and gestures so she has an opportunity to back off.

Deep inside, she is still a victim seeking revenge against her tormentors. The reflex to fight back, and hurt people who come close to her, is a pronounced part of her personality, and while she most often hides it in teasing and jokes, it becomes a lot more obvious when she disappears without a trace for days, working on "her" business and letting out her abusive side on people who, from her perspective, deserve it. On some level, she knows she is treating people close to her abusively, so she tries to compensate by being extremely protective of her "pack".

The easiest way to get Carrie riled up is not accepting a "no" from her, or disrespecting her boundaries in other ways. While she mostly reacts by verbally lashing out at other people, transgressions against her boundaries or threatening her friends are most likely to cause her to physically assault other people. It's so pronounced that even offering to buy her a drink, and getting her one after she turns down the offer will cause severe animosity.

Carrie has a very black and white view on other people. If someone manages to gain her trust, she is fiercely loyal and protective, easily even beyond reason. On the other hand, someone who makes a mistake when getting to know her will most likely never get into her good graces.

Carrie has a deep distrust of males, who find it very hard to bond with her in any way. Partially, this is due to her traumatic past, but Carrie also seems to have something about her that causes some men to act almost obsessive towards her. She's had a fair share of stalkers, some following her around in Pocket D, while others even risked death by following her on her hunts. One case even threatened to assault her physically, just so she would talk to him. Most of the affairs ended bad for her stalkers. They simply didn't realize that despite her innocent appearance, Carrie is first and foremost, a cold-hearted hunter and killer.

Carrie was chosen as a soldier and assassin, exacting the divine justice of Odin. People who meet her in clubs find it hard to believe, but when going after her tasks, she is a cold killing machine, a predator easily on par with Captain Mako. She doesn't enjoy killing and torturing offenders, nor does she hate it. She goes around her duty as others would go around taking out trash, or housecleaning. It's merely a job to be done, and she does her job well, indeed. It's almost perversely paradox that she has a high moral standard at almost all other times. One explanation might be that her bond to Geri is strongest when fighting, giving her the benefit of the wolfs lack of morals. Another explanation might be that she objectifies her victims, not seeing them as indivuals anymore, but as objects, or dangerous animals that must be put down.

Des bc icon.png Lifestyle

Carrie is a social person, she enjoys spending her evenings in clubs. The more exclusive, the better. While she enjoys Pocket D for the bizarre situations that occur there, she prefers clubs with a strict security and a even stricter dress code the most. If a privately owned club opens around the Isles, you can bet she'll be there. When she's not carousing, she spends her evenings with Belabor and/or friends.

Before her loft apartment got blown up, Carrie was registered as a remote student of Paragon University, majoring literature and theatrical sciences. Her dream of becoming an actress has taken a back seat to the trials and tribulations of her life, but she hopes that she'll be able to break into a career when things calm down. A girl can dream, right?

She spends most time prowling the Isles with Geri, though. Hunting demons and following leads to Hellion, Circle of Thorns and Banished Pantheon hideouts, she assaults them and utterly destroys them, torturing and killing the denizens, leaving only one alive.

Des bc icon.png Social

Friends and Allies

- Belabor: Even before they fell in love, Belabor was the only male Carrie fully trusted. There was something about his calm demeanor that let him sneak around her defenses. When she realized what she felt for the vampire, it caught her completely off guard, but she was close to tears when she realized the feelings were mutual. She constantly wonders about how he can deal with the madness slumbering in her. Belabor is the only person Carrie could directly tell the circumstances of her death. As with his sister Kilayox, they are highly protective of each other. This goes so far that they avoid working together. They assume, correctly, that any credible threat to one of them would distract the other.

- Kilayox: Sometimes Key seems to be a maternal stand-in, and sometimes the vampire seems to enjoy feeling young again when around Carrie. Sometimes they seem more like sisters who can't stop teasing each other. Whatever the reason, Key is Carries best friend, entrusted with the knowledge of how Carrie died. Their friendship is so close that the only topic they really would fight about is who should be saving who, since each would die for the other. It's the main (and only) reason they're rarely seen working together. It gets even worse when Bela is around.

- North Wind Barbarian: Carrie considers him a member of the pack, and enjoys hanging out with him, even attempting to protect him when he's in danger. She finds his effect on women highly amusing, often contributing to betting pools regarding who he'll seduce next.

- Burana Gray: Another packmate, Carrie has a deep sympathy for the girl's issues. After a rough start, the girls are moving towards a careful friendship. Carrie dislikes Burana's boyfriend, Kyle, but they work around it.

- Unfettered Maiden: Cassandra, the third person Carrie trusts. In another life, the former blood mage taught Carrie how to use her powers. Now, with her reborn as a teenager, her behaviour confuses Carrie somewhat, but she knows she can trust her, and that she owes her a lot. With that in mind, Carrie would take up arms for her at any time.

- Capo Marcello Graziano: Carrie worked as his bodyguard for a few months. In the beginning, he acted as a surrogate father to her. It ended when they didn't have the same view on various topics, like prostitution. They kept the relationship on a strict business level after a falling out.

- Hunter Kid: Even though her contact to the Donna was limited, and mostly on a professional basis, she holds a great deal of respect for the young woman.

Groups and Affilations

- The Graziano Family: The Grazianos took her in when she was confused and trying to find her way around the Isles. While she disagreed on some of their practices, she also saw the good the clan did for their community in Haven. She left the Family when her personal goals conflicted with theirs, but they retain a good relationship.

- Eon Initiative: After leaving the Grazianos, Carrie has been invited to the Initiative. With many people she respects working in the mercenary group, she was quick to accept. For some reason, she seems to be moving towards a position of counceling others within the heirarchy.

Carrie about others

-Belabor: Carrie gets a goofy smile "What? Oh, Bela, right! Don't let his appearance or the fact that he's a vampire get you wrong. Bela is a big, cute care-bear. That's why I call him Belabear! Did I mention he's my boyfriend? I could go on and on about him, but let's just say he's positively, indubitably, awesome! I'm afraid that my... me-ness will drive him off, someday, and I wish he wouldn't worry about me so much, but that's just the way he is."

-Kilayox: "Key is my besty, my sister, my homegirl. Sometimes she tries to act like she's my mom, but hey, that's the privilege of age... Don't tell her I said that! We also make a kickass team in combat, even more when Bela is there, too. The only problem is that sooner or later, we all start fighting because someone got dropped, and then the others feel bad because one of us got hurt, and... you know. I think it bothers her a bit when Bela and I are together. She's not a big fan of public cuddling, and I'm afraid she feels like the third wheel, which she shouldn't. Keeeheeey, we loooove yoooou!"

-Unfettered Maiden: "Cass taught me how to use my powers. I owe her a lot for that. She's also a good friend, and I was damn happy to see her working with the Facility. She's a bit weird, sometimes. She switches from a cold machine to a silly teenager and back. It's kind of hard to get used to."

-Hunter Kid: "Donna Graziano is tough, I mean really tough. She brought me into the Family and from what I hear, she's been through a lot of nasty stuff herself. I've got nothing but respect for her. Who knows? Now that I don't work for her any more, we might become friends."

-Jeff Phoenix: "The guy stalked me, he's a demon, and he blew up my home. The only reason he's still alive is because I owed the Family a debt of honour."

- Necrozen: "Zen is Key's boyfriend, no, her fiancée. And they're very, very cute together. I like to say Zen puts the romance back into necromancy. But if he ever breaks her heart, I'll tear him to shreds."

- Courageus Bulwark: "Who? Kyle? Keep that freak away from me and nobody gets hurt."

- Child at Arms: "Drinky Dan... Even though he's seriously messed up, I can't help but see the little boy in him."

- Kazimer: "I feel bad for him. He's a poor old man who tries to fill the void in himself by gathering ever more power. If he wasn't caught up with trying to polish up his self-esteem, he could be a major threat or a great benefactor. Don't get me wrong though, if he attacks my friends one more time, I'll kill him."

- Burana Gray: "She's a poor girl who went through a lot. I think she feels miserable and lashes out at others because of her feelings. That makes her feel even worse, because, deep inside, she knows she's being unfair to them. I'm happy to see she's gaining stability and dealing with her problems."

Others about Carrie

"Carrie, Carrie, Carrie... You wonderful little sister that I could never replace. So nice, even though some days I want to throw you off the balcony in Pocket D." chuckles "You're dating my little brother - great! Now we can harass him more! ...That is when you're not clinging to him like he is the last being on the Earth. You're crazy, sometimes even insane. But hey, we make a great pair when we're off taking lives away. I love you, little sister!"

"I've always held a special place in my heart for this girl. She's kept helped keep shit together even when it was really getting brutal. I've never met another like her -- that much is true. There's not another person in this world who is as dear to me as she is. I couldn't ask for a better girlfriend, and even more so, a better lover. I have made many promises overtime, promises which I intend to keep."

"Honestly she is a very friendly person, I know not to piss her off as I fear that she might use the blood in my system to kill me painfully, God knows I'm mortal. I hope she and Belabor will be happy for the remainder of their days, she helps me when I am unsure...been thinking about Burana quite a bit and well I....wait are you recording this? GIVE ME THAT TAPE!! *the rest is static* - North Wind Barbarian

Des bc icon.png Concept

The Elevator Pitch

A man walks up to a crying girl sitting on the ground. "Are you okay?"
She looks up, and he realizes she's bleeding from the eyes. Her eyes are dark red from the dried blood in them.
She whispers "Help, me, please!" as blood bursts from her body. The man screams in horror, as the blood forces itself into his mouth, drowning him. Still crying, the girl takes his wallet and runs away.


Creating Carrie was a major piece of work.
It all began when I noticed Darkness Control animations all had some sort of "dribble" effect. After fooling around with it in the character generator two things became clear to me: 1. Dark was great for portraying any form of "liquid control". 2. I need a blood controller or dominator.

After looking through the secondary sets, dominator was quickly thrown out, most dark assault powers didn't drip, and other sets weren't viable. Controllers had Storm and Poison that could be "bloodied up". Storm won out. It had the most effects that could be pressed into the "blood control" concept, and the right build would flaunt a whopping nine "pets": 2 Haunts, Umbral Beast, Tornado, Lightning Storm, Water Spout, Summon Coralax and Lore Pets. Having played an EarthStormer before, I knew rooting mobs and then tearing them apart with tornado and lightning storm was a viable strategy.

The only power that was really giving me problems fitting it in was the Umbral Beast. How the hell could she create a wolf out of blood? I googled +wolf +blood +norse, because I dimly remembered something about a blood wolf in norse mythology. BOOM! Enter Geri and Freki. Further research revealed that Geri fed on human blood, while Freki ate human flesh. Yeah, that worked quite fine.
Now all I needed was a reason why a norse god (basically non-existant in CoX lore), would take interest in a human girl, and grant her powers. I knew that she would be a creepy character, and a magic origin, so let's go all the way and turn her into the result of a botched Hellion ritual. Instead of her being possessed by a demon, she's possessed by an avatar of a norse god, or something like that.
Since I was going for a tortured and wretched creature, I thought it would be nice to give her the "perfect life" before it all came crashing down. Making her live in a perfect world and violently taking it all away at the height of it just made sense. Prom queen, cheerleader, leader of the debate club, singing in the school choire and dating the school quarterback. Oh hell, why not, let's make her an amateur model, too. Talos Island seems like the right home for the CoH counterpart to an East coast Prep.
It seemed to be the right time to start actually creating the character. I could round out the backstory as time went by.

Finishing touches:
I knew she was abducted during or after her prom night, so an expensive dress, not too revealing, and some jewelry made sense. With a nice pattern found, I worked on creating the bloody look. The slime aura and her power glow did a great job in adding in the visuals. Black eyes, pale skin, red splotches on her legs and naked feet. It took a while to get "just" the right amount of red. The first name that came to my mind was Bloody Mary, which was, of course, taken. Blond teenager, Blood, Prom night? Oh riiight! That name gives goosebumps to anyone who watched the movie in the eighties, and with a remake on the way...
Bloody Carrie is born.


Things not to do if you want your character to stay close to its concept: Visit Pocket D.
Pretty early in the her story, Carrie ran into the blood mage Bloodied Moon, who taught her to control her powers. A while later, she met a Norse mystic who summoned Geri in a seance and relayed to her what was going on with her. (An event that I had planned for when she dinged 32) As such, she lost a lot of her freakishness, fear and confusion early on.
This led to roleplaying focusing on the other aspects of her character. Her theme went from a girl afraid of herself and what she was going through to a young woman trying to cope with the traumatic experiences she had to endure, and the problems of a morally "good" person forced to live in the Rogue Isles. Side stories revolve around her parents giving up on her and her coping with what she percieves as the "real" Paragon City, as opposed to what she believed it was like before she was taken.
The newest developement, beginning a romantic relationship, is bound to bring a grand amount of opportunities as well. With all the abuse she went through, issues are sure to arise.

Des bc icon.png Tropes

- Squick, Nightmare Fuel: Carrie, and what she does to enemies.
- Bloody Murder: Carrie pretty much is this trope.
- Tears Of Blood: Whenever she uses her powers.
- Overdrawn At The Blood Bank: A side effect of her powers, Carrie has roughly ten times as much blood stored in her.
- Blood Splattered Wedding Dress: Or in her case, prom dress.
- Berserk Button: Hurt her friends, I dare you!
- Hates Being Touched: Really, don't touch her.
- Cruel And Unusual Death: The Ritual.
- Back From The Dead: Yep!
- Sugar and Ice Personality: Sweet girl and ruthless killer.
- Everyone can see it: Belabor and Carrie, before they finally became a couple.
- Not Afraid To Die: She's already been dead, and knows she's destined for Valhalla. More than once, her callousness has gotten herself and others in trouble.

Des bc icon.png Trivia

- Coalition mates pointed out that Carries design reminds them of Alma Wade, from the F.E.A.R. games. I really liked the storyline and concept of F.E.A.R. so it might have influenced me.
- If I had a choice for her voice actress, it would be Reese Witherspoon

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