Blue Peridot

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Blue Peridot
Player: @MadManta
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Stalker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Karlotta du Rhône
Known Aliases: Le péridot bleu, Blue, Karli, Lotta
Species: Homo sapiens superior
Age: 26
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120 lb
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dyed strawberry blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: French
Occupation: Assassin/Cat burglar
Place of Birth: Cotes du Rhône, France
Base of Operations: S.I.N. Inc.
Marital Status: Married to her gems
Known Relatives: Long story.
Known Powers
Fast healing, unusual strength in slim muscle structure, super sight/smell/hearing
Known Abilities
Stealth, safe cracking, planning jewel heists, trained as a Roman soldier, plays the accordion
Burglar's toolkit, safe full of valuables, sword sheath

This French cat burglar spends most of her time planning and executing jewel heists, but works as a hired assassin and often patrols Cimerora with an insistence that no one really understands.



Blue is notorious for her stealthy jewel heists, which rocked France for seven years before she escaped to the Rogue Isles. She is smug about her perfect record of stealing not only fabulous gems, but national treasures, even from out of the Louvre. She acts strong and defiant despite her slight size, and she is surprisingly powerful and bloodthirsty.

Her number one love in this world is a perfect, huge gemstone, but she also has a reputation for a rather high appetite for men. No one knows this, but she definitely has a little journal with names, dates, and ratings.

These days her intents seem more chaste, to the point where there are rumors of a literal chastity belt.

Theme Songs

April March - Laisse Tomber les Filles
David Guetta - Toyfriend
Queens of the Stone Age - Make It Wit Chu
Amerie - Take Control


Because of her mutation, Blue's muscles are tightly bound, more so than for an average human being, making her appear delicate. Her natural hair is pale blue, visible on her arms, for example, but dyes both the hair on her head and her eyebrows. She's full lipped and long-legged and generally narcissistic about it.

Gem Collection

Blue's personal room at S.I.N. Inc. has an enormous, chest-high safe which contains every jewel and gem she has ever stolen, along with a variety of other priceless objects, from ancient Roman golden jewelry to 19th century decorated eggs. She also has a large glass case in her room that houses some of her more favorite pieces, including an enormous ruby made for her by Onyx Gemstar and a small blue stone that is said to be the only blue-colored peridot in existence.

Blue feels about gems, jewels and crystals the way others would feel about a crush. Her heart rate speeds up, her expression becomes enraptured, and her mind seems to fade away from things un-gem-related for a period of time.

Family History and Background

If you want to think of Blue as a pure beautiful being, you might not want to know about her background.

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.

Karlotta was born blue into an aristocratic family in the south of France that owned an enormous estate and winery. While mutation was not unusual for the du Rhône family, such a visibile one was, and they kept her hidden for five years, until she became an insufferable little escape artist.

The du Rhône family is part of an ancient organization of six families (The very unsuspiciously named the Establishment of Superior Romans), all claiming to be direct descendants of particular Roman emperors -- who were also, they claim, mutants. The du Rhônes believe that they are directly related to Caracalla, despite historical evidence suggesting he had no familial heirs.

In order to keep the mutant genes strong in the family, some out of ESR chose to stick to inbreeding, including the du Rhône family. Karlotta's parents were only first cousins, yet her mutation, borne of years of incestuous breeding, was the most immense the family had ever experienced. The du Rhônes have no public affiliation with mutant kind, not wanting to appear soft on what the public refers to as "freaks", so the birth of a blue child caused a bit of an upset. When she was no longer concealable, they sent her to the Academy of Superior Romans, a strange military camp set up in the hilly central region of Italy. There she and a menagerie of other mutant children (some much more bizarre and frightening looking than Karlotta) were trained to fight as ancient Romans, as well as educated on diplomacy, philosophy, and the pagan religion. Here she was given her matron "saints", Minerva (for pride and success in battle) and Laverna (for successful theft). During her stay at the ASR, once a year she was visited by her father and her younger brother, Guillaume du Rhône. When Guillaume was born, Karlotta was promised to him as a wife, despite her visible skin tone. As they visited her, her potential became more obvious to them.

At age 15, because of her early entrance age, Karlotta was finished with the academy and was sent home to Cotes du Rhône. Here Guillaume constantly attempted to seduce her, causing all of her signals for basic human relationships to be slightly tainted. Because of this, the men she finds important and trustworthy, she remains utterly platonic, afraid of twisting the friendship into something else; her appetite for men otherwise occurs only because it is natural for her to fall into physical relationships with almost anyone. She and Guillaume have never crossed that line, though Guillaume is insistent and tries.

Upon returning home, Karlotta's life changed drastically. After ten years in what was literally a spartanesque academy, she was overwhelmed with her family's riches again. While Guillaume attempted to woo her and her father explained that she would have to become a body guard for the family's heirlooms, she focused on planning robbing her own family for her first attempt. It failed, and she was caught by her own mother. Refusing to shame the family name by sending her to jail, they chose to exile her instead--which, to this family of sub-par Mutants, was not so much as a restraining order against the household.

At age 16 she returned to the house to successfully rob it of a sack of peridots; included in it was just one that was tinted blue. She kept it and used this as her namesake, describing both the uniqueness of herself as well as the gem. After this first successful burglary, she moved on to bigger and better things, including other rich estates, aristocratic clubs, galleries, and museums all throughout France. Over the course of seven years she robbed France of more gems and national treasures than any other lone burglar. Unfortunately for France, she never left a clue for the first three years of burglaries. After being fed up at her never being given credit, she began to leave custom business cards in place of the stolen item with a large blue gem reading, "Le péridot bleu".

At age 24 she was contacted by her father to return home and marry Guillaume as originally planned, that she would be forgiven as long as she was a good mother and matriarch. She returned home without anyone's knowledge, stalked into the house, and harmlessly poisoned her father's morning tea. His death is still considered to be of natural causes -- though Guillaume suspects Karlotta for doing this. After his death, Guillaume threatened to keep her in the estate via bodily force, explaining his need to expand the family line. She was uninterested and fled France after the third capture attempt, ending up in the Rogue Isles.

As a hired assassin for S.I.N. Inc., Karlotta's past is almost completely unknown. People only know her alias Blue Peridot or the short nickname Karli, and that she is French and steals things. Some know she is a hired assassin. But aside from that, her preoccupation with Cimerora seems unfounded, her reputation for men seems to be borne exclusively out of sexual promiscuity, and her family's notorious past is utterly unknown. Unless someone is familiar with mannerisms, one wouldn't even know that she came from a rich background.

Fun Facts

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