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· Magic Brute ·
Fiery Melee
Super Reflexes
Pyre Mastery
Player: @LeifBlade
Super Group
Magick Corp.
Real Name
Mario Alfred Salvatorre
April 1, 1993/1998
Paragon City, RI
Steel Canyon
hero, Chief Operations Officer for Magick Corp
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Alfred Salvatorre (father, deceased); Geneva Salvatorre (mother, deceased)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
155 lbs.
jet black
light, fair
Powers & Abilities
Fiery Melee
Super Reflexes
Epic Pool
Pyre Mastery
Power Pools
· Other Abilities ·
flame sorcery, agility

Blueflame is an 21-year magician and returning hero in Paragon City. His parents were active members of the Midnight Squad, researching what actually happened between the Rikti War and to Dream Doctor. His parents began training him in the arts of the arcane at a very young age but was abruptly ended when he was a Teenager. He was a member of Teen Phalanx out of requirement from his school but due to several altercations, he left the group for the sake of his well-being and was recruited to The Young Watchers. He was also a second-in-command of of the magic group Occult Magician's Guild. After returning from Italy for a lengthy amount of time, he returns to Paragon City and is currently the Chief Operations Officer for the group, Magick Corp.


Short Stories


Blueflame was born as Mario Alfred Salvatorre on April 1st in 1993 in Mason Harvey Medical Center located in Founders Falls. He is the only child of Alfred and Geneva Salvatorre, who are both natives of Paragon City. For the first few years of his life, Mario was just a normal kid and raised fairly well by his parents. They kept the first several years of his life dedicated to raising him and once he was old enough to walk, talk, and gain certain understandings and concepts, his parents returned to being active members of the Midnight Squad.

At the age of 6, Mario had grown considerably smart and adept in advanced subjects and had expressed interest in what his parents were doing. Unfortunately for him, his parents wanted to keep it a secret at first. Hiring a babysitter didn't work and he began to be a rebellious kid. In order to cease the behavior, his mother suggested that they take Mario with them in the libraries of the Midnight Squad. It is here that Mario became some sort of reader as he became fully aware of the history of the Midnight Squad and how they came to be. Mario also showed signs of being aligned to the arcane, unsurprising to the parents. At the time, they wanted to see what element he was more aligned with. After his mother and father began teaching him how to cast simple spells, they discovered that Mario is very much aligned to the element of fire. As the years passed, he began to conjure shapes and make mock-objects of the flames. He was able to create weapons like simple swords, maces, bats, and the like. His parents were quite impressed by this and continued to teach him in the arts of the arcane, and his parents also started teaching him the Italian language.

Because of their involvement with the Squad, he and his parents moved to Steel Canyon when Mario was 10 years of age.

Problem Teenager

As Mario was growing up into his teenage years, he would find it difficult to make friends. He always found himself to be the lone wolf, despite the city having many different sorts of people. Perhaps this was due to his concentration with the arcane that he never surrounded himself with people his age. He was, more often than not, either with his parents, or helping do some research with other Midnighters as he grew up. He appeared to accept this fate, as he felt that he either outgrew his own peers or have very little (if any) in common with them.

Tragedy would strike the Salvatorre family. During the same summer of Mario's sixteenth birthday, his parents travelled to Europe to hopefully gain knowledge on Dream Doctor. While they were unable to gain hints and evidence of his existence, they gained other knowledge regarding the Circle of Thorns. Knowledge that came from the Renaissance period circa 1650. They somehow got hold of a tome that would summon fantastic beasts and perhaps other outworldly creatures in their grasp. Alfred and Geneva were told that the Thorns had a base in Nerva Archipelago in The Rogue Isles where this tome was located so they made a stop in The Rogue Isles to take care of this. Mario had warned them to prepare for what's to come but dismissed their son's heeds and decided to take care of it themselves. Still, they were advised that they would send help and Mario was the first to volunteer.

Using power teleporting magicks, Mario and several others from The Squad arrived in Nerva approximately half a mile from the base. As soon as they arrived, however, there was a huge explosion where the base was supposedly located. Hurrying, they were almost immediately met with a dying Alfred. Mario's mother Geneva was already dead. Alfred was holding a book and pleaded to Mario to do something and apologized that they didn't listen to him. They threw the book over to Mario and instructed him implicitly to go inside the Midnighter Club and stay there until they had taken care of this Thorn problem. A nerve and grief-stricken Mario did as he was instructed and took a chance at looking through the book. To him, it looked like a lot of Latin text but little did he know, these were spells that were way beyond him. He flipped through a page that had text on one side and a picture of a giant wolf on the other. In italicized and quoted text, he decided to take a chance and read it as best as he could, saying the chant a few times.

"Ignis supervenio beluae venificium, valde lupus!"

Just then, from the palm of his hand, a blue powerful blast of flame emerged and from it, a giant wolf engulfed in Mario's blue flames ascended and attacked the Thorns that had assaulted his parents. It decimated everything in its path and killed all the Thorns presently in the immediate area. Of course, his parents did not make the entire ordeal. Right after he had cast this destructive spell and summoned this fantastic beast, Mario fell over backwards in utter fatigue. The other mages in the Midnight Squad deduced that he was barely able to contain the strength of this spell and should not have attempted to cast it in the first place.


After the deaths of his parents, he was granted pension from the state government in a probably absurd amount of money and the judge granted him emancipation with the help from the rest of the Midnighters. He also insisted on keeping the book that his parents have entrusted him with. Deciding to live up to what his parents have started doing and to continue with his studies with the arcane, he has learned quite a bit and even learned how to hover off the ground. With that, he registered to be a hero and even got a costume made for himself, and went under the guise of Blue Firebrand, highly requesting that this public identity and hero identity be kept separate. With City Hall honoring this request, they never attempted to link the two identities together.

He attended Rabinowitz High School located on the northern end of Steel Canyon, a mere few blocks from the Green Line train station. On 24 February 2010, a group of football players started to mess with him for reasons Mario himself did not even know about. After being pushed far enough, Mario proceeded to punch the star quarterback of the school who goes by the name of Doug Wehrholtz. In the process, his fist flared up blue and sent the star quarterback to the hospital with first degree burns. School officials determined that he had superpowers that he had no control over. Instead of expelling him, the school decided to suspend him for 7 school days and for him to be in touch with someone who can either help him control it or find an outlet for his powers.

Mario consulted Azuria inside M.A.G.I. in Atlas Park City Hall and that's when he was referred over to Teen Phalanx. In essence, he is in this supergroup out of requirement and Azuria feels that they will be able to help him with his powers (as she is also aware of the events that took place a year ago, unbeknownst to him). He would go through some grueling events while in this supergroup. Taking into consideration his nature and his personality, he found it difficult to actually make friends here. Still, he befriended several other kids and grow fairly close to. While he considers himself to be a very crappy friend, he did all he could to protect them at all costs. Mario would take trips around the world just to make sure that they were fine and helped them as much as he could.

However, Mario would find himself with numerous altercations with a teenager who had been revealed to have been an Arachnos Fortunata. It all started as a small argument between cooking dinner and what not. Mario would then hold her in contempt, avoiding her at all possible times. It would then evolve into mind control attempts, Mario's life being threatened, and his actions being seized, and his sight being removed by her. A senior member would also be affected by this with one incident. He reported these incidents as soon as he could, and yet these unfavorable actions would continue. While not necessarily towards him, he felt that she was completely out of control and no one had done anything about it. Because of the inaction towards this former Arachnos Fortunata, Mario would leave Teen Phalanx fearing for his safety and the safety of his friends.

Second Tries

He would later then be found by a man with a black trenchcoat and be persuaded to join his group in order to help the magically-inclined people there as he somehow found out about his prowess. After some internal deliberation, Mario (in costume) would agree and he became member of The Young Watchers and gave this supergroup venture another try. He'd have much better experiences here, as he made friends here that would remember in a positive way. One such individual he had met here was a nether magician named Jayden Michaels. While they weren't necessarily close, they were fast friends and were quick to trust one another, and Mario found himself being able to do some good while being recognized and respected for it.

After about the year, The Young Watchers disbanded when its leader declared that he felt he could no longer lead the group due to his own inadequecies. Mario was once again left to fend for himself. He was rather getting used to working with people and was actually liking it. This was when he was approached with former supergroup mate, Jayden. It would seem that Mario classified up there with "non-stupid people who knows their shit" and Jayden thought Mario fit the bill. Of course, Mario accepted this offer and is second-in-command of a new magic-based supergroup, the Occult Magician's Guild. They'd have several assignments based in and around Croatoa.

Later down the line, events would have him at odds with Jayden regarding a fellow magician and how Mario perceived for him to be treated. This would cause Mario to regress back into his lone wolf tendencies as he felt like he wasn't respected in return and also felt Jayden's ethics was called into question. He later decided that he was going to do more work with The Midnight Squad and continue the research his parents had been helping on. As a result, he would quit Jayden's supergroup to focus on this venture.

To The Mediterranean

[to be completed later]

Return to Paragon City

After mulling a little bit on this little dilemma and after growing more concerned about it, Mario decided that the best thing to do is to return to Paragon City and see how it has changed. He was convinced that there would be something of huge concern in Paragon City as well after 'time' seemed to have messed with him as well. However, he found that it was still relatively the same. He tried to get answers from Ouroboros but he was met with no answers or vague responses.

He is later found by Jayden about a job, seemingly forgetting about what had transpired in the past and appeared to have also been "time-compromised." Jayden thought nothing of it and this gives Mario great concern. After being invited to dinner by Jayden and receiving some apologies from him, Mario decided it would be in his best interest to once again be Jayden's "right hand man" and become the Chief Operations Officer for Magick Corp.

These days, Mario appears to be hanging around gangbangers and no one knows exactly why. Rumors have it that he is close to one or a few of them since his return. There are other rumors that are also going around saying that there's a police officer in his life.


No one would probably guess that he's a bookreader.

Mario is jaded, dark-witted, and unamused. Because of the events of his past and his experiences with people, Mario is unlikely to befriend you unless you attempt to befriend him first. Or unless he's drunk. While Mario's fairly easy to meet in most situations, he is quite difficult to get to know unless he somehow feels a connection to you. He tends to make abrasive and otherwise smart ass comments in most situations, especially if he finds them unfavorable or awful. Once Mario opens up to you, however, one will find him dependable and will go through tremendous lengths to make sure you are okay and safe.


The following are the powers that Mario is capable of. It should be noted that when Mario casts his flames, he constantly has a blue aura surrounding him, and the flames he conjures are in itself blue.

Fire Sorcery

With the way Mario has developed and constructed his powers, he has been able to cast upon the powers of the blue flames into his fists, and even going as far as constructing swords and other weapons with them to strike down his opponents. While he can also conjure up blue fire balls, he prefers creating weapon constructs out of his flames to subdue his opponents. This very same sorcery allows him flight and a great amount of protection from outside forces, especially those that are arcane and perhaps psychic in nature.

Agility and reflexes

With the help from the powers of the arcane, he has also developed quite agile skills that have allowed him to quickly dodge and altogether avoid certain attacks towards him. It is this that also gives him some sort of natural speed boost though not in the same degree as kinetics version of the ability.


In his mp3 player:

Other things

Some things to consider about Mario.

More coming soon.


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