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A loose collective of independant agents --mercenaries, thieves, and other villains-- willing to work together at times for the greater evil, as long as the price is right. While there is a central position that "leads" the group, it is primarily an exective position that is responsible for recieving contact from potential clients and passing along information about jobs to its members. There are ranks within the organiztion, if it could be called that, though no one truly answers to anyone else... rank merely determines priveledge and priority when special missions are assigned.

About the Free Agents

Members' pin and miniature explosive device

The Free Agents was primarily a villain group to house my alts who have no other home. It is open to any who seek a suitable home for their alts, as well. As a group, the Free Agents can also be used by anyone who needs miscellaneous mercenary-type villain group as opposition for their heroic stories... or even rivals for villainous tales. Numbers allowing, members could also provide padding at RP events and other activities requiring enemy numbers to fill in the ranks.

  1. Alts: To increase the utility of the SG base, alts are not only allowed, they're encouraged. As prestige permits, their modest home set in an abandoned underground lair will be improved and expanded. Currently, the place is designed to look in shambles and have a newly moved in look to it.
  2. Theme: The basic concept of the group is a general assembly of villains, a rogues gallery that caters to no one specifically. They are available to be the part-time foes of anyone who needs a nemesis at any given time.
  3. Roleplaying: Free Agents is RP-friendly, meaning that roleplay isn't required, but tolerated and even enjoyed.

Joining the Free Agents

The Free Agents membership is open to any and all backgrounds.

There are no rules or regulations governing character origins, powers, costumes, or general themes. Anyone who shows a moderate interest in being part of a loose knit gathering of bad guys and isn't just an unintelligent monster is suitable for membership. This also means anti-heroes, undercover agents, and "good guys" working the wrong side of the law are acceptable if it suits their story. No one answers to anyone specifically in the backstory of this organization... its primarily a networking spot for those not in line with the "blue side" way of thinking.

If you are interested in joining the Free Agents, its as simple as finding another member in game either by email, tells, or in person. Everyone of every rank has invite priveledges, though new members who conduct themselves poorly with other members or associates may be removed at the discretion of one of the higher ranking members.


  1. Arch-Villain: The highest rank and rank immediately under it share in the name Arch-Villain. Members of this rank are proven foes of good and have demonstrated exemplary service to the cause while serving the Free Agents.
  2. Elite Boss: The middle rank, showing merit for time and effort spent serving the cause of evil and furthering the short term goals of the Free Agents.
  3. Boss: Those who have distinguished themselves from the new recruits earn this title within the Free Agents.
  4. Lieutenant: The entry level rank for new members. Few priveledges come with this inital status, though you have access to whatever basic technology is available (such as teleporters, medical facility, etc), and you may bring guests on your team along with you.
  5. Minion: Sorry, but Free Agents is a BYoM organization. If you're not above minion status, its likely you're not on our radar yet. Be assertive, don't be a minion.

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