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Player: @Fire Wyrm
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Dominator
Security Level: 50
Base of Operations: Wherever I want!
Personal Data
Real Name: Ronnie Wheeler
Birthplace: Skyway City, Paragon City
Occupation: Troublemaker
Known Aliases: Ronnie, FW, Wyrm
Species: Human
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Age: 18
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 215lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Fire Control
Energy Manipulation

Ronnie Wheeler, fireballing mutant and troublemaker extraordinaire. Ronnie would rather hang and start fights than rule the world, but if worse comes to worse, he'll try his hand at that too. Fire Wyrm was my first villain to hit 50 and my first character on Virtue. I shelved him for a long time because I was never really happy with his concept, but he has been through a major retcon and is here to stay.

Once upon a time...
...I was born!

A bright and smiling boy, born on April 5th to Molly and Eddie Wheeler. This is what Ronnie Wheeler was known as before he could talk. When he began talking however, it became clear that he was NOT the perfect little boy that his parents wanted. By the age of 3, Ronnie already knew all of the common swear words, and by 5, he was learning more of the uncommon ones. The only reason his parents hadn't put him up for adoption yet was because he wasn't a mutant, he was just a kid with the mouth of a sailor.

Of course, everything changed when Ronnie burned down the house. Turns out he was a mutant after all. His parents were so fed-up with him that they packed up and left him on his own. Ronnie was 14 at the time. Now you might be thinking, "Wow, these people were horrible parents!" but trust me, if you were in their situation, you probably would have done the same. Ronnie was just downright bad.

With no home and no shelter, Ronnie did the only thing a kid of his age, in his situation, could do. He joined a gang. The Hellions to be specific. He was drawn to their love of fire and burning things, and he hoped that they could give him a few pointers on his own powers. His run with the Hellions was pretty good. He learned to control his powers and, along the way, learned of some of the other things he could do, such as controlling the energy in his body.

I fell fast...
...And hard

Like all stories however, there must be a climactic problem, and for Ronnie, it came in the form of being sent to the Zig. He and several other gang members were out and about, doing what they do best. Ronnie had learned to always keep an eye out for heroes, but everyone knew that heroes rarely give the petty thugs a second glance anymore. Of course, there were occasions in which a hero would stop to arrest the thugs, and those are the occasions he had learned to watch out for.

The hero was new, that much was obvious. He was probably fresh out of Icon with his first costume, ready to combat evil like all those other superheroes he looked up to. Ronnie had let down his guard, and so he never saw the hero coming. All it took was one well-aimed concussive blast and Ronnie was down before he had time to register the attack. He lay there until the rest of his gang mates were dispatched, then the hero slapped the handcuffs on their wrists and they were teleported to the Zig.

Ronnie thought that this was it. After all, he wasn't Destined One material. Arachnos would never go to the trouble of breaking him out. What Ronnie didn't realize, was that there were others in the Zig that Arachnos did have their eyes on. When Arachnos came to break the Destined Ones out of jail, Ronnie saw his chance. He quickly dispatched the guards and anyone that stood in his way. He made a beeline for where he had seen the Arachnos flier land, and while everyone was busy, he snuck on. It looked like Ronnie was getting a second chance after all, and this time, he'd make sure he stayed on top.

I'm HOT!
In more ways than one

Ronnie is known as many things. An asshole, a smartass, a jerk. You'll notice that most of these are basically the same thing. That's because there are few ways to describe Ronnie other than "self-absorbed, narcissistic, jackass." The only person Ronnie cares about is himself. If he wants to do something, you better believe that he's gonna do it, and damn the consequences. Basically, Ronnie is just a bad person.

Kill it with fire!!
That's what I'd do

Fire Control

FireBlast Inferno3.png

Ronnie has the ability to manipulate heat and flames. Using this ability, he can incapacitate his foes and trap them in a ring of fire. Using enough energy, he is able to conjure up several beings made of pure fire to aid him in battle.

Energy Manipulation

PowerPunch Flurry.png Ronnie also has the ability to manipulate the energy in his body and expel it as concussive blasts. He can also build up the energy around his fists to enhance his physical strength.


Flight TravelFlight.png

Heat rises, so it's only natural that by expelling heat downwards, Ronnie is able to lift himself off of the ground and propel himself through the sky. While hard to do at first, Ronnie has recently mastered this ability. He is now almost as at home in the air as he is on land.

Those people...
...That I know


Did you know...
...How awesome I am?
  • Ronnie has a superiority complex.
  • Ronnie's body gives off a lot of heat.
  • Ronnie is a closet genius.
  • Ronnie is secretly fond of the Blues and Jazz.

What do I listen to?
Sick beats yo!

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