Colossus of Roads

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"No stop signs, speed limits, nobody's gonna slow me down!"
Colossus of Roads
Player: @Kiloton Kid
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Dugan Conners
Known Aliases: Colossus, Roads, Big Guy.
Species: Human
Age: 28
Height: 6' / 8'7"
Weight: 220lbs / 925lbs
Eye Color: Confidential
Hair Color: Confidential
Biographical Data
Nationality: U.S. Citizen
Occupation: Superhero
Place of Birth: Independence Port, Paragon City, R.I.
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Meghan Conners [Mother]
Known Powers
Ability to turn into a living stone statue. Also has seemingly limitless super strength, lifting in excess of 200 tons.
Known Abilities
Colossus is biker, and has an affinity for creating one-off choppers outfitted with specialized equipment to not only support his massive bulk, but aid him throughout various missions and undertakings.
A handful of custom motorcycles and his trademark golden gauntlets.
Themesong - Highway to Hell, by AC/DC

The Begining...

"It was ah' friday night, aye...a night tha' I dinnae think ah'll ever forget..."

Indeed...the Colossus of Roads wasn't always as Colossal as he is now. No, life for 'Big' Dugan Conners was much simpler before that night. He was a simple dockworker from Indy Port, a blue collar man trying to make ends meet while still living life and trying to make the best of things. A renegade biker saint and member of the 'Iron Horse Riders' motorcycle club, he tried his best to keep his neighborhood clean, while still of course trying to get ahead in life. It was no secret, Dugan was never perfect, but he tried as best he could to keep his own bad habits under control. Warmhearted, Dugan would just as soon help an elderly lady with her bags as he would pound some Lost gangmember's face in for trying to harm those under the protection of the IHR. Complicated in views, but simple in life and practice. Speak softly, and ride a big motorcycle. And that's just what he did.

Unfortunately, life in Indy Port seemed to just get rougher. The economy was suffering due to the recent Rikti invasions, and as such, ships just weren't coming into port as often as they used to, leaving alot like Dugan hard up for that all-important check at the end of the week. Needless to say, do you really have to guess what Dugan and his lot did? You guessed it. They would 'aquire' certain items on container ships that DID end up making port, citing them as lost or damaged. Of course, they weren't robbing the ships blind...just a few things here and there so the rent or electric bill was paid, and food on the table for their families. But one night, Dugan hit the jackpot...he just didn't know until it was too late.

That fateful friday night, Dugan walked into the office at his warehouse, clocked out, and went to Lenny the clerk to get his paycheck.

"Heya, Big D."
"Ello' there, Lenny."
"Here's your paycheck, D...isn't much, but whose is?"

He took the check, and just sighed, shaking his head as he look to the numbers.

"Aye, tis' nae much at all...barely enough to cover rent."
"Well...not for nothing, but Hendricks pinched himself a nice little statue. Here, take it. The Sumb**ch has enough money for the week, and you could use it."

Dugan chuckled, and without saying a word, leaned over the counter, and took the statue. It was granite, about 3 feet tall, not too wide. It was a carving of the mighty Colossus of Rhodes, the watchman to the great port of Rhodes, Greece. He looked it over, and smiled, winking to Lenny.

"Thank ye, boyo. Swing by tha' house when ye' get off, and ah'll swap out tha' carburator on ye' harley for ye."

And with that, he strapped the statue to the back of his motorcycle, and wheeled down the highway toward home. It was a crisp night, and Dugan wasn't too sure how he would pawn this thing off under the radar, but hell, someone would buy it in this city. Paragon was filled with people looking for very odd, rare things. Pulling up to his house, a slightly run down place, white with green window accents, he threw down the kickstand, leaned the bike, and grabbed that statue, walking in. He placed it on the large coffee table, and threw his jacket on the couch, walking to the kitchen for a beer. Just as he popped the top off of a cold longneck, he heard a smash in the living room coupled with the sound of his dog Max barking like mad. As he walked into the living room, he sighed, his hung low as he looked at the statue, cracked right down the center. Upset, he kicked the dammed thing toward the door, slamming into the only light in the living room.

He headed to the kitchen to get his beer and just sit down, but he noticed a faint glow coming from the dark living room. He turned his head, looking toward the pile of rubble the statue had become. He went over to it, and moved some of the pieces to find to be what looked like gold gauntlets. He looked them over, and began to smile.

"Ye' know, pup...maybe tonight's nae too bad at all. Ah think ye' just hit the jackpot, maxie." he said to his dog, patting his head lightly.

As he carefull inspected the gauntlets, he noticed an engraving on the inside. It was a bit dusty, from being in the statue for whoever knows how long, and stuck his hand in to wipe it down and see if he could read it. The gauntlets then seemingly clasped themselves to his forearms without warning, glowing bright yellow, and a spirit form fromt he ehtreal plane in front of him. Scared to death, he fell to his knees as it spoke.

"Mortal, you have found the golden gauntlets of the Gods of Olympus and have been judged worthy by Zeus himself to weild them. Forevermore shall you be an avatar of their will, the mighty Colossus of Rhodes!!"

As it began to fade away in brilliant light, his muscles began to buldge, violently exploding to gigantic proportions, turning him into a massive hulk of stone with strength uncomprehendable. This, dear friends, was the birth of the Colossus of Roads.

{{ more to come! ))

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