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(Below are the dedicated playlists of songs associated with Afterglow. Each playlist corresponds to a specific event, character that Jenna knows, or the relationship a character has with Jenna. The music has been carefully chosen over a long period to best fit a character, situation, or relationship. Playlists may update at any given time (especially since several of these are brand new). If interested in reading this VirtueVerse and listening to playlist options at the same time, scroll through and open the links in a new tab. Some of the tracks/playlists are considered explicit.)

Afterglow's Playlists

"COURAGE HEART" -- Courage Heart's Playlist
"AFTERGLOW" -- Afterglow's Playlist

Character Playlists

"CANNON FODDER" -- Photon Cannon
"THE DRUID'S SON" -- Zach/Hyperclaw (Collaborated with player)
"IN TECHNICOLOR BLOOM" -- Henry/Bizarrotek (Collaborated with player)
"TERMINARCH" -- Kim/Extinction (Collaborated with player)
"STARRY-EYED" -- Elizabeth/Ultimate Girl (Collaborated with player)
"MIRRORED IMAGE" -- Shadow Phoenix

Archvillain Playlists (SPOILERS!)

"BIRD SONG" -- The Cousins & ??? (Collaborated with player)
"CHIMERA" -- ??? & ??? (Collaborated with player)
"TAROT" -- ???
"BLACK SHEEP" -- The Guide

Duo Playlists (SPOILERS!)

"OUR FUTURE IS NOW" -- Elizabeth and Jenna (Collaborated with player)
"CERVINE CASKET" -- Courage Heart and The Guide
"WOLF'S TEETH" -- Shadow Phoenix and Zach (Collaborated with player)

Hero Icon Web.png
The Courageous
Heart of Light / Death Denied
Jenna Ainsworth
· Mutation Scrapper ·
Claws / Energy Armor
Real Name
Jenna Audrey Ainsworth
Courage Heart, Afterglow, Jenny
March 22nd
United Kingdom
Paragon City
Legal Status
Hero Corps background,
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Photon Cannon (elder brother)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
111 lbs.
Body Type
Athletic; slim
Strawberry blonde (orange tint)
· Distinguishing Features ·
Odd claw and teeth scarring on entire left shoulder running length of arm. Animal bite markings on back of neck. Crater-like dent in mid-lower spine. Lichtenberg figures on sides of abdomen with paw prints at center.

Recent Changes (11/22/21)

The gang's still here! Feathereater's Club is currently on hold, and has been for five months, on account of new jobs, multiple late summer/early fall illnesses, and changes in living conditions for multiple players across the board. We have stopped on Chapter 23, which is the final chapter before the "Birds of a Feather" boss battles take off. Everyone is doing alright and we are eager to continue this long haul of an RP project. Although the project is on hold, there's estimation to have story progression before Christmas.

  • Jenna's middle name has been added to the PriceBox.
  • Updated several playlists with new music, including: Terminarch, Bird Song, In Technicolor Bloom, The Druid's Son, Wolf's Teeth, Our Future is Now, Cervine Casket, and Chimera.
  • Updated "The Dragon and The Unicorn" under Story Arcs with a better-written summary.

NOTICE: Because the entire backstory for Jenna never got RPed, but was heavily discussed OOC, a decision was made to go back to the Courage Heart years and actually RP it. While some details remain stagnant, new information will be cropping up, now with additional members to the team. Time it takes for story progression and updates will vary.

GNnBt7H.png Backstory

Moving to the United States

In 1989, Callum Ainsworth and his wife Lily--also known as the heroine 'Incandescent Shield'--Had founded the company Ainsworth Industries together in the United Kingdom, where Callum was born and raised. Both were metas--Callum was a technopath, and Lily was a photokinetic. They were both workaholics and very dedicated to their business. Lily found in her free time a love to use her powers as a heroine. They had two children--Jonah and Jenna. Jonah was born in 1990, and Jenna was born in 1997.

Jonah began to show signs early on of Asperger's Syndrome and was diagnosed at a young age. When he turned 11, he began to show metahuman potential--He appeared to have the power to disintegrate objects that his hands came in direct contact with, converting this material into ammunition. This ammunition was comprised of photonic energy which Jonah could fire from his fists. Although the two traits had nothing to do with each other, Jonah's emotional outbursts resulted in more catastrophic--though never deadly--scenarios. It was simply an unstable ability that was hard to deal with. Callum and Lily decided to craft special gloves for Jonah to wear in order to protect their son and others.

Due to their parents' workaholic nature, although Callum and Lily certainly adored their children, they recognized how little time they had available for them. Jonah's abilities finalized their decision to seek help from Callum's non-meta brother, David Ainsworth, a special ed teacher in the U.S. The Ainsworth knew of an organization near David's place of dwelling, on account of Lily having participated in its development, which was dedicated to the growth of metahumans. This was the Ashvattha Metafacility, run by Grandmaster Larch. Larch, himself, was a Golden Age hero who had retired and decided to offer help to the next generation of heroes.

David Ainsworth was more than happy to bring the kids into the U.S., as he had no children or wife of his own. He was a fantastic match for the kids, and the children seemed to enjoy themselves in Pennsylvania. Jenna was a chatty and friendly four-year-old who had homeschooling when David was at home. Jonah had some favoritism when enrolled to Ashvattha on account of his mother, which gave him a bit of an ego boost. Life was "standard procedure" for all of two years.

The Mark of Death

The rural community that Jenna resided in thrived. It was a well-executed environment; everyone knew everyone for three blocks in all directions, meaning that the adults would help each other watch over their kids and allow their children to play in the local park just a few blocks down. They lived this way, surprisingly, with little incident. It's perhaps something they were best known for.

However, this was precisely what would cause Jenna's horrifying incident. In April of 2003, just a month after her sixth birthday, Jenna made a regrettable decision to not tell any adults where she was going. She had perhaps taken her environment for granted. She didn't call David to say where she was, although she had told Jonah, who was indifferent on the matter. On this day, with it being just before noon, several adults of the community were away at work, and none of their children were at the park as a result.

Jenna played by herself at the local park. Although it was easy to amuse herself, when dark clouds and an unnatural fog began to roll in, she became unsettled. She convinced herself to play for a few more minutes on the swings before heading home. As a result, she found herself trapped in a supernatural, opaque fog. Naturally afraid, Jenna wandered aimlessly through this fog, though by some miracle, she stayed relatively near the park. Happening upon an adult whom she recognized by clothing and shape, Jenna tried to ask her once-next door neighbor for help getting home, but was met instead with her neighbor's remains.

Alerted to the tiny human, the zombie stirred from its inactive state. The situation which rapidly unfolded was blocked out of Jenna's memory out of sheer trauma. Only flashes remained with her--Running through an endless fog with no sense of direction or way out. A horde of metahuman zombies hunting her down. How much blood she saw. The sort of "quiet," as she describes it, with Aurora standing over her body. The ghastly, rotting "Deer Man" that parted the fog and touched hoofed claws to her shoulder bone. How frustrated this made her, and fragments of the tale of her fate that followed. The wretched, smiling faces of evil spirits that peeked out at her through the Deer Man's exposed bones. The arm-lance that dragged on concrete as the Deer Man vanished into the fog.

The situation was one which Aurora could tell you better. A local necromancer who was infamous for attacking metahuman organizations had used the rural area of the city as "practice" before he would move to attack the Ashvattha Metafacility. For whatever reason, this never happened--For reasons a later story could tell. As a Lullaby Companion, Aurora was drawn to children who had been hurt in the most horrible of ways. Jenna was instantly selected by the laws of her magic-blood. Descending upon Jenna, Aurora used her wind and earth magic to fight off the horde. Jenna was left with parts of her left arm eaten away to bone. As Aurora stood crouched over Jenna, an unholy amalgamation known as "The Guide" came to seize the child's soul.

Out and about in the city to take care of the dead, the higher being had been coming to collect the child's soul, only to see that Jenna had found the courage in Aurora's presence to hold feebly onto life. Curiosity got the better of the one-of-many death-bringer, and a peer into Jenna's future revealed an interesting fate--More importantly, an interesting metahuman ability. One which would greatly benefit The Guide's work; a willpower unlike any other that would magnify its work on the mortal plane significantly. Efficiency was all that this "death machine" really cared about, after all.

The Guide gave Jenna the Mark of Death--A due death was selected for her among the many strands of fate, and to further butterfly effect this desired outcome into reality, it went out of its unkind way to inform the child of a forbidden knowledge. On Aug. 14th, 2013, at 9:32pm, Jenna would be killed by someone "whom she has called a friend."

The pact sealed, The Guide abandoned its future host to let her be narrowly rescued by Jonah.

Recovery Period

Found and taken to the ER, Jenna made a physical recovery, but from thereon never seemed to get better emotionally and mentally. Though her family was caring and her new Lullaby Companion stayed at her side, Jenna suffered. The incident gave way to PTSD, social anxiety, depression, and plenty of other issues. At least half a year of therapy was required to make sure Jenna would not turn into a zombie.

No one could get Jenna to talk about the attack, or her curse, or things she had seen. Though Jenna had begun to reference an "imaginary friend" in the mirror, who supposedly told her that "everything would be alright," the psychologists could only assume that Jenna was finding a means to cope by creating this "friend." And because of the nature of the attack, they were unable to determine whether or not her memory loss was caused by brain rot or by severe trauma.

The nature of Jenna's curse could not be identified in full by mages--Though it could be read as an omen, it was foreign to those they came across. Jenna seemed determined to never make friends and, though allowed to continue living with David, was coddled and shut in at home. It wasn't like she had a desire to go out, anyway.

Courage Heart: Major Story Arcs

Birds of a Feather


  • Campaign DM: @Macchiato


Summary for Prelude to Bird Song phase coming soon.

Birds of a Feather ICly will escalate towards the end of 2010, and is estimated to end in early February of 2011.


A New Day

  • Campaign DM: @UltraRankGrunt & @mightyBos

Nail in the Coffin

Courage Heart: Minor Story Arcs

The Dragon and the Unicorn

ARC COMPLETED -- 10/29/20 - 4/17/21

After rescuing Kim and Goji from their imprisonment at the Armstrong farm, Kim decided to live at Ashvattha under surveillance of the law. Kim settled on attending the soccer club when other recreational activities proved difficult on account of her disability. This would inevitably direct Kim's attention to "the boy whose smile can part the clouds and outshine the sun."

Julian, better known as "Narcissus" or "The Unicorn Wizard," entered the scene with a cocky display of his reality-bending willpower. His power would magnify with confidence, resulting in shimmers on his horn. He proved to be a bully toward his peers and anyone who challenged the self-proclaimed authority he had. The soccer club was falling apart as a result of Narcissus' banter, and Kim had grown to care for the team. She sought out the ones who had rescued her from the Armstrong farm for one last heroic favor.

On the verge of the soccer team falling apart for good, Kim challenged Narcissus to a 1v5 meta soccer game--Narcissus versus Kim, Henry, Jenna, Zach, and Ellie. On that day, Narcissus was being accompanied by a female student named Vanessa. As the team would learn later, Julian was childhood best friends with Vanessa, and he'd been doting after her since they were young. The unrequited feelings resulted in Julian's desire to act out and push his limits against anyone and everyone. Not wanting to make a fool of himself, Narcissus accepted the challenge...and promptly lost when the soccer ball was popped on his horn.

For weeks to come, Narcissus was fixated on the team for managing to best him. His fixation lay the most with Kim, as Kim and Goji were the most difficult for Narcissus to take on.

Jenna decided to join Kim's soccer team, and with Ellie occasionally attending to watch from the bleachers, the three girls seemed to enjoy their time. Narcissus made a couple reappearances to harass the girls, especially Kim. Kim didn't appreciate having the bully target her, and Jenna and Ellie often intervened to prevent fights before they would break out. These encounters were fairly undramatic.

Heralding the "Prelude to Bird Song" arc, Henry had an accident. Something possessed him to climb--and in the process, on account of his powers, destroy--the side of Ashvattha's library. At the top, he met an uncanny chickadee who delivered an ominous message to him before Henry woke from his stupor and plummeted back to the Earth. Henry survived, save for a few scrapes and bruises. He was assigned library duty for the property damage and perceived "misconduct and misuse of his powers." There, Henry met Vanessa personally, who was on library duty out of choice. To anyone's surprise, Vanessa seemed to always be alone when in the library, as if Narcissus avoided books like the plague. It was revealed that Vanessa's heterochromia was a part of her meta powers; she was a powerful empath, and depending which eye was closed, she was able to change the emotions of others within a small radius. Henry and Vanessa quickly became friends--without the help of Vanessa's power, of course.

Jenna, Henry, Ellie, and Kim began participating in more rigorous physical classes. Each of them had powers they needed to learn how to control and improve upon. When Zach was of age (thirteen), he was allowed to live on campus at Ashvattha. He officially took on the same classes that the rest of the team had. For Zach's first physical training class, partners were paired up to face off against each other. Henry and Ellie faced off, and the match was called off for a foul on Henry's part. Jenna and Kim faced off, and Kim won. However, when it came Zach's turn, Narcissus volunteered to take him on.

The hot-headed Zach and cocky Narcissus had a flashy battle, and Narcissus came out on top. Finally getting a one-up over the team, he turned to Vanessa for validation--but began to notice how their friendship was hanging in the balance. Desperate to keep Vanessa's presence, he once again challenged the team--but this time, to a spar. After the class had ended, a more intense 1v5 took place. This resulted in Jenna discovering her second superpower. Through Julian's willpower, the discovery was made that Jenna also had sheer willpower to combat him with. Although their willpowers had different results, Jenna's interest and understanding of Narcissus' powers magnified.

The spar ended in a tie, borderline loss, when Julian noticed that Vanessa had left the sidelines mid-battle. His confidence greatly diminished, and the team thought this would be the end of The Unicorn Wizard.

A time later, Kim was approached by Narcissus after classes. He asked to meet with her privately, and Kim expected a fight, but instead, Julian invited her and Goji over to his house. It was here that Julian battled with some previously masked social anxiety, and confessed that he had no friends besides Vanessa. "She's the only person who has ever given me the time of day," he said. Yet he seemed ignorant to his behavior when Kim mentioned the bullying. Julian seemed to think that he was inspiring the other students to push their own boundaries, and he expressed his desire to be a good role model for other students.

Kim and Narcissus settled on a plan to correct the reputation that Narcissus had made for himself. A few days later, a large crowd, including Jenna, Ellie, Zach, and Henry witnessed a fight break out between Kim and Narcissus. Kim appeared to be bullying and egging Narcissus on, and Narcissus did his best to turn Kim into the bad guy. Their plan to make Kim into the "new bully" backfired when Vanessa made her way into the crowd and activated her powers. She had seen right through Julian's plan, and forcing a rather sudden depressive episode on all present, she accused Narcissus of setting Kim up to take the fall for all of the things Julian had done. Vanessa publicly rejected Narcissus--which was the most mortifying thing of all for the teenager--and twisting the knife into the wound, she declared that she and Julian were no longer friends.

The severely depressing aura that Vanessa used within the crowd caused some unforeseen severe side effects in some of the team members, such as Jenna and Ellie, as well as Narcissus. It had an almost mind-controlling effect which seemed to crush Narcissus' soul in a terrible way.

A couple days later, not long after the altercation, Vanessa went out of her way to apologize to Henry and Kim, then their friends, since catching the team in her aura by proximity was never her intention. Although everyone forgave Vanessa, due to the crippling emotional incident, Jenna seemed to have experienced amnesia of it--a significant forewarning to events of the late future. Vanessa managed to bring Jenna's memory of the incident back in a healthy way, and apologized a second time. Vanessa started hanging out with the Feathereater's Club, especially Henry and Kim.

On June 12th, 2010, Vanessa invited everyone out for ice cream. She was still making efforts to make up to the team for her outburst, despite the others having forgiven her. It was at this outing that the true ending for "The Dragon and The Unicorn" arrived.

Unannounced and unseen for weeks, Narcissus made his way to the park next to the ice cream shop and began his assault. The damage Vanessa had done on him was reflecting in his eyes. Wrapped up in his loneliness, and jealous of the Feathereater's Club's success, ability to inspire others, and Vanessa's friendship, he sought out Kim in particular. Kim, who had always been a mountain he couldn't climb. He wanted so desperately to best Kim in a fight, no matter how much of a necessity violence could be. It was all or nothing for him. "I am invincible," Narcissus declared. And so, willing this statement into being, reality was bent.

Narcissus' assault began with borderline acid rain from the sky, followed by self-duplication across the park. The Feathereater Club's fight with Julian took just under fifteen minutes, but the results were catastrophic. Narcissus blew out the glass from every private property and vehicle around, and put a significant crater in the park. Bruises and broken bones racked both sides, and Jenna dislocated her shoulder in a successful attempt to equalize with Julian's willpower. Aurora saw that the only way to stop Narcissus would be to inflict self-doubt, and so an opportunity rose. She turned to Elizabeth, the most iconically heroic and well-versed fledgling hero of the group, and empowered Ellie with a wind shield.

Elizabeth made the final blow. With Aurora's help, she took on the visage of "what a hero should be." Through seeing Elizabeth, Julian saw all that he wanted to be and felt he couldn't achieve, and realized he had become the "bad guy." Regretting his path up to that point, he accepted defeat and took Ellie's super punch to the face, knocking him out. After speaking with the police and officials at Ashvattha, it was decided the students would receive light punishment. For Narcissus, however, for committing aggravated assault and several accounts of private property damage, he was expelled from Ashvattha's roster and left in the hands of the law. Although Julian came to see the wrongs he had done, he would not get the chance to apologize to everyone for a very long time.

The Feathereater's Club had one boss battle down, and there were many more to come.

2fu2G2b.png Social

RP Hooks/Traits

Information will be added once the plot reaches the modern Afterglow timeline.

Various Quotes

Some quotes contain mature language. Because the campaign is taking place over Discord, bear in mind its formatting. Although there are quotes for some arcs which have not begun, those in the campaign have decided to write up "intermission pieces" to foreshadow future arcs. These, and foreshadowing quotes throughout ongoing arcs, are what fills those spaces.

All Out of Character Quotes

"Henry's Bizarrotek Adventure"
@Arctique, Out of Character ((09/03/2020))

@Photon Cannon, Out of Character ((08/17/2020))

"I'm watching Demon Slayer for the first time 99% blind and I want to know why Zenitsu is being Henry"
@Photon Cannon, Out of Character ((09/28/2020))

"Her last name will be Gay so her parents' farm can have a big sign up front that says "Gay Farms""
@Arctique, Out of Character ((09/01/2020))

"@Mark of Death -- who the fuck is Mark" "When you go in her DMs and she's talking to some guy named Mark of Death"
@Macciatio & @Photon Cannon, Out of Character ((11/04/2020))

"We need a subplot where the team all play Runescape together" "ZACH NAMES HIS RUNESCAPE CHAR HYPERCLAW" "When we accidentally make the campaign about 2000s Nostalgia."
@Arctique, @Photon Cannon, & @Macchiato, Out of Character ((09/03/2020))

"Narcissus challenges them to beat him in Runescape PvP"
@Arctique, Out of Character ((11/28/2020))

"I can't believe Zach won't let Jenna name herself Alpha Courage but he names himself Hyperclaw"
@Photon Cannon, Out of Character ((09/03/2020))

"Wait - Why isn't the feather eaters' story named - Beforeglow."
@Arctique, Out of Character ((11/30/2020))

"To make doubly sure. Do they have the orange on file?" "HUH? WHAT IS THE ORANGE?" "They have the organ on file?" . . . "That organ has a vaguely orangeish tint now thank you Macchiato for your contribution"
@Macchiato & @Photon Cannon, Out of Character ((10/27/2020))

"All my homies hate Narcissus."
@Arctique, Out of Character ((10/30/2020))

"2009 passes. 2010 is the DECADE OF FUCKERY."
@Macchiato, Out of Character ((12/09/2020))

"Ready to feel?" "No" "bitch you about to cry anyway" "Yeah Ik shut up stop bullying me"
@Arctique & @Photon Cannon, Out of Character ((12/10/2020))

"Honestly, Henry is a dinosaur." "Bro wtf"
@Macchiato & @Photon Cannon, Out of Character ((12/14/2020))

All good, I'm busy just staring at a seagull pretending to drive a car.
@Photon Cannon, Out of Character ((01/07/2021))

all my homies hate julian. but all my homies stan vanessa.
@Arctique, Out of Character ((01/09/2021))

"Null the Gull could never." "@P H A R M A C E U T I G U L L"
@Photon Cannon & @Macchiato, Out of Character ((02/20/2021))

"all my homies still kind of feel for julian and vanessa equally"
@Macchiato, Out of Character ((04/17/2021))

(Prologue) "Feathereater Club" Arc

"A--re you okay?" "Umm. I fainted."
Henry & Jenna, Roleplay ((09/23/2020))

Henry joined Jenna by leaning on the wall. He thinks he's rather cool. But he's not.
@Macciatio, Roleplay ((10/27/2020))

It was a learned response taught by none other than herself, given to adults that would look at her with condolence at the sight of her arm. "It doesn't hurt," in the breath-holding silence, though her eyes were rolled up to the corner of the ceiling.
@Photon Cannon, Roleplay ((10/27/2020))

Jonah asked to go back to Callum and Lily for Thanksgiving. David pointed out that Thanksgiving didn't exist in the UK, and Jonah swore up and down that he would make it happen. He never did.
@Photon Cannon, Intermission Writing ((11/04/2020))

Elizabeth, Roleplay ((11/04/2020))

Heroes don't swear. She continued hissing through her teeth rather than making the word she was quite clearly trying to stop herself from saying, stomping with her right foot as she gripped her absolutely shattered hand.
Elizabeth, Roleplay ((11/04/2020))

Henry mumbled, officially ever the Modern Prometheus for bringing fire to mankind-
Henry, Roleplay ((11/27/2020))

"The Dragon & The Unicorn" Subplot RP Quotes

"Avert your gazes everyone, or else you'll be blinded by greatness! The boy with a smile that can part the clouds and outshine the sun is here!"
Narcissus, Roleplay ((10/29/2020))

Henry's lingering offense is enough. It was in that moment that Henry resolved...He needs to tell Zach about the unicorn.
@Macciatio, Roleplay ((10/29/2020))

Rather than "release the hounds," it was "release the dragon" and it already knew how to let itself out.
@Photon Cannon, Roleplay ((01/07/2021))

"Grass doesn't taste very good."
Jenna, Roleplay ((01/07/2021))

"Birds of a Feather" Arc RP Quotes

It knelt over the body, bowling the unresponsive man over. What it saw underneath caused its limbs to rumble, its pupils to constrict into square pinpricks, focused onto the hiker with a fury. It cupped a hand and gently lifted the cold and unresponsive body of a finch crushed undertow. The creature opened its flat jaws, a deep rattling gasp. Murder leaked from his eyes.
@Macchiato, Intermission Writing ((12/09/2020))

As long as he moved, no tracks would catch him. The trees would mask him, as he followed an itch; the inexorable and uncertain tug eastwards. And he knew exactly what he would do when he finally got there.
@Macchiato, Intermission Writing ((12/09/2020))

His jaw creaked open as he moved to tip all the plentiful goodies in this unknown pill bottle down the hatch. He would have gotten away with it too, were it not for the interjection of flapping wings and the screams of a seagull desperately trying to squeeze in and slap the ever-loving shit out of everything in the car.
@Macchiato, Intermission Writing ((01/07/2021))

The seagull switches over to the steering wheel and clamps its beak along its edge, maneuvering its head back and forth, before perching on the gear shift with a gulping gull mockery of laughter.
@Macchiato, Intermission Writing ((01/07/2021))

Looming over the ledge, the tiny body of a chickadee glowered down. {Henry. Chickadee. Just you wait. Put you together, make no mistake.}
? ? ?, Intermission Writing ((01/31/2021))

"Harmony" Arc RP Quotes

There was no typical stench of manure, or even the scent of the old wood that the barn had been built from. All he could smell was perfectly clean, crisp air. Almost to the point of feeling sterile.
@Arctique, Intermission Writing ((09/23/2020))

Her gaze locked on that tiny patch of night sky she could see through the cracks, watching a small light streak through the sky past the stars. A shooting star. She made a wish.
@Arctique, Intermission Writing ((11/29/2020))

Eventually finding themselves at the edge of a crater, looking over an odd-looking... Rock? At a distance, it looked like just a chunk of some meteor, but as they wandered down into the crater to get a closer look...It was pulsating.
@Arctique, Intermission Writing ((11/29/2020))

The dragon gave another weak tug on the shackles binding her ankles, until she was able to move her foot enough to sweep aside some of the scattered bones on the floor in front of everyone. Revealing a streak of scorched black earth hidden beneath a few chipped bovine skulls.
@Arctique, Roleplay ((12/09/2020))

"They said they didn't want to hurt her either... Before raising their weapon. I won't let her be..." Her rumbling voice trailing off as her trembling legs seemed to suddenly give out from under her, dropping abruptly to her knees and scrambling to steady herself with her wings' talons.
Goji, Roleplay ((12/09/2020))

In the end, her defensive posture finally lowered. She saw nothing but genuine sincerity. No hostile intent, no plan to bait her into dropping her guard. . . . Finally, one painfully long minute later, she moved forward to bite down onto the offered sandwich. For a beast her size it wasn't nearly enough to fill her starving stomach, but what was important was the gesture. . . . The dragon wouldn't forget this gesture. She was going to be sure to repay it several times over.
@Arctique, Roleplay ((12/09/2020))

"Kim sweetie, we don't want to hurt you... But you're becomin' something terrible. This is for your own good, hon'." "You've already become something far more terrible than I could ever be."
Mr. Armstrong & Goji, Roleplay ((12/20/2020))

"A New Day" Arc RP Quotes

Equals, Intermission Writing ((11/04/2020))

"Nail in the Coffin" Arc RP Quotes

The ritual was familiar to the two of them--as Jenna put a palm against the top of her head, and carefully moved it straight across, to press against the mirror.
Jenna & Quincy, Intermission Writing ((09/11/2020))

What was there to do, with a corpse? Well, surely, one would get on with their life. There was plenty of work to be done.
The Guide, Intermission Writing ((10/19/2020))

It was like a thousand eyes bore down on her back. "I'm okay," Jenna managed to get out. "I'm scared." One of those is a lie.
Jenna, Roleplay ((12/09/2020))

"Mom." "Hm?" "... Can I help her? Them? Anything?" "No. You can only help ease the suffering."
Zachariah & Sara Callaghan, Intermission Writing ((12/10/2020))

Rising from beneath the sound was something mushy and organic, giving the impression of a bodily rearrangement. Henceforth came an eyesore of orange electricity with the scent of burnt copper and wet dog.
@Photon Cannon, Intermission Writing ((12/31/2020))

Even in death, a crow is not made to sing. So why should she?
Quincy, Intermission Writing ((12/31/2020))

Relations, Friends, & Enemies


S2fivuI.png Jonah Ainsworth

  • Player: @Photon_Cannon
  • Status to Jenna: Brother
  • Aliases: Photon Cannon, Photon, "Sizzles"

The ever-aspiring-hero big brother is very protective of Jenna. He's done what he can to help Jenna reacclimate and adjust to the world. He perhaps feels that it's his duty to put on airs and act confident in Jenna's stead, which, although it goes unobvious to peers, the adults of their lives seem to have quickly figured it out. Jonah's confidence and loving nature has certainly played a part in Jenna's ultimate recovery.

Ti1owxL.png Aurora

  • Player: @Photon_Cannon
  • Status to Jenna: Guardian
  • Aliases: Kitty, Granny, Lullaby Companion

Lullaby Companions are creatures native to a place known as the Sorcerer's Willow. They are animals which have evolved and adapted to the magic in the Willow, allowing their forms to change in size at whim, as well as use the natural elements to protect their children. All Lullaby Companions have a base color of white, but otherwise look like stuffed animal toys, or appear gentle and pure, appealing to children specifically. They are equivalent to therapy pets, having the power to protect children from nightmares. They only appear to and stay beside children who have endured significant harm or trauma. When their child is threatened, they take on a form associated more closely to the actual animal in the wild.

In Aurora's case, she appears to be a hybrid between a snow leopard and a snowy owl, making her an owl griffin. Patient, peaceful, and loving, despite Jenna's inevitable mortality, she does all in her power to help Jenna be comfortable, and encourages her to make friends despite what the "Deer Man" has said. Though Aurora knows deep down that Jenna's fate is absolute, she is hopeful that justice may come through the afterlife, and is carefully deciphering Jenna's nightmares. Knowing of the "Deer Man's" mythology, Aurora has realized a catch in its motives which may earn Jenna a right to life and earn The Guide reprimand by its Council. Aurora just has to find a way and time to draw attention to its rule breaking...

David Ainsworth

  • Player: @Photon_Cannon
  • Status to Jenna: Uncle
  • Aliases: Mr. Ainsworth, Uncle D.

A jolly soul who was made even happier by the caretaking of his niece and nephew. Jenna and Jonah are still asking David when he's going to get a wife. David's not sure either.

Friends (Courage Heart Phase)

LtrxCTQ.png Henry Briggs

  • Player: @Macchiato
  • Status to Jenna: Best friend
  • Aliases: Bizarrotek

Information coming soon.

Dr. Connor Albright

  • Player: @Macchiato
  • Status to Jenna: Supervisor/Esoterics Engineer at Ashvattha Metafacility
  • Aliases: "Henry's Dad," Professor Albright

Information coming soon.

zHEMxGu.png Zachariah Callaghan

  • Player: @datBos
  • Status to Jenna: Best friend
  • Aliases: Hyperclaw, Zach

Information coming soon.

ilXkFO4.png Elizabeth Hirano

  • Player: @UltraRankGrunt
  • Status to Jenna: Best friend
  • Aliases: Ultimate Girl, Ellie

Information coming soon.

PgM7g9f.png Knight Terminarch

  • Player: @Arctique
  • Status to Jenna: Best friend
  • Aliases: Extinction, Kim Armstrong

Information coming soon.

jA0iVzp.png Vanessa ???

  • Player: @Arctique
  • Status to Jenna: Acquaintance
  • Aliases: Unknown

Information coming soon.

Enemies (Courage Heart Phase)

n4lPGPJ.png Narcissus

  • Player: @Arctique
  • Status to Jenna: Ex-Ashvattha student
  • Aliases: Unicorn Wizard, Julian

A fellow student at the Ashvattha Metafacility, Julian was overtaken by general teenager insecurities and his desire to impress the only peer who cared about him. He made for a formidable, willpower-piloted, reality-bending foe, but in the end, he was brought down and charged for his criminal activity. Perhaps in his absence, he will come to find the sort of person he wants to be, and have more healthy growth. Jenna learned a lot about herself through fighting him, and hopes to one day hear his apology and spar with him again.

The Cousins

  • Player: @Macchiato
  • Status to Jenna: Unknown
  • Aliases: The Shrike Twins, Anna the ???, Halina the Sparrow, ??? the Seagull, & ??? the Bittern

The faeish, shapeshifting children who began their tirade against Henry in early 2010 have continued to go primarily undetected by the boy. Although they primarily take the form of human children and birds, the Bittern revealed itself to also be a mouse; one that Aurora caught inside of Ashvattha's library. Seemingly sent by Henry's Archvillain, they are under a contract which uses them against their will. They seem to be having fun without any adults around, regardless, and just what exactly they are, and are here for is yet to be seen.

? ? ?

  • Player: @Macchiato
  • Status to Jenna: Henry's Villain
  • Aliases: Unknown

Information regarding name and motives will be revealed later in plot.

? ? ?

Because this entity's name and motives have not yet been revealed in plot, information regarding the "Meteor" will come at a later date, as to not spoil the Harmony plot for other players in the campaign.

? ? ?

  • Player: @Arctique
  • Status to Jenna: Kim/Goji's Archvillain
  • Aliases: Unknown

H̵e̶b̸r̴e̸w̸s̸ ̸1̴3̷:̷2̴

The Guide

  • Player: @Photon_Cannon
  • Status to Jenna: Archvillain
  • Aliases: Guiding Haunt, "Deer Man"

For as long as the ancient scholars of magic and mythology can recall, the Catacomb Council has existed beyond the the material realms. They are mythical beings of mortal terror, ancient guardians carrying out Death's bidding and protecting the cycle of life. Though the origins of the Catacomb Council remain ambiguous, they are referenced in many cultures around the world. The "Guiding Haunt" figure is the only member of the Council to roam the Earth, first appearing in the late 1600's. Effigies of it all share three characteristics: a skull resembling that of a wild goat, a sword in the place of its right hand, and an amagalmate of spirits of the damned within. Its physical body used to walk the Earth is depicted as "suffering a mortal fate, unlike the cacophony of souls it hordes. It must renew its body when its current begins to fail. It favors souls of the bleak and true evil, as they provide no resistance against hunting and culling. With each new soul, the Guiding Haunt's intelligence of the mortal realm grows, as does its bitter efficiency."

Askuwheteau no longer responds to his name. The wendigo spirit that broke him that cold, winter night forever thrives and satiates its hunger through predatory instincts. One must wonder how tight of a leash the Catacomb Council can keep on a creature otherwise aside their realm of profession.

uP3Qegn.png Shadow Phoenix

  • Player: @Photon_Cannon
  • Status to Jenna: "Doppleganger"
  • Aliases: Quincy, Jenna

Due to the nature of The Guide's cursed placed onto Jenna, though Jenna does not see her self-made alter ego as a villain, the curse twisted its motives and forces a bias. No one else is able to see Quincy in Jenna's reflection except herself, and because the curse defends itself, Jenna cannot speak with others about Quincy's given name, The Guide, or the curse itself. It was simply the "imaginary friend" that Jenna had as a child. When Jenna hid information from prying psychologists, they deducted that the "friend in the mirror" was a means to coping with her trauma, and even suggested Jenna to be disassociating from the traumatic event. Whatever remains the truth, Jenna hopes to find strength through Quincy when her day of reckoning comes. Maybe if she can't beat her own death...someone else can.

Quincy shares the appearance of how Jenna will look when she dies. The off-put coloration's cause has not yet been revealed in plot and will remain a secret until the Nail in the Coffin Arc.

hCzcp7L.png Eclesius & The Forgone

  • Player: @Photon_Cannon
  • Status to Jenna: Sub-Archvillain
  • Aliases: The Hangman, Tarot Deck of Famine

Information will drop with plot progression closer to the Nail in the Coffin arc.


  • Player: @UltraRankGrunt
  • Status to Jenna: Villain
  • Aliases: Unknown

Information regarding motives will be revealed later in plot.

YPTvZQG.png Artwork


IlE4gMP.png fm3Qq56.png qqoZNaD.png

(All) Julia Adamenko

Avatar Makers

Vn1hYza.png 3xNGbfk.png W0twMQH.png

(All) Courage Heart (made on Picrew)

40D58IO.png clvIxiH.png cEeUUpQ.png nHnm5f8.png

(All) Quincy, the "Shadow Phoenix" (first made on Charat, rest made on Picrew)

lXO2ecp.png 8a43zYV.png HPDInMW.png uIGsJI5.png

(All) Afterglow (made on Picrew)

65yzTEh.png KQrxeNA.png

(Left to right) Henry, Elizabeth, Jenna, Kim, Zach (made on Picrew), (group photo assembled by @Arctique), (Left to right) Henry, Jenna, Elizabeth, Kim, Zach (made on Picrew), (group photo collaborated between @Arctique and I)

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