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The Notorious
Crime Boss
Player: @USA Steel
Origin: [Natural] Originicon_natural.png
Archetype: [Mastermind] V_archetypeicon_mastermind.png
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Alberto Marconi
Known Aliases: Big Al, Mr. Big, Mr. Marconi, The Big Man, The Boss, The Boss Man
Species: Human
Age: 37
Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 480 lbs
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Bald
Biographical Data
Nationality: Italian-American
Occupation: Mafia Boss, [Rogue] Align_Status_Rogue.png
Place of Birth: Steel Canyon Hospital - Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City (Kings Row)
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Marconi Family
Known Powers
[Thugs] Thugs_HirePosse.png / [Poison] Poison_Antidote.png /
[Field Mastery] PowerMastery_TempInvulnerability.png
Known Abilities
Wealth & Resources, Thug Army, Physical Toughness, IQ 200+
Quantity 2: Black Market Coonan Classic 0.357 Automatic Magnums, Freshly Pressed Double-Breasted Suits, Personal vehicles such as a Limousine and Helicopter, Cuban Cigars, etc.
Escorted by three personal drones, dubbed: "The Butler", "Mugsy", and "Fisk"
Minion Data
Minion Type: [Thugs] Thugs_HirePosse.png
Minion Source: Mafia Empire, Contacts, Vast Resources
Minion Powers
Thug: Brawl, Pistols, Dual Wield, Empty Clips, Molotov Cocktail, Spit Fire, Fire Bomb
Enforcer: SMG Burst/Heavy Burst, Uzi Burst/Heavy Burst/Cone Blast, Dual UZI's, Blast Clip
Bruiser: Jab, Punch, Handclap, Haymaker, Knockout Blow, Hurl, Footstomp
Minion Abilities
[Maneuvers] Leadership_Defense.png / [Tactics] Leadership_Tactics.png /
[Assault] Leadership_Assault.png
Minion Equipment
Firearms (Pistols, UZI's, SMG's, ARM30 Grenades, Molotov Cocktails, etc...)
Thug Names: Cousin Vinnie, Paulie the Rat, Joey the Snitch
Enforcer Names: Tommy the Gun, Johnny the Sack
Bruiser Name: Little Louie

Some of the most powerful men in history have ruled not with the power to lift locomotives with their bare hands or shoot laser beams from their eyes; their power came from their ability to command legions of unwavering followers to achieve superhuman results. Through sheer power of charisma, guile, intelligence, wit, and endless resources at their disposal, these men forged empires in the underground that would outwit even the craftiest of heroes, both “super” and otherwise. Men such as Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel, John Gotti, and Vito Genovese were men such as these, though, criminal minds of the underworld. While some may deem them villains, others would deem them ingenious masterminds, reigning supreme in an underground empire of their own meticulous construction. There can be no doubt, “Big Al” Marconi, AKA The Crime Boss, is one such mastermind - forging a criminal empire through the streets of the Rogue Isles and Paragon City!


YbuPo2p.png Character History

x8AOINQ.png Alberto’s Birth

Alberto Marconi was born to Sicilian-American parents, whose family had migrated to America mere decades prior, seeking out the riches and opportunity of the “land of the free”. Alberto’s father decided to shack up with a young “broad” in King’s Row after Alberto’s birth would force him to “become more responsible”. But, the lure of American whiskey and cigars would soon be too much for the labor-worn father to resist, and Alberto’s father soon found himself caught up in the night life of King’s Row. As Alberto’s mother raised her child mostly alone, his father would get caught up in the criminal underworld of the Paragon City mafia.

x8AOINQ.png Grooming of a Criminal Mind

As Alberto grew from a babe to a toddler, and then to a child, it became increasingly more difficult for his father to live two separate lives, so he would quit his day job and his family would become a full-time mafia family. Much like the prototypical mother, Alberto’s mother was content with her new life, but disconcerted with the life-style. More alarming to her was how Alberto has taken to the life-style so readily. He quickly became a carrier-boy for the mafia. He would watch, learn, and develop connections that would serve him well into adulthood.

x8AOINQ.png Mastering the Art of the Deal

Into young adulthood, Alberto would go to college in Steel Canyon University after earning a scholarship. Alberto was a genius in school and found the subjects unchallenging, but, of course, the mafia has made sure the scholarship was a “done deal” and fully paid for. Alberto would major in Business and minor in Accounting, and ended up Mastering in both Finance and Law. He found all of these studies to be easy and unchallenging, so thereby declined his father’s offers for some “special help”. It was during his studies that Alberto devised his Magnum Cogitatio (his grand plan) for bigger and better things for the Rhode Island Mafia. He need only be given the opportunity.

x8AOINQ.png Tragedy and Triumph

After finishing his schooling, Alberto was poised to begin a ludicrous career as a financial advisor for a fortune 500 company, out of state, when his mother fell terminally ill. Alberto couldn’t leave her, so he decided to remain in Rhode Island. His father offered him a job "running guns"; the pay was fantastic, the work was dangerous and exciting, and it kept him close to his family. He had an obligation, now, to be there for his mother, and to be there for his family.

Before long, “Big Al” was calling the shots. The black market guns market was booming for his family (and the mafia) and his mastery of “the deal” was to thank. But, his mother’s illness was terminal, and she would soon thereafter die of her cancer. This shook Alberto to the core. It hardened him and made him more ruthless. It was her death that shaped him to become the “family man” that he is today.

x8AOINQ.png Rise to Power


Alberto’s prestige and power grew and his reputation proceeded him. His father, who had risen to power before him, was now, himself, feeling threatened by his son’s reputation and power. Alberto rose through the ranks to become the Consigliere and his father was not happy with the current boss, as a result. His father decided that he needed to do something about this, and, accordingly, planned a coup. In a decisive confrontation between his father and the current mafia boss, Alberto found himself siding with neither... He allowed his father to kill the current boss, exposed his father's treachery, and then, in pure mafia style, brought his father to justice before "the rest of the family". It was then that Alberto was named the new Crime Boss of the Paragon City Mafia!

YbuPo2p.png Public Knowledge

x8AOINQ.png Recent Events

Coming Soon!

YbuPo2p.png Appearance

The Crime Boss is a bald, near middle-aged, adult male standing 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing 480 pounds. His body structure is decidedly Endomorphic. For a person of this size and weight, he is very mobile and quite strong. His body characteristics would be more akin to a WWE wrestler or an NFL linebacker than an obese couch potato. He has hazel eyes and a stern, bold face. His shoe size is size 20.


The Crime Boss wears the finest, double-breasted, freshly-pressed suits, the latest and finest, mirror-shine polished, dress shoes of his size, and the most exquisite red silk ties. These are his daily attire and he does not deviate from this. He has been known to kill people for spilling a drink on his suit. He strongly prefers "all black" as his clothing color of choice.

YbuPo2p.png Personality and Reputation

x8AOINQ.png Dr. Michael Stone’s Scale of Evil

If the Crime Boss were to be classified in any way, it would be through the Dr. Michael’s Scale of Evil, rather than the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator used to describe normal people or “heroes”. On the Dr. Michael Scale of Evil, the Crime Boss would be rated a 14 out of 22, which ranks him as a “Schemer” [1] Being a man of his stature and power, the Crime Boss’s scheming nature and ruthless personality make him all the more dangerous. This does not make him an insane, erratic individual (he does care about his “family”), but he is certainly not someone to cross.

YbuPo2p.png Goals & Motivations

The Crime Boss’s end game is to eventually become the president of the United States! Being the Crime Boss of Paragon City is only the beginning for him. His next step is to become the mayor of Paragon City, and then the Governor of Rhode Island, finally, followed by a presidential bid. With his wealth and power, there is very little to stand in his way. Villains and Heroes alike are both pawns in his endlessly unfolding schemes. After all, if a fool like [2] Donald J. Trump (Drumpf) can become president, what could stop one with the power and mind such as Alberto Marconi?

YbuPo2p.png Powers and Abilities

The Crime Boss generally prefers diplomatic [though ruthless] solutions to confrontations, but, when pressed, he is able to employ several means to thwart adversaries. The abilities below are the most well-known, though not a conclusive, list of all his abilities and tools at his disposal. The boss comes prepared for any situation and any encounter. As such, he has garnered a reputation for being extremely dangerous and unpredictable. He has many hidden “outs” in a situation (he is known to at least have plans A through E for any situation) and many tricks up his sleeve. And, when physical powers and abilities are unviable, he always has a connection, trump-card, or special favor up his sleeves.

ioMs4GR.png Wealth

The Crime Boss’s primary ability is his extreme wealth and resources. With these at his disposal, he can often turn a disadvantageous situation into an advantageous one. The Crime Boss has numerous bank accounts in Paragon City, the Rogue Isles, New York City, and multiple off-shore accounts. Additionally, foreign and domestic persons of importance (including leaders) are in debt to him, and this acts as persuasive leverage in many situations. And, when the Crime Boss needs something, such as a weapon, vehicle, or special substance (e.g. Uranium), he is able to tap into these assets to obtain such resources with ease. This is the 1st layer of power that the Crime Boss wields, but, his powers are layered and numerous, making him a deadly and mighty foe, indeed.

Thugs_TargetedSummonMob.png Thug Army

The Crime Boss commands the loyalty and service of a, near, limitless armada of mafia thugs with varying degrees of skill and training. All are willing to do anything for “Da Boss”. In his inner circle, are the best and the brightest: The skilled elite, hand-picked by the Crime Boss for their abilities to do things others cannot. These mobsters are given every tool at the Crime Boss’s disposal, including but not limited too, weaponry & munitions, funding & training, and performance enhancing substances, including, but not limited to, superhuman-level controlled substances such as Superadine. This mob of foes under the Crime Boss’s command makes him nearly impossible to get close to, and neigh unstoppable. Even opponents with superhuman abilities have much difficulty when confronted with an augmented, trained, skilled army of inspired and emboldened thugs, savagely unleashing the Crime Boss’s full will and fury upon them.

PowerMastery_TempInvulnerability.png Physical Toughness

The Crime Boss is a big man, no doubt. At 6’ 6” and weighing nearly 500 lbs, he would seem to be an immobile glutton; however, his weight is misleading. Physically, he is very strong and would be more akin to a WWE wrestler than an obese, couch potato. Additionally, he has used his resources wisely and trained in secrecy, learning various fighting arts such as Judo and Aikido. This makes his seeming defenselessness extremely deceiving, much to the danger of any who may underestimate him.

YbuPo2p.png Paraphernalia


Thugs_TargetedRangedHeavyDmg.png Magnum Automatic Pistols

The Crime Boss wields two heavily modified, black-market, Coonan Classic 0.357 Magnum Automatic Pistols that appear identical to casual viewers/inspectors. He has dubbed these “Hagia” and “Sofia” because every time he uses them, “He has to go to church!” Although most cannot tell them apart, the Crime Boss can always recognize one from the other, simply, by touch, alone.


Veteran_SummonPet.png Drones

The Crime Boss owns, maintains, and deploys numerous drones in this service, which serve a number of sinister purposes for his whim. These drones are all black-market, military grade in quality, with very sophisticated programing. While some drones are used to deploy toxins and poisons as previously mentioned, others are loaded to the teeth with state-of-the-art weaponry and munitions. These drones could easily take down an aircraft, an armored vehicle, or even a would-be hero, overconfident in their ability to confront a “normal” man such as the Crime Boss.

The Crime Boss has three favorite drones, which he employs frequently [one, all the time]. He has given them names and considers them family. They receive VERY special care. The Crime Boss once killed a man (shot him right between the eyes) for bumping into one of them. The three drones are lovingly named: Mugsy, Fisk, and “The Butler”. Mugsy and Fisk are war drones and “The Butler” is a shielding drone and servant drone. All three have been completely dependable through years of service, much to the dismay of the Crime Boss’s adversaries.

x8AOINQ.png Equipment

InherentPeacebringer_InterSpacialLink.png Impervium Wardrobe

The Crime Boss wears clothing with interwoven Impervium threads. This includes everything from his suits and ties, to his shoes and shirts. While not quite as indestructible as fully armored heroes/villains, this affords him a level of black market protection unavailable to most of the world. His clothing is just as effective as kevlar and bullet-proof vests, if not, more-so. This also affords some resistance against energy and the elements as well.

Jump_LongJump.png Escape Shoes

Aside from the hidden cufflink darts and other assorted trinkets, the Crime Boss does have special, black market repulser technology in his dress shoes. This tech allows him to vault and leap far distances as a last ditch escape or as a means to avoid precarious situations. This ability has caught many adversaries off guard and makes him even more unpredictable if so pressed.

Poison_NeurotoxicBreath.png Cigar Smoke

The Crime Boss is a very crafty combatant, and as such, is able to employ creative methods to debilitate his foes. One such technique he often employs is to lace his cigars with a potent neurotoxin and breathe a stream of smoke at his adversaries. This serves to incapacitate and debilitate foes. Of course, the Crime Boss will always imbibe an anti-toxin beforehand to render himself immune, making this form of attack particularly inconspicuous.

Poison_Antidote.png Drugs & Toxins

Although the Crime Boss is not addicted to any known drug, he owns most of the profitable controlled substance businesses in Paragon City and the Rogue Isles (or, at least, he owns the majority share of them). Given his intelligence, he is knowledgable in the more potent and toxic substances as well and he is not afraid to employ this against his enemies or even his competitors. Clever deployment such as cufflink toxic darts, or spy-drone launched, toxic gas grenades, are all easily within the Crime Boss’s field of play. The toxins employed are usually not fatal, as the Crime Boss prefers more “honorable” killing; however, these toxins are always intended to severely cripple or incapacitate his adversaries. He even has special concoctions for super-powered foes… The Crime Boss has been well-known to turn heroes into whimpering babies with the flick of his cufflink…


Teleportation_GroupTeleport.png Armored Limo

For city-driving, the Crime Boss prefers his custom Rolls Royce Phantom, Limousine, which is both armored to the teeth and decked out with the latest state of the art luxuries for the traveling, high-profile, businessman, at-large. This limo is usually driven by one of the Crime Boss’s bodyguards, but is sometimes driven by the boss, himself.


Teleportation_LongRangeTeleport.png Modified Civilian Helicopter

For site-to-site transport, the Crime Boss prefers his custom, heavily modified, Eurocopter EC135. This chopper is armored and contains blackmarket military technology for tracking and espionage. Once again, this chopper is usually piloted by one of the Crime Boss’s bodyguards. The Boss does have rudimentary knowledge of helicopter flight control, should the need arise to take the controls himself.


YbuPo2p.png Physiology

The Crime Boss is a normal human being, save for his extreme large size. Other than his massive girth and genius level intelligence, he is an unremarkable specimen of the human race.

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x8AOINQ.png Skills

x8AOINQ.png Education

The Crime Boss is a college-educated individual, having a B.S. in Business and a minor in Accounting, and two M.S.’s in Finance and Law. He also has a genius level intellect with an IQ exceeding 200 on the current IQ classification scale. [3]

x8AOINQ.png Munitions Knowledge

Aside from his intellect, the Crime Boss has detailed knowledge of the black market, especially regarding military-grade weaponry and munitions. This expertise extends into munitions delivery systems, particularly, automated robotics such as satellites or drones.

x8AOINQ.png Toxicology & Pharmaceutics

The Crime Boss is very knowledgable regarding toxicology and pharmaceutics, and he several black market contacts in these fields giving him access to materials and end-product. This makes him particularly dangerous since he is able to employ rather inventive methods with which to deal with his adversaries as a result.

x8AOINQ.png Martial Arts

The Crime Boss is skilled in Judo and Aikido, having achieved black belts in both disciplines. He is also knowledgable in other styles, but not quite as proficient in them. Still, he is formidable in hand-to-hand combat, given his size and mass. In several cases, he has broken arms and legs in conflicts.

x8AOINQ.png Multi-lingual

The Crime Boss can speak and read several languages, speaking the following, fluently:

x8AOINQ.png Firearms

The Crime Boss is an avid gun user, and skilled at fire-arms. This includes, not only, hand-guns and rifles, but military-grade weapons, such as grenade launchers and bazookas. It is unknown where he acquired such skill with these weapons, but there is no question that he is quite deadly with almost any weapon of his choosing.

x8AOINQ.png Well-rounded (Pun Intended!)

Aside from these skills, the Crime Boss has picked up a number of basic skills, too numerous to list here. He is extremely well-rounded, multi-faceted, and versed in the ways of the world. This makes him wiser than his years and difficult to fool.

x8AOINQ.png Weaknesses

The Crime Boss can be killed just like a normal human being. He, therefore, shares the same physical and mental vulnerabilities. It is important to mention that his many layers of protections must be overcome in order to inflect injury upon him, however. A human with this many protections and resources at his disposal is not so easily killed…

YbuPo2p.png Friends & Allies


x8AOINQ.png Underling Allies

Cousin Vinnie was sent over as a “gift” from the boot. Knowing he could be a victim of “the deal” if the rival families stirred up old trouble, he is apt to prove himself to “da boss”. [4] Cousin Vinnie is a “fire bug” and skilled in the used of pyrotechnical explosives. This is quite an asset to the Crime Boss, but can sometimes be a liability, as he has had frequent “legal” problems requiring monetary intervention. Still, the Crime Boss has found Vinnie to be quite reliable in a skirmish when he needs firepower.

Paulie is one of the Crime Boss’s most reliable underlings. His personality is akin to the perfect toady and he is quite willing to gleefully perform the boss’s will. His nickname comes from his propensity to have no qualms about doing things amoral or even downright disgusting for his boss, especially if it means exposing or turning the tides on someone else. Sadistic interrogation and torture are well within Paulie’s repertoire of heinousness. If it makes “da boss” happy, Paulie will do it. Paulie’s only weakness is that he sometimes takes it a bit far, either killing or permanently maiming his “victims” and this tends to piss off the Crime Boss. So, half the time Paulie spends torturing people and enjoying every minute of it and the other half he spends groveling to the Crime Boss and trying to figure out who he can torture to make up for the one he just tortured too much… Paulie is quite the character…

Joey is another one of the Crime Boss’s most reliable underlings. Like Paulie, he is a reliable toady, willing to serve and protect the Crime Boss, unwaveringly. Unlike Paulie, torture and sadism are not quite his thing. Joey is a conniver, relying on his guile and connections to do the boss’s will and keep him safe. He is the eyes and ears of the Crime Boss’s inner circle. Joey has a reputation for “telling da boss EVERYTHING” but the others are too afraid to do anything about it.

x8AOINQ.png Bodyguards

The twins, Tommy and Johnny, are the Crime Boss’s personal body guards. While Tommy is the expert at killing, Johnny is the expert at “tagging and bagging” and making sure that no one traces the bodies to “da boss”. Both are cold, ruthless, and deathly killing machines and have access to the Crime Boss’s full arsenal and armory. The Crime Boss has become like a father to them, so their loyalty goes beyond mere duty. They will stop at nothing to protect their “godfather”…

x8AOINQ.png Bruiser/Executioner

Louie is the Crime Boss’s favorite tool of destruction. When he was a kid, his family was killed in a car accident, but he survived with permanent brain damage. This has rendered him both intellectually dull and easily persuaded, in equal parts. Louie also happens to be nearly 7 foot tall and as strong as an ox. The dim-witted, beast of a man is able to bend steel bars with his bare hands, crush cinderblocks with his forearms like they were lego builder sets, and toss grown men around like they were sacks of potatoes. The man is a true marvel of brutality, and the Crime Boss loves every minute of it. When Alberto needs some real muscle or just needs brute force execution without worry of the executioner even remembering who he killed, Louie is his man. Simple, brutal - but, effective!

YbuPo2p.png Enemies and Rivals

Coming Soon!

x8AOINQ.png Costumes

Currently, all of the Crime Boss costumes are simple variations around the same concept. The main variations are sometimes he wears a pinstriped suit and sometimes solid black. Sometimes he will also wear sunglasses. Just subtle variations like that. He is a creature of habit, after all!

YbuPo2p.png Concept

This character was influenced by several fictional characters.

Of course, it seems obvious to many, but the Kingpin was an influence. Namely, I wanted to do a similar character of his size who also happened to not really have super powers. Something that fit the “Thugs” archetype in City of Heroes.


Another influence was Raymond "Red" Reddington from the NBC show, “The Blacklist”. I find that character the best part of that show and his personality shaped my development for the Crime Boss character.

Finally, a rather large influence on the character are the mafia style characters, both fictional and non-fictional, such as Al Capone and Tony Soprano. This is what sets my character completely apart from the Marvel Kingpin character and adds a layer of grit and realism. I wanted to take a mafia character concept and make him even bigger (pin intended, in this case) than real life!

This character has been a lot of fun to play. Even coming up with the names of the thug minions was quite entertaining and I enlisted the help of my wife who seems to be somewhat of an expert on mafia thematics. It has been fun to lightly role-play the character and I have received tells from players saying how much they love the theme.

YbuPo2p.png Spec Information

Work in Progress. Coming Soon! - @USA Steel

  1. Schemer - In Dr. Stone’s Scale of Evil, a “schemer” is defined as a person that ruthlessly kills and is self-centered and psychopathic. Schemers stop at nothing to deceive, con and steal to suit their own ends.
  2. Donald J. Trump - Yes, Donnie is a baffoon. Sorry, if you don’t like it. But, he is.
  3. IQ Scale - Current IQ Ratings vary in their classification as to what is considered a “genius”; however, 200 is considered “gifted” by all experts on the subject.
  4. Son Trading - Crime families did sometimes trade sons to settle disputes and settle in-fighting. The sons could then be killed as punishment for transgressions, so, therefore, acted as leverage in calmed feuds.
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