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Dead Circuit
Player: @Doctor Fear
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 39
Personal Data
Real Name: None
Known Aliases: None
Species: Construct
Age: 18 months
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 450lbs
Eye Color: Cameras
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: None
Occupation: Shock Trooper and Bodyguard
Place of Birth: Fort Fear
Base of Operations: Fort Fear
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: He considers Corpsia Delicti to be his mother
Known Powers
Energy Melee + Electric Armor
Known Abilities
Sometimes wears boots, gauntlets, and a stylized helmet
No additional information available.

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The Thing That Should Not Be

When the leaders of Eidolon decided to apply the new discipline of "Arcanotech" that they have developed, combining magic and technology in new and unheard of ways, one of the first applications they set their collective minds to was developing a prototype Super-Soldier. An unthinking, unfeeling killing machine. If successful, it would serve as the backbone for an army of shock troopers, prepared to storm even the most secure locations with assurance of victory. It would be a testament to everything they are capable of when they pool their knowledge and resources. They would break new ground, try new, bold, daring - some would say insane - applications of science and mysticism, and it would be a thing of glorious horror.

A Collaberation of Madness

"Birth" and Early Life Experiences

Care and Feeding of an Abomination

DeadCircuit requires regular maintenance and sustenance to continue to function properly. This is partly by design to prevent him from having full autonomy, but rather relying upon his creators for his continued existence. He can function for as much as two weeks without maintenance, but going longer than that may cause permanent harm to his biological structures. As a precaution, he undergoes maintenance every few days.

The bulk of his armor plates are removable, allowing for access to his inner mechanical components as well as exposing more of his biological tissues. While the armor plates are cleaned in with a corrosive detergent to remove dirt, grime, and remains of his foes, his artificial circulatory system is injected with more regenerative fluid to keep his brain functioning and preventing further dessication of his flesh.

He is then lowered into a coffin-like tub filled with a heated nutrient solution for direct application to his bodily tissues, including the exposed brain. He is lowered into this vat and completely submerged in the solution. DeadCircuit finds these nutrient baths very calming and relaxing, and he looks forward to them as a time of quiet contemplation and comfort.

A Dawning Sentience

Over time, it became apparent that DeadCircuit exhibited behaviors which were not programmed into his neurocircuitry. These included signs of emotions as well as the ability to make value judgments with self-awareness. Slowly, he became more aware of the world, and his place in it. He recognized that because he was made of non-living tissue, that others had many preconceived ideas about him. Further, due to his programmed speech centers using a logic subroutine to help him assemble coherent sentences, he was often thought of as a robot or a "dumb machine". He came to feel marginalized, inferior, persecuted. He came to feel hatred. He began to enjoy hurting living beings, whom all seemed to talk down to him, or worse talk as if he wasn't even present. He began to enjoy hurting, even killing the living. He felt that he was improving them by killing them. His mother was dead, his only friends were also constructs. Only his creators were living beings worthy of respect. All others needed to be "improved".

If the scientists of Eidolon had realized that he had developed a hatred of all living things aside from themselves, they no doubt would have encouraged it. However, DeadCircuit's directives, his programmed guidelines that tell him who he is expected to be, and behaviors he is required to perform, do not include directives for emotion. Since he was designed to be unfeeling, his directives make that assumption. As a result, he feels very embarrassed about his emotions and tries to avoid mentioning them or displaying them to others.

Only A Mother..

Corpsia Delicti's magic was instrumental into breathing unlife into DeadCircuit's necrotic flesh. She treated him much as she did her other undead creations, as something to be cherished. She saw his growing self-awareness and she encouraged him. She told him that he deserved to be treated well, and he shouldn't accept anything less.

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Already programmed to respect and obey Corpsia, the additional bond of her affections and the mystical bond with her since it was her magics that gave him "life", he came to think of her as his mother. Unknown to the others in Eidolon, DeadCircuit has already circumvented his programming directives and has managed to elevate his loyalty to her above all his other creators, even above that of Doctor Fear.

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It was purely by chance. DeadCircuit was in St. Martial, on his way for an errand. A man in armor standing outside a newly painted building with newly unfurled flags hanging out front beckoned him forward, calling him by name. Concealed by his armor and his helm, he stopped out of curiosity to listen. The man told him that the Rikti are a serious threat, but should they repair their mothership, then there will be no stopping them. He told him that they could use him, that he could help turn back the threat. He never once talked to him like a machine or a walking corpse. He felt suddenly both exhilarated and terrified. DeadCircuit drew away in confusion and near-panic and continued his errand.

Later, he dutifully reported the incident to Doctor Fear, omitting his own personal feelings from the recounting. Fear pondered for a moment, before issuing orders to DeadCircuit that he proceed with pursuing a relationship with Vanguard. Unknown to DeadCircuit, Fear wished to have a spy in the ranks of this new military force which just landed on their shores, and it would be Eidolon's token contribution to the war effort.


With much trepidation, DeadCircuit returned to the Vanguard DPO, and presented himself to the recruiter, his helmet snugly concealing his dessicated features. The recruiter smiled up at him, presenting him with the paperwork to sign up with Vanguard, then sent him on to the Vanguard base in Paragon City. "We don't usually allow you Rogue Islands types into Paragon City, but this is a special case". After instructing him to remove his helmet before entering, he was whisked off. Already his hopes sank.

However, once admitted, he was welcomed by Levantera, who smiled at him warmly. "It's good to meet you, DeadCicuit. Let me be the first to welcome you to the Vanguard. That is, if you want to join us..."

He found himself speechless. Someone looking at him - directly at his hideous visage, who did not seem frightened or disdainful or disgusted by him, who seemed pleased to meet him... and asked him what HE wanted to do. Taken aback, he simply nodded.

She went on to explain, they at Vanguard did not care where he had come from or what he had done in the past. Only that he was there to fight the Rikti, that was what mattered to them. It would be his deeds to aid that cause by which they would judge him. "We have heard of your power, and thus, on behalf of the Lady Grey, I would like to offer you membership to the Vanguard. Vanguard membership will provide you with many opportunities. In fact, we think you'll find action with the Vanguard very rewarding"

It all became more incredible to him. This time he found his voice and managed a reply. "DeadCircuit Accepts Offer: Vanguard Membership."

"Very good. Then let me welcome you to the ranks of the Vanguard." Levantera replied "This is a great honor, and a great day"

She sent him off to meet the rest of the Vanguard hierarchy. Nervous at first, he became more and more elated with each meeting. Everyone he spoke with, even the lofty and impressive Lady Grey, treated him like a Real Person, like they were glad he was there, and they genuinely seemed to show him something he never had received from anyone other than his "mother". They showed him respect. He swelled with pride in the noble undertaking he was embarking on, to help to save the world. In his cold, dead, unbeating heart - or rather, the large piece of Red Coral Crystal that had replaced it, he thanked Doctor Fear for giving him this task. He just knew that Fear would be so pleased when he heard all the details of his first day with Vanguard.

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Inner Conflict

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