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Dimitrious Nameplate.jpg

Dimitrious armour.jpg
Dimitrious Vladimir
Player: @ The Maniacal Satanist
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Dimitrious Ophiouchos Vladimir
Known Aliases: None (If any occur, they will not be self-deemed)
Species: Vampire
Age: 5,372 (Appears to be in early 20's)
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 93 lbs.
Eye Color: None
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Greek
Occupation: Classified
Place of Birth: Pavlopetri, a small, now sunken island off the coast of Greece
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None, all deceased
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Experienced: Muay Thai Boran, Kalarippayattu, Ninjistu, Bare-Knuckle Boxing and Dual Swordsmanship
An assortment of daggers, guns, swords, knives, poisons, shawls

"I become what never fails, following the footsteps behind me."


=Character Overview

Unknown: "So, Raiden, is it? My apologies I've never had a nack for remembering names."

Raiden: "Yeah, look I'm not here to fucken' play twenty-questions here with you; ask what you've got to ask and I'll be on my way."

Unknown: "Ok ok ok. Lets get started, shall we?"

The sounds of a BIC lighter being struck would ring out through the steel corridors. Raiden taking a sharp drag off his smoke, he knows he'll be here for a while. Might aswell get comfortable.

Unknown: "Uh, ok, first question. You were a long-time follower of this man?"

Raiden: "No. He has no followers, he would've left me in the dust as another coin-begging mongrel. I was just a student of his."

Unknown: "So you were homeless around the time he found you? Mind explaining how that happened, leading up to your meeting?"

Raiden: "Well, to make a long story short, our city had been going through constant siege. Hell I'd say for a good . . . umm, three years now? My father went under as a merchant, blacksmiths were a necessity to help perpetuate this war, and our exsistance. I started to become ill; they were using trebuchets to toss the bodies of their fallen comrades over our walls. That was biological warefare at it's roots."

Unknown: "And how did this follow up to your meeting with him?"

Raiden: "To be honost, HOW and WHERE he found me, I haven't the fantiest clue. I just remember blacking out, shortly after drinking the well water. However, I do remember waking up in the lower decks of what seemed to be a ship. Upon walking out, I this fucken' guy pacing back-and-forth on the bowsprit."

Unknown: "Were you scared?"

Raiden: "Was I scared?! No shit, I didn't know: Where I was, who the fuck this individual was, or even what happened to the rest of my family or homeland. This man's attire was even more confusing; it conveyed a suggestion of the exotic, but not completely alien."

Unknown: "And what did you say to him?"

Raiden: "I couldn't say ANYTHING. I was just . . . At a lose for words. I mean, shit man. How would anyone else react? He just hopped down and slowly walked towards me, giving me the most . . . Piercing stare. It reminded me a lot of my father. I just, couldn't protest, his looks are deadlier than his speech. He was never one to be verbose. All he did explain to me, was that he was watching over me. Since day fucking one, when I was born into this world from my mother's womb. He never did explain why."

A few moments of silence would proceed them for a good two minutes. Besides the sounds of shuffling papers, nothing was said or done, before silence was broken.

Unknown: "W-where did he take you?"

Raiden: "Tibet."

Unknown: "I'll assume there was SOME significant reason WHY he took you there?"

Raiden: "Well, as soon as we docked the ship, he pulled me aside and wrapped his arm around me. He basically critiqued my entire life. Making suggestions for me to fix or follow, and what blew my mind . . . Was how accurate he was. I nearly broke down right then and there."

Unknown: "Why didn't you run? Hide?"

Raiden: "I-I-I couldn't. I felt almost infatuated with him. Drawn towards his presence. He said I'll learn to break that feeling in due time. I mean fuck, I grew frustrated. I didn't understand."

Unknown: "What happened after that? Where did you guys go? How di-"

Raiden: "One fucken' question at a time, Skippy."

Taking his cigarette up to his lips, he takes another sharp drag. Slowly exhaling through his nostrils, feeling the warm smoke billowing up and over his armors' features.

Raiden: "He told me to close my eyes. To trust him, and let him lead me. Not like I really had a god damn choice, so I complied hesitantly."

Unknown: "And where did he take you?"

Raiden: "Well, from how fucking fast the temperature dropped, and how much harder it was to breathe. I knew it wasn't gunna be any place I'd enjoy, thats for damn sure. After about four long hours of walking, and me tripping over every damn crack or rock in the way, he told me to open my eyes."

Unknown: "This is going where I think it is, isn't it?"

Raiden: "Damn right. I guessed he was just being 'Tounge in Cheek' about dressing warm. As soon as my eyes opened, I see Qomolangma Peak, or Mount Everest. And of course I'm in fucken' shock not knowing how to react in the slightest. Then he started dragging me with him, I immediatly objected and told him he was out of his fucken' mind."

Unknown: "What happened?"

Raiden: "What do you think? He dragged my ass with him. Every step it became harder and harder to breathe, and colder. And everytime I fell to my knees from exhaustion, he'd pick me back up and demand I continue on."

Unknown: "Lets hurry this up, I have business to attend to."

Raiden: "Fine by me. Long story short. We DID make it to the peak. And . . . I've never been the same, staring out at the horizen from such an elevation. It was beautiful. He told m-"

Unknown: "-Lets digress a bit. From what you told me before, you: Trained under him, lived with him, learned his philosophies and suchlike. I want to know MORE about the man himself. Spill it."

Before he could even open his mouth to speak, a fit of nervousness overtook Raiden. He began to sweat profusely.

Raiden: "I . . . I don't think thats possible."

Unknown: "Raiden, you DO understand your freedom is contingent upon the intel we extract from you, correct?"

Yet again, another silence proceeds them both. Raiden can only meet the man's gaze head on. Not breaking it for a single blink. The cigarette remaining, smoldering between his index and middle fingers. The smoke ever-so-slowly comming to a complete halt before Raiden was escorted out of the interrogation room.


Take some time to find out yourself.

Recent Events

((Being revised.))


Dimitrious has a multitude of tattoos. All have some sort of meaning towards him, or give some sort of protection:

  • Elder Sign Tattoo (Looks like this: Elder_sign_derleth.jpg )

This tattoo is on Dimitrious': Left and Right arms, Over his heart

  • Satanic Pentagram Tattoo (Looks like: 6755615_l.jpg )

This tattoo is on Dimitrious': Full back coverage, Intertwined with the Elder Sign tattoo as a sleeve on both arms

  • Lucifer's Sigil Tattoo (Looks like: Sigil_of_Lucifer_by_Monation.jpg )

This tattoo is on Dimitrious': Lower abdominal region (Stomach)

  • Thai Mandala Tattoo (Looks like: Thailand-Tattoos-Thailand-021.jpg )

This tattoo is on Dimitrious': Right shin

  • Serpent Tattoo (Looks like: 215361_0586.jpg )

This tattoo is on Dimitrious': Left shin, going up his leg

  • Ebon-Dragon Ninja Clan Tattoo ( A Ebony dragon weilding a Spear, Katana, Hidden Wrist Blade )

This tattoo is on Dimitrious': Back of the head/Neck area



((Being revised.))



Twin Katanas

His 63 1/2" (Almost as tall as he is) katanas were formed by multiple Dark/Light Mages that doubled as skilled blacksmiths. His blades were folded over sixty thousand times during their forging, and enchanted with dark energies from the Mages and Dimitrious' own dark chi. If an individual were to come into contact with these blades, they would seep pure darkness and hatred into their body, inducing hallucinations and extreme pain in both hemispheres of the brain. The blades are also soaked in the poison of a Box Jellyfish. As of recently, Dimitrious was able to get his hands upon a few Nictus fragments, imbuing each katana with the fragments. (They LOOK SOMEWHAT like this: 1080379337_rdskatana2.jpg )

.500 Smith & Wesson Magnum

This 18" long barrel, five shot magnum is one of Dimitrious' favorite weapons. He has a tendency to keep where he holsters this BEAST of a magnum unascertained by switching it up periodically. (Looks like this: image002.jpg )

Death Mask

What lies behind the mask? Nobody knows. However, the mask itself.. Is quite intriguing. A full head wrap around mask. Completely composed of a half-inch thick layer of a Tungsten/Impervium alloy, then covered by an eigth-inch layer of Titanium. Lastly covered by a small layer of pure rubber. The eye holes are protected with a half-inch layer of Aluminum Oxynitride Polycarbonate Thermoplastic bulletproof glass. The blue tint is from projected chi being withheld.

(The mask looks somewhat like this: o_C0kGdOb9zQGJBzr.jpg )


This powder like poison is very versatile. A small almost clear looking powder is light enough to be blown into the wind, or mixed foods, drinks, even injected, or put on weaponry. Depending on the amount, can cause: Cardiac arrest, Blindness, Severe muscle spasms, Collapsed veins/arteries, Swelling of the joints, Ringing of the ears, Nausea, Brain damage, Hallucinations, and instant death. No mess.

The poison of a certain mushroom, called the Amanita Phalloides, which contains ten times the lethality of Cyanide. Tomato and Rhubarb leaves, which contain a poison capable of causing cardiac arrest, Deadly Nightshade (Atropa belladonna) leaves and roots. These four substances have been mixed properly and grinded down into a VERY fine powder, and kept in a small pouch, that is carried with him at all times.

Duel Concealed Forearm Blades

An ancient Italian design, research by Dimitrious, in the Cap Au Diable, University. A compact metal box, strapped to the under-side of Dimitrious' forearms. Containing an intricate system of pulleys and gears. Able to thrust 6 1/2" blades, and retract them, to an almost invisible position, under the wrists, inside the sleeves of his jacket. These blades are made from a Tungsten/Impervium alloy, and lined with Silver, for the more traditional adversaries vulnerable to Silver. Dimitrious can draw these blades, with a simple flick of the wrists.

Holy Serpentine Dagger

(Looks like this: ColdSteelNagaKrissDagger.jpg ) A 14" X 1/4" undulating dagger, kepted in a hard-leather sheathe, tucked away in Dimitrious' left boot. Generally utilized for emergencies, or when the need arises for close quarters combat with more Christian portrayed demons. This blade has been known to be as sharp, or sharper than an original Japanese Katana. If one looks carefully enough, they'd see an intricate cross carved within the blade.

Throwing Knives

(They look like this: kunai_throwing_knife_set_red_540.jpg ) Given to him as another early Christmas gift, from Aldora. Two leather bracers, wrapped tightly around each forearm, capable of sheathing 10 knives each are hidden underneath the sleeves of his jacket. (Leather Bracers look like this: AE310.jpg )

Chain Shawls

Both arms and hands, are wrapped in Tungsten/Impervium alloy chains. They can be used to increases the damage in punches, or be used as a disarmament device. Able of unwrapping themselves into two, eight foot (8') lengths of chain, Dimitrious can whip them around into devastating strikes, or disarming an individual and/or subduing them. The only REAL visible part of the chains is the parts wrapped around his fists, the rest is veiled by the sleeves of his jacket. Both chains weigh about 1487 LBS. each.

Talsorian Cane

Having a rather difficult time fashioning this 'walking cane', Dimitri takes much pride in it. The main base of the cane was created from materials stolen from a Vangaurd supply depot, allowing it to house the Talsorian blade within. A shiny jet black base, with capped with a decorative Impervium/Gold alloy. The handle of the Blade/Cane is a decorative almost deceiving, too classy to be a weapon most say? (The handle of the cane looks like this: FW8029RIP.jpg ) (The bottom cap of the cane looks like this: SkullCane.jpg )

Gothic Armored Fingernails

Fashioned out of 440A Stainless Steel, Dimitrious created ten of these razor sharp armored fingernails, one for each finger and thumb. Placing them over his already gloved hand, this provides higher protection and a rather devastating blow. (They look like this: 1KZ006.jpg )

Ring of Ruination

There have been plenty of cases of certian individuals comming across "cursed" gems and other types of jewlery, then succumbing to a terrible curse. In this case however? This is one of the few individuals who turns the power of the curse to their own benefit. - A Jet-Black/Gold Inlaid Titanium, incrested with three shards of some of the worlds most legendary "Cursed" jewels: Hope Diamond, The Black Orlov, and the Delhi Purple Sapphire. Dimitrious wears this ring on his right ring finger.

Comming into contact with this ring physically will imbue the individual with a lethal curse. Ten days will be given for the person to complete a given task(s) from the ring bearer. If the set task(s) are NOT completed, the individual will die a sudden, painless death.

(An extensive warning will be given if any sort of physical contact or handshake is to take place during roleplay. IF your character is able to sense magick, the ring will give off almost disorienting amount of negative energy. - To avoid this, you must find a way to avoid contact with the ring specifically.)

(What the ring looks like: titanium_rings_22.5i.jpg )

(Info about the three "Cursed" jewels: http://francheskasaunders.multiply.com/journal/item/30 )

Mental/Magick Abilities

((Being revised.))

Illusion Decieve.png

Dimitrious, can dive into anything with a brain. Unless Psionic disruptors have been installed, even then.. everything has a breaking point. Sending telepathic messages and mental imagery, can sometimes in some cases be more augmented than orthodox vocalization.


Dimitrious has pyrokinesis to /such/ a fine science. Snapping his fingers with minor intent, is more than substantial to manifest fire above his finger tips. He never really took interest in going much further. Merely for lighting his cigarettes, to lighting individuals covered in incendiary and/or combustible substances.


The ability of moving objects with ones thoughts has always interested Dimitrious greatly. Unlike Pyrokinesis, he has much intention of taking this particular technique as far as he can push it. He can currently lift almost anything/anyone under the weight of 430 pounds, unless it's bolted down nice and tight, or possesses equal or more strength in Telekinesis. Most Mages and other individuals who are aware of Telekinetic abilities, only dream of being able to achieve such a talent in said ability.

Teleportation Teleport.pngTeleportation

This particular ability took some extra time to master.. Because of Dimitrious' experience with time and time manipulation, He transcends into temporary 5-D space, walking wherever he desires. He is incapable in doing harm to anyone while in this Fifth Dimensional state. Once he returns back to the 4-D realm, it "appears", in the blink of an eye, he is gone, and has manifested elsewhere.

Blast.pngNictus Energy

Upon extracting multiple Nictus fragments from a well-known supplier, Dimitrious imbued his own body with the energy. Allowing him to be a much more versitle fighter against Kheldians. These shards allow him to project a potent, murky looking blast of Nictus energy from his palms.




  • Highly skilled violinist (Plays THE 'Lady Tennant Stradivarius' violin)
  • The ONLY visible weapons anyone can see, would be his swords, strapped across his back in an 'X' formation
  • Dimitrious' ACTUAL hair is 2" thick in diameter well-kept Dreadlocks, they are down to his lower back
  • Actually quite the talented dancer: Renaissance dance, Medieval dance, Latin dance, Dirty Dance, Swing dance, Tango, Waltz, Capoeira, Moonwalk, and the Crip Walk
  • Fluent in five languages: Greek, Japanese, Italian, Enochian, English
  • Actual voice sounds exactly like Zeratul from Starcraft 1 - 2 with a heavy Greek accent thrown in there


  • He was created through a number of inspirations: Albert Wesker (Resident Evil Series), V (V For Vendetta), Solid Snake/Raiden (Metal Gear Solid Series), Dante (Devil May Cry), Agent Smith (The Matrix Trilogy), Ezio Auditore de Firenze (Assassin's Creed 2), and a bit of myself
  • Dimitrious has been through a NUMBER of games: Matrix Online, Fallout 3, Oblivian 4, Second Life, now COX

Theme Songs (Artist/Song)

  • The Dajjal - "Deicide"
  • The Dajjal - "Fallen Angel"
  • The Dajjal - "I'm the Dajjal 2"
  • The Dajjal - "120 Bars"
  • Silent Hill 3 - "Dance with Night Wind -OST- 13"
  • God of War 3 - "Call to Arms -OST-"
  • Luna Field - "Godparade"


((Feel free to add your name and ANY comments below.))

  • "Dimitrious? Nice enough guy--Really charming, and treated me just like he would anyone else. Gotta respect a guy that treats a monster like me normal of all things. I'd definitely help him out if he asks."


  • "Once I find him, I'll wear his sparkling vampire flesh as Reflecting Clothes so I can jog at night."


  • "We're hardly friends, but I have to give him props for being the only member of Black Tie, current or not, who finally told Psi-Tox to shut her whore mouth."


  • "No matter what happens between Black Tie and Dimitrious, I'll be on his side. Even if it means betraying the group I've worked so hard to rise up in."

-Carpe Noctem

  • "No amount of words can convey my gratitude to you, Dimitrious. - You've saved my life, more than once. Expect me to stand by your side, until my final breathe."

-Lotus Sakasge

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