Dr. Maningzhoue

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Dr. Maningzhoue
Player: Enantiodromos
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Lan Maningzhoue
Known Aliases: Sifu Maningzhoue, G.I. 'Zhoue
Species: human
Age: 38
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 175 lbs
Eye Color: blue-grey
Hair Color: brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: U.S. Citizen
Occupation: Superhero
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois
Base of Operations: Independence Port
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: parents
Known Powers
persuasion, intelligence, medical techniques
Known Abilities
advanced medical kit
No additional information available.

Super-genius, Operation Shield combat support hospital vet, ER Doctor, SWAT hostage negotiator, Father of Crisis Psychoanalysis, yoga guru, TKD master, parkour master, nutritionist, performance enhancing drugs specialist, tactical analyst extraordinaire.




For a long while, media and several clandestine organizations, particularly including Malta, have contended that Lan has super-powers, most likely telepathy and prescience. Amazing as he is in action, it has nothing to do with being a "meta-human." ((A Mind/Empathy controller with leadership, superspeed.))

Over the years, more than one foe has described Dr. Maningzhoue as "Captain Talk-Me-To-Death," which may be the best summary of his abilities.

Driven Genius

Much has been said about Lan's intelligence; he is in a class with only a handful on the planet. Lan is generally an open book, with a sunny disposition, but he is noticably terse on the subject of his childhood, and even more cryptic when cases involving child abuse come up. When they do, he does not get involved directly-- indeed he somtimes disappears for a week or two. But the cases are invariably resolved with astonishing speed and thoroughness. Aside from his easy charm and upbeat attitude, if one pays attention to how much effort he puts into everything he does, it may seem impossible to imagine how he is so relentless. Clearly Lan Maningzhoue is not just a genius, but one who operates from some powerful inner drive.

Crisis Psychoanalysis

Crisis Psychoanalysis is a methodology involving "registering minutiae" (educated guessing with close attention to detail), powerful analytic techniques, that allow someone in crisis, such as a villain, to be completely understood. Combined with this understanding, a range of special techniques are used, including speaking with controlled timber and inflection, producing a form of hypnosis, allowing already unbalanced psyches to be flipped to quiet obedience.

ER/Combat Medic

Lan is a master of emergency and combat medicine, carrying a highly specialized medical pack with him and providing support to comrades when necessary.

Intensive Physical Training

Lan is a 5-dan in non-competition Taekwondo, a Yoga Guru, a parkour master, and an ultramarathoner. He keeps his body in peak shape.

Tactical Brilliance

Lan always works toward a concise working set of combat signals with allies, and his ability to predict both his friends and foes next moves is legendary. He is a natural battlefront leader.


Lan uses a precisely balanced diet (and can often be seen eating power bars of his own concoction), a sophisticated sleep regimen, breathing control, and a number of exactly-dosed drugs to enhance his physical and mental performance. He is expert in devising similar regimens for others, and usually does when working with a superhero.

Intelligence Analyst, Extensive Planning

Lan has long had the trust of police and special operative organizations city-wide, in part because he is one of the best intelligence analysts in the city, and always shares his complete conclusions, even when he knows they will not be welcome. He spends endless hours creating scenarios A through X and calculating likeliest outcomes, and so rarely or never goes into a situation unprepared himself. Often, he catches his foes proverbially "asleep on the job."

Contacts and Undercover Allies

Lan also seemingly knows everyone, and has long gone out of his way to support and cultivate deep cover plants in various criminal organizations.


Sometimes, like a John Constantine or Dr. Who, Lan has to show up in person and be recognized. And once he's present, he never lets his foes forget who he is.

In Plain Sight

Lastly, Lan has the good sense to stay /out/ of the limelight most of the time. He's not easy to spot on the street, and finds his way undercover with various organizations with almost laughable ease.

Alternate Modes

Dr. Maningzhoue has seven different builds.

  • The first is his support build, Dr. Maningzhoue -- a Mind/Empathy controller with burnout, clear mind, heal other, maneuvers, and resurrect, with Dominate and Mesmerize slotted for control, and much more emphasis on Fortitude, Terrify, and Total Domination, than the second build.
  • The second is a Solo build of Dr. Maningzhoue, with Dominate and Mesmerize slotted for damage, as well as the entire fighting pool, and a lot more emphasis on Weaken Resolve, Healing Aura, and Mesmerize the first build.
  • The third build is his Sifu Maningzhoue build, currently 22, a Mind Control/Martial Assault Dominator.
  • Fourth, the Doctor Maningzhoue build is a Thugs/Empathy Mastermind, currently level 17.
  • The Doc Maningzhoue build is his Empathy/Dual Pistols build, currently level 17. Has a cowboy motif.
  • The Fugitive Maningzhoue build is Super Reflexes/Street Justice tank, currently level 17.
  • Finally, the Mad Maningzhoue build is a Dual Pistols/Super Reflexes Sentinel, currently level 11. His is the only build without a friendly smile-- instead he wears an angry snarl.




Originally, Enantiodromos dreamed he was living a future life as a fiction writer who inhabited an earth-orbit space colony, whose name, in the dream, was "Lan Maningzhoue."

Goes by his last name, with the prefix Doc, Doctor, Dr., Sifu, Mad, or Fugitive.

Joke Nicknames: "G.I. 'Zhoue," "Chief Among Its Canonballs" (in latin: Dux Tormen in Su)


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