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Enantiodromos is a former City of Heroes/Villains forums contributor who played on Virtue and Freedom, and had a handfull of his old characters in prior versions of Virtueverse. Author to guides such as "Mind, Confusion, XP," "How To Be A Natural", and "Guide to Splattrollers," and has been playing since July of 2004. Member of the Repeat Offenders Network. After a long hiatus he has returned as a Virtueverse contributor with a few of his best Homecoming characters, essentially all of whom are on Everlasting.


Top Characters

Other Notable Characters

Hero Groups


Mythos is a team of Paragon City Heroes with mythical backgrounds, doing battle with mythological villains, evil gods, Membership includes

Tournament Team Paragon

Tournament Team Paragon is a group initially brought together to fight in the international superpowered Tekken tournaments when it was revealed the winner would be able to bring about or avert world destruction. Members include:

Monster Squad

Monster Squad is a portion of Mythos that are nonhuman. Its members did not participate in the Tekken tournament, arguing that ecological concerns are more important than such events staged by strange supernatural beings. Most are not human. Members include:

Mexico City Caper

A group that gathered together to combat a wave of crime and supernatural destruction in Mexico City in the events folllowing the latest Tekken Tournament. Members include:

The New Clockwork

A group of former Praetorian Clockwork built for specialized purposes, who broke free of their programming and Nova Praetoria, to try and to earn a reputation for Good on primal Earth.

Paragon City Regulars

The PCR is a group of like-minded left-wing experts and geniuses working to keep the city save. Its membership includes

Independent Sorcerer's League

ISLe is a circle of three like-minded sorcerers with full training as such. Its membership is divided between its seers and its evokers-- Mu Ronin and M'sieu of mystery often expressing concern about La Viajera's and Emerald Sabrewing's glib prescient plans.

Vigilante Groups

Step Ahead

Step Ahead is a shadowy organization dedicated to fighting uncatchable villains in desperate situations, espeically prescient ones. Chiefly, it regularly confronts Spider Monkey, the leader of the group Spiderlings, in an effort to thwart his plans in Paragon City. Its members are often ethically at odds. Membership includes:

Villain Groups

The Spiderlings

The Unnatural Disasters

The Unnatural Disasters are beings with an appetite for death and destruction. One way or another it is in their very nature. They can sometimes be reasoned with, but they have no redeeming motives, so the best that can be hoped for is to delay doom.

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