Entropy Dweller

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Entropy Dweller
Player: Enantiodromos
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Defender
Threat Level: 23
Personal Data
Real Name: [unpronounceable]
Known Aliases: Unspeakable Thing
Species: Omegan
Age: unknown
Height: 4'4"
Weight: 120 lbs
Eye Color: orange (many)
Hair Color: none
Biographical Data
Nationality: unkwnown
Occupation: terrifying predator
Place of Birth: end of time
Base of Operations: St. Martial
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: unknown
Known Powers
Time Manipulation, Dark Blast
Known Abilities
No additional information available.



The end of time is unimaginably distant from the here and now. There, it is cold, and dark, and quiet, and scattered. The laws of reality themselves are devolving, there, but a strange race, the Omegans, like deep sea creatures near hydrothermal vents, or lice on the head of a dying crone, eke out what existence they can. Reality is a strange proposition for the Omegans, who are a debased composite of all life forms that have ever lived. The laws of causality at the end of time are feeble, and great leaps into the aeons past are almost childsplay for the Omegans who live there, but are normally suicidal. When they arrive in the crushing light and heat and complexity of our much earlier epoch, they typically disintegrate in puff of dust.

Not so, the being that Doc Aeon has dubbed Entropy Dweller. A mutant among Omegans, Entropy Dweller is a throwback able to easily acclimate to the light, heat, noise, and complexity of our era, and so when he squirmed through time back to us, he emerged not as an unnoticed death, but as an unspeakable monster capable of warping time, fate, and living systems of all sorts.



Entropy dweller is truly hideous to behold, with features resembling avians, insects, tardigrades, hydras, and reptiles. His body sprouts numerous sensory organs in orange hues, including countless eyes and antennae, and even his wings, which are also sensory organs. Clawed feet, a whipping tail, and no discernible mouth round out his small body of pale, dry, rubbery, scaled flesh.


By appetites, abilities, and habits, a ferocious monster, but not devoid of intellect or curiosity, and more interested in accumulating power than making enemies, including the ideologically driven heroic kind.


Entropy Dweller has shown some willingness to interact with Circle of Thorn Spectres, Ouroborans, and others.


Super-Omegan Toughness

Though easily taken for granted by ordinary humans, Entropy Dweller is almost unimaginably tough, tenacious, and dense for a member of his species, most of whom disappear in a cloud of dust the instant they arrive in our epoch.

Entropy Flux

As an Omegan, Entropy Dweller command entropy itself as easily as humans walk or swim. While not as flashy as many superpowers, the peripherial effects of this are manifold, including hastened decay, dimmed light, muted sound, garbled transmissions, confusion, fear, sickness, and death. He can use this command of entropy and fate to heal, quicken, and inform his allies, just as readily as he slows, harms, and stupefies his foes.

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