Core Wielder

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Player: Enantiodromos
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: 50+1
Personal Data
Real Name: '
Known Aliases: Unit 1150, Mobile Core Lifter, George X Mckie
Species: Praetorian Clockwork
Age: 12
Height: 6' 10"
Weight: 1890 lbs
Eye Color: metallic
Hair Color: none
Biographical Data
Nationality: Praetorian
Occupation: Clockwork / Hacker
Place of Birth: Neutropolis
Base of Operations: Neutropolis
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: none
Known Powers
Titan weapons, Electrical Armor
Known Abilities
Infinite Point Source Core & containment
No additional information available.



Unit 1150 (MCL in Roman numerals, for Mobile Core Lifter) was a clockwork specially designed by Praetor Keyes to serve as a Mobile Reactor Core transport utility unit. Then elite clockwork Hacker George X McKie managed to gain access and made off with the 1150, and worked with the resistance in a more active role, remote controlling 1150, as "Core Wielder." But when they came to eliminate him, George was forced to flee Praetoria to primal earth, by uploading as much of his personality to Core Wielder as he could. In addition to the astonishing durability of a Lifter model clockwork and the vestiges of George McKie's genius, Core Wielder's weapon houses an infinite energy source, which makes a high-ambient-power nanotech repair system, as well as other devastating uses of pure energy and its absorption, possible.

Recent History


Lifter-style Praetorian Clockwork with a massive containment device on the end of a pole.


Flat affect & canned communications of a Praetorian Clockwork, through which George Mckie occasionally peeks. George was a hacker and sometime comedian; he is depressed by his new existence, but has a sense of humor about it, and feels he does a lot of good with the power he now weilds. He misses his home, but had few strong emotional ties when he escaped praetoria since his girlfriend and relatives were killed off by loyalists and powers division.


Core wielder has the extraordinary durability of a Praetorian clockwork, and carries an experimental infinite power source. With its unlimited energy, he is able to deflect, absorb, or shunt most types of energy disruptions and attacks, powers. It also powers an advanced system of high-energy-consumption repair nanites that maintain the clockwork's physical structure as well as that of the core device. The core device itself uses massive energy to instantiate a strong-force containment system for the point source itself. This energy bleeds excess energy by multiplying kinetic energy, making the point source containment sphere a brutally deadly weapon.


Vision Iron Man

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