Madame of Pearl

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Depths of Time
Madame of Pearl
Player: Enantiodromos
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Corrupter
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: '
Known Aliases: '
Species: Demigod/Nautilid
Age: unk
Height: 6'
Weight: 190 lbs
Eye Color: iridescent
Hair Color: none
Biographical Data
Nationality: naturalized U.S. citizen
Occupation: Peace Broker
Place of Birth: earth
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: unknown
Known Powers
Water Blast, Time Manip, Superspeed, Leviathan Mastery
Known Abilities
Tides and Time
No additional information available.



Shortly before she disappeared, the Goddess Merulina found herself at war with a species of advanced mollusks whose nautilus ships allowed them to sail the oceans of time. In a bid to end the war, a descendant of Merulina interbred with one of these alien beings, intending her offspring to be a powerful champion for peace, and ruler of the Oceans of Time. But the hybrid was flawed-- it would take millions of years to hatch. The Coralax and the descendants of Merulina-- the Carnival of Oceans, kept this memory alive for a time, but soon they devolved into an obscure cult, the Cult of the Blue Oyster.

Much later, in Paragon City's distant future, the Rikti and Mender Silos rediscovered the time travel science of the Nautilids, and warred on each other across time. In a bid to broker peace between the two, the Dream Doctor travelled back in time and awakened the Granddaughter of Merulina and the Nautilids. Onto the shores of Paragon City stepped a being whose name the Rikti, Menders, Coralax all knew: Madame of Pearl.


Madame of Pearl is an unsubtly alien being; a humanoid body, iridescent skin of blending silver, murex purple and turquoise, with rugged, wickedly sharp plates of heavy shell at shoulders, hands and feet. Her head is an enormous pale, round bulb of iridescent white, like an eyeball or a pearl, except with a human face.



Madame of Pearl's powers are innate, deriving from a combined heritage of super-advanced time travel science of the Nautilids, and the innate time travel sorcery of the last water-goddess descendant of Merulina and her mortal disciples. Madame of Pearl's powers extend equally to powers of water and tides, as well as to the flow of time. She does not distinguish between the two, and wields her time/tide power without much explanation. She has also developed her affinity for the quiescent Leviathan and Cult of the Blue Oyster, exerting a strong influence over both


Madame of Pearl has created a shock trooper out of some of her own essence-- the nightmare hulk "Abalonexus" (a bio/spines scrapper).

She also has gained the loyalty of the last Coralax high priestess of the Cult of the Blue Oyster, who is her full-time adventuring companion.



This character takes some inspiration from Marvel's Namor and Silver Surfer, as well as from Dr. Who


[code]| Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1539;717;1434;HEX;| |78DA65945B4FD3601CC6DBB5E3B001630CC66940611C3756B6E8BD063CC4C00C0A8| |9974BC3CA682CEBEC3AA3F18A0FE067F090E021261C94A8F153A8DFC00B4F170AD1| |1BB871FED7E79F6D499B34BFBECFFBBCCFFB7FDFB76DF6DEA58EBDAB3B170431B46| |46AE5726EC9B2ED4AC9B1ECB66CC5D11CC32A4A822084B25A5EDBD6156B5359D535| |DB6C252D56B7E66E6AC5829E576F698E6EE71629C7511A9D8B95CD4D75DDD8D6735| |9AD68942AA69B2A04562DCB54D74ABA9E0FB98F2BBA96D7EDF29651EA74DB578CC2| |9663140B41B4CC5A53B95C3236D446F68A7ED7D09C2DAD48D9659AFCFE001596A4F| |B765CE0AB2A084F08195938E86DD25E8AAEB64D3E119A5F9C945DCD37CB9C03E543| |8C97FFA1DDB287769C76411291278D432B529E1F79B2FFB3CFD5DA5AFC2E039C13D| |8073B386782725A91E36B4D721FB38BF99A6A6F87476A3F426ED707B0FB80C93594| |A88620AF2918955CADE73AD6DBB30B4FEF33E67330CA7B7448F37462ACAF93C744D| |7C18165F0883C2178A4D029E61E58C23C431BF00CBD02EF502D61DE8F30CF154BC1| |1B53C1D1C7D047B98630ED4784D71AE1358D0690A71C634CA60F6D8BF2FBF84CFB7| |8AFDE507DFDD0C47ED614A64DFE41DE9BC13D6429FBE0F80193CF6DFC2BDAF16FE0| |5BCA1D465DF27018F3C783CC471833B9CB3C25DB882C44682D237CB623BC96C917F| |04C3F05CB54D318D7343685776C7A9A3903CEEC609E99074CAEE91DD534C16731C1| |75CF7D647E622651CB7BF24EF1BE4E9D2137F1109E4416B98935D0A4F859F6CE26A| |0CDABCC053093E66F48C23757DB9724BF0FF367608ACF3C65C29B2A80B5BF8ACA63| |D43FF02E9C30FF328FC1CC45F04B8720A4F9ACD37C9E31B9E99BAED2252C27EA4A3| |5E1E94D7B948C4739E751CE7B946B354514DD59563CBDAB72FDAF2288AED2DE4DFF| |0AAEEA578087D67B8F3DCA6F8F72D2507CA282D5B730DB98DFA38DB5FF687AFED9F| |4EC5E3722E44758F53FB6020F9B| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|[/code]


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