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Echoing Mind, Echoing Body
Origin: Science
Archetype: Dominator
Security Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Vincent Laroteque
Known Aliases: Vince, Echo One, Sgt. Laroteque, Echopraxia, Rough Rider
Species: Human
Age: 34
Height: 5'11
Weight: 194lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: US American
Occupation: Ex-Military; Currently presumed KIA
Place of Birth: Tennessee
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Electrokinesis, Psionics
Known Abilities
Modified S.A.V.A.G.E. Exo-Suit MKII, Designation: "Rough Rider"


OOC Notes

Sgt Vincent Laroteque (Vin-sent Lah-row-tek) was announced KIA three years ago; neither his body nor his Exo-Suit were recovered after the explosion that wiped out a Column cell (and Sgt Laroteque's entire unit) six months prior to the announcement. When he was last seen, he had much shorter hair and no beard, and his eyes weren't sunken and dark. Additionally, he is far more attention-deficit and has issues focusing on one thing, contrasting his previous "one thing at a time" attitude. These changes are just enough that he appears like a different man, though close inspection and deductive reasoning may cause military officials to 'recognize' him. Do not expect a happy interaction in this case - Vincent blames the military for sending him on what he now considers a suicide mission.


Three and a half years ago, in the forests of the Appalachian mountains:

"Corporal! Cut the radio chatter, we're here on business, not your gossip bullshit!" the Sergeant hissed through the communication module inside his suit. A sheepish "Sorry Sir." was his reply. The six-member unit crept through the underbrush, carefully approaching the 5th Column compound. Heavy security, unmanned anti-personnel turrets, and a horde of Column experiments stood between them and their target; the compound's main power grid. "1-2 through 1-4, up and at 'em; left side, hole in the turret sweep. Start up on my mark. 1-5, you're with me; wait for the signal, then put those fancy shoulders of yours to work," the Sergeant spoke with an air of confidence that eased the others.
"Mark!" The call came through. Four men opened fire from further down the treeline, unleashing sustained cover fire on the Column's patrol. Closer to the main door, two S.A.V.A.G.E. MKII Exo-Suits came into view as hell broke loose across the compound. 'Rough Rider' engaged servos and bolted forward, turning the door into scrap metal in seconds. Once breached, its sister unit 'Sir Prize' opened up with shoulder-mounted launchers, sending a wave of high-yield explosive down the corridor. Too far down. A massive fireball erupted deeper within the compound, setting off a series of explosions throughout the facility and turning it into a crater halfway up the mountainside.
The next thing Sgt Laroteque remembered was crawling out of the rubble, damaged generators emitting high-pitched whines on every side of him. Barely registering them, he put a call through his radio, "1-2 through 1-6, report! Anybody still alive?" He was met with static and silence. He repeated the call, only to be cut short as the Column's generators blew, the shockwave lifting his Exo-Suit off the ground and sending it tumbling down the mountainside, charged with the mixture of raw psionic energy and electricity that the Column had been using as a power source. The Sergeant's world went black once more...

One week ago, Paragon City, Brickstown:

The Freakshow's frame hit the wall with a sickening thud, metal scraping brick as he slumped to the floor. A voice echoed from the massive mechanical suit towering above the Crey scientist. "Where. Is. The. Column. Now!?" It grated, hellbent on answers. "I-I d-don't kn-know," the scientist stammered, trying desperately to crawl backwards, away from whatever this thing was, to no avail; it reached down, metal hand gripping tight around his throat as it lifted him up, only to throw him into the unconscious Freak. "Useless... I'll find them mys--" the voice cut off as the monstrous mech turned and crouched, vaulting to the rooftop and away into the night, seemingly following the sound of a wolf's howl, deeper into the city.

Personality & Appearance


Vincent appears to be a rather average man, albeit somewhat scatterbrained. He will frequently jump from one topic to the next with no warning, or get distracted and wander off. However, in combat, it becomes clear that he is simply not focusing on enough things at once; while a scatterbrained, easily distracted person outside the fury and fire of fighting, once immersed in it he is many things. A capable commander, barking orders through his communication module, whilst simultaneously locking down one group, mauling another, and using his suit's natural bulk to block return-fire, protecting his less durable allies. Despite this, when not engaged in combat, he is relatively quiet and fairly compassionate, offering a comforting pat on the back or a shoulder to cry on as needed... Provided you don't sympathize with the Council or the Fifth Column.


The Man

Vincent looks to be in his mid-thirties, his dark brown hair much longer than military regulations would allow. His facial hair is trimmed into a neat but thick beard, and his height is decidedly average compared to a normal human male. His eyes are sunken, and bear dark, sleepless circles. His frame is relatively thin, but packed densely with muscle as a result of years of military training. Both arms are covered from shoulder to wrist in a pair of sleeve tattoos. If seen shirtless, his spine is a pseudo-cybernetic; high-ranking military officials, or those with classified information on cybernetics, would know that it is a Goliath-Class Cybernetic that allows for interfacing with S.A.V.A.G.E. MK II Exo-Suits, but it looks like the override vertebra has been removed.

The Ink

The Suit

Towering above mortal man, and even most superhuman demigods, the Speed And Velocity Amplifying Goliath Exoskeleton is a sight to behold. This particular model is a MKII, bearing a more humanoid appearance than the MKI. It is currently painted gunmetal black with forest green accents, implying that it was intended for night-time operation in heavily-wooded areas. Across the torso is clearly an after-market stencil of the words "Rough Rider" in white. High ranking military officials with proper clearance would likely know that the "Rough Rider" suit was last deployed on a Black Op to destroy a Council cell - during which contact was lost with the pilot, callsign "Echo One."

Powers/Abilities & Limitations

Always (With or Without his Suit)

The following powers are available to Vincent regardless of being in or out of his Exo-Suit.



Speed And Velocity Amplifying Goliath Exoskeleton

The following abilities are only available to Vincent while he is using the S.A.V.A.G.E. Exo-Suit.



Goliath Jets

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