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Eleonora in her most recent gear.
Eleonora Hylin
Player: @Aisynia
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 40
Personal Data
Real Name: Eleonora Hylin
Known Aliases: Elly; the Judge Arbiter of Alakosh
Species: Human
Age: 28
Height: 5'
Weight: 228 lbs (dense bone and muscle structure)
Eye Color: She has no eyes, Blue-Green before being taken.
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Judge Arbiter of Alakosh
Place of Birth: Enor District of Capitol City Rouvahl, World of Tikalintra

(in her home universe)

Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Trothyr (husband), Arina (daughter), Eleonora Aihara (younger version of herself, considers her a sister), Shen Aihara (temporal copy of father), Aisynia du Keddicci-Aihara (mother, deceased)
Known Powers
Broadsword, Regeneration, Super Speed, Super Jump, Fitness
Known Abilities
Master level swordsmanship, Mage Specialized in the schools of Life and Creature Magic, Aspect of Alakosh, "Boon of Sight", "Boon of Language", "Boon of Exemption".
The Dread Blade of Alakosh, Foci of Blooming, Foci of Invocation
No additional information available.

Eleonora is a further exploration into the question of whether a person is a product of their environment, or if they ultimately have free choice regardless. She is also an exploration of the idea that Justice and Injustice are totally separate from the concepts of Good and Evil, and Law and Chaos. She is partially inspired by Judge Dredd and the Arbiters of Lord Recluse.



"Hey, what's up? Been doing alright?"

Eleonora commonly puts out an air of friendly self confidence and a concern for the well-being of others. This largely stems from her destroyed youth, the desire to see other people not suffer as she did, and to distance herself from her job as Judge Arbiter. They are however, genuine feelings, not a front she puts up. She also has what can be described as a fierce motherly instinct and hyper-protectiveness of children.

"I don't know.. I just keep thinking about.. no, never mind.. forget about that, what's going on with you?"

Likewise, she can go from seemingly happy-go-lucky to dark and brooding if she starts thinking too deeply on her past and the choices that she has made. She carries many regrets on her heart, but also has a desire not to burden others with them, so often chides herself internally if she gets that way. As a result, she works hard to keep her mind focused on the present, struggling not to let her past mistakes effect the now.


In combat, she is highly focused and calculating, she concentrates solely on her job as Judge Arbiter of Alakosh. She is often seen from the outside as vicious and mercilessly brutal, she strikes not to injure or subdue, but to kill. She leaves naught but a bloody trail of death and destruction in her wake. However, regardless of her actions, she is simply fulfilling her duty and oath to Alakosh, who demands Justice in its harshest form. At times this can compound the aforementioned regret that can overcome her, but she usually has little difficulty coping with the deaths of fascists, murderers, rapists, and the like.


Eleonora's life has been scarred by tragedy and destruction at nearly every turn, twisting her at one point into a murderous, revenge driven zealot, unknowingly mirroring some choices made by her mother before her.

On Time

It should be noted now that Eleonora is not the only person to come to Earth from her home universe, and in fact not the only her. Time is not quite mutable but not quite static. For every set of choices, all are made, but only one is experienced at once, creating many timelines, within which many copies of the same person make different choices, and ultimately lead different lives.

Eleonora is the daughter of the first temporal copy of Aisynia to come to Earth from her native universe. That Aisynia is now deceased.


This is the short, horribly abbreviated version.

From an alternate future in an alternate universe. At 12, she was enslaved by a cult. They gouged her eyes out to protect their secrets, but she slowly learned their dark magics and used them to "see". at 24, she freed herself, and came back in time for revenge against her mother, who she blamed for the death of her father and her subsequent enslavement. Upon realizing that her mother was already dead and that she was in fact horribly mistaken, she gave up her darkness and her life of fighting.

Five months ago, she was abducted through a portal. Upon returning, she could "see" again and was carrying a massive, dread blade. she had been abducted back to the future by the remnants of the cult, but she soundly defeated them.

She spent four years in the future, married, and had a daughter. A being of Pure Justice, Alakosh, gave her "sight" again, making her Judge Arbiter of its cause. It sent her back alone, and in return for her service, it would one day being her family.

That day draws very near.

The Early Years

Full biography follows..

Eleonora was born on a technologically hyper-advanced world called Tikalintra. It is in fact a moon orbiting its parent planet in such a way that its sun is always eclipsed and is never seen. The world is covered in a 5 mile high city of golden lights and holographic ads, interspersed with flying cars and starships. It is populated by roughly 20 billion people, mostly natives, called the Vresi.

Her mother and father were from another world and went there by accident shortly before she was conceived.

At one time, her mother was in essence a villain, dubbed "Aisynia the Vile" by the public, and was being pursued by Shen Aihara, who would have been called a hero. At one point, Aisynia used a terrible magic in an attempt to resurrect her surrogate mother, but the ritual was interrupted by Shen. This led to a magical catastrophe which was twofold. Firstly, it resulted in the rupture in space that originally sucked them in and deposited them on Tikalintra. Secondly, what had been created of her mother's body was dispersed into a magical cloud of light and entered both of them.

Over time her mother came to see her errors, and her and Shen fell in love. Aisynia was not supposed to be capable of having children (due to a childhood injury, the result of a run-in with a terrible monster that nearly killed her), but she became pregnant regardless. Aisynia and Shen were both naturally very surprised. It was later learned, as Eleonora grew, that she was some kind of mystical clone of Aisynia's surrogate mother, most probably as a result of the disrupted ritual. Aisynia saw this as a second chance, to truly end her life of killing and to genuinely show love and affection to another, her own way of paying for her past crimes.

As a result, Eleonora had a wonderful childhood, she was well loved, taken care of, and wanted for nearly nothing. She was a genuinely happy child with many friends, and a place she called home.

Her parents, however, missed their homeworld, and each grew increasingly depressed. They both shared a desire to raise their daughter on a world with a sun, a world with wildlife and nature, and to be there themselves along with her.

A World with a Sun

At the age of 12, her mother and father finally made the decision to leave Tikalintra behind. Humans in her universe were from one specific world, however many had migrated to another, more magically advanced world by way of random portals. Aisynia and Shen wished to return to the latter, however, portals could not be directly opened to it, and so they would take a less direct route, by opening a portal to the human homeworld and then find a random portal to their destination.

Eleonora was hesitant and resistant, and while it broke her parents' hearts to force her, they genuinely felt it was for the better. Arriving on the human homeworld, they wandered for hours until coming upon one of the portals they sought. Eleonora and her father Shen stepped through first and as Aisynia was to step in behind them, the portal, its magics fickle at best, disappeared.

At first, Aisynia panicked, but resolved herself to simply find another. She was however, a blue skinned person from a racist nation who had long subjugated the people of the land she found herself in. As she came upon another portal and stepped through, a band of adventurers fired spells at her, thinking her an invader. The spells interacted with the portal violently, and Aisynia ended up in Paragon City.

Aisynia spent a month, wishing she could be with her husband and daughter, whispering their names into the wind and doing what she could as a hero, yet she ultimately met her fate and died.

While life turned grim for her mother, Eleonora's life turned into a living nightmare. The fickle nature of the random portals once again worked against those who would travel through them. Upon arriving on the new world, they were attacked by the remnants of a cult that had long since been thought destroyed. Her father was mercilessly murdered before her eyes as he made an attempt to protect his daughter. While Shen was an accomplished martial artist, and very strong in his own right, there were simply too many, and he was overcome.

Eleonora had some practice with an artistic style of sword fighting, but her mother and father never intended her to be caught in a truly dangerous situation without them. She was easily overcome and taken captive by the cult. They ripped her eyes and eyelids from her skull then and there, so as to protect their secrets. The last thing she ever saw was her father's mangled body and the empty space where her mother should have been, fighting to protect them.

Best Served Cold

Eleonora spent twelve years as a slave of the cult, toiling away in utter darkness at their behest, unable to escape and unable to fight back. Slowly though, regardless of the cults desires to protect their secrets through blinding her, she learned their dark magics. In actuality, it may very well have been her blindness itself which attracted the darkness to her in the first place.

As those years passed, a deep hatred for her mother grew inside her heart along with the dark magics. Her mother was a powerful mage and could have easily bested the cultists, but it seemed her mother had abandoned her. Her mother never came. Her mother stole her away from her home on Tikalintra and then had abandoned her and her father to their fates.

Eleonora decided that her mother, wherever she was, had been responsible for the death of her father and the life she had been forced into. She decided her mother had to die.

At twenty-four, Eleonora made her move against the cult, breaking her bindings and massacring nearly everyone in their lair. She used the dark magics both as a protective armor and as a way to sense her surroundings, making up for her lack of sight.

Her quest for revenge brought her to only one conclusion: In order to ensure the death of her mother, she would need to go back in time, where she knew where she was, and kill her herself.

Over time she managed to make it back to Tikalintra and then use experimental space folding technology to rip open a hole in time and travel back to where it all began. She watched as her and her father stepped through the portal and then watched it disappear before her mother could make it through. Even with the evidence right before her, she refused to acknowledge that the perception she had held for so long could be wrong. She stalked her mother and intended to follow her through the portal, but when the spells struck it and she stepped through, it also disappeared.

After a month of researching what precisely had happened, how the magics had interacted and in what ways, she replicated the events and found herself in Paragon City, on Earth.

From the time she escaped the cult to the time she found herself on Earth, she procured for herself a short sword and greatly honed her skills with the blade by killing random bandits and brigands.

She searched around for a couple of weeks, learning some crude English and even came upon a younger version of herself, which perplexed her greatly. Still, she stayed on course, she was going to kill her mother regardless of anything else, she had to.

Little did she know that the mother she knew had already died, and alternate timeline versions of Aisynia, Shen and a younger, 12 year old Eleonora had come from her home universe. She had no way to distinguish without asking, and saw no reason to ask.

Eleonora did indeed find Aisynia du Keddicci-Aihara, and knowing she was too powerful to kill directly, created a dark portal to the realm of the dead. This portal sucked Aisynia's soul into it by design, and replaced it with the soul of an ancient mage who Aisynia had known until his death. Saturated in darkness, this person, Arake, could not return willingly. Eleonora basked in her triumph, but it was short lived. Aisynia's friends surrounded her and forced her to face reality for the first time in many years.

Her mother had already died, as did her father. Her mother had not abandoned her, but was also a victim of circumstance. This person, who she had just killed, was for most intents and purposes, her mother. A person who was essentially her father was there on that world as well, and they both loved her. Unable to cope with what she had done, she communicated through the portal with her mother.

Deep in regret and near a psychotic break from the weight of her actions and the lie she had spun her life into, she dismissed the darkness upon Arake, and Aisynia returned to her own body.

Abandonment of the Dark

Eleonora completely dismissed her darkness, abandoned her magic and her life of fighting. She sought a normal life in Paragon City. Living as a truly blind person, carrying a cane to get around, she started attending classes at the Paragon City University. For months, she was happy. She came to see Earth and Paragon City in particular, as her home.

At one point, she was offered a new set of eyes, cloned from her own DNA and implanted, yet she refused. Blindness had become a part of her, and somehow she did not wish to give it up.

She grew very close to her mother and father again, and also to her younger self, treating her like a sister and becoming very protective of her. The younger Eleonora represented to her what her life could have been and she had a fierce instinct to protect that.

Tragedy soon visited her again however, as her mother, Aisynia du Keddicci-Aihara, was brutally murdered by an unknown assailant. This was presumably a villain from the Rogue Islands. While she had great difficulty coping with her mother's second death internally, outwardly she strove to be strong, supporting her father and sister as best she could in those troubled times. She was the anchor of strength and hope that kept the family in tact.

Not long after the funeral, however, while speaking with a friend, she unexpectedly disappeared into a cloud of darkness.

A Dream of a Life

Eleonora had been found by the remnants of the cult she had massacred and they wanted their revenge as well. Through their dark magics, they pulled her back to the future, into her own time, in her own universe. Armed with naught but a walking stick, she beat them all to death, blind as a bat, and then crawled her way to the surface from the bowels of their underground dungeon. After wandering in the wilderness for over a day, a wayward adventurer named Trothyr happened upon her and led her back to his town.

With no way to return back to what she now considered her home of Paragon, she settled down, and over the months her and Trothyr slowly fell in love. After a year there, they were married, and they had a child, who she named Arina.

For her, this life was as a dream, she was almost perfectly happy, but inside her heart ached with a longing to return to her home of Paragon.

Over time, she studied and specialized in the arcane arts of Life and Creature magics. She initially did this as a hobby but found that she was quite proficient at it, and inside a year was casting the highest level of spells. This was not totally unheard of, but it was still remarkable.

At twenty-eight, after four years there, she was approached by a Personification of Pure Justice from this universe, calling itself Alakosh. It saw in her a redeemed being, a person who despite all odds, had been rehabilitated from the side of the Unjust. Alakosh explained that it was a Personification not only of Justice, but of Justice in its most harsh and ancient form. Alakosh was not a god or a spirit, but a living idea, given thought and existence by a mortal desire for Justice in times long forgotten. Alakosh also explained to her that once being Unjust herself made her uniquely qualified to Judge and Pass Sentence upon the Unjust.

It offered her a deal she could barely refuse: Serve Alakosh as a Judge Arbiter and it would send her back to Paragon. However, it would send her back alone at first, and once she had fulfilled enough of her end of the bargain, it would bring her husband and daughter back as well.

She did not wish to make the same mistake that her father and mother before her did, to force her daughter and husband into leaving their world, so she spoke with her husband about it at length. Much to her surprise, he was completely open to it, and with an ache in her heart, not knowing how long it would be before she would see them again, she took the deal.

Enter the Judge Arbiter

Eleonora shortly after becoming Judge Arbiter. She is wearing the Judge Armor and this was several months before she cut her hair.

Eleonora was given the Dread Blade of Alakosh, Judge Armor and sent into Paragon City to Pass Judgment. After some time, she even gained the capability to take on the Aspect of Alakosh during rough fights.

While in English "Judge" and "Arbiter" are essentially synonymous, this is merely a rough translation from a more ancient language. A more accurate translation would be "One Who Judges, One Who Passes and Carries Out Sentence."

Her duty was simple, but her life was not so much. Though she spent four years in the future, she returned barely a day after she left, it was as if she was never gone at all. She moved back in with her father and sister and refused to speak about where she had been or what had happened.

It was at this time she adopted her late mother's title, becoming the Remarkable Terrifying Eleonora.

Her life with her husband had felt like a dream, and she grew increasingly depressed, worried that it would be a very long time before she would see him or her daughter again. Eventually she had a breakdown and stopped using her married name, going back to her maiden name of Eleonora Aihara. She genuinely started treating her marriage and her time in the future as if it were in fact a dream that had come abruptly to a halt. Originally, this was a coping mechanism to deal with being away from her loved ones, but she started to truly believe the lies she told herself.

Months passed and she carried out her Duties as Judge Arbiter even still. She acted single, and she cheated on her husband who she regarded as more of a daydream than anything. Recently however, things have changed.

Shattered or Fulfilled?

Alakosh, for all intents and purposes, gave her a wake up call. It demanded that she stop lying to herself, and that to do so was unjust to herself and to her family, and in doing so she was putting herself in danger of once again becoming one of the Unjust. It told her that the time was drawing very near for her family to come be with her.

Shaken to her core, realizing what she had done and that she had been lying to herself so completely, she once again came near to a psychotic break. She was absolutely mortified how she had been treating her marriage, her daughter, and the life she had before becoming a Judge Arbiter.

Eleonora is busy collecting herself and fulfilling her duty as best she can in the meantime.

One thing she does not look forward to is telling her husband what she has done. She has a duty to the truth and needs to tell him.

Time will tell what will become of this.

Natural Strengths

While technically human, and capable of reproducing with humans from earth, humans from her universe share some distinct differences.

It should be noted now that while humans from her world have the normal range of skin colors, there also exists a heritage of blue skinned people, her people. It does not in any way imply an affinity for cold, or anything of the like, her skin is simply blue, she was born that way.

As for more profound differences, there are at least two to note.

Firstly, they heal at a rate many times that of a normal human from this universe. This would most closely be compared to the natural regeneration factor of some mutants. It is not, however, strong enough to be relied upon in a combat situation.

Secondly, as a human from their world grows in strength, their muscles do not grow larger. In fact, their muscles become increasingly more dense and their bones do as well to help support their own weight, the weight they can lift, and the forces they can strike with. On average, a human from her world who adventures a lot and slays monsters is many times stronger and more resilient than an average human from this world. Eleonora herself is exceptionally strong even amongst her people, and is rated as "Superhuman: 800+ lbs to 2 ton range" by the Marvel System Strength Scale, as she can lift over a ton unaided.

In combat, she always uses a Creature Magic spell called "Might of the Orusis" to further enhance her strength, pushing her into "Superhuman: 2+ tons to 10 ton range", capable of lifting a three and a half ton cargo truck and throwing it.

While she has not specifically lifted anything after casting it, her short lived spell, "Might of Aertaereon" easily pushes her into the "Superhuman: 10+ tons to 25 ton range" while she has "Might of the Orusis" active as well (their magical enhancements to her strength stack). While the spell only lasts 10 seconds, after casting it she has been seen on separate occasions utterly destroying 5 foot thick impervium doors, 20 ton fuel tanks, aircraft, and a nuclear submarine with a single strike from her sword.

Skills, Abilities, and Equipment

Eleonora is a master of several skills and has also been granted some Boons by Alakosh.


Eleonora is a master swordsman, using a combination of elements from an elegant artistic style she learned as a child, and from a more brutal straight forward assault method she developed herself while on her quest for revenge.

It should first be noted that the Dread Blade itself is a supernatural artifact created by Alakosh to serve the purpose of punishing the Unjust. It is enchanted in such a way that it damages the souls of those it strikes (though this ability can be turned off at will by Eleonora if she needs to). It is also completely indestructible, crafted from a permanently enchanted alloy of impervium and neutronium. It is 4'10" long and weighs 90 pounds. Thanks to her body's strength and density, swinging it around as if it were no heavier than a feather is quite simple for her. Also, due to its supernatural origin, it is never completely inside this realm, and in fact, when she is not using it, it completely phases out until she calls upon it.

While in combat, she very rarely uses her fists, relying on the Dread Blade of Alakosh almost exclusively.

Most of the time she delivers brutal, crushing strikes with very little caution or concern for her own well being. She takes advantage of her strength (both natural and magically enhanced on top of that), along with the pure resilience of the sword itself to overcome enemies with an overwhelming onslaught of pure destructive force. If things get rough however, she will often switch to the more graceful, defensive style she learned as a child. Incoming blows suddenly get deflected by her whirling, arcing weapon. Her enemies often find themselves disarmed and dead (or maimed) in short order.

Thus Her Weakness

This means that her primary weakness is powerful ranged attacks. She is a superb melee combatant, able to deflect incoming blows at a whim, but if her enemies are using powerful attacks at range, she can quickly be overcome if she isn't able to compensate with her Life Magic and/or close the distance quickly. Most times she has been defeated or nearly so, this has been the cause. She can also be overwhelmed by sheer numbers, as most can.

Also, though she can put several tons of force into a blow, and she is very much aware of this, several villain groups have crafted armor of impervium alloys and composites that are somehow capable of resisting the lethal forces she can exert. She finds it endlessly frustrating that she can destroy nuclear submarines with a single blow, yet a properly equipped Malta Soldier can withstand several multi-ton strikes.

Life Magic

Eleonora has mastered the highest level spells from the school of Life Magic, though due to the fact magic functions differently here than in her home universe, she has retained very few spells. In order to cast Life Magic, she requires a small, green, crystalline sphere called the "Foci of Blooming". She has fitted the Foci of Blooming within her left gauntlet, close enough to use it for casting magic, yet encased and protected from harm inside layers of thick armor.

Spell List:


This spell greatly increases Eleonora's physical endurance, agility, and steadiness, making it nearly impossible to her knock down or otherwise throw her off balance. It also grants an innate magical protection from harmful spells or other abilities which would bind or otherwise hold her. It takes little mana to cast but it does take a certain amount of concentration to maintain. If her concentration is broken or if she otherwise grows tired, it can be dispelled. She requires very little recovery time and can recast it within seconds if it does drop. This is her most used spell along with Janna's Lesser Blessing.


This spell allows Eleonora to spontaneously heal major wounds. She is able to cast it very quickly and needs very little recovery time before casting it again, thirty seconds at most. This is the spell she uses the most for pure survival.

(Dull Pain)

This is a more advanced and powerful version of Maira's Blessing. This spell not only spontaneously heals major wounds but it significantly increases her physical resilience for quite a while before wearing off. Unlike Maira's Blessing however, it is quite taxing to cast and she needs at least a couple of minutes of recovery time before casting it again.

(Instant Healing)

This is her most powerful Life Magic spell, and its effects are truly profound. Maira's Transcendence exponentially increases her natural healing rate, making her, for a couple of minutes, nearly impossible to defeat, as each blow delivered to her is typically healed almost instantaneously. Along with its power however, comes its price. It is an incredibly taxing spell, taking a great amount of mana and great concentration to cast. She needs several minutes to recover from casting this spell before doing so again, and usually only casts it when she feels she's in a very dire situation.

Creature Magic

Eleonora has mastered the highest level spells from the school of Creature Magic, though due to the fact magic functions differently here than in her home universe, she has retained very few spells. In order to cast Creature Magic, she requires a small, blue, crystalline sphere called the "Foci of Invocation". She has fitted the Foci of Invocation within her right gauntlet, close enough to use it for casting magic, yet encased and protected from harm inside layers of thick armor.

Spell List:

(Innate roleplayed spell)

This spell more than doubles Eleonora's natural strength as well as her body's resilience. This allows her to not only lift more weight and strike much harder, but also allows her body to withstand the forces involved in such. This spell is very easy for her to cast and sustain. She can keep it active almost indefinitely and requires no time to recover if it is dispelled, allowing her to recast it immediately. She always has this active while in combat.

This spell pushes her into the "Superhuman: 2+ tons to 10 ton range" on the Marvel System Strength Scale, and she has been seen lifting a 3.5 ton cargo truck and throwing it with this spell active.

(Build Up)

This is a more advanced and powerful version of Might of the Orusis. It exponentially increases her strength and her body's resilience. This spell is very short lived, only lasting 10 seconds. Likewise, casting this spell is incredibly taxing, requiring a great amount of mana and concentration. She needs close to a minute of recovery time after its short duration before casting it again.

While taxing, this spell, combined with "Might of the Orusis", pushes her into the "Superhuman: 10+ tons to 25 ton range" on the Marvel System Strength Scale. She hasn't specifically lifted anything while it's active because doing so is too dangerous due to its short duration. If it were to wear off while she was lifting something extremely heavy above her head, she would quickly be crushed to death. She has however been seen (on separate occasions), utterly annihilating 5 foot thick impervium doors, 20 ton fuel tanks, aircraft, and a nuclear submarine with single strikes from her sword.


This spell significantly increases Eleonora's innate quickness in battle, allowing her to strike much faster, and cast spells more quickly. This spell turns her from an already formidable foe into a terrible, nearly unstoppable destructive force. This spell requires very little concentration to cast and a negligible amount of mana, but when it wears off she often feels a bit drained for a few seconds. Even though it is not a terribly difficult spell, she does require around three minutes of recovery time before casting it again.

(Super Speed)

This spell exponentially increases Eleonora's speed on foot, allowing her to effortlessly reach speeds upwards of 90 miles per hour. Casting this spell is very simple and she can cast it and dismiss it at will. She requires essentially no recovery time before recasting it, however, it does take a small amount of concentration to keep active, thus it can be somewhat taxing if she decides to use it while in battle.

(Combat Jumping)

This spell significantly increases Eleonora's jumping height and speed and also allows her to change direction in mid air. Casting this spell is extremely simple. Like Haldur's Blessing, she can cast it and dismiss it at will and also requires no recovery time. Even further, the amount of thought required to keep it active is almost completely negligible, making this an ideal spell to use for enhanced maneuverability in combat. This is her most used spell, along with Maira's Perseverance.

(Super Jump)

This is a more advanced version of Janna's Lesser Blessing. It exponentially increases Eleonora's jump height and speed and allows her to change direction in mid air at will. Like Haldur's Blessing and Janna's Lesser Blessing, she can cast it and dismiss it at will with essentially no recovery time needed. Unlike Janna's Lesser Blessing however, it does take a certain amount of concentration to keep active and thus can wear her out more quickly if she decides to use it in combat, which is rare.

The Aspect of Alakosh

Eleonora, having taken on the Aspect of Alakosh.

Alakosh, while being an entity of Pure Justice, is Justice in its harshest form and is widely considered a very scary being. Being a Judge Arbiter of Alakosh also means being capable of taking on a physical Aspect of Alakosh, which appears as a black, winged, demonic figure with glowing green eyes and a green aura. While Eleonora can call upon this aspect willingly, it can also trigger instinctively in times of great danger, such as when she is critically injured, or when she casts Maira's Transcendence. It isn't taxing at all, and she can dismiss it at will. It's only real purpose is intimidation: to literally put the fear of Justice into an enemy.


Upon becoming a Judge Arbiter of Alakosh, Eleonora received several Boons, or innate supernatural powers. When and if Alakosh releases her from service, she will be allowed to keep the first two of these three.

Boon of Sight

Eleonora is blind, and while she doesn't have true sight, this Boon gives her a physical awareness of her surroundings. She describes it as "the world, smoothed over, lacking texture and color". She also describes the way she "sees" the world as "Shadows and voices". This is not sight in the way that eyes provide, but more of an innate knowledge of her surroundings, such as the shapes and sizes of everything around her, and their distances to her as well. While more than adequate for combat, it is not defined enough for her to know what other people look like without touching their faces. She is, however, able to recognize people by their general sizes, shapes, voices, and body language.

Boon of Language

Eleonora speaks broken English at best. This boon allows her to understand, and in turn be understood by others, very easily. Likewise, it gives her the ability to "read". While she cannot actually look at words on paper or on a screen, she is given an innate knowledge of what is written on something she is "looking at". This makes her life much easier.

Boon of Exemption

Alakosh is above and beyond the concepts of Law and Chaos, and Good and Evil. Alakosh is Justice. As such, its Judge Arbiters are given innate immunity to the law when carrying out sentencing (i.e. killing the Unjust). This is a powerful supernatural boon, and the upholders of the law will find themselves literally incapable of trying a Judge Arbiter for murder so long as they were Just in doing so in the eyes of Alakosh.

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