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This character is based off the great Iron man. But will be a mix of Ironman/superman/batman all wrapped up into one hero.

I also just rolled him from a troller to a blaster and he is going to get a minor costume update when I create the blaster so disregard this image.

Chill out!
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: Classified
Personal Data
Real Name: Max Mcclain
Known Aliases: Eyceman
Species: Cybor-netic organism
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'5''
Weight: 400lbs Unsuited
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Inventor/Scientist
Place of Birth: Planet Krohn
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Maxwell Mcclain (deceased) Melanie Mcclain (deceased)
Known Powers
Technological Genius
Known Abilities
Can regenerate self if damaged/ Minor Ice Manipulation
Symbiot Nanotech Suit



A metalic colored robotic baby almost resembling that of a human sits crying in a futuristic shell as explosions and screaming is coming from the background. A metalic hand comes to lay across the shells window and voice speaks in a robotic tone " We love you Norric". The shell begins to power up as lights glow and blink bore finally launching. The Shell flys out of its doomed planets orbit just before it explodes. Krohn was no more, but for Norric.....his life was just beginning.

The Falling

The day is July 7 1947, a new mexico farmer is tending to his land as he notices a object falling from the sky and lands a few miles out from his farm. Never witnessing anything like this he decides to investigate.

A child of thier own

Maxwell walked slowly towards the crash site afraid of what he may find. As Maxwell got closer he could hear the cries of a child. Maxwell hurried to the shell to find a human baby (Norrics body took on the appearance of a human to protect itself). Max picked up the child and looked around franticly. After years of trying to concieve with no avail, Maxwell seized the opportunity and took the child. Maxwell showed the child to his wife Melanie who was thrilled and believed that this child was a gift from god. They named the child Max and raised him as thier very own.

School days

Max excelled in school due to his inheretid genius from his birth father. Max got an early acceptance to college where he excelled in advanced technologies and graduated with top honors at the age of 18.


Max gained regocnition during his college years as a great mind and particularly for his creations. Mainly those of the military weaponry type. Thus lead him to be employed by a major weapons corporation in Paragon city....a long way from home. After a few years with the company Max had enough of a reputation that he went into the business himself creating the company MaxTech a military weapons manufacturer.


One christmas holiday, Max planned to bring his parents to the big city and planned the flight and accomadations for his parents. Max eagerly waited at the airport for thier arrival as he heard someone shouting in the waiting area "Turn on the News! A plane has just been Hijacked!". Max hurried to a television and watched with others as the news channel covered the event. "What a time to have Super Heroes refrained from using thier powers" the reporter stated. A recent act inacted by the government prevented super heroes from interferring seeing as they cause just as much havoc. The reporter called out the flight number and Max stood and watched and could do nothing, It was the plane his parents were on. The hijackers flew the plane into a building and killed themselves along with the passengers of the plane. Max went into a bad depressoin after the lose of his parents.....nearly losing his company.


Recovering from his depression and going over secret weapon files Max came across the SNS file. The SNS was introduced as a project for super soldiers with power armor implements. Max wanted to do something about the crime wave that seemed to be over powering Paragon city and went to work perfecting the project to use on himself.


Max was born with his powers, Inheretid from his birth parents. All of the beings from his former planet could regenerate lost limbs and organs but his father had vast supernatural intelligence and his mother could manipulate ice.

Self regeneration

Max cybornetic body gives him the ability to regenerate his lost limbs and organs. His ability to regenerate limbs gives max an almost immortal state of being. Depending on the amount of damage done the longer and more painful it is for him.

Ice manipulation

Max has inheretid the ability to manipulate ice. Although being raised by his human parents since birth max never new he had such ability and is only a novice in his power.


Max inheretid the genius mind of his father with a profound skill for building all things involving electronics and machinery. This power has lead Max to become a great Inventor/Engineer.

While normal kids build imaginary rockets to fly into outerspace.......Max built a actual rocket at the age of 5.

Symbiot Nanotech Suit (SNS) v1.0

After coming back from the depression of losing his parents, Max went on a mission to take matters into his own hands. Thus creating a Power Armor suit that inhances his natural powers.


Symbiot is the skin armor Max wears that greatly increases his strength and acts as a shield against almost all types of artillary.


The Nanotech armor are the pieces Max wears on his Face and Hands. The Inter-relay head device displays information to Max and relays it to the Symbiot suit.

Max also injected his body with nanonite technology originally developed for the super soldier project. The nanonites greatly increase the hosts normal attributes....for a human...this would be strentgh, endurance....im max case, along with increasing strength and endurance it also inhanced his ice powers allowing him to fully grasp his natural birth power.


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