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Time to flash the bad guys!
Player: @Nerfed
Origin: science
Archetype: controller
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: 'Confidential'
Known Aliases: none
Species: human
Age: 17
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 107 lbs
Eye Color: Hazel (but can be altered at will)
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: U.S. Citizen
Occupation: professional singer
Place of Birth: 'Confidential'
Base of Operations: 'Confidential'
Marital Status: 'Confidential'
Known Relatives: 'Confidential'
Known Powers
Energy Control (light), Flight, Super Speed
Known Abilities
Confiscated Nemesis staff, experimental cryonite armor, cryo-projection bracers, Crey freeze pistol

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A perky young blonde that doesn't seem to let anything darken her mood, Flash-Girl often seems somewhat shallow to those who don't know her. Although she does occasionally feel fear, sadness, or even outrage, she manages to do so with the same bubbly demeanor as always which leads some to suspect she may be some kind of pre-programmed machine, such as an android, who is not truly capable of feeling anything but reacts in predetermined ways. This couldn't be farther the truth which is that she is so overwhelmed by how good it feels to be her --even more so since she gained her powers-- that negative emotions seem to roll off her like water off a duck's back.


Flash-Girl was transformed into a living hologram while giving a concert in her secret identity as a pop star. She gained her powers as a result of being engulfed in the weird radiation that exploded from her stage light show which was caused by an overload from alien energies from a Rikti invasion force. As a result, she can generate illusions, bend light around herself to become invisible, focus light into lasers, fly, move incredibly fast, and she is superhumanly strong and durable as her solid light body no longer suffers from human limitations such as fatigue or hunger.


Flash-Girl uses her light-powers to create illusions of allies, becoming a one-woman team of five. She has also been known to create illusions of horrifying images to scare criminals into submission, making others see herself in place of their own allies to cause confusion, or to cause herself and others to simply become invisible. She can also manipulate light to create blinding flashes, either centered on herself which can affect everyone around her or focused on the eyes of a single target. She has also learned how to focus light into lasers and photon beams for more direct damage when it is required.

Radiation Emission

In addition to her illusions, Flash-Girl is capable of controlling the wavelengths of her energy emitting from herself into positively charged waves which can heal and strengthen herself or allies, as well as negatively charged waves which can weaken her foes.

Flight & Superspeed

As a side effect of her body being composed of solid light, Flash-Girl can choose to ignore gravity and move much faster than normal humans. She could potentially move at light speed but finds that moving too fast causes her mind lose focus, so she carefully limits herself rather than risk dissipating her form.

Character History

Flash-Girl gained her power during the first Rikti invasion which occurred at the same time she was on stage, performing a concert in her secret identity as a teen pop star. A battle with heroes took place nearby and her stage lighting effects were overloaded, causing them to explode in a strange radiation which transformed her body into a living energy pattern. Scientists at S.E.R.A.P.H. believe its a miracle that she was able to maintain her conscious mind in the transition and have asked her time and again to submit to further studies to see if the effect could be duplicated and/or reversed, but Flash-Girl politely refuses saying that one of her is enough and she doesn't like the idea of ever returning to normal.

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