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{ played by @Charlie }

NAME: Becker Carlyle
AGE: 41
OCCUPATION: Supercriminal
PLACE OF BIRTH: San Francisco, CA

  • Time Travel - possesses the capability to access different time periods.
  • Deja Vu - administers temporal electro-shocks to the brain that can physically trap individuals in memories and past experiences.


San Francisco, 1971 -- what a time to be alive! Nothing but good vibes, positive energy, and free-love to go around. Now, most cats would call that a sweet set-up, but ol' Becker Carlyle wasn't one for any of that 'do right by thy fellow man' crap. He was a real jive-talking son of a gun, and in his eyes, all this new age philosophy just made it easier to swindle suckers. A con artist by trade, Becker would fleece his way through life. Grifting and drifting were second nature to him. So he was destined, you might say, for a life of crime -- but no one ever thought he'd amount to much more than that.

Well, there was this one guy: an absolute kook that zapped his way into Becker's bathroom one day. He had a real groovy crystal with him and claimed it had sent him back in time. Far out. Now, this clock-surfing space-case started going on and on about how he was a Mender of Ouroboros or some such, and that he had come to warn Becker about how, in the future, he'd threaten to unravel time itself. Bo-ring. What that cat shoulda seen coming is that he would be the first domino to fall. Becker had his eyes on that crystal, so he grabbed a wrench and clobbered the man-out-of-time until he was a deadhead -- and I don't mean a fan of the band. It took some jury-rigging, but eventually Becker had that little time-hopping number working for him. All it took was a couple test runs to get the hang of it and it was so long 1970s. Becker started on a joyride through the timestream, swindling whoever and taking whatever from whenever he pleased. Sure that ruffled some feathers, but Becker wasn't just Becker anymore -- he was Flashback -- and most folks would think twice before they went after a guy who could deliver them a double dose of deja vu.

As it turns out, time can be a fickle mistress, and sooner or later, the fractured timelines and temporal fallout catch up to you. Flashback made a bit too much noise and got the attention of some real rough customers: The Vanquishers. He has a particular beef with the Burn Sisters, Timeburn and Feverburn, and considers them both his arch-foes. Rumor has it Flashback is working on something big -- but due to the heat he's under, progress has been slow going. That's why he decided to team up with an absolute primo primate, Guerilla, and put a stop to these costumed clowns playing 'time cop' once and for all.



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