Goldsword Avenger

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Goldsword Avenger
Player: @Red Ice
Basic Data
Origin: Originicon natural.png
Archetype: V archetypeicon brute.png
Security Level: 20
Occupation: Recording Artist, Actor
Personal Data
Real Name: Lee, Jae-Hwon (이재훤)
Known Aliases: J-On
Identity: not established as Goldsword Avenger, known in South Korea as J-On
Species: Human
Age: 34
Height: 5'9
Weight: 161 lbs
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: dark brown
Blood Type: A
Biographical Data
Birthplace: Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Birthdate: 31 August 1987
Citizenship: South Korea
Current Residence: Gangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Religion/Faith: Protestant
Sexual Orientation: undisclosed
Marital Status: Single
Known Languages
Korean, Japanese, English (all fluently)
Known Relatives
Lee Hyo-shin (father), Lee Han-yeon (mother), Lee Yoon (older brother)
Known Powers
Training / Abilities
athleticism, rumored sword wielding and sword dancing
rumored to have a golden-colored sword
said rumors, while not confirmed, are true and only known by fellow S.L.Y. members
Please note that, while real people and companies are mentioned, this is still a work of fiction. As such, anything stated in this article did not actually happen in real life.

Goldsword Avenger is an unestablished name given to one's self by someone who is searching for a friend.



Goldsword Avenger was born as Lee Jae-Hwon on 31 August 1987 as the second of two children from mother Lee Han-yeon and father Lee Hyo-shin. His older brother, Lee Yoon, was born approximately 17 months prior. He was born and raised in the Seocho district of Seoul, South Korea. His mother is a hairstylist and make-up artist and his father is one of many financial directors for the Samsung Group.

Jae-Hwon would be something of a scholar while growing up. Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, Jae-Hwon would maintain a constant grade point average from 3.75 to 4.0, becoming his graduating class' valedictorian. Because of this, he would have no problem being accepted into Hanyang University and began to study for a business degree.

Despite his academic prowess, Jae-Hwon (as well as his brother) had a passion for music and choreography. They both had a very good singing voice (and can harmonize very well together) and had been adept at picking up dance moves and choreography.

Because his older brother had already began pursuing a career in the entertainment industry by the time Jae-Hwon graduated high school, Jae-Hwon decided that he would stay in school instead and attempt to follow in his father's footsteps of success and study business management. While in college, he would also rigorously study English and Japanese. Both languages, he had self-studied before.

An Offer

While his brother Yoon had been enjoying minor success with the music group, Jae-Hwon had been studying as usual. Yoon had been found by talent scouts at SM Entertainment and after a few years of training, he would be placed with two others to form a boy band called S.L.Y. The trio would enjoy minor success with their first album. Along the way, Yoon would call Jae-Hwon just about every chance he got to tell him about his journey making it into the industry. From training to recording sessions to learning choreography to learning English and Japanese, Jae-Hwon would hear about it.

After S.L.Y.'s second album had minor success in charts and sales, Jae-Hwon would get another phone call from his brother asking him to consider joining. While Jae-Hwon was very tempted by this idea, he was still unsure about it. Of course, Yoon would continue to convince Jae-Hwon (read: whine until he gave in) though he understood that this was ultimately Jae-Hwon's decision.

But, as the group's name would suggest, Yoon had something planned to seal the deal. One afternoon, Jae-Hwon would get a phone call from one of SM Entertainment's producers to ask him to join S.L.Y., having been told about his singing and dancing abilities and how he and Yoon used to sing together quite often at parties and other gatherings as teenagers. When Jae-Hwon was told that he could study at the same time, he had accepted the offer and their terms. Not even five minutes after this conversation, Jae-Hwon received another phone call from his brother who was very excited. Jae-Hwon would officially join the group after the current semester term was over.

One of the guys

It didn't take long for Jae-Hwon to be "one of the guys" in the group. Aside from being Yoon's younger brother, he was personable, sociable, and was very easy to get along with. His personality meshed well together with the other guys. He was given the nickname J-On, as it seemed catchy at the time and it was short way of saying his first name. The group's manager would find that Jae-Hwon did not need as much training as they had first assumed because of his natural singing and dancing ability, and also because of his proficiency and fluency in Japanese and English.

Keeping that into consideration, this is something that Jae-Hwon would come to quietly despise with other boy bands. After only six months of training, he was ready to be out in the world and be a pop star. Whereas with other groups, there have been people who were trained for five, six years. Sometimes, longer. To him, he would feel like they were fully "trained" from the ground up to be pop stars and would have no talent to begin with. Of course, he would not make this vocally known but there would be hints that there are members of some of South Korea's boy bands and girl bands that he would dislike because of going through this sort of "training." (i.e. some members of Super Junior, 2PM, 2NE1, Big Bang, and more recently KARA and EXO.)

Being a part of the group, rumors had been spread about Jae-Hwon's prowess with a sword and knowing some sort of martial arts with said sword. While there was no concrete evidence to support these rumors, only the band members themselves really knew the truth. Not even the company, their manager, or their producers knew of the truth. And yes, these rumors are true.

As a group of four, S.L.Y. would find better success as sales for their second album were much better than their first. They would find more success as they released their third album "3 in a ROW" and go on a national tour. There had been plans to tour parts of Japan, but they were cancelled due to the fact that the other members could not speak Japanese as proficiently as Jae-Hwon could.


In the 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards, S.L.Y. failed to win "Best Male Group" for the third year in a row, losing to Big Bang in 2007 and 2008, and losing to 2PM in 2009. While all members of S.L.Y. were disappointed by this, Yoon was the one who was most affected. To boost morale, the members were sent to a VIP night club in Seocho where most of the patrons would not recognize them and for them to have a good time. And it would seem like they did. Seeming like this was something that would pass, they continued onto what they do best. They went on small tours and made radio appearances to promote their fourth album.

Several weeks later, there would be pictures of Yoon and Shiwon on Korean blogging sites doing... questionable things with one another. It started out small, but would soon spread like wildfire. Soon, questions about the band members' sexuality would be raised. SM Entertainments' and the band members' ethics would soon be questioned. The media would attempt to get any word that they can, going as far as making their own assumptions about the band. While it seemed like Jae-Hwon and Yoo-chun were scrutinized due to this scandal, it obviously hit Shiwon and Yoon even more. Despite the pictures being too blurry, seemingly Photoshopped or otherwise manipulated, the media did not want to let go of this scandal. Seeming like there was nothing the band nor the company could do to stop these rumors, the band was immediately dropped from SM Entertainment as they believed that they could not contain the situation and they did not want these rumors to tarnish their reputation as a reputable record company. Their fourth album would never be released.

That pretty much marked the end of S.L.Y. and the first person to make an official exit was Shiwon himself. Yoon would soon follow, then Yoo-chun, and finally Jae-Hwon. Of course, that didn't mean anything as the media still sought answers about this scandal. There was another rumor that went around saying that the media and paparazzi went over to Shiwon's apartment and everyone there turned into crystal. Of course, this rumor was immediately dismissed as it seemed absolutely ridiculous for anyone to be able to do. After this rumor, however, it would seem that Shiwon has fallen completely off the face of the earth.

Moving On

For the next two and a half years, the others would attempt to continue on their careers as this scandal would eventually die down. However, it wasn't exactly meant to be. Yoon and Yoo-chun could not get funding or representation after the scandals and Jae-Hwon wasn't sure whether or not to go back to being a singer so he pursued acting. He made guest appearances playing minor characters on Korean sitcoms and soaps. Of course, they all wondered how Shiwon was doing and where he is. Using his smarts and what he knew, Jae-Hwon did some undercover work to find out what had happened to Shiwon since the scandal. He would research credit card receipts, attempt to contact his parents, and even go as far as researching tabloids. He came upon an article that said he took a flight to L.A.X.

He would later live up to the band's name and dug up more information and would later find out that Shiwon had seen a doctor in Miami, Florida. Flying to Florida, it would take him a day and a half to find the doctor that he saw and attempted to find out what he had been up to. Because of HIPAA laws, he could not get any answers he needed though making a ruckus and causing a diversion, he went through the doctors' files and found his records. In it, he found a doctor's note saying for him to seek help in Rhode Island. Before he could get caught, he immediately fled Florida and headed for the smallest state in the U.S.

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