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"Awe c'mon! Ya know that'cha wanna get a piece of this! You do? Ooohhhh THAT kinda piece. Okay then, put em up!"
Grey Harlequin
Player: @TheOneTrueBling
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 26
Personal Data
Real Name: Angelica Marino
Known Aliases: Harley
Species: Human
Age: 19
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 147 lbs.
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Hair Color: Ash
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Fashion Designer
Place of Birth: New York City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Jack Marino (Father); Jennifer Marino (Mother); Vinne "Pretty Boy" Marino (Younger Brother); Rodney Marino (Older Brother)
Known Powers
Hyper Accelerated Reflexes/Speed
Known Abilities
Martial Arts

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Angelica Marino was the daughter of an accomplished crime boss in New York, Jack Marino. For years she was daddy's girl, practically given the world as her father always told her that she'd one day be meant for great things. Little did anyone know, how right her father was. When Angelica turned 16 she finally learned about the "family business" and was appalled at the secrets that were kept from her for so many years. Con jobs, smuggling operations, shake downs of private businesses, all of it practically left Angelica stunned. Of all the things she'd learned, the only thing she wasn't surprised about, was that her family came from a unique blood line, several members of the family being naturally faster and more agile than an average Human was, Angelica of course, being amongst this number.

At first, Angelica tried to just ignore what was happening, not at all interested in the more illicit activities of her family as she began to develop an interest in comedy and the theatre, an interest that her father of course was more than happy to support for her. Over the years she spent learning the crafts of an actor and entertainer, she was also quietly reading the papers and listening to the news more frequently now, hopping quietly to herself that one day her family would suddenly end their crime spree. Finally, at age 18, she'd decided that enough was enough. Seeing no light on the horizon indicating that her family would go straight and become more legitimate in their activities, she chose to take matters into her own hands.

Using what she'd learn about stage presence and costume design, she began to fashion herself a disguise she could use for herself. Eventually making a gray and black harlequins outfit, she set out into the streets and began her hunt. Systematically targeting various operations her family controlled that she knew about. One by one, her families control over New York began to falter, and the N.Y.P.D. started to lock away more and more of the Marino family. For a year this went on, until finally Angelica was found out by her father. Furious that his own daughter would betray him in such a way, he set out to find and stop Angelica once and for all. A month went by as Angelica was now being hunted by what of her family was still outside of jail. Outwardly undaunted by what was happening, but at the same time heart broken that all her work had lead to this moment, she knew that she had to put a stop to her father himself to end the madness for good.

As she made this decision, she called out her father to the docks in New York, secretly alerting the police about the situation as she waited for her father to show up. Upon her father’s arrival, a battle between father and daughter quickly broke out, Angelicas father of course being amongst the members of the family that inherited the Marino Families super human speed. Though Angelica proved to be a fierce opponent for her father, 'Papa Marino' proved far more cunning and experienced over his tenacious daughter, and gradually gained the upper hand over her. Were it not for the N.Y.P.D. arriving to where Angelica told them to come to at that moment, then Angelica would have likely been dead at that moment.

As the police carted Angelica's father away, all that rang in her ears at the point were words she never thought she'd hear him say, "Even if ya did ruin me Angie, I'm glad t'see that y'got y'self a place in th'world yous is happy with. For what its worth... I'm proud of ya." Even in his final moments as a crime lord, despite the betrayals, Angelica discovered at those few seconds that her father still believed in her. Making a quick retreat from the scene then before the police could start turning their attention toward her; she began to ponder to herself what she should do at that moment. With her father locked away, the Marino Family couldn't keep them selves organized, and in a city like New York, there's little need for someone like her to protect it with rough and tumble individuals like the New York Police to keep the streets safe. Three days later, she made her choice to leave New York had go to Rhode Island where she heard people like her were in high demand. Making her way to Paragon City, she wasted no time in registering herself there as a super hero, going under the name, Grey Harlequin.


After New York

Since since her arrival in Paragon City, Angelica, or Harley as she is now more commonly known as, has undergone amazing feats of heroism while performing every gag, and cracking every bad joke she knows in the process. Her better known work being what she had done in The Hollows, as she not only defeated the leaders of the Outcasts and Troll's there (with the aid of her fellow superheroes of course) but also added insult to injury when she submitted a photo taken of her sitting in Atta's very own throne, with the Troll's unconscious body at her feet to the Paragon Times. With this little stunt earning her a great deal of notoriety in Paragon City, as well as the ire of many criminal groups as well. This how ever, did seem to get a good chuckle out of a few of the heroes in the city as well.

The color photo that was submitted to Paragon Times...

Branching Out

Harley displaying some of the fine wares at Icon, as well as displaying a "fine clown" at the same time.

While Harley's work as a hero had gained her a great deal of fame in the city, being a super hero exclusively wasn't paying the bills the way it should. Turning her attention toward the private sector then, she got work at Steel Canyon's very own 'Icon', where she began selling outfits to people. Though this wasn't enough for the plucky clown, as she concluded that her next big step would have to be to start making her own line of fashions. An idea that Serge himself supported not only because the idea of a real life super powered Harlequin selling fashion lines was not only droll enough to have potential, but Paragon City was lacking in proper fashion designers. Though she's still working on getting her name out into the fashion world a little more prominently, Harley at least is making money enough these days to keep her personal homestead (okay, it's just an apartment in Kings Row) as her own.

What antics will be had by Paragon's own modern Harlequin, is yet to be determined...


Almost completely putting the dramatic situation with her family in New York behind her, and taking to the life of a modern day Harlequin and Super Hero, Harley is a very pleasant and upbeat person. When in battle, she often times spouts one-liners at her enemies and even cracks jokes at their expense. When not fighting, she also enjoys doing tricks for people around her, using her super human reflexes to perform impressive slight-of-hand tricks and even cracking more benevolent jokes for people and making observational humor. It's also been noted by some that she is also somewhat lecherous, though not overtly, as well as openly flirtatious with just about anyone she thinks is worth flirting with... Or just making nervous and sweaty. When not wearing her harlequin suit, she tries to tone herself down a little bit for the sake of preserving her image as a clown. Though she does still crack an occasional joke out of habit.




Enemies/Arch Nemesis/Rivals

Harley hasn't encountered any significant force or individual as of yet she viewed as a long-term foe. Unless you count the number of times that Artificial Intel has made passes at her. But that's not exactly something one could call grounds for branding an enemy now is it? ...Right? ...What? ...Stop looking at me like that...

Public Opinion

This section is reserved for anyone to leave opinions, comments, reactions, or rumors about Grey Harlequin.


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