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Haile Korhal

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Haile Korhal
Player: @Korhal
Origin: Science
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50+3
Personal Data
Real Name: Haile Korhal
Known Aliases: Unknown
Species: Human
Age: 18
Height: 10'8"
Weight: 270 lbs
Eye Color: Magenta
Hair Color: Pink
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Vanguard Colonel
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single Never Married
Known Relatives: Mother and Father are Deceased, No Other Known Family
Known Powers
Super Human Strength, Pain Tolerance, Electrical and Void Manipulation, Iron Will
Known Abilities
Logical Process, Leadership, Tactical Analysis, Empathy, Observation, Intuition
MVAS, Armours, MFMC Mk.V
Giantess, Constant Decelerating Growth,

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Haile Korhal has many titles, possibly too many for one such as young as her. She has also been called many things, not all of them good. These titles and names consist of Friend, Enemy, Villain, Hero, Beloved, Hate, Daughter, Experiment, Vicious, Caring, Monster, Saviour, Prey, Predator, Disease, Vigilante, Rogue, Loyalist, Anarchist, Arachnos Official, Destined One, Leader, Commander, and so many more that she cannot possibly remember them all.

She has earned these titles, or at least been given some of them, through her actions and her deeds throughout her life. Chronicled herein is a detailed recording of what Haile Korhal, herself, has been able to piece together about her own life. Suffering from sever amnesia and irreparable brain damage, she must struggle through the world not only to survive, but to learn where she came from, why she is the way she is, who she is, who she was, and anything else about her that she does not yet know. It is here that she will keep track of everything that she has discovered, and will catalog anything new that she discovers over her journeys into her mysterious past.

Note: Haile Korhal's birth date is dynamic and fluid, meaning that she flows through time without getting any older. For the purposes of this document her age will only increase when a significant story element is discovered and revealed, and her age requires an increment. As such her documents are divided up based on her age and then divided again into specific important events, which in turn may be divided where necessary to facilitate an easy to read and readily flowing document.

A word of caution: Haile's past is not a pleasant one, and can become rather graphic at times. It is not always like this, things do change. But she had an incredibly rough start.

Age Eleven

Before Age Eleven is referred to as the forgotten years. Haile does not remember anything from before she was eleven, and up to her fifteenth birthday is still a blur.


Haile's story began with the very brutal murder of her parents, right before her very eyes. Attacked by an unidentified group of men her mother tried to take her to hide while her father fended the assailants off. She witnessed, moments before her mother slammed the door, her father fall to the ground as a series of bullets ripped through his body and crashed through the furniture. With nowhere to run her mother embraced her, tears flowing, as the group of unnamed faceless men slammed into the door. Haile cannot even remember he mother's face or even her voice for it was there, while being held by her, that her mother's life was ended in the same way as her father's. She stood, horror stricken, covered in blood, as the men entered the room and began destroying what was there. Haile remembers being picked up violently by a man with heavy leather gloves and taken outside, late at night, and deposited into a van where she was placed under restraints. To this day the only thing she can remember about these men is that they had no faces, yet their eyes glowed a florescent white, and their touch was cold as ice.

Age Twelve

The early years of childhood, filled with happiness and learning, school and friends, laughter and play, parents and family; all of this was denied to Haile. Because of the events that had transpired, she never completed her schooling education and was not properly culturally taught. It would not be until long after that she learned the meaning between right and wrong; all she knew was the difference between compliance and pain, and disobedience and worse pain.

The Facility

Haile found herself in a world very unlike that which she had been accustomed to. Gone were the soft carpets and the soft lighting of her home. Gone was the sound of her laughter as she played with her family or her belongings. No more was there anything to do, and no more was there any private time. She spent her days looking around miserably wondering what happened and why she was being made to suffer. She still to this day does not know why it was her, specifically, that was targeted for the tests she endured.

Her time spent at the facility was miserable. It was filled with dehumanizing tasks, menial labour, questions, electrocution, needles and bright lights and faceless people. When the experiments began she immediately felt something was wrong. Tremendous pain, unlike any she had ever experienced before in her life assailed her every waking moment of every day for weeks on end. She couldn't sleep for the pain, and yet even though it was intense enough that one would think she to pass out from the sheer strain, she remained awake; possibly a side effect of the drugs she had been subject to. Torture would have been a much nicer word for what she had endured, and that would not even come close to describing what she felt.

She has been able to discover what had been happening was genetic experimentation; an attempt at creating a new strain of super soldier serum. She does not yet know why.

Age Thirteen

A year went by and Haile had begun to get used to the pain. It began to hurt less and less every day, every following experience would be more and more tolerable, if only slightly. After so many doses of radiation and injections her chemical make up began to change very slowly. Her body began to react to the stimuli with very surprising results. It was on her thirteenth birthday that she began to grow, an unknown-if-intentional side effect to the experiments. It was also through out this year that her skin began to change colour. What had once been a pale milky white from lack of sunlight exposure (she had not seen a plant or even the sky since she was taken to the facility) began to slowly turn orange and emit a very faint glow.

About half way through the year she began to show other signs of 'progress.' Her increase size was giving her increased strength, but it was not nearly proportional. She had already reached five and a half feet tall by this time and was able to lift well over five times her body weight; and so the experiments continued and a new bout of torturous experimentation was implemented to see if the 'process' could be sped up at all.

Age Fourteen

At age fourteen she was now inhumanly tall, standing at a nearly seven foot height and, for some reason, not weighing as much as she should. Her strength had increased as usual with her height, but this time so did her tolerance to pain. One day during a routine series of tests Haile actually fell asleep while being shot at with lead pellets at progressively higher and higher velocity. The test was halted because, even though she was asleep, she still bled. She had started losing so much blood that the rest of her body was beginning to lose its new colour. When the gun had stopped firing and the security door had been released, a scientist went into the chamber. He rushed towards her with a medical kit and, just as he stepped onto her raised dais, her uninjured arm broke free of the thick metal bracket and connected with his skull, shattering it entirely. She never found out, but she believed he died on impact. It was then the sedatives came by the gallon it seemed from everywhere, and it was then that she had been 'discovered.'


An Arachnos agent had infiltrated the base, or had been working there all along, or someone had been corrupted to become an informant (she didn't really know); but either way Arachnos caught wind of Haile's 'progress.' The fact that she had been able to break out of the reinforced resistant chains and withstand enough pain to be able to hay-maker someone so strongly that their skull imploded had been more than enough to bring her existence to the light within the Arachnos group. Unbeknownst to her at the time, Haile had been marked for extraction and had her name put down on the list of Destined Ones on the very same day.

Arachnos would later prove to be a valuable source of information for Haile as she searched for clues regarding her past. However even Arachnos doesn't keep perfect record, or, they haven't declassified it yet.

Age Fifteen

At age fifteen Haile was already standing at an alarming eight foot seven. An entirely new chamber had to be specially constructed for her because she was quickly outgrowing her old room that she had been in for years, and all of the restraints kept breaking. Haile kept have more and more violent outbursts, but since the first death another had not occurred. Her new chamber was over twenty feet high and had walls thicker than she was tall made of solid reinforced steel. Her new bed still did not fit her, her legs hung sadly over the side as she sat in silence, staring off into space, waiting for the next event.


After reaching a staggering height of eleven feet Haile experienced another shift in her body's powers. Not only did her strength nearly double, with the addition of that one extra foot, but her speed increased exponentially and her brain speed increased dramatically. She could now think unbelievably fast, she could process situations and predict scenarios, she could even move part of or even her entire body at incredible speeds.

It was during one particular experiment that involved a heated floor and wooden ball guns that she decided she had had enough. Catching one of the balls she spun on the spot building momentum. Instantly sirens went off as she had violated a condition of the experiment, and her sedation was imminent. However just as the tube opened to inject a gas into the room she let loose the ball, aiming right at the small tunnel. It buried itself deep within and caused a back up which led to an explosion. She was then able to, as the facility sector lost power, break through the ionized door and into the open. What followed was a series of intense chases and bone shattering encounters. Where a guard go into her way she would use her new found strength to either crush them entirely or send them sprawling in a random direction.

She didn't know where she was, or where she was going, but she just knew that she was going. Dressed only in her experimental uniform she skidded down hall after hall, ducking through doorways and always hunching over so as to not slam her head into the ceiling. She did not go out of her way to hurt people who got out of her way, but she was unforgiving if someone couldn't move fast enough. As she ran through the halls she began to move faster and faster, the world blurring into a single streak of colours and shapes. She herself became a ball of yellow fire as she raced down the hall making hairpin turns without even the slightest loss of traction.

Eventually she ran out of directions and slammed headlong into what appeared to be a thin wall. The wall exploded around her as her accelerated body flew through, carrying with it all the momentum of a mile long freight train. She burst through the wall of the building and landed in another room; she decided to lie still until the smoke cleared. As it did she noticed this room looked very different than the others she had been in. Polished floors, wooden accents on the walls, seating in rows along the walls and a counter with cowering people in front of and behind. Shaking her head and wiping dust out of her eyes she sat up; instantly someone screamed.

Haile had found her way into a public hospital; one that she vacated very quickly as the chase began anew. She ran headlong into a line of riot police in full riot gear blocking her way, knocking them over like a row of bowling pins. These police were different than the guards she had seen in the facility, these police were blue and metallic. They had PPD written on their shields. She burst through the revolving glass door, people and shards flying every which way. For the first time in years she was standing in sunlight. It nearly blinded her, the warmth of the sun and the feel of concrete beneath her feet. Unfortunately she was not able to revel in it long as the guard outside opened fire upon her. Shielding her face she ran towards the line of police cars and S.W.A.T. vans. Not knowing what to do she hit the ground hard with both feet, sending her soaring through the air and over the barricade. She quickly left them in her dust as she left at speed.


All through this event she had not yet met someone she couldn't handle. After getting a few miles away and hiding for a while to see if the coast was clear, she stood up to her full height and looked out over the alley way. A group of trashcans and old television sets began to move; grow arms and legs, heads and large wrenches. From nowhere she was surrounded by these... People, once again not knowing what to do, she fled before any of them could even get a single word in.

She found herself in the middle of a street, screaming people fleeing in all directions as she stood there trying to figure out what to do. Yet before she could even collect her thoughts something came to her faster than she thought possible and hit her square in the chest. This hit sent her sprawling out behind her landing atop a car and breaking all the windows with the force of the blow. When her vision cleared she saw standing some ten feet in front of her what looked like a small knight dressed in medieval armour.

She now knows that his name was Knight Lord, a hero of Paragon City. But at the time she had no idea. When she stood up she towered over him well over twice his height; yet that did not phase him. He merely drew his broadsword and motioned for her to surrender. Knowing only one reaction to pain, she attacked. She wasn't even able to land a single blow before Knight Lord had sliced a hole through her uniform, causing her to bleed and to crumple onto the ground. He stood above her, her conqueror, the victor; as she laid in the street sobbing to herself.

What follows is a combination of excerpts of Haile's journal, and extracted memories.

Age Sixteen

Break Out

What follows is part two of the recorded memories and journal entries of Haile during her stay at the Zig.

The Rogue Isle

When the helicopter made it to the Rogue Isle it landed for a moment at Fort Darwin and deposited Haile. Without a further word the helicopter took off again and left. This is where Haile met Kalinda for the first time and started her career with Arachnos. Haile had been declared a Destined One, as part of the Arachnos grand plan. She still does not necessarily understand where this plan was supposed to take her. Here is where Haile spent most of her time, the Rogue Isle. This is where she met most of her contacts, and this is where she would have met most of her friends too, if it weren't for her 'little' problem.


Her growth never stopped. Haile had reached an astounding height of twenty feet tall, four times the height of an average human. People ran from her everywhere she went, terrified of the monster that she had seemingly become. Arachnos wasn't much help in this department, as they kept sending her on missions that classified her as a villain. They were certainly taking advantage of her. However Arachnos did keep her fed, barely, and clothed, barely. They gave her a place to stay, although it wasn't very comfortable. The facility she was staying in seemed to be made for people like her and there were tons of people there; yet she didn't really fit in. She may be classified as a villain, but she didn't have the same evil tendencies as all the other villains there had. More than once she got into confrontations with people; they were not scared of her size at all. Yet even so, she still clobbered them all the same.

She felt herself getting too tall. She couldn't go into any buildings that weren't specifically made huge, and she was having difficulty keeping contacts. Many of her original contacts had long since excommunicated her.

Ghost Widow

Age Seventeen

The Sons of Korhal

A Solution

The Destroyers of Paragon

Age Eighteen


The Dimensional Crisis


Full Circle





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