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Ionic-Man (Dr. Wesley "Wes" Walker) is a fictional character, a superhero that appears on the Everlasting server of City of Heroes.

Dr. Walker possesses advanced degrees in nuclear physics and nuclear engineering, as well as a mastery of other levels of physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, and electrical engineering. He is one of the most intelligent individuals on the planet, with a reported intelligence quotient of 197. He is the inventor of the particle accelerator which, due to a containment breach, granted him his powers. He gained the ability to manipulate ionized radiation, manipulate atomic energy, and flight.

Player: @GameDesigner90
Origin: Science
Archetype: Blaster
Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Dr. Wesley "Wes" Walker
Known Aliases: Wes, Dr. Walker
Identity: Secret
Alignment: Good
Base of Operations: Apartment 2387, 9th Floor, Highland Towers, Khallisti Wharf, Paragon City, Rhode Island
Group Affiliations: The United, Paragon University, Samiel Dayne Industries (formerly), Wolfcry Division (formerly)
Biographical Data
Age: 38
Ethnicity: English-American
Place of Birth: New York City, New York
Known Relatives: David Walker (Father), Dr. Jennifer Walker (Mother), Derek Walker (Brother)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 187 lbs.
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Unusual Features: When using powers, his eyes glow green.
Citizenship: American
Legal Status: Hero
Marital Status: Single
Religion: Apatheism
Occupation: Nuclear Physicist and Professor of Applied Nuclear Physics and Engineering
Education: S.B. in Nuclear Science and Engineering (MIT), S.M. in Nuclear Science and Engineering (MIT), N.E. in Nuclear Science and Engineering (MIT), Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics (CalTech), Sc.D. in Nuclear Science and Engineering (MIT)
Hero Data
Powers: Ionized Radiation Generation and Manipulation, Ionic Manipulation, Radiation Immunity, Atomic Manipulation, Nuclear Potential Energy Manipulation, Density Manipulation, Nuclear Immunity, Vacuum Adaptation, Plasma Manipulation, Plasma Window Generation, Pulse Manipulation, Flight
Abilities: Genius-level Intellect, Eidetic Memory, Scientific and Mathematical Knowledge, Skilled Martial Artist
Equipment: Nanite Powered Ionic-Man Battle Suit



Dr. Wes Walker was born on June 27, 1981 to David Walker, a chef, and Dr. Jennifer Walker, an electrical engineer and Adjunct Professor at Columbia University. A scientific prodigy, Dr. Walker graduated from high school at age 11 and was accepted into the five-year Nuclear Science and Engineering program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Upon graduating summa cum laude with both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree at age 16, Dr. Walker enrolled in the Nuclear Engineer program at MIT. At age 18, he graduated with a Nuclear Engineer degree. Wishing to even further his education, Dr. Walker enrolled in the Physics doctorate program at the California Institute of Technology, receiving a Doctor of Philosophy in Nuclear Physics. Encouraged by his advising professor at MIT, Dr. Aaron Ford, Dr. Walker returned to MIT to pursue a second doctorate degree in Nuclear Science and Engineering. After three years of intense study, Dr. Walker was awarded his Doctor of Science in Nuclear Science and Engineering.

Already renowned for his contributions to the American Physical Society, the American Institute of Physics, and the American Nuclear Society for his work and developments in both linear and circular particle accelerators while conducting his postgraduate research, Dr. Walker was approached by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Dr. Walker accepted a contract with the NRC to develop a series of particle accelerators that would be used for testing on materials discovered in the South Pacific and former Soviet states that had been exposed to radiation. In addition to developing the accelerators, Dr. Walker was permitted to oversee the research and document the findings for personal use.

When Dr. Walker was 23, he was contracted to develop a new particle accelerator for the NRC at the Diablo Canyon Power Plant in Avila Beach, California. While working on the accelerator, a young intern miscalculated the intensity of the bare atomic nuclei beam to be used for a test run. When the accelerator was turned on, the high intensity resulted in a containment breach. Anticipating the outcome, Dr. Walker ordered his interns and lab assistants to leave and he stayed behind in an attempt to disengage the accelerator. Unable to escape after failed attempts at shutting down the machine, Dr. Walker was exposed to the high-intensity nuclei beam. Rather than die, as he should have, Dr. Walker survived the accident. After some months of emotional recovery, Dr. Walker discovered that he could generate and manipulate ionized radiation and nuclear potential energy. He later discovered his ability to fly by manipulating the ions in his body.

Aware of the superheroes active in the Rhode Island city of Paragon, Dr. Walker saw how his new powers could benefit mankind, just as his science had done in the past. Dr. Walker applied for a teaching position at Paragon University and he was immediately accepted, the university overjoyed to employ someone of his reputation. Dr. Walker moved to Paragon City and began both teaching and fighting crime under the heroic moniker of Ionic-Man.

Dr. Walker soon discovered the use of his powers causes his body to generate high amounts of radiation that could prove fatal to innocents. He was able to develop a synthetic, ionized leather held together by triweave fibers that acted as a nuclear containment suit. This allowed him to use his powers without risk to innocents. However, he does not need to wear his suit when not using his powers, as he does not actively emit radiation.

Now a veteran hero of Paragon City, Ionic-Man has protected the citizens of the Birthplace of Tomorrow for nearly fifteen years. Initially thrown into the public eye when he first defeated his arch-enemy, Doctor Wormhole, he has since become a well-known hero by the people of Paragon, and a determined foe of its many gangs.

In the seven years since the Primal-Praetorian War and deaths of his former teammates, Ionic-Man has since become a more global hero, venturing from Paragon City to defend the whole of the Earth – and even the cosmos beyond it. With the rise of new superpowered individuals, he stands ready to face whatever threats emerge, wherever they may come from and whoever they may be.


Analytical, curious, and highly intellectual, Dr. Walker displays an outwardly reserved demeanor, though he allows his passionate nature to show through when teaching or with close friends. Despite his vast and relatively unmatched intelligence, he doesn’t see himself as better or beyond his fellows, and believes that his gift should be used for the benefit of all who call Earth home. At his core, he is a fundamentally good man, driven utterly by his noble principles. He has no tolerance for bullies of any kind, whether they use mind or body to intimidate others, nor does he put up with ignorance or bigotry.

As Ionic-Man, he is a more outwardly expressive person, able to feel more free to display his passion and fervor from beneath the cover of his battle suit. Long a believer of the noble ideals personified by Statesman and the Freedom Phalanx, he is more forthright with his beliefs, ensuring that citizens and villains alike are aware of what he stands for. In addition, his hero persona is an outspoken opponent of Crey Industries, having appeared in campaigns designed to warn the public against their practices.

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  Energy Projection
  Fighting Skill


  • Ionized Radiation Generation and Manipulation

As a result of his exposure to a highly concentrated, high intensity bare atomic nuclei beam, Dr. Walker can generate ionized radiation and manipulate it into various types of beams and blasts. These blasts can then be emitted from either his hands or eyes, the intensity of which he can control. As ionized radiation, most of these blasts manifest themselves as x-rays or gamma rays, but Dr. Walker can also emit these blasts as ultraviolet rays, provided he wishes only to slightly harm criminals or villains.

    • Ionic Manipulation

Dr. Walker is also able to ionize forms of energy and particles not generated by himself. He has a more limited control of this ability, but he can shape the electron balance to grant the energy either a positive or negative charge.

    • Radiation Immunity

Functionally a living nuclear reactor, Dr. Walker is immune to the harmful effects of radiation.

  • Atomic Manipulation

In addition to his control over ionized radiation, Dr. Walker can manipulate atoms on a fundamental level. This ability is wide ranging, but he has several primary applications.

  • Nuclear Potential Energy Manipulation

Dr. Walker can split the nuclei of the atoms present in the radiation to allow for the discharge of nuclear potential energy. Thus, he effectively performs nuclear fission within his own body. By this process, he can focus the energy to his hands, which he can then emit or use to empower physical attacks. He can also increase the potency of his other abilities by focusing this energy into his radiation blasts. Though nuclear fission is the sole cause of nuclear weapons, Dr. Walker can contain the fission to only occur within his own body, so not to replicate the devastation of a nuclear or atomic weapon.

    • Density Manipulation

By manipulating the atoms within his body, Dr. Walker can increase or decrease his own density and weight at will, but with a limited range. He primarily uses this ability to make his body more durable against enemy attacks.

    • Nuclear Immunity

Because of his control over atoms, he is functionally immune to all forms of nuclear or atomic energy.

    • Vacuum Adaptation

Furthering his control of atoms, Dr. Walker has learned to shape the atoms within his form to allow him the ability to survive in the vacuum of space.

  • Plasma Manipulation

A later evolution of his powers, Dr. Walker can generate and manipulate plasma by ionizing low matter gaseous particles. Like his control over atoms, this is a wide-ranging ability, but he has a few primary applications of the power.

    • Plasma Window Generation

Dr. Walker can generate plasma windows that function as a personal defense, not dissimilar to the force field abilities of other heroes. However, Dr. Walker's plasma windows are heated to a temperature of 15,000 kelvins. Because of the heat, the plasma becomes extremely viscous, making it very difficult for matter to pass through, including some aspects of psionic energy.

    • Pulse Manipulation

Dr. Walker can manipulate pulse waves, allowing him to disrupt the movement of matter and energy. He can creature repulsion fields to stagger and repel enemies, as well as center his ability some distance from himself, effectively creating a ‘bomb’ of pulse waves.

  • Flight

Dr. Walker can manipulate the ions present within the radiation circulating through his body, as well as the ions in his molecules to enable him to fly. The speed at which he flies varies depending on the number of ions he manipulates, but theoretical experiments conducted by Dr. Walker have revealed that if he were to manipulate enough ions, he could reach the speed of light. However, this would most likely exhaust Dr. Walker upon landing.


  • Genius-level Intellect

Possessing an IQ of 197, Dr. Walker was a child prodigy and is currently one of the most brilliant minds on the planet. Dr. Walker can read nearly 15,000 words a minute without pause and can calculate the most difficult and complex mathematical equations and scientific formulas in a matter of seconds or minutes. Dr. Walker can perform these calculations entirely in his head and does not require a written equation or calculator.

    • Eidetic Memory

Dr. Walker has an eidetic memory, more commonly referred to as a photographic memory. Dr. Walker can recall images he has observed and facts he has read with near perfect accuracy and in abundant volume. Although those who possess an eidetic memory have been known to be able to recall sounds with perfect accuracy, Dr. Walker’s memory is more attuned to recall images and facts.

    • Scientific and Mathematical Knowledge

Dr. Walker holds advanced degrees in nuclear physics and nuclear engineering and is one of the world's foremost authorities on both subjects. Although those are his specialities, Dr. Perlis also maintains an ample knowledge of many other fields of science and mathematics. His knowledge includes biology, biochemistry, biophysics, chemistry, inorganic chemistry, materials science, nuclear chemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, physical chemistry, quantum chemistry, astronomy, astrobiology, astrophysics, atomic, optical, and molecular physics, electricity and magnetism, computational physics, condensed matter physics, cryogenics, dynamics, electronics, fluid dynamics, geophysics, material physics, mathematical physics, optics, particle physics, plasma physics, polymer physics, quantum physics, solid state physics, theoretical physics, thermodynamics, algebra, analysis, probability theory, geometry and topology, trigonometry, number theory, logic and foundations of mathematics, applied mathematics, electrical engineering, and polymer engineering.

  • Skilled Martial Artist

Dr. Walker is a skilled combatant, having been trained by former teammates who were masters of martial combat. He is able to hold his own in hand-to-hand combat, but he is easily outclassed by those who hold mastery and expertise in the martial pursuits.

Strength Level

Dr. Walker possesses the strength of an adult who exercises in regular fitness routines.


While immune to radiation and atomic energy, and can be resistant to other forms of harm with his powers, Dr. Walker has limited or no defenses against magic, certain alien technology, and other forms of otherworldly and occult powers.



  • Nanite Powered Ionic-Man Battle Suit

Dr. Walker has had several iterations of his original battle suit, and has continued to develop and refine the design over the years. His latest and most advanced version is powered by a specialized application of nanotechnology, and made from a polymer developed to interact with the nanites and allow for the fullest containment and control of his powers.

    • Suit Materialization

The nanites within the suit allow for it to materialize and dematerialize around Dr. Walker when needed. The suit is housed within a small device worn on his chest that can be activated with a specialized sequence.


  • S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M.:

  • Doctor Wormhole: The archenemy of Ionic-Man, Doctor Wormhole was once the brilliant astrophysicist and aerospace engineer, Dr. Thaddeus Wells. A renowned research scientist working for NASA, when his projects funding was cut, Dr. Wells attempted to destroy the facility with his gravitational and dark matter simulation device, but was trapped in the explosion, due to a mechanical backfire. As a result, he discovered he had the ability to control gravity, manipulate dark matter, and teleport through the use of wormholes. Nearly going insane following the explosion, he now believes it is his purpose to bring about the end of the current universe, starting with the destruction of Paragon City, and create a new, "perfect" universe.

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