Ironarms Murphy

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Ironarms Murphy
Player: @idrinkyourmilkshake
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 9
Personal Data
Real Name: Jack Murphy
Known Aliases: Ironarms
Species: Human
Age: 28
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 318 lbs (due to bionic arms)
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black (dyed)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American (Irish descent)
Occupation: Professional Boxer (retired due to loss of natural arms)
Place of Birth: United States
Base of Operations: Paragon City (King's Row district)
Marital Status: unknown
Known Relatives: Shaan Murphy (father, deceased), Karen Murphy (mother)
Known Powers
Impervium arms with extending blades, superior reflexes.
Known Abilities
Focused fighting and peak physical conditioning.
kevlar/pvc mesh jumpsuit
No additional information available.

"Law and justice are not always the same. When they aren't, destroying the law may be the first step toward changing it." - Gloria Steinam



Jack "Ironarms" Murphy had once been a championship prizefighter from an Irish neighborhood in the King's Row district of Paragon City, and was a bit of a local celebrity. However, all that changed when he was in a terrible car accident. His arms were pinned inside the vehicle and crushed. The doctors did all they could, but were forced to amputate. Jack was devastated at the loss of his arms and, as a result, the end of his boxing career, but learned that Crey Industries was experimenting with bionic prosthesis: replacing lost natural limbs with mechanical replacements controlled by neural signals, much as the original limbs had been. Desperate and determined to not live his life as an invalid, he approached Crey, hoping to be admitted into the experiment. Countess Crey decided he was an ideal candidate for the procedure, and he was fitted with a set of impervium arms in a procedure lasting 5 hours.

A close-up view of one of Murphy's hand blades.
When Jack awoke from the procedure, he was surprised at how easily he could control the arms. However, he had not been informed about the extra "enhancements" that came with them: two eighteen inch blades, also crafted of impervium, which popped out of the backs of his hands with a thought. He was outraged by this, and when he attempted to confront one of the Crey scientists, he was informed that he was intended to be pressganged into the "Paragon Protector Mark II" program. They refused to let him leave, and he was forced to fight his way out of the lab. Vowing to get revenge on Crey and use his new weapons as a tool to fight crime, he became a vigilante, guarding the decent people of King's Row from the Skulls, Vahzilok, and Circle of Thorns.

Due to the nature of his work, he is himself considered a criminal and is wanted by the Paragon City Police Department, though other groups, such as Hero Corps, and Vanguard, have all considered hiring him. Hero Corps has already approached him and were refused, though they remain determined to secure his services.


Jack has seen many horrible things during his life as a result of growing up on the rough streets of King's Row. He'll often speak of seeing kids as young as 12 murdered for their shoes and elderly women beaten to death on their front stoops for their grocery money. Life on "The Row" has hardened him. He feels that killing criminals to protect the innocent is a necessarry evil, saying that until someone appoints judges that cannot be bribed or builds prisons that cannot be escaped from, his work must continue.

Despite what he does, he isn't entirely grim. He can be rather quick with a sarcastic quip or a witty jibe, and he has a habit of referring to other individuals by their most obvious physical trait(s) until such time as he knows their actual names, though he sometimes continues the habit if he dislikes the individual and can change the context to derrogatory.

He tends to take a "tough love" approach to mentoring younger heroes, hoping to condition them to the harsh realities and dangers of being a hero. This is because of both his harsh upbringing in King's Row and his training as a boxer under a very tough ex-Green Beret coach. Many will mistake this for a cruel attempt to crush their dreams, but nothing could be farther from the truth. He merely believes there is no room for softness in the people charged with protecting the innocent people of the world. "You need to be able to stare Death in the face and give her a big kiss on the lips", he'll often say. "She's not a cheap date, and she always orders the lobster".

If you were to encounter him at Pocket D, odds are he would already be on his third or fourth tumbler of Maker's Mark whiskey. By that point, he's probably loosened up enough to show his more personable side. He can be rather charming and disarming if in the right state of mind (read: slightly inebriated), and is generally friendly to anyone he comes into contact with. If heavily inebriated, his rowdy side comes out and he is prone to dancing the jig on the bar and singing Irish drinking songs, as he is more accustimed to traditional Irish pubs.

Powers and Abilities

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Other than the strength granted by his bionic arms and the weapons granted by the blades implanted in them, Ironarms has no real powers, per se. Everything about him is the result of rigorous physical training from when he was a boxer. As a result of that training, he is very fast and agile, fights with focus and a clear head, and is able to run and jump slightly better than the average person. He's also quite adept at skulking around in alleys and on girders and scaffolds, and leaping from rooftop to rooftop.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Due to the metal arms, he is succeptible to electrical shock and magnetic waves. Additionally, his arms have no sensation of touch, which can be debilitating in certain situations. He sometimes doesn't know the strength in his arms and hands, which can be fatal in interrogation if he is careless. Otherwise, he has all the regular weakness and physical limitations of a normal man of his age and physical condition.


In the field, Jack wears a jumpsuit made of a nomex/kevlar/PVC textile engineered by Freedom Corps, worn with a standard leather dual-eyelet belt and combat boots. He sometimes alterates by wearing cloth pants and no shirt, but typically sticks to the jumpsuit due to its protective qualities, though he finds it restrictive and claims that it chafes and rides up a bit.


Jack belongs to no supergroups or teams, but makes himself available at any given time to anyone who needs his assistance.

Friends and Acquaintances

Jack is pretty much a loner.


The nickname "Ironarms" was given to him back when he started boxing due to his extremely hard punches. The irony that he now has arms crafted of impervium is not lost on him, and he would find it hilarious if not for the fact that he no longer has standard human arms and was forced to retire from his boxing career.

Roleplay Notes

This character is considered mature roleplay due to compulsive foul language and ultraviolent overtones. The character is a hybrid of other characters of a dark/vigilante nature such as the Punisher, Wolverine, Marv, Batman (to an extent), and Daredevil.

Also, he has an aversion to "anthromals" which is a direct reflection of my own distaste for furries. No offense. I just find it creepy.

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