Irreversible Bullet

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Sweetheart, now that I'm here - your night just got a whole lot better.
Irreversible Bullet
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Corruptor
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Victoria O'Rourke
Known Aliases: Red, Crimson Infiltrator.
Species: Human
Age: 27
Height: 7'(2.10 m)
Weight: "Thin as a feather!"
Eye Color: Gray.
Hair Color: Red.
Biographical Data
Nationality: Irish.
Occupation: "Stock Market"
Place of Birth: Dublin.
Base of Operations: Dublin.
Marital Status: Divorced.
Known Relatives: Records show few adopted children.
Known Powers
Ability to manipulate time and space, thanks to a certain magical artifact in her possession. She keeps it a secret, tho.
Known Abilities
Great marksman. Braggs about it all the time. Military training in C.Q.C./C.Q.B. and. Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt. She keeps it a secret, tho.
Two pistols, beauty, wit and charm.



Silence and darkness were definitely the worst. She thought that laying with him will be, but she stopped caring after few times. It was nothing compared to this barren nothingness, that she had to withstand while she was staying here. Was she getting used to it or was it this terrible place that made her so hollow? Her life, her innocence and her future...All given away by her father...What was her price? Few pomegranate seeds was enough. His own infidelity wasn't enough...He had to give her own daughter up to his brother. And because of what? Few damn fruit seeds?! What kind of twisted being does that?! Were they all that corrupted? Was she blind, not seeing that before? She was to be a queen, yet she was not free. She was to decide the fate of the dead, yet she wasn't alive. No, not in this place. She will spend half of her life here...So be it. They will suffer as she is suffering. The crops will die. The flowers will vanish. The food will rot. She will make sure that they all come to her. If she can't be alive, she will make sure that they follow her on her journey. She will make them cross the damn river. She will make this empty halls resonate with their souls...Only difference is that she doesn't have to stay here for the whole year. They will have to. For all eternity. But their eternity means rest...Her eternity means suffering. She can't hold it anymore. Tears start going down her face, falling into the river of the dead. Carving into the stone, mocking her. Reflection of her own face, her helplessness...She will make them feel the same helplessness. She will make them wander the underworld like she had to. Wrath of Zeus? Inevitability of Hades? Pandora's havoc? They will all pale compared to Persephone's fury.

Her thigh was exploding in pain. It was Monday. Monday meant the pipe. Pipe was the worst. It made you go limp almost instantly and later you could feel your bones like they were made out of nerves connected straight to your brain.

— "GET UP AND TRY AGAIN!" — Angry, rather senile voice. He was getting old. Everytime he had to swing this fucking pipe he would make sure to make it count. Fucking bastard.

She gets her face out of the puddle, trying not groan. Groan means another hit. Getting up too slow...Well that also means another hit. She stands up in attention. If she fails to do so, the pipe will go into her stomach or if he is in a bad mood — over her face. And he seems to be in a bad mood today. She looks straight into nothing, avoiding the eye contact with her instructor. She is afraid, that he will take it up as a challenge. She stands there waiting for her turn. Today's lesson is an armbar. She hates hand to hand combat and every time she fucks it up she gets hit, getting more hurt. She gets more tired. Hurt and tired and she is supposed to do better than the last time? What kind of sick logic is that...Well, it's logic that she's been living for 14 years now. She is used to it. Her turn comes. She can feel the adrenaline overtaking her. Her body starts to shake, she can't help but wonder — if she fails this time what it will be? Shoulder? Knee? Elbow? She tries not to think about the time she had to learn how to assemble a gun with a shattered hand. That was probably her worst beating to date. Younger instructor extends his arm towards her. He once got her a bottle of water after cracking her jaw. He also hit her only once for getting 20 seconds late to the gathering. That old prick would hit her at least four times. Young instructor is the nicest one here for sure.

— "On three...One...Two..."

She rises her right leg as she grabs his wrist with both her hands. As she makes sure that her grip is solid, she bends her right leg, before raising the left one to make sure that she is wrapped around his arm. Unfortunately for her, her left thigh goes numb and she almost falls. Fucking pipe. She twists in the weird direction while in the air, still holding instructors wrist and wrapped around his arm with one leg. She ends up what was supposed to be classical armbar takedown on her stomach instead.

— "Release!"

She knows whats coming. Before she can even react and release instructors wrist, he pulls his arm from her grip. Yup, not good. She waits for a mere second before she can feel a heel of a boot going through her ribcage. She gasps for air, her face going to the safety of the puddle. Thank god for the rain, she would be out cold otherwise.

He didn't even use the pipe. He is a good guy. She really likes him.

Arachnos File #42343

Woman known as Crimson Infiltrator was -the- best double agent for hire. Or...Well maybe the only one you could actually hire. Weird occupation. Even if it took years — she always got the job done. Stealing, seduction, assassination — anything for a price. She had a history of getting into biker gangs, police, military and even a White House! Recently she took the mission, where she was supposed to steal magical artifact (See Weapon #42343) for us. She was pricey, but the best is pricey. And it's not like we lack money. We expected her to deliver artifact from the hands of certain group of powerful Magic users that caused us some problems before. She was so full of herself, that despite not being meta human and only highly trained agent (Possible intelligence agency connection?) she decided to take the job. Told us it will probably take six to nine months. The building where we believed artifact to be, got destroyed after five. Bodies and artifact were nowhere to be found. We believe that she died during the OP, given her spotless record and reputation of always fulfilling her commitments for years prior to hiring her.


Childhood is the one story that stands by itself in every soul.” — Ivan Doig

Early years of Victoria's life were constant fight to survive inside government facility. The facility, that came to be known by the faintest whispers only as "The Oven" was supposed to plant perfect agents into various nations. Sleeper agents that would be able to remain on their spots untill the day they die or untill the day they are needed. Fanatics that would dispose themselves if compromised. It was one of few ways to battle the threat of various Metahumans appearing unevenly in various parts of the world. There is no reliable way to create heroes, so why focus on that? Isn't it smarter to focus on controlling opposing nations, that happen to control the heroes too?

The Oven made sure to teach anything one should need while infiltrating various organisations and/or nations. While they were sure to teach you how to shoot or fly a plane, they would also teach you how to cook or how to dance. They would take both men and women and make sure to use as much surgeries as possible, to make them as attractive as modern aesthetic medicine would be able to make them. Pain to their body or their minds was not considered priority while training and cutting them. The results were.

Luckily for the "students" in The Oven, only two classes (each consisting of two or three agents) managed to graduate. The newly elected government decided that inhumane conditions and programs were not worth the risk of creating international scandal, especially as it became more reliable to create your own Meta Humans in recent years. All "to be" agents were put in foster homes and receive big grants every month. Agents that "passed" received a big payday and were to start their lifes with a clean slate doing what they want.

For Victoria, clean slate was the curse. She never lived her own life, she was always preparing to live the life that she was required to. She was to be obedient slave, not someone with a free will and their own goals. So, she did what she was trained to do. She became double-agent for hire. If you had enough cash, no matter your allegiance, your requests or anything of the sorts - she would get in. She would get what was needed. She would betray people. She would get out, with or without a bang - depending on what you paid her to do.

And she lived that way of having so many lifes, yet none to call her own...Untill the recent mission for Arachnos, where she seemingly vanished...



"You look like you were sculpted. It's almost freaky." - Lani during a random exchange

First thing one will notice about this Irish woman is how tall she is. She is standing at almost 7 feet (210 centimeters). Red hair fall over smooth skin of her oval face, which is adorned with small freckles. Full lips, straight nose...Only thing that doesn't fit this seemingly perfect picture - her gray piercing eyes. They are cold and are easy to make someone uncomfortable with just a short stare. They look like they belong in completely different face. Despite her lean build she seems to have quite large breasts. While many will find her alluring, due to her unsual appearence the true is much darker. She was under the scalpel for hundreds of times when she was young. It was...Painful. She doesn't even remember how did she look before they started cutting her. But what can you do, it's hard to infiltrate various organisations when noone wants to get into your pants. But hey, anything to keep taxpayer sleep well and vote for his government again in four years, right?


"You should drop the attitude, dove." - Jardin during a random exchange

She is the kind of person, that's always happy to make a witty remark or turn the knife in the wound. While it's is said that a good joke requires everyone to laugh, she is happy as long as she made herself laugh. She likes to toy with people and takes some kind of pride on turning conversations uneasy and even unpleasant. Despite that, she rarely has a problem with "making friends", even if she finds people as means to different ends when they offer her genuine friendships. Years of living different lifes and gaining people trust, clearly made sure that she is able to find common ground with almost anyone. If someone doesn't like her, it's almost endearing and a challenge for her to change that person's mind. She often loses interest right after, tho.

As far as deeper parts of her character go, she follows simple rule of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". As long as she isn't manipulating anyone for her own agenda, she will be nice to people that are nice to her. It's really that simple.

She seems to have a problem with an alcohol. It got more severe the last few months. She also used to be addicted to drugs (mainly cocaine). She tries to avoid even soft drugs now, even if she doesn't succeed in her resolution every time. As they say, once an addict - always an addict!


"When you enter the room, the whole atmosphere changes. And i'm not sure if it's for the better!" - Ice Cold as she stumbled in with a bottle in her hand.

Some songs that describe various part's of Victoria!

Well, she is a party girl. It's must be this Irish blood.

It's hard to be a puppet. Especially if your puppeteer is an actual deity.

She keeps meddling with things that she should be left alone...It's sure to become her demise one day. And sooner, rather than later.



I believe that voice is important part of any character and shouldn't be overlooked. I tend to imagine Victoria's voice sounding like that.


Given extensive training she received since childhood, she possesses various unique skills and knowledge that helps her/could help her in her endeavours.

Combat Skills

"How the hell did you made that shot?" - Solar Eclipse after seeing her in action.

Normal Skills

"Is there something that you can't do?" - Yaz, as she started bartending.


"Wait, you play the stock market?" - Connor, after asking her what she does for a living.

Magical Abilities

To be done.


To be done.


While she tends to own many guns and rifles, the only thing worthy of note would be her suit. It is used rarely, because she uses it only when she knows that she needs to go in or out...Well, loud. And that's not what she was trained to do. Still, on rare occasion she suits up like some dumb cape...When she puts it on, she gets:

Clearly, while the suit is useful - it won't allow her to stand against anyone with superpowers. Quite an opposite, it could actually hinder her.


She started the organisation that is known as O'Rourke Family.

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