Jet Falcon

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Jet Falcon
Player: @MakaiNoFalco
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Dr. Robert Eric Falcon
Known Aliases: Jet, King's Row Lightning Bolt (no longer used)
Species: Human
Age: 27
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 232lbs
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Scientist
Place of Birth: King's Row
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Nicole Falcon (Mother, deceased).
Known Powers
Claws made from demonbone, the ability to channel and shape chaos-demon energy, mental shielding (his mind cannot be read or controled), hightened regeneration.
Known Abilities
High intelligence (IQ: 187), streetfighting and basic martial arts.
His watch has a holographic projector and is voice activated. It has a link to the computers in the Zenvious Foundation and ECHELON. On rare occasions he has been seen using a broadsword. He occasionally carries a revolver loaded with cryogenic bullets.
No additional information available.

My first RP character in this game. He was originally intended to be an adult version of Yusuke Urameshi, but over time a lot more got thrown into the mix. Altogether, his influences include Yusuke, Kazuma the Shell Bullet, Dr. House, and Roy Mustang.


Rage and it's Breeding Ground

Robert Falcon was born on April 19th, 1980. He would have a loving mother for his entire youth, but he knew no other family. His mother raised him alone from the time she was sixteen, doing her best to support them both with whatever jobs she could find.


From the time he could form a coheriant thought in his head, Falcon knew one thing: he liked to fight. Physical, mental, verbal, he lived for conflict, and he was powered by rage. In King's Row where he grew up, this was a good mentality to have. His anger went unreigned, and he would unleash his attacks on just about anything or anyone who he felt like. He had the skills and power to win most fights, and the ones he lost he would cause enough damage to frighten his opponent from picking another one. That is, until he met Vic.

Victor Guario was four years older than Falcon and easily twice his size, but that didn't stop the twelve-year-old powderkeg from attacking him. Vic took this challenge just as he would from any other combatant and struck Falcon down hard. He had never been beaten so badly before. Vic told him that if he wanted to get better, he needed to find something to fight for. That, plus the beating he'd just taken made him realize what he'd been doing so far and he vowed to correct it. The next day he found a kid getting mugged and beat the tar out of the mugger. Vic came up to him a few days later and said he was putting together a sort of defense force. He wanted to clean up the neighborhood where he and Falcon lived. In reality, Vic was putting together a gang, but it would be a gang that didn't prey on the weak. He only wanted to carve out a place for himself. Falcon jumpped at the oppertunity.


In his teenage years, Falcon lived in Galaxy City, but would always hang out in King’s Row, where the King’s Rippers (Vic’s gang) became a major power in area, carving out a small but well-defended turf that even the Skulls didn’t try to move in on. The gang would rule this area indisputably for two years, gradually losing it when Vic and Falcon left, each one moving on with their lives. But you can never really move on. Shortly after, they were walking through Galaxy City with a few friends when a kid from a rival gang shot and killed Vic. Falcon chased him down and beat him to a pulp, then picked up the gun and would have shot him if his friends hadn’t wrestled him to the ground.

Just as he was finding a way out of gang life and getting his GPA up to a respectable number, tragedy struck again. A Crey lab in Venice (which would become Crey’s Folly after the Rikti Invasion) blew up, scattering debris over four blocks. It was the same building that Falcon’s mother was employed as an accountant. The next day, he arrived on the scene of the accident and demanded answers from Crey’s cleanup crews. They told him to leave, and when he refused they sent a pair of Riot Guards after him. Falcon dodged and weaved their attacks and knocked out both of them without getting hit once. The next threat they sent at him, a Voltaic Tank, literally barbequed him with one shot.

Silver Lining

The media loves to attack major corporations. The papers didn’t mention that Falcon was a hotheaded ex-gang member, or that he was asked to leave first. They didn’t mention that he was skilled enough to beat up two trained and armored men. They just printed that Crey used a Voltaic Tank against a trespassing high school kid. This is when Countess Crey showed her expertise at putting out media fires. When Falcon woke up from his five day coma, he found out that Crey was paying all his medical bills and giving him a full scholarship to PCU.


For almost the next decade, Falcon's life was completely normal. He went to college, then went to grad school in New York, luckily being outside of Paragon City during the First Rikti War. Things started to go strange again when the Circle of Thorns attempted to snatch him up as they do to many of the citizens of Paragon City. After he took out one of their followers in a single kick, the rest stood back and allowed a Death Mage to knock him out. Realizing his physical power and fighting skills, they decided to summon a powerful demon to possess him.

When the Circle completed their binding ritual, it was clear that they'd made a mistake, as their intended target suddenly went berzerk and started cutting them to shreads with six newly formed blades. The next thing Falcon remembered after the Death Mage hit him was waking up in an alley in King's Row with a voice in his head. The voice introduced itself as Artemis "Jet" Malakai, a chaos demon who had been unwillingly bound to Falcon's mind. He was able to summon his claws and chaos energies, but could not control Falcon's body. Therefore, fighting was a coordinated effort between the two of them. Although they were often at each other's throats, the one thing they never disagreed on is that they had to find a Circle mage who could separate them, as any non-Circle spell with that intention would have killed them both. As they searched, Falcon learned to use claws in combat, and Malakai was getting used to harmonizing his dark powers with a human body.

(More to come)

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