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NOTE: Zenvious Foundation is no longer an active supergroup. This page is left up for archival reasons.

The Foundation Roster
Mr. Zen Magic Controller
Kaijitsu (Reserve) Magic Scrapper
Jade Ohm Magic Blaster
Jet Falcon Magic Scrapper

Magic Tanker

Mechanizm Science Blaster
Field Officers
Bobby Thistle Magic Scrapper
Hero Prime Natural Tanker
Lanara Magic Blaster

Magic Controller

Magic Scrapper

Maggie Accident Mutation Defender
Technic Flame Technology Controller
Zarp Draken Magic Scrapper

Magic Tanker

Zeal Drain Mutant Controller

Mutant Blaster

Aerica Natural Defender
Alarcity Magic Blaster

Magic Scrapper

Amy Embers Magic Controller
Archaeologean Magic Controller
Arid Mutation Scrapper
Artemis's Siren Natural Defender

Mutation Blaster

Astro-Gal Science Blaster
BigBlueMachine Technology Tanker
Black Ashes Mutation Defender

Mutation Blaster

Blizzard Bomber Science Controller
Bonfire Butterfly Magic Controller

Magic Blaster

Brian Shadow Magic Scrapper
Byleth Magic Defender

Natural Controller

Cobalt Streak Science Tanker
Colton Beck Natural Defender

Natural Scrapper

Combustion Tank Technology Tanker
Deus Ex Magic Scrapper

Magic Tanker

Deviant Redemption Mutation Defender

Mutation Blaster

Dusk Technology Scrapper
Dynamo Flash Technology Blaster
Emma Fields Technology Defender

Technology Controller

Empyre Science Controller
Firebomb Mutation Scrapper
Flutterfly Natural Peacebringer
Frost Wolven Mutation Tanker
Grymlin Science Controller

Science Blaster

Grynn Technology Scrapper
Hammer of Hephaestus Technology Blaster
Hawk Shadow Natural Scrapper
Healer Wildcat Science Defender
Illegitimate Blade Natural Scrapper

Natural Blaster

Jake Patrick Natural Tanker
Kennedy Mutation Tanker
Kid Magic Scrapper
Lady Magic Controller
Lightedge Magic Scrapper
Little Miss Vagary Science Controller

Science Blaster

Little Zoe Science Defender
Lore Magic Blaster

Magic Scrapper

Marcus Grey Science Defender
Metal Havoc Mutation Tanker
Meteor Natural Defender
Misha Blackfang Mutation Scrapper
Moonrise Science Warshade
Mourning's Blade Magic Scrapper
Mr. Sebastion Technology Defender
Nu Guy Science Defender
Pennae Magic Defender
Psi Monk Natural Scrapper
Pure Twilight Science Warshade
Pyronova Mutation Blaster
Ragnos of Egypt Natural Peacebringer
Ramiel the Cleansed Natural Tanker
Razor Knight Magic Scrapper
Rubix Mutation Controller
Rush Hour Technology Defender
Saint Helen Magic Controller
Saya Ragehunter Magic Blaster
Selfless Shield Magic Tanker

Natural Scrapper

Shattered Soldier Natural Blaster
Shelly Lightfoot Natural Scrapper
Spellfrost Magic Blaster
Tempest Fist Natural Scrapper
Tempestra Silversong Magic Controller
Ten Sun Shadow Magic Scrapper
Tenarco Natural Defender
Toxpin Mutation Scrapper
Toxstrike Science Scrapper
Trick Shot Kid Technology Defender
Vermilion Rose Natural Scrapper

Natural Tanker

Wynter Maiden Magic Tanker

Magic Controller

Young Maki Magic Scrapper
Zen Duran Natural Defender
Audentia Science Defender
Cobblestone Sprite Magic Tanker
Cougar Magic Blaster
Danny Mephitidae Science Warshade
Darkblood Joe Mutation Scrapper
Dr. Jake Stone Magic Controller
Due Dilligence Science Tanker
Dusk Blade Mutation Scrapper
Fade Darkcaste Magic Scrapper
Joshua Crowley Magic Controller
Hot Pink Honour Science Scrapper
Kenneth Reece Magic Scrapper
Mirvanos Magic Defender
Roman Hammer Mutation Tanker
Sinsa Mutation Blaster
Solar Shot Natural Peacebringer
Somniatus Science Warshade
Static Siphon Science Defender
Steamshot Technology Blaster
Toymaker Natural Scrapper
Winterblood Magic Defender



"Helping the world today to make a better tomorrow."

Brief History

In late 2004, Mr. Zen convinced Kaijitsu, long time executor and overseer of the Zen Basho Estate, to assist in funding an organization to study the strange rise of super-powered beings in Paragon City, Rhode Island, USA. Moving to Paragon City, he and his former caretaker formed The Zenvious Foundation and began their research almost immediately.

The Zenvious Foundation quickly blossomed, opening an academy for young heroes in Paragon City. It provided housing, mentoring, and education to adults and youth alike, but it's primary focus was on the younger generation, as they represented the best hope for the future. As the group grew, however, their focus changed, and the academy was closed. In its place, the Foundation began a mentorship program focusing not only on younger heroes, but on all heroes needing assistance with their powers.

When the restructuring was completed, the Foundation redebuted as a multifaceted research organization whose projects included study of the current and continuing metahuman explosion, the human/kheldian duality, and the hybridization of magic and technology. (Mr. Zen is often quoted as saying that technology is simply magic understood, echoing the words of author Clark's Third Law of Technology: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.") On the front lines against the waves of crime - and the Rikti invasion! - the Foundation also offers the ZForce program, an opportunity for its members to live by the heroic ideals they all share.

The Zenvious Foundation officially closed their doors in December of 2008. This page is being left up for archival purposes.


Current Coalition

Rank Structure



The Zenvious Foundation is lead by its Axioms, the source of guidance and direction for the group. The Axiom's role is to set the course of the organization as a whole, to guide its operations. All decisions are at the discretion of the Axioms, though they value the advice of their department directors and field officers.
Current Axiom(s):


Directors are the men and women who directly affect policy within the Foundation. They are the leaders of the individual departments of the group, each with its own focus, but all working hand in hand with each other. Their responsibilities are:
  • Assure the effective functionality of their departments.
  • Watch Agents and Operatives for leadership potential and make recommendations accordingly.
  • Provide different points of view for the Axioms' consideration.
  • Assist in shaping policy within the Foundation.
  • Help provide a sense of balance and continuity, and maintain the integrity of leadership within the Foundation.
Current Directors:

Field Officers

Field Officers are team leaders and the hands of the Foundation's directoral staff, as well as the public face of the organization. Their duties are:
  • Lead ZForce squads as well as other Foundation events and gatherings.
  • Assist the department directors in maintaining smooth functionality of the departments.
  • Provide a positive public face to the Zenvious Foundation.
Current Field Officers:
OOC Note: Characters marked as "Intern" are under eighteen and noted as such due to their age. They have, however, the same privileges and responsibilities of any other Field Officer.

Operatives & Agents


Agents who display exemplary behavior, leadership qualities, and an eagerness to see the Foundation thrive are promoted to Operative. Operatives are exempliary models of heroic effort and good behavior, and have proven such by achieving Security Level 25. As such, they are eligible to take part in the ZForce program. OOC Note: This is the only rank which can be attained by means of a game-mechanic. All Level 25+ members of the Foundation are promoted to Operative when level and rank are noted by a Director or Axiom.


The rank-and-file members of the Foundation, Agents are skilled heroes who share the Foundation's vision of the future. Despite their low rank, they are still considered equals within the Foundation's family-like atomsphere. There are no specific responsibilities given to Agents, other than the continuation of their work as registered Heroes and upstanding members of the Foundation.



The Operations department serves as the central hub for the Foundation's functionality. It handles recruiting, memberships, grants, group-wide event scheduling, and all human resources and administrative tasks. Effectively the "lead" division, Operations oversees the day to day efforts of all other sections of the Foundation, ensuring proper communication between departments.

Arcane Research

The first segment of a two-pronged approach toward the duality of technology and magic, the Arcane Research department delves into the secrets of the obscure to find techiques and items which might be used to bring about the Foundation's goals. Focusing on everythign from rituals and incantations to simply digging into ancient tomes, this division provides the Foundation with a greater understanding of the arcane world.

Tech Development

Technological advancement is paramount to the Foundation's plan for growth, and as such, the Tech Development wing of the Foundation is on the cutting edge of today's industry. With an eye to the future, this department works to design everything from humane weaponry to nanomech drones used in hospitals and clinics worldwide. The challenge for the future, however, lies in tying technology and magic together...

ZForce Project

ZForce sprung from a team of four teens within the Foundation - Bobby, Zoe, Toxpin, and Graff - who spent a significant amount of time together in early 2007. The concept, however, has been expanded upon and now all members of the Foundation who have achieved Security Level 25 or higher are eligible to take part in the ZForce Project, the Zenvious Foundation's heroic team outreach to Paragon City and beyond.

The Foundation Center

The Foundation Center is a facility located in a private pocket dimension, the location of which is guarded by Mr. Zen and long-time friend Zero. While it is a fully functional "base", complete with teleportation nodes to every beacon in Paragon City, an Autonomous Expert System, and both arcane and tech laboratories, the most notable feature about it is its functionality as a place of relaxation, a home-away-from-home for the Foundation's members. Sporting a theater, a dance club, two hot tubs, a Zen garden, coffeehouse, gaming club house, and traditional dojo, the Foundation seeks to provide an adequate opportunity for those under its umbrella to find some way to ease the stress of the heroism expected of them.

Click on the images below for a larger view.

The Entryway

The entryway to the Foundation is simple, austere. It's designed to be non-threatening and comfortable, as well as durable, with thick, sturdy carpet and warm lighting. Though the Foundation Center is located in a pocket dimension of its own, the skylight imports real sunlight from a series of sensors and advanced teleporter beacons set on a series of solar arrays placed at various locations around the world.

On the whole, the entryway sets the tone for the Center's mood - warm, simple, comforting, a place for the Foundation's members to work and to relax, conveying the sense that the Center isn't in a pocket dimension after all, but just around the corner.

Regular Visitors

  • Just about anyone in the Foundation might be found here, since this is where people enter and exit.

The Travel Center

The travel center is a series of targeted-stream teleportation units powered by tachyon energy converted from the power harvested at the ley tap. Each teleporter has two target beacons, for a total of sixteen destinations. (Other city zones can be accessed via arcane teleporters in the Meditation Garden and the Dojo.)

One of the teleporters has been modified to allow access to Delta P-L9, the dimension from which Shelly Lightfoot hails. Access, however, is restricted, and requires an address module that remains in Shelly's possession. Other uses for the teleporters have included time travel, jaunts to Japan, and a keyed beacon to the Keller home, so Vagary can be sent home safely.

Regular Visitors

  • As it is her job to maintain the teleporters, Katie spends a little time in the travel center, sometimes puzzling over a grilled cheese sandwich that seems to have become stuck in slipspace, often reappearing to muck up a teleporter's components.

Work Spaces

The Medbay

Sporting two beds, a biolab, and millions of dollars worth of equipment, the medbay may be small, but it contains only the most advanced tech available. Two reclaimators allow Foundation members to use their medbeacons to return to the Center after a defeat, where they are treated by MD7, the Center's robotic EMT, and Marcus Grey, the staff physician. There's little that could be done without a fully functional intensive care unit that could not also be performed in the Foundation medbay with more comfort and familiarity and as such, Paragon City University has designated the clinic as a model for small healthcare centers everywhere. (This is not to say that the Foundation's medbay cannot double as an ICU, however.)

Regular Visitors

  • The Foundation's resident medical staff of one, Dr. Marcus Grey spends a significant amount of time in the medbay.
  • Zoe has, in the past, made it her job to keep an eye on the medbay, using her empathic skills to help the injured.
  • Vagary is tutoring under Zoe, perfecting her empathic abilities.
  • Tem often employs the color green in this room.
  • Aranath is both an empath and a medical student, and as such, the medbay is where she can be found, both helping out and doing research.
  • Maggie often uses the Foundation's bioloab, working out the mystery of Lanara's DNA.
  • Jet Falcon frequents the biolab, as he can use it as an away station from his work with Portal Corps.
  • Byleth probably spends as much time in the medical center healing up from recent injuries as she does actually helping.
  • Tempest Fist spends time here, occasionally working at the computer with a psychiatric evaluation file or a research chart.

The Hazard Room

The Hazard Room is a meta-dimensional holographic presentation system utiliziing multi-faceted cameras and dark matter constructs to create training simulations for Foundation members. Current capacity includes the ability to replicate whole city zones. It's also linked with Portal Corp's systems, allowing it to replicate extra-dimensional spaces and place opponents.

TOP SECRET: It's been modified to allow one of the members, Little Miss Vagary to put on a specially designed suit and transmit a dark matter construct with a holographic overlay over the Hazard system, projecting her powers along with it. This functionality was added by Mechanizm in cooperation with Mike Mars, and Mr. Zen.

Regular Visitors

  • Vagary uses this room to be translated via dark matter construct to help the heroes of the Foundation on missions.
  • Maki may only join missions done within the Hazard Room.
  • Jet uses the Hazard Room as a means to relax - with a good sparring match.
  • Toxpin perfects his fighting skills in the Hazard Room.
  • Illegitimate Blade spends many hours here daily honing and perfecting her fighting styles.

The Arcanum

Along with the Artificer's Chamber, the Arcanum was teleported in directly from a friendly Oranbegan world, a gift to the Foundation for helping rid them of their Circle of Thorns menace. Strategically placed directly over of a ley line that passes through the Foundation's pocket dimension, it's used to tap into the line's arcane power to supply energy for the Center.

Mr. Zen is fond of noting that the power they have available wouild be enough to provide for the entire city, but the government sees it as an unstable and unreliable source. The room is also used for rituals and incantations which require that extra bit of arcane boost.

Regular Visitors

  • Lore is an arcane ritualist, and spends a reasonable amount of time working through and designing new rites.
  • Jade Ohm, an archmage, sometimes works her magic in the Arcanum.
  • Wynter Maiden uses the Arcanum for meditation and practicing her magic skills.
  • Shelly Lightfoot regenerates her kitsune power in the Arcanum.

The Artificer's Chamber

Formerly the chamber of Therates the Artificer, a Circle of Thorns mage of great power, this room was gifted to the Foundation along with the Arcanum. Its basic function is the design and construction of magical items and artifacts, as well as the storage of objects and memories. Originally used by Therates to create objects of terror and destruction, it's power has now been turned toward the good of Paragon City and the world.

Therates' Chamber is designed to maximize the flow of magic drawn from the nearby ley tap, providing maximum potential to the arcane forges found within.

Regular Visitors

  • Lore, who is forever building and designing new and strange magical objects, frequents the Chamber.
  • Shelly, a former air pirate with a solid knowledge of magical objects, might be found here studying a new arcane item.
  • Lanara is a regular in the Artificer's Chamber, working on projects for either school or the Foundation.

The Arcane Library

The Arcane Library is a collection of books pertaining to magic, magical creatures, arcane organizations, spells, and the like. Some of the books appear to be very old - hundreds of years old, in fact - bound in ancient, but well-oiled leather, with flaking parchement pages. What holds these tomes together, keeping them from deteriorating, is unknown, though one might assume there is some kind of magic at work, as it can be felt in the very air of the library.

Regular Visitors

  • Old, musty tomes hold a sense of charm for Lore
  • Wynter Maiden has found a few useful volumes in the library.
  • Lanara tends to visit for specific works, things she needs for current projects.
  • Spellfrost uses the arcane tomes to study how humans use magic, and apply it to her own abilities.

The Tech Workshop

The realm of Mechanizm and his crew, the tech workshop boasts tools you might not see anywhere else. Custom-designed impliments scattered about in seemingly haphazard fashion, most of the advances made on the hardware used in and around the Center, as well as by the Foundation's membership, is designed in this very room. Home to the storage vault and the Advanced Invention System, many of the members of the group use this room with some degree of regularity.

Regular Visitors

  • Mechanizm rules the roost in the workshop.
  • Mike is more of a software person, but he dabbles in robotics and metaelectronics, as well.
  • Katie works here from time to time, as well, but it's unclear whether she's there to complete projects or hang out with her boyfriend.
  • Lanara keeps a special interdimensional beacon here that she built for the Foundation's comm system. Usually she is there to do maintenance or do study on the beacon.

The Tech Library

Full of technical manuals, do-it-yourself books, physics texts, programming guides, and other assorted titles on the marvels of the modern world, the Tech Library includes not only a large collection of actual titles, but access to thousands more via a computer, and a direction connection to a wide variety of scientists, experts, and inventors via its Helpweb system.

Regular Visitors

  • Katie will stop in from time to time for a book, if she needs some help or inspiration.
  • Mike is frequently updating various programming manuals, editing mistakes and adding in new code he has developed.
  • Mech reads the books in this library like teenage geeks read comics.
  • Lanara sometimes finds the texts she needs in the tech library.


The Commons Room

Located just off the entryway, the commons room is one of the first places you'll see when you enter the Foundation Center. This room, though it's gone through some minor changes, has remained largely the same since the Center was first built nearly two years ago, and is the central hub of the complex. It sports a mezzanine with a soda bar and a small kitchen, as well as an entertainment center with a number of movie and video game options. There are also plenty of seating options, should anyone within the group (or our guests) require a place to just chat or study.

Regular Visitors

  • A common hang-out in the Foundation, it might be frequented by anyone.

The Theater

The Foundation's theater is a relaxed environment with high-quality seating nestled just off the commons room. It offers a large, widescreen format viewing center and over seventy five hundred DVDs, HD-DVDs and Blu-Ray disks, with another thirteen thousand movies and television shows stored on hard disk. Game console compatibility is available in the theater, but most console games are played in the Lair, leaving the theater as a center for the traditional cinematic experience, complete with popcorn, soda fountain, and candy bars. Like most of the Center's areas for relaxation, its systems are accessible to anyone within the Foundation itself, and all of its allies.

Regular Visitors

  • Bobby is a superhero movie buff, watching features like Batman Begins, Iron Man, and Superman Returns three or four times a week.
  • Zoe will often be found on Bobby's arm, and will normally sit down to watch a movie with her boyfriend, if he asks.
  • Zarp enjoys a good movie, having had his first taste with The Seven Samurai, The Magificent Seven, and A Bug's Life.
  • Vagary keeps chatting, whether there's a movie going or not, and generally won't sit still.
  • Helen watches classics on the silver screen when her roommate, Jakael, is tying up her television with the Wii.
  • Lanara and Moonrise like to watch Anime DVDs here.
  • Shelly Lightfoot often comes here to watch movies, still trying to familiarize herself with our time.

The Pirate Cafe

Ostensibly a coffeehouse environ, this area was dubbed The Pirate Cafe after Zarp Draken and Little Miss Vagary co-opted it for use as the pirate ship known as "The Azure Jackal". Serving only the best cappucinos made with a variety of high-quality beans from around the world, ground and brewed right in the Center, The Pirate Cafe makes a good break room, a decent place to study, or somewhere to hang out with friends over a mocha latte. Just beware the pirates who see the cafe as their home, and the sharks in the frigid waters below.

Regular Visitors

The Lair

Beneath the Pirate Cafe, hidden underneath its upbeat facade, lies a darker place... a gamer's den known as The Lair. A wide-screen TV connected to multiple consoles (Wii, Gamecube, Xbox 360, Xbox, Playstation 3, Playstation 2) awaits any who dare lurk in its shadowy quarters, as well as handful of comfortable couches. At the other end is a long table where tabletop roleplayers can gather, as well as shelving where books from dozens of game systems rest, waiting for those who would take up the role of other characters in other worlds, leaving their fates to the role of the dice. A dread place, indeed!

Regular Visitors

  • Bobby is a major-league video gamer, and hangs out down below quite a bit.
  • Zoey (not to be confused with Zoe) spends time hanging out with her friends in the lair.
  • Moonrise is often found down here playing video games.

Pocket Z

Pocket Z is the name chosen by popular opinion among Foundation members to describe its club, formerly known as the Overbrook Hot Tub Society. Two large hot tubs and a floating dance floor bracket what might well be the most completely stocked bar available to any heroes, anywhere. Run by Rush Hour, Pocket Z is a hotspot for fun and excitement, definitely a break away from daily grind of hunting down the bad guys and putting an end to their nefarious plans. Heart-pounding music from the playlist of Chris Cruise can often be heard thumping through the walls of the Center from the DJ booth.

Regular Visitors

  • Chris Cruise lays down the tracks in Pocket Z
  • The club is run by Rush.
  • Rush's girlfriend, Missy Q is always nearby, keeping Rush from getting too friendly with others (such as The Emmas).
  • Byleth likes the comfort of the hot tub, though she's not a dancer and is way too young to drink.
  • Ragnos can sometimes be found in Pocket Z, hiding mangoes behind the bar for later eating.

The Meditation Garden

Across a stone bridge over a man-made pond, the meditation garden is a place to reflect on your life and choices, as well as to enjoy a break with close friends. The pond, however, is not for swimming, though Saya Ragehunter would disagree, as she enjoys spending time in the water with the young carp which call it their home. Silent and serene, this room is a favorite of Professor Kai Keller, who finds it to be much like the garden of his former home a Shaolin temple in southwest China. At the back of the garden are two seating areas, and the whole room is lit by the same sunlight system as the entryway.

Regular Visitors

  • Lover of all things natural, Saya is a regular in the garden.
  • Kai enjoys it for its serenity.
  • Mr. Zen can be found there often, as well, as it reminds him of his lost humanity.
  • Daria spends her meditation time in the garden, trying to attain peace.
  • Byleth visits the garden for peace and quiet.
  • Tem adores the garden and its varied colors.
  • Aranath spends a lot of time here when she is not studying, as she feels highly attuned to natural things.
  • Shelly Lightfoot finds this place reminds her a lot of her home and will sometimes come here when she is feeling moody.
  • Spellfrost visits the Zen Garden whenever she is feeling lonely or longing for home.
  • Tempest Fist uses this area to meditate, or just to look at the plants, depending.

The Dojo

With hardwood floors and thick columns, this room was modeled after traditional Japanese dojos. Practice can range from the gentle stylings of Tai Chi to the more furious attacks of Chu Gar, but all is done with the same thought in mind: It is through patient practice that one attains maturity, and through maturity, perfection. The dojo also has on display a number of weapons, trophies won from various villain groups around Paragon City.

Regular Visitors

  • Kai practices in the dojo every morning at four, running through his katas and preparing for his day.
  • Vermilion Rose trains hard in the dojo, putting herself through the paces to perfect her style.
  • Toxpin works out in the dojo, focusing on speed and balance.
  • Shelly Lightfoot frequents the dojo, warming up or working out stresses, running through her unusual and otherworldly katas and positions.
  • Tempest Fist frequents this room (though, being a student of Chinese martial arts, she calls it the "kwoon" instead), perhaps practicing the elegant movements of Pi Gua, or the fast, circular motions of Ba Gua.

Known Enemies

Known enemies of the Zenvious Foundation:

  • Jenna Hagan and The Institute - A psi talent of great power, the leader of The Institute is likely the Foundation's greatest enemy, simply due to her hatred of its leader and the ideals he represents. Last seen making her escape from the Foundation Center, it is assumed she is working with the Iradu, a religious sect of the Rikti with roots in the future.
  • The Evangelist - Nicknamed "The Evangelist" by Shelly Lightfoot for his southern drawl and overly polite mannerisms, little is known of this villain, though many suspect he is in league with Jenna Hagan.
  • Enigmette - The so-called daughter of Jenna Hagan, she takes great joy in toying with the minds of her victims.
  • Clockwork Dawn - An infamous villain of no allegiance. Has gone to great lengths to cause pain to Zoe, one of the Foundation's younger members, including the kidnapping and torture of her boyfriend, Bobby Thistle, and the murder of Mr. Zen. Her hobbies include mutilation, dismemberment, and shuffleboard.
  • Agent Ironhawk - The Primal Earth incarnation Shelly Lightfoot, whose agenda is largely unknown. Harbors a great deal of hatred for anyone that gives safe haven to her off-world counterpart.
  • Fudokazu - Dark kitsune and mastermind who gains his power by stealing it from others, most notably any who place themselves between him and his goals. Suffered his first defeat at the hands of the Foundation, and thus has set his sights on uniting the enemies of the Foundation under the Institute's banner and Jenna Hagan's command.
  • Barraku - A twisted ninja and enemy of Shinobi Archer who seeks to injure his long-time rival by striking at those he holds dear.
  • Arbiter Death and the Villains of Paragon City - Discovered and confronted by Bonfire Butterfly (who was then summarily abducted and tortured), these villains have gathered under the clandestine umbrella of one man who has fooled the city government into believing he is indeed a hero.
  • The Iradu - A religious sect of the Rikti from the future, they have been trying to capture Little Miss Vagary and Hero Prime.
  • The Utopian Society - An secret society drawn from villains from around the world who are trying to force humanity to evolve in the way they see fit. They have attacked and mutated at least four Foundation members at some point in their lives. They are lead by brilliant geneticist, Dr. Su Chen.
  • The Hunters - An elite group of metahuman haters and human-purists, an enemy of the Foundation for kidnapping and attacking members of the Foundation.

Related Organizations

  • The Garage - The Garage is the Zenvious Foundation's underground initiative in the Rogue Isles, dedicated to helping those who are under the oppression of the current regime.
  • Zen Academy - The Zen Academy is the educational branch of The Zenvious Foundation, designed to teach both traditional subjects and those which might be useful to young heroes.


  • Zenvious Foundation homepage and forums - [1]


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